Thursday, May 31, 2012

Once again its all lies, damned lies and statistics.


There has been a lot of people who are concerned about a recent poll conducted by the Marquette University School of Law.  The poll shows fraudulently elected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with a 7 point lead over Democrat challenger Tom Barrett.  Most of you probably know that Marquette University is the school that Walker attended for awhile before dropping out without graduating after the school announced that he had cheated and broke laws while running for student office.

There is nothing to worry about folks, unless you are a part of the polling and research arm of Marquette University that is.  Polling is a very strict science with very strict guidelines that must be followed to allow for accuracy in reporting and as a open display of the integrity of the polling unit.  Industry and government pay out some very serious money to the relatively small number of accepted and trusted polling firms.

Marquette University's election poll showing the 7 point difference between the two candidates is a intentional and misleading piece of work.  I can back that up with two key arguments, the first is straight up and easy to understand even for a conservative without a calculator.

Courtesy of the United States Census Bureau
Breakdown of U.S. population by age group.

AGE:                             POP (percentage of population)

18 and under                  25%

18 - 24                          10%

25 - 44                          28%

45 - 64                          24%

65 and over                   13%

The above numbers are rounded off, up or down to the nearest whole number for ease of calculation.

Courtesy of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board
Breakdown of registered WI voters by age group.

AGE                             POP

18 - 24                         9%

25 - 34                         16%

35 - 49                         26%

50 - 64                         28%

65 and over                  20%

The above numbers are rounded off, up or down to the nearest whole number for ease of calculation.

Now we see from those two charts that people age 65 and over comprise 13% of the population as well as 20% of the registered voters in the state.  The Marquette University poll used the 65 and over group as if they were 30% of the population.  That means that MU falsely stated that people age 65 and over represent a total of 30% of the population.  Statistically that is horrendous and inexcusable.

We can also see from the above chart that in Wisconsin, people age 25 - 49 represent a large part, 42% of all registered voters.  Yet in the MU poll they only accounted that age group as comprising 25% of all registered voters.  Once again completely unacceptable and scientifically the data must be tossed out.

Another factor and a very important one, is that MU conducted all of the polling over land line phones only, and only land line phones that have been in use and existence before January 1st of 1990.  This is interesting and disturbing because land line phones in use before the 1990's account for only about one third (33%) of the Wisconsin state population.

One more quick set of numbers for you here folks:

The city of Milwaukee is 12.7% of the Wisconsin population.

The greater Milwaukee area is 32.7%  of the Wisconsin population.

The greater Milwaukee area comprises such suburbs as Waukesha which although comprising a very small part of the state of Wisconsin's land mass, represent roughly 70% of wealthy republican voters.  This is also the home and hearth of the Wisconsin tea party.

Marquette University conducted over 90% of all of there polling in this republican dominated area, in this area they intentionally over-emphasized focus on the 65 and over age group.  In other words MU polled rich, white, retired republicans and said that they represented a scientific polling of nearly the ENTIRE population of the state of Wisconsin.  Do you see the problem here?  The poll is a total and intentional (will get to that part in a minute here) fraud designed to make the democratic candidate look like he is near hopelessly behind which time and again has been proven to affect voter turn out numbers for an election.

But take heart folks because even with the numbers fudged up that bad they only give Walker a 7 point lead.  In all reality a skewed poll like that would have to report at least a 15 point lead to Walker to make any sense at all.  And a 15 point lead is so gross and off the charts that they knew they could never report it and be believed at all.  By the closest basic accounting which involves refiguring the data, you end up with Barrett having about a 2.5 point lead.

Of course the wiggle room and translation of the figures is alterable.  Heck you get the right number cruncher and they could take my statistics as a 6' tall 200 lb middle age male, and after some calculations absolutely prove (on paper) that I am a 7 year old African American girl of Antartic descent.  I prefer to stick to the simple and easily traceable mathematics we all learned in school.

So why did MU conduct this poll, knowing that holes were going to be punched through it?  Well MU a very conservative and private school is in competition with the states public universities.  They have a vested interest in Walker because he has and further will, gut and remove funding to the states public university system.

But MU also makes some pretty good money conducting polls which they traditionally have done fairly well indeed.  So when all is said and done MU is tarnishing its own reputation and will lose money for years to come because they are about to be busted for cooking the books.  Why would they risk losing that money if they knew Walker might very likely be recalled?

The answer comes in the form of a $5,000,000 anonymous donation given to the school right before these skewed figures were released.  Does it all make sense now folks?  It certainly does to me!  Other folks (researchers and lawyers amongst others) are working on taking Marquette to task (and quite likely to court) over these matters, but that will not happen in time for this information to be released before next weeks recall election.  I don't have access to all the information in this matter, but I have enough to prepare this posting for my readers.

I am very interested in where this five million dollars came from and it will probably have to go to court before we can find out.  The ultra-conservative Bradley Foundation is a primary funder of Marquette University and does not hide that fact.  If the money came from them though, then why are they hiding it as a anonymous donation?  Curiouser and curiouser.

 Hopefully you will help spread the word about this to your family and friends, and that you will tell them to take heart.  For all these shenanigans to be going on the GOTea must be very worried indeed about the upcoming recall election.  And that is some very good news indeed for all of Wisconsin at this all important time in our history.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Protect your future and look to the past

Greetings readers from Wisconsin, the badger state a.k.a. America's Dairyland or as it has more recently come to be known Ground Zero in the second American Civil War.  Five days from now the citizens of this state will take to the polls and decide between good and evil, right and wrong.  They will decide between continuing on in the rich and prosperous tradition that has made this state so strong and a leader in our nation or, they will choose corporate imperialism.

The numbers and polling are close, the tens of millions of dollars of out of state corporate money have fooled some people.  It is still amazing to me that so many good and decent residents of this state have been fooled to such a degree that the soon to be arrested Scott Walker seems like a viable candidate to them.  These are hard working and industrious citizens who like to hunt and fish and watch the Green Bay Packers.  They raise children and take part in the community.

Somehow though they aren't aware that Scott Walker has legislation in hand to stop Wisconsinites from hunting unless they are rich and own large enough estates to have deer herds of their own.  If Walker gets his way hunting in Wisconsin will cost the average person over $2,000.  Our waterways are being privatized as well and access will only be for those overly-wealthy out of state folk who can afford similarly outrageous fee's.  Wisconsin is on the verge of becoming a private hunting ranch for the rich and elite.  As a matter of fact Walkers out of state guy in charge of deer hunting refers to average citizens being able to take part in the annual tradition 'communism.'

ALEC legislation that Walker would like to ram through next will reduce the minimum wage as well as the minimum age for industrial labor down to 12.  The kids might as well go to work because our schools are being destroyed.  Soon families will be reduced to near slave labor for all members just to try and survive.  Unless we vote and vote smart next Tuesday.

That means not only voting for the right candidate, but watching with extreme vigilance the voting process.  The touch screen e-voting machines have been proven to be compromisable at the very least.  And with GOTea extremists looking to guarantee the election to Walker regardless of the citizens actual choice of leaders, we must be very vigilant indeed.  Many voting districts allow for paper ballots to be used and we must demand this usage.  Hand counted paper ballots provide 100% verifiable voting.  Votes on touch screen machines disappear as soon as they are cast and there is no way to verify who the ballot was cast for.

I am including some links here so that folks can see what type of voting exists and in what districts throughout the state.  The federal government will be watching this election as well as te last one after all the GOTea shenanigans.  But at the end of the day it is up to us, the citizens, to protect this election and the future of our state and nation.  For if Wisconsin falls then so to will the United States.

So please folks in the name of democracy, vote, vote against Scott Walker and watch the polls and the polling.  Protect the elections, anyone can stay and observe the process in any district, at any voting location.  Volunteer a little bit of your time for what could be the biggest thing to happen in our lifetimes.  This is a civil war, a class war, and if we stick together and maintain vigilance and integrity we can win this war without bloodshed.  Without more suffering than that which has already been thrust upon our state by the extremist and radical Scott Walker and his tea party activists and protesters and violent thugs.

Take part in Wisconsin, take part in your future, your actions five days from now will echo throughout the rest of your lives. One does not have to look back very far to see the real Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin that existed before Walker and his masters from the East Coast.  The Wisconsin where neighbors helped each other, where we worked together for a brighter future.  The Wisconsin with clean and transparent government that worked for the good of the people.  A Wisconsin for all Wisconsinites, not a state for sale to the stinking rich.  We can have that back again.   Solidarity forever.

I've included some more links to show you the past history of Scott Walker and the tactics he continues to use throughout his life.  Here are some stories from when he left Marquette University in shame without graduating.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another little noon time quickie for you folks....

Here is another quick entry post that gives you the chance to help protect democracy in Wisconsin and across America.  Call Scott Walkers campaign office at 608-441-1640 and please POLITELY ask that the governor release the e-mails related to his 'bid rigging' case in Milwaukee.

You can also call his office at the capitol as well at 608-266-1212 and request the same information.  Walker has no legal basis whatsoever for refusing to make the e-mails public.  Instead he has put a request out through the tea party to blast Tom Barretts campaign with any ludicrous crap they can think of to try and sidetrack interest away from the latest in a long string of scandals to haunt the fraudulently elected governor.

Politeness counts as you are representing the Wisconsin Movement and we don't want to be accused of harassing folks at the Walker campaign who are just doing they're 9 - 5 jobs.  When I call I just state that "For the record I believe that if the governor were to release these e-mails then matters can be settled transparently and openly, once and for all"

Of course in my head I'm thinking this:

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm still dying for democracy

Through February and March of last year I was on hunger strike at the capitol in Madison.  This lasted for 28 days until Judge Sumi placed a restraining order against the Budget Repair Bill (Act 10) which was handed to Walker through the Koch brothers and ALEC.  Every day I was in the capitol with my sign which read "Dying for Democracy" and also kept track of the length of my hunger strike.

Throughout the hunger strike I was fortunate to have medical personnel attend to me and watch over my health.  I will spare you the ugly details but on days 26 and 27 of my hunger strike some terrible things were happening to me physically, and I was told that I was going into organ failure and was given 3 - 8 days left to live.  I was resigned to my fate, and as I sat on the cold granite floor of the capitol I began to wait to die.

And then on day 28 the court ruling came down against Walker's radical and extremist legislation.  The timing for me could not have possibly been any better.  I was able to walk away from my hunger strike with honor and integrity.  After about a week I was able to take in solid food again and was beginning to feel much better.  I thought the physical torment phase of my ordeal was over.  I was wrong.

A hunger strike is not the kind of thing you can ever fully recover from.  At a certain point your body becomes permanently changed and you can not get back to the condition you previously were in.  This is becoming more and more a daily part of my existence.

In January of this year I registered with the Government Accountability Board as a candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly in my home 48th district.  The response has been very strong and very positive and for that I will always be grateful.  But along with all those positive responses and well wishing there is a ton of work that goes into a campaign, and likewise a ton of stress......perhaps more like a metric ton.  I campaigned nights and evenings while continuing my work as a activist/organizer during the day.

By the time I had the maximum number of signatures allowed to run for office I was ragged.  I was living off of coffee and cigarettes.  My diet was horrible, when I did eat, and sleep had become a pipe dream.  My stress levels were becoming extremely problematic.  Around seven or eight weeks ago I was meeting with people at home when I collapsed.  It was assumed that I was having a coronary episode of some type and luckily for me I had a medically trained professional with me.  I refused hospital treatment due to my insurance status (a bad call) and my friend in medicine stayed with me until a day or so later when I had stabilized.

Being the strong willed creature that I am, after two days I returned to the campaign trail and the capitol.  And for awhile things were reasonably tolerable.  Sure I couldn't eat or sleep very well and was having constant chest pains but I slogged on nonetheless.  Then last week I went down again at the capitol and was transported to the hospital, triaged and admitted.  My skin was completely gray, they told me my eyes were gray instead of blue.  My blood pressure hovered around 200 over 100.  My chest pains were bad enough to cause staff to put morphine into my I.V. line.

After two days in the hospital I was able to be released and was taken out of Madison to rest and recover as well as I am able. However I was told that I was extremely lucky and would not get lucky again if I kept pushing myself the way I have been.  I was also told that I had not recovered at all from the organ damage I suffered while on hunger strike, and may very likely end up on a organ donation list within a couple of years.
 I am still outside of Madison and will return before the recall election to again assume my work in defeating Scott (soon to be perp-walked) Walker and defend Wisconsin.  I love this state and her people, even the ones tricked by corrupt politicians into defending a stance contrary to their own best interest.  I have proven my point that I will go to almost any length in pursuit of that goal.  I almost died last year in that endeavor, and nearly so again just this last week.  I feel that I have run out of luck and second chances and had some tough decision making to do.  And so I met with friends, comrades and my campaign staff and it was decided that I had no real choice.........and so at this time I am announcing that I am TERMINATING my campaign for office effective immediately.

I am not a member of the GOTea, so I will not lie to you as they do.  My campaign is over, it is terminated, I am not "suspending" it while continuing to take in money for something that is not going to happen.  And so people of the 48th district I leave you in the hands of the very fair, the very admirable, Melissa Agard Sargent my challenger from the Democratic party.

Three others have also recently just jumped into the 48th but I don't see them as being very strong nor viable but we will have to wait and see on that.  I am not endorsing another candidate yet but in all fairness I don't see anybody giving Melissa much of a run for her money.

And so .............that is it, the end of my assembly run, just like that.  Seems so weird and yet I should not be capable of being weirded out at this point in time.  Not after my experiences in the trenches the last 16 months, but still that is how it is.  In a few days I will turn in my candidacy papers and signatures to the GAB to validate all the work that has been done.  And then I will officially and legally withdraw from the election.  I am not giving up my work for the Wisconsin Movement, I will continue to fight the extremist regime that threatens to destroy all the hard work of generations of decent Wisconsin citizens.

In conclusion some thanks are due at this point and so to all the medical staff that have kept me alive a very serious and heartfelt thank you to all.  To Mike my campaign treasurer, to Steve my I.T. person who had just come aboard, to Jim my legal counsel .....thank you so very much for your energy, your loyalty and efforts, none of this could have happened without you.

To my friends Yell and Eric I appreciate all your help in arranging the initial fundraisers and being invaluable in putting all that together.  To Ash and Mike and all the others who signed up to be canvassing staff for my assembly run a huge thank you.

Last but not least by any means, to my beloved, who has kept me sane and stood by me through thick and thin throughout it all  THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU.  Your inspiration and support continues to motivate me every day.

And all of you readers who help to keep me on track and on target, your devotion to being aware of the struggles Wisconsin faces is what will tip the scales back to normalcy and prosperity for the badger state, I thank you all as well.  I am honored and humbled to say that I stand with you all....SOLIDARITY FOREVER !

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Special guest writer today folks.

Hello readers and loyal followers of HungryGuyMadison.  Matthew is working on a very long and detailed posting today which should be published here sometime tomorrow evening.  I hope that you will look forward to it's arrival and will take the time to read this very important posting.
In the meantime Matthew has asked me to post a link to another blog which he feels is also important and very deserving of your time.  I know you all have busy schedules and as a supporter of Matthew Schauenburg and a member of his campaign staff, I thank each and every one of you for your involvement in what has come to be called the Wisconsin Movement.
The following article comes from somebody who knew Scott Walker personally in college, before Walker dropped out in shame and anger, and it sums up very distinctly the character of somebody like Governor Walker and shows how his behaviour and tactics have never changed since childhood.

Matthew Schauenburg, candidate for state assembly, organizer and activist, blogger and citizen journalist, will return tomorrow for his regular posting.  Thank you all, in solidarity.
And you may enjoy this as well:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

quick reminder

IF you have a few free minutes today you could really help the Wisconsin Movement by just making a phone call.  Recently it has become quite apparent that the Democratic National Committee has really been dragging its feet when it comes to helping out the Dems in Wisconsin and the all important recall of Scott Walker.

Please read this and make a phone call on behalf of the badger state.  Solidarity forever.

Call the DNC at 877-336-7200 and demand they help Tom Barrett become our Governor with a $500,000 donation to the cause of electing him. You can also call the main DNC number at 202-863-8000 and ask to leave a message for the Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. You can also leave a message for Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz at her office at (202) 226-2052. Tom Barrett for Governor FB Group was created to unify the grassroots people who began the effort to Recall Scott Walker. We are going to defeat Scott Walker on June 5. We need all of your help to accomplish this goal. To find out more about Tom Barrett, Democratic nominee, please go on his web site at You can email the campaign at You can keep in touch through twitter at Thanks to the grassroots people who brought about this recall in the first place, we will win this You can join Tom Barrett For Governor FB Group at

OH yes and by the way, Kapanke the recently recalled legislator last night slipped up at a town hall meeting and announced to the world that the GOTea in Wisconsin is indeed sitting right now on 'right to work' legislation.  That should make a huge stink, as well as end his career (if the recall wasn't enough) especially since Walker was taking heat this week and stated publicly that he has no interest in looking into right to work legislation, that naughty little weasel.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The easiest posting to create ever.........

........and that is a good thing because I just don't have the strength to put out too much effort today.  Feeling a little under the weather lately I'm sorry to say, and that has kept me away from the Solidarity SingAlong as well as some other recent events I would have like to report on.

But I do have some information to share with my readers, first is an interesting twist in what surely must be some newly revealed information given in exchange for a sentencing agreement in the ongoing federal probe into Scott Walker, his campaign and agenda

Also I would like to add that yesterdays 18 hole disc golf meet and greet at Heistand Park was a really positive event and there is enough interest that I have decided to make it a bi-monthly event.

And voting is free but campaigning for office certainly is not.  Since Scott Walker and his GOTea rubber-stampers have dissolved Wisconsin state campaign funding, which levelled the playing field and made transparency a non-issue, it is now up to candidates to get funding as they can.  And so I am asking you to help my campaign either online at

If you dont like to donate online or over the phone that is entirely understandable so you can also mail a check or money order (nothing over $100 please) to:

Schauenburg for Assembly
c/o U.W.Credit Union
PO Box 44963
Madison, WI 53744

Speaking of elections, with the college semester ending we are spreading the word to all we can on the importance of, and how to absentee vote, for students who may be temporarily out of state soon.

Thank you everybody for reading and I will be back soon with more news from the front line here in Madison Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Divide & Conquer

Hopefully by now you have seen the video or at least read the transcripts of Scott Walker soothing the concerns of a billionaire campaign donor of his, he assures her that he is very much interested in making Wisconsin a 'right to work' state.  Of course 'right to work' actually means low minimum wage pay.  No overtime and no compensation for workers injured on the job.  It means an end to maternity pay and leave as well as lowering the minimum age in the laws regarding child labor.

Walker wants to make the female with the check for $500,000 + in her hand understand how far he is willing to go to achieve this.  He even states that he will 'divide and conquer' the unions, that he intended to lie to them and with that start, to split the people of the state of Wisconsin in half.  Too bad more than half of the citizens of this great state are smarter than Walker gave them credit for.  You can fool some of the people with fraud while campaigning and shock tactics, but not most folks and not most of the time.

Of course as well also know Scott Walker fits the psychological profile of a sociopath or psychopath.  It was evident today as Walker tried to explain away yet another damning piece of evidence against him and his campaign.  He did not admit to intentionally lying, even with video evidence released that catches him in the lie.  Instead his focus is on how 'he is the victim'  and how he is not being treated fairly by the courts and the media for using 'evidence' and 'proof' and presenting it to the citizens of Wisconsin.

In my own mind I can picture a arsonist claiming that he is the real victim of the fires he started.  Declaring it unfair for the 'thugs' of the fire department to investigate the cause of the fire which leads to his troubles.  The fires have been started, they were started on purpose and they were started by Walker.  Let him do the time for the crime.  Scott Walker if you are going to behave criminally you had better learn to toughen up.  Don't whine and cry to the judge saying it is unfair to treat him like a criminal just because of his criminal behaviour.  But that is the difference between a run of the mill criminal, and a run of the mill psychopath.  The criminal knows and admits he has to deal with the system from time to time and will at least feign remorse for his actions.  A psychopath like Walker can only focus on his own ego and desires, that is why we should have a mental competency test for those seeding power through elected office.

And maybe after the recall next month, maybe some day soon after that when the wounds have been healed and we are moving forward as a state again, we can work on producing that legislation.  Having witnessed the historic events of the last year and a half in Wisconsin we need to do everything in our power to ensure that it does not happen again.

And speaking of protecting the citizens and making the voice of the people heard again here in Wisconsin I am introducing the links where you can donate to my campaign.  Once again I am only seeking small donations as I am running a clean and transparent, grassroots campaign.  Thank you for whatever help you can contribute to run for Wisconsin State Assembly.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

48 Hours

Hello everyone and greetings from Madison, Wisconsin a.k.a. 'ground zero' in the fight to preserve democracy in America.  So many people have been working so hard for so long and now we are just 48 hours away from the primary election in the effort to recall Scott Walker.

Tensions are really starting to rise and the excitement in the air is nearly palpable.  There is very little concern over the republicans 'fake democrats' as the citizens are very aware of this strategy from last year and once again will not fall for it.  As a matter of fact recent polls are showing that the Wisconsin GOTea party fake candidates are even drawing some serious ire from within the ranks of registered republican voters.

Meanwhile the candidate that I support for lieutenant governor in this election cycle Mahlon Mitchell seems to be pulling safely ahead of the pack I am glad to report.  And on the republican ticket challenger to Scott Walker, Arthur Kohl-Riggs (a traditional fiscally conservative and socially moderate republican) is seeing his popularity rise daily.  I don't believe he will actually put much of a dent in the numbers against Walker but I support a candidate like Arthur Kohl-Riggs who is not afraid to take on the radical wing of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

And my campaign for the 48th Assembly District is going very well indeed.  Lots of signatures gathered and having a great time meeting all kinds of folks around the district and hearing what they have to say about the issue's.  Support has been strong and growing and I am excited to announce that later this week fellow candidates for office and myself will be announcing a press conference where we will sign a Clean Campaign Contract.  This will entail no attack ads or negativity at all.  Also campaign donation limits of $100 and no out of state business money.  A return to clean, decent and honest elections in Wisconsin.

These are very exciting times indeed people, and I am feeling more and more hopeful with every passing day that we will return Wisconsin back to the citizens.  That the attacks on all working families will end.  That the war on science and health will be ended once and for all.  Wisconsin spring is in the air and I could not be happier about it.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

R.I.P. Boris ? - 2012

I am just going to quickly post this and will get back to Wisconsin politics as usual.  Earlier this morning my good friend and fellow Independent Progressive candidate, Jeremy Ryan has the extremely sad task of having to put down his service dog, the black Newfoundland known as Boris.

Many people loved to joke that Boris was actually a bear and not a dog.  The breed Newfoundland are certainly some huge dogs.  Jeremy is 6' 3'' and Boris outweighed him.  Boris was Jeremy's service dog, Boris could tell when Jeremy was going into cardiac distress and was capable of opening doors and manipulating elevator controls to summon help for Jeremy.

That will make Boris very hard to replace as a service animal.  Due to the necessity of the situation there will be a replacement service dog.  As any pet lover will tell you, it is impossible to replace a pet.  They grow on you with the devotion and loyalty that they demonstrate, always unflinching, and work their way into your heart.

People loved Boris and he loved them back.  I am glad that in the last year Jeremy has been surrounded by people, protesters and organizers and such.  Boris absolutely loved being around all these folks and everyone loved that big black shaggy dog right back.  Slobber and all, Boris was one of a kind and will be missed by many, many people in Madison, including myself. Boris helped me more than once get through a long and difficult night, overlooking Madison and the endless and sometimes seemingly helpless scene's playing out on the street below us.

My thoughts go out to Jeremy right now as I write this.  There will be a new service animal, but there can never be another Boris.  Even people who did not always agree with Jeremy Ryan, his politics and tactics liked Boris.  They were an icon in downtown Madison with Jeremy approaching seven feet tall on his Segway as he walked the bearlike and people loving Boris.

It takes a truly sick and twisted individual not to like and appreciate a animal like that.  Part of the reason I am posting this here is to draw out, to bait, the tools & fools of the tea party.  They will around the time I post this installment be learning of the death of Boris.  And in the sick, twisted and sub-human way they have of looking at the world will soon be joking and laughing about the death of a service animal the same way they did when it was discovered that a protester had been raped recently in Madison.  The same way as they will joke about hoping Jeremy has a coronary incident without Boris around to seek help.

So jump out there tea baggers, my comment section is open.  Show the world what lies in your heart.  Let the ugliness and hatred shine through, this is your chance to show your true colors, I wont even remove the hateful and vile postings you make.  I am sure your mothers would be proud, just like the pastors of your church would be as you make fun of suffering and death.  As you flaunt your disdain for the ten commandments the way you flaunt your disdain for the U.S. Constitution and the theory of democracy.

By displaying the ugliness and emptiness in your hearts you can actually help Wisconsin.  Let people realize what you are all about.  I put everything on the line so that people understand what and who I am, wont you do the same?  Of course this will lead to people disliking and disrespecting you, but it will go to show just what you stand for which will only help to get Wisconsin back to where it was before Walker.  A decent place full of people who may not always agree with each other, but a place where at the end of the long work day we all get along and progress moves forward and that is what counts the most.

I will get back to my regular postings after this folks, don't worry I may be maudlin at this very moment but the struggle we are in does not allow such things to continue very long.  In this the second American Civil War, hopefully it will remain a largely bloodless one, we have learned to bury our dead, mourn if we must, and continue on.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!