Thursday, June 30, 2011

A morning full of contrasts

As I have been having just a little bit of difficulty in immediately interesting folks to hang out nights in solidarity with our hunger strikers I decided to fill that role myself again, I'm such a micro-manager.  Not having been prepared for such an outing it is no small surprise that I managed only about a half an hour of sleep last night.  The beginning of dawn found me on the capitol steps as Hallis and Will slept soundly.  I amused myself with a cup of coffee and laying out some seed for the capitol critters.
Soon little sparrows and other birds were hopping about pecking at seeds as articulated chipmunks and thirteen lined ground squirrels raced about stuffing their cheeks full of booty to be stored for later use.  Squirrels had realised that I was somehow the source of the smorgasbord and were soon crawling over and around my feet looking for more goodies.  I briefly wondered if a squirrel ever did run up a person's pant leg.
The sun rose over this scene and illuminated the buildings of the capitol square with sunlight filtered through the smoke of a structure fire on the Hamilton st. corner of the square.  At about 4:30 this morning the building that housed several floors of apartments and 'The Kitchen' restaurant, until recently the celebrated 'Cafe Monmartre' experienced a fire on the residential levels that spread throughout the old structure.  Initial reports indicate that nobody was injured but damage to the building was extensive.  Lets keep these folks who lost their homes and those who lost their business in our thoughts this morning.  Solidarity Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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