Saturday, June 30, 2012

An open records request is itself a open record. Also an open request for help from my readers.

Greetings everybody from lovely and desperate Madison, Wisconsin.  It is a hot and sweltering day here in America's Dairyland, as we are known.  As we all know when temperatures start heating up so do peoples tempers.  There is one individual who seems to just be fuming with rage lately and it is none other than Lou D'abbracio.  You remember our friend Lou I am sure, he is the tea party extremist that brought in other extremists from three different states to Wisconsin to affect the recall and destroy the electoral process.  Apparently this is what passes for patriotism and respect for the law from the right wing extremist movement.

But before I get into all that I am asking for the help of anybody who would like to help uncover this plot to illegally disrupt Wisconsin's elections.  The more and more that I uncover about Lou D'abbraccio and Willard Helander and the groups that aided them in achieving their illegal goals, namely True The Vote and Verify The Vote, the further and further the investigation leads.  It is becoming a bit much for a couple of bloggers and we could use your help in uncovering the whole story.

Fair warning though if you have any information that you would like to send us, please e-mail it to me or send a message through facebook.  Do not post it here as a comment, not unless you want to deal with harassment and death threats from the violent tea party goons that constantly monitor this blog.  My e-mail for this blog is that is the safest way for you to transmit any material that you may have.

Part of the difficulty in uncovering the truth of this story is that of the Racine Republican Party could possibly be aiding these efforts, and in all likelihood the state level party as well.  That means nearly unlimited money and lawyers and goons to cover up their tracks and disrupt any investigation into their activities.  Lou D'abbraccio seems to be a fairly smart man but he is obviously no stellar genius of superhuman proportions.  I am positive that he is getting information and also likely, money from higher up and is the very willing servant of others.  Who is he doing the bidding of?  That is what we are working on discovering right now.

 The  Racine Republican Board contains people like Chair Bill Folk who until recently claimed that there was absolutely no voter fraud at all in his district, and now states the exact opposite.  Nancy Millholand is also there, she is most famous for her involvement with the "knot" hate groups and white supremacists which have been involved in everything from destruction of government property to physical attacks on recall petitioners and have even threatened to go through minority areas of Milwaukee to shoot people of color to keep them from voting.  There is also treasurer Tom Bode, you may remember him from a incident not long ago where he drove his Lexus right at a group of individuals collecting recall signatures seemingly with the intent of creating great bodily harm or death.  Luckily one of the individuals collecting signatures was a retired police officer who documented the attack and reported it to the authorities.  And these are the suit and tie wearing, upstanding citizens of the party.  You can imagine how violent their ground level troops and grunts are so once again-use extreme caution if you would like to aid in this investigation.

There are several very interesting names on the board of the Racine Republican Party and it seems quite possible that at least one or more of them will be uncovered as part of this plot.  The sooner we can discover who, the sooner we can follow the money trail and bring the whole sordid affair into the light of day.

One reader uncovered something of interest and turned it over to me yesterday. It is an open records request from Lou.  I am posting this incredibly humungous, ginormous records request in the hope that somebody out there can help me make sense of it all.  Obviously it centers on the Van Wanggaard recall election in which the republican legislator lost to Mr. Lehman his democratic challenger.  Lou wants to try and create evidence, and most likely falsely at that, so as to block the Wisconsin Senate turnover to the Democratic Party.  Most likely to ban Mark Miller from becoming the Senate Majority Leader which will block the dem's from gaining access to documents that would reveal all of the possibly illegal, and secretive details of the GOTea's gerrymandering and manipulating of the state's redistricting maps before the November general elections.

There are many questions raised by the information that Lou is seeking.  Why does he want a comparable list of voters versus voters who signed recall petitions?  I know the tea party has always stated that only people who support Scott Walker should be allowed to take part in government.  They repeatedly state that only people supporting Walker who refused to sign the petitions are unbiased.  That little bit of stupidity is well known but there may be more here. Possibly it is part of the larger GOTea effort to disenfranchise voters and intimidate people to prevent them from voting in upcoming elections.   Also why is he seeking a list of voters who registered using their Social Security numbers?  I would imagine that the numbers would be redacted by the administration but "accidents" have been known to happen.   Is this a end-around attempt to collect more names and information on people who stand against Scott Walker?  And if so, to what possible end?  With right wing extremists you never know.  They certainly have the audacity to try anything.

I will keep seeking answers and making the results known to you dear readers.  There are some incredibly huge and illegal plots and actions taking place in Wisconsin.  Elections have been tampered with and thrown and the culprits must be uncovered and held responsible for these outrageous crimes.  Any help in achieving those ends would be eternally appreciated.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goons and thugs in Wisconsin politics? Yeah we have em, you can find them on the right, the extremist, radical right.

This is an addition to my posting on Willard Rooks Helander who came to Wisconsin from Illinois to exert unwanted (and now it seems illegal) influence on the recall elections of June the 5th.  It seems that once again our good friend and my fellow blogger the Root River Siren has now uncovered the answer to one of the questions I posed on my blog posting.

The question was 'who if anyone invited Willard Helander to Racine to affect the election?' and the answer is Lou D'Abbraccio who originally comes from   Rhode Island but is now firmly planted in Wisconsin.  You can check out his facebook profile here and get a better understanding of the man.  He is a republican in good standing in Racine County, which means he is most likely a person of questionable character and tactics.

And here is the link to the insightful and revealing posting by the Root River Siren:

In all fairness though for a tea party neo-con he is far smarter and way more educated than your average member of that movement at or near ground level.  For some reason though he seems to think that the Republican party is still the champions of African-American rights, or like all neo-cons these days he just lies.  According to what posted on his facebook wall anyway, in a graphic that seems once again, like a threat of violence against those who do not agree with him politically.  But that is par for the course with these extremists and radicals.

Not only did this guy bring in right wing extremists from Illinois to influence the elections in Racine County, he also brought in more extremist group representatives from California and Arizona.  There is audio tape of him instructing these people in how to take part in the elections that day in Wisconsin.  Furthermore he states that in the election of June 5th plus on other occasions he has snuck video camera's into polling locations and SECRETLY AND ILLEGALLY VIDEO TAPED THE VOTERS.

People are seriously looking into this matter now and hopefully we will see this guy in court as well as his out of state cronies and dare I dream.........Scott Walker?  Keeping up the good fight here in the badger state along with many others.  We will get to the bottom of this illegal conspiracy and drag these people into the light of day.  I dream that we will soon seen honest and fair elections once again in Wisconsin and a return to transparent politics and representation of the will of the people.

After posting this I found some more on our buddy Lou:

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

On the subject of Cheese and Roots

I am dedicating this one to all the blogger/citizen journalists out there.  To all those dedicated women and men who take the time to tell the stories that would otherwise be non-reported and/or mis-reported by the corporate controlled mainstream media.  To those brave few who takes risks for the sake of others in the name of truth.

Respect for the truth, it has been said, is the basis and cornerstone of all morality.  It is the respect for the truth as well as, respect for our fellow human beings that brings us to be citizens journalists, bloggers, freelance stringers and such.  We respect the fact that our fellow citizens and human beings need to be presented with truths and factual information so as to allow them to make independent, informed decisions on the important matters of the day.

Don't get me wrong though I acknowledge that some bloggers (like myself) are also sharing opinions as much as we are facts, and I like to think that I do a good job of separating the two in my postings here and elsewhere.  Other blogger/writers stick to a more strict format in which they adhere to the old school rules of journalism and journalistic neutrality in their writing.

Two of my fellow bloggers here in Wisconsin are the Root River Siren and Blue Cheddar.  They both have top notch postings and they cover the stories that paid media is not allowed to, or terrified to report on.

Blue Cheddar I know personally though not very well, and I have been a long time admirer of Cheddar's postings.  Yesterday Blue Cheddar wrote a piece concerning the trial of Walker staffer Tim Russell, who is in court right now for (allegedly) stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a fund he managed which was supposed to help the cause of the families of dead veterans.  Cheddar nearly all but proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Tim Russell's attorney has been leaking information about the case to neo-conservative extremist radio host Charlie Sykes.

The leaks were provided to Sykes (who may also be in court soon) to try and partially discredit the prosecution by making it look as if the prosecution was the source of the leaks in an effort to sway public opinion on the matter.  In all reality this was done because Tim Russell is broke and his lawyers want to be paid, so information was leaked to try and persuade Scott Walker to come to the financial aid of his (Russell's) legal team.  You see Walker sought out Russell who has a legal history of fraud and embezzlement, and part of the deal it seems is that Walker took control of veterans fund money away from veterans groups, and gave it to Russell to plunder as part of Russell's compensation package for all the work he was doing for Walker. The connection between Walker, Russell and theft of veterans funds was being held over Walkers head to try and force the governor to release legal defense money for Walker and transfer it to Russell's attorney.   I am simplifying things here but that is the situation in a nutshell.  I am not the hard hitting journalism type of blogger so please bear with me.

Blue Cheddar is more of a hard hitting, just the facts type of blogger than I attempt to be.  And the story that Cheddar posted yesterday in an attempt to lay out all of the facts and details, was somewhat of a dry and intricate read, a little hard to follow in other words.  A reader jumped all over Cheddar for the manner in which the story was written.  The comments were very mean spirited and of a personal nature and frankly I was rather surprised by this attack upon the blogger/citizen journalist.  Normally such spite and vitriol is the near exclusive domain of the tea party.

I posted my own comment to the person who attacked Cheddar and stated that this person was way out of line in what they had written.  I will now repeat and expound upon some of what I wrote yesterday in Cheddar's defense, in defense of all bloggers and citizen journalists.

You see bloggers unlike the mainstream media, which receives stacks and stacks of hard currency to either not report on stories or to distort them, we do this for free.  We do this out of respect for the truth and our fellow citizens.  We do not have a paid staff of editors, networkers and statsiticians. And especially in my case, spell checkers. If we occasionally make an error it is because we are driving ourselves half insane by trying to simultaneously be the writer, the editor, the fact checker and the statistician as well as the political and cultural consultant.

We do this on our own as best as we can while maintaining a day job or jobs.  We have to be on the scene at the Capitol in Madison for hours and hours listening to politicians drone on and on before a key statement is made.  We have to network and do research into the small hours of the morning and we miss many meals and many hours of sleep to get the story out.  We give up quality family time and pretty much have to give up completely, any thought of having a social life for the sake of keeping you folks, our dear readers, informed of what is going on around them.

So if we offend you by writing a dry and detailed story that you are not mentally able to digest, don't blame us for what you cant understand.  We do not have the spare time to write a second 'dumbed-down' version of our original story for those who face challenges in matters of comprehension.  Likewise if I only have enough time to post something here in which I give you the 'meat' of the story but don't include tons of details and lists of sources along with a complete and detailed back story to help you remember what is going on and how it started, don't blame me.  Sometimes you may have to take a little responsibility upon yourself to stay informed, even if that means you need to get your information from different sources which you should have been doing all along.

Expecting one person or one news source to provide you with everything is impossible.  Unless you compare information from multiple sources you are susceptible to being misinformed.  That is the tragic mistake that is a cornerstone of the tea party movement and its idiot like devotion to the fake media outlet known as FOX News.

Moving on now another blogger of note who has had to deal with undo skepticism and unprovoked attacks by anonymously posting people is the Root River Siren.  Another tireless defender of the peoples right to know what is happening in Wisconsin.  The Siren is the person who posted the original story here in Wisconsin of Willard Helander, the Lake County republican who came to Wisconsin to disrupt the voting process and defraud voters in Racine County Wisconsin.  I looked into this matter and expanded upon it in a recent posting of mine, the link for which you can find below

After publication of my post on the matter, the Siren even further expanded upon the original story and after some very detailed research, provided even more information and factual proof of outright illegal activity not only of Willard Helander herself.  But also of republicans she was in cahoots with both in Illinois and Wisconsin and now it seems a very serious and widespread criminal investigation by state and federal agencies is going to tear down these GOTea (alleged) criminals.  The Siren was also just contacted now by the prestigious New York Times who are so impressed with the information uncovered that they will now make this a story of international interest!

All because a couple of common, everyday folks with respect for the truth and with a desire to keep they're fellow citizens informed took the time to become involved and share what they found.  I offer my deepest congratulations to the Root River Siren and hope the addition of the staff of the New York Times bring the Siren some well deserved attention and respect.  Likewise I wish all my best to my fellow blogger/journalists Blue Cheddar, Cognitive Disorder,Blogging Blue, the Waukesha Wonk, Illusory Tenant, Wherley Dervish and all the rest.  If nobody else is stepping up and thanking these folks for the great work they do, then let me be the first to say that I deeply appreciate everything that you fine folks do.  You are the protectors of freedom and democracy in Wisconsin and it is very likely that without your work this state would right now be in a far, far worse condition that it is.

And for those who seek to tear us down, denigrate us, criticize us over tiny little details, I would like to say for the record as a blogger and a grammar nazi:  PLEASE KISS OUR COLLECTIVE BUTTS!  If you weren't so lazy you would research these stories of the day on your own!  If you had any talent of your own you would be writing the stories yourselves instead of sitting back smugly and pointing fingers at everybody else because the world isnt going out of its way enough for you.

There is an old saying that "Those who can do something,teach.  And those who cant teach, become critics"  I find some kernel of truth in that old adage that is still true today.  And as for the bulk of you out there, the readers and subscribers, the commenters and occasionally sources of information for us bloggers I would just like to say  thank you, thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts.  It is you who take the time to read what we print, you who take the time to keep yourselves informed in a hectic and occasionally chaotic world that keep us focused and on track.  At the end of the day it is you good readers who give us the strength to keep on doing what we do.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

More right wing hate..........from out of state.

On Friday the 6th of July in Madison Wisconsin starting at 11:30 a.m. the right wing extremists of the westboro baptist church (intentionally not capitalized)  are bringing the vile and hate filled agenda they worship to the City County building as well as the Capitol.  I will be there along with hundreds if not thousands of others to counter them.

For those of you who may not be aware the westboro  (fake) church is infamous for picketing and screaming at the funerals of our fallen U.S. soldiers as they are laid to rest.  They scream epitaphs to horrible for me to ever repeat at the families of our soldiers and sailors who gave everything for their country.  They particularly target the families and the funerals of fallen veterans who are gay or lesbian.

They are bringing their disgusting message and (less than human?) selves to Wisconsin due to a recent court trial.  A member of the clergy in Wisconsin last year gave a sermon in which he instructed parents of children who might possibly turn out to be gay, to beat and torture the children and try to "drive the gayness out of them"

As you can imagine children were beaten, injured and traumatized for life.  The perpetrator who instructed his followers to do this was of course arrested.  This year he received a fair trial and received what some seem to think is a very light sentence for his crimes.

The westboro fanatics are coming here to demonstrate in favor of the convicted and to call for the beating, raping and killing of all LGBTQ people.  They are a very small and very wealthy group who travel the nation non-stop spouting hate and violence.  If you are in the Madison area I extend my personal welcome to you to show up and join the multitudes who stand opposed to these disgusting people.  We will be having a canned food drive as well as a toy drive for children's charities as well as demonstrating.  The westboro slime have also suggested that they intend to disrupt the Solidarity Singalong (congratulations Singers on Singalong #400 today) as well.

Although we have every intention of remaining peaceful as we always have in Madison, there are some shenanigans planned for the westboro folks.  One idea is to have squirt guns to use on them to represent "the tears of God" with which to douse them.  I have to admit I do kind of like the idea.  There have been counter-protests to these folks before and westboro has pushed some people to violence with the shameless hate that they spew.  Folks who have raised a fist against these people have been sued into the stone age.  westboro is funded by a ubber-wealthy lawyer who intentionally creates violent situations in order to sue and help continue funding their despicable actions.  So if you are attending please remain calm and have no violent intentions.

I look forward to meeting some of my readers I haven't had the pleasure of running into before and hope many of you will attend.  Solidarity forever against westboro and all other deceitful and malevolent right wing extremists!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

shameless self promotion

Hey folks just a quick post here for a Saturday morning.  Madison weekly The Isthmus is having its annual readers survey.  All you need is a e-mail address to vote.  There are a ton of categories and the whole thing is kind of fun.  So I have included the link for you folks who may have an interest in having your voice heard.

Myself being the kind of person that I am voted for people and places that have given support to the Wisconsin Movement.  So of course for favorite DJ I voted Nick Nice.  Thing to do in Madison before you die, I typed in "attend solidarity singalong"  Favorite children's clothing store, I typed in "wherever Glen Grothman shops"

Here is the link folks: 

Come to think of it there is a category for favorite blogger...................hey I have a blog!  You could, you know if you wanted to, vote Matthew Schauenburg-hungryguymadison for favorite blog.  I maintain posting to support our movement and struggle and I don't get paid for this, which is fine.  But a little recognition would sure go a long way.  Until next time readers   Solidarity Forever.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Selfishness breeds in our Church of Greed" or "You stupid fucking libtards!"

This post is being revamped and will be re-introduced in the coming week.  Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for reading.

"Know your enemy" they say and I have to agree with that statement because knowledge IS power.  And so with that in mind I joined the Tea party for 24 hours and immersed myself in that alien culture to better understand it. I was so tangled within that culture that I lost track of my own self.  It was a worthwhile pursuit as I now have a sense of what they are really all about.  I was able to cut through the rhetoric and dogma and now I present to you my readers, a honest and open example of the thoughts and motivations that move these people and cause them to do what it is that they do.  I became one with them and will channel them for you.  And so here it is in the words of the Tea party, an explanation of what they are, what they are doing and why:

HONESTY:  What fucking good is honesty when you are trying to get something done?  If people know what you are trying to achieve and they don't agree with you they can try and stop you.  Lying is an essential tool, hell its the God-damned cornerstone of the whole son of a bitchin movement.  Here are some examples:

We are protesters, but we don't call ourselves that.  We use that term AGAINST those who oppose us, we also call them hippies even though we know there are no more hippies.

We want to have dominion over all others but we cant achieve that by calling ourselves dictators, we call ourselves poor victims.

We are whining until we get our way, but we don't admit that.  It would make us look weak and whiny.  We like to think that we are immensely strong and formidable as a movement, we cant be though because we have almost no unity.  So we lie to create a false image of toughness.

We know that the opposition supports a fair capitalist system and so we call them communists, were not sure exactly what communism is, but we know its supposed to be a bad word because we remember somebody years ago saying it was a bad thing for some reason or other.

RELIGION, ETHICS AND MORALITY:  Religion and such is all freaking complicated and stuff, what the hell?  That is part of why we love men like Paul Ryan, we have learned so much from that big eared goofball.  Ryan jumps and down and talks about the Bible and being Catholic all day and night long, yet the Catholic Church from Nuns on the Bus to the American Council of Bishops all denounce us.  That was a valuable lesson ol Dumbo from Janesville taught us.  Say your very religious really loud all the time and sooner or later folks may just get tired of arguing with you and say "yeah your a good God fearing man"
 That's the key right there people!  And then even though your opposed to that religion you can them represent it - falsely but who cares?  [See HONESTY]  Our religion is whatever we make up to support our goal which is a nice and simple one that we can understand "All we want is ALL THAT WE WANT!"  And that just happens to  be everything.
And since religion these days is wrapped up in helping people out and reducing suffering and other crap like that, we call ourselves the "old time religion crowd" because we do like that old time religion.  Back in the good old days when like the Pope and stuff would lay a bunch of broads and make his biggest, meanest son the next Pope, back when the Popes were all drinking and fighting and running official church whorehouses and bars - now that's religion a man can enjoy.
Yup we figured out that if you lie and call yourself religious that them peace loving hippy retards will be all nice and take you at your word.  All that Old Testament fighting and fucking your own daughters is what sounds good to us.  Yeah I know the Old Testament is just a bunch of 'jewboy' stuff but it sure is cool.
What about the New Testament you may ask?  With Jesus running all over hell and back with no damned money and doing good deeds....fuck that pussy faggot long haired piece of shit!  The Tea party has one word to describe what would happen if Jesus were to come back to Earth  "RE-CRUCIFIXION"

TAXES: When I look at my paycheck stub I can not find any real difference between my gross and my net under HUSSEIN Obama [See Women and Minorities and Summary]

SOCIAL SAFETY NETS:  This one is easy, I don't want to be taxed at all, I should keep all of my money because I feel I do not receive fair compensation for the labor I produce.  Why should somebody with a union job make more than me?  I should be paid more but you wont see me organizing and demanding my rights, people making more money than me piss me off.  The only logical conclusion is that we all deserve to make less.  I have dreams for my children, and they do not include my fugging kids showing me up [See Love of Family] by rising higher than their old man.  Of course we don't need roads and schools and infrastructure.  I have a four wheel drive truck and I don't need no stinking roads to get around!  Roads are for God-less commies!

WOMEN AND MINORITIES:  I am very adamant on this point, the Tea party is NOT RACIST!  We don't hate anybody because of the color of their skin.  Skin color is just a useful tool to alienate people who try to get in the way of me taking anything that I want.  I am NOT discriminating against any other male or dude  because of skin color, I am discriminating because I don't want no competition from anybody and the more people I can alienate the less competition I have.
Also we are not homophobic as them libtards keep suggesting we is, once again they are easy to isolate because they are different and I cant stand competition.  What bugs me about "lesbo-sexuals" is them uppity cunts don't like dick and I just ain't comferteble with  the thoughts that occasionally come into my head while I'm pulling one off or having a wet dream.  Dang me I love that Scott Walker and all he does.  And on the subject of fags and dykes, we aint gainst them either, as long as they are self-loathing like that guy Tim Russell that Scott Walker hired.
And as for women .......well first I just want to say they are prone not only to 'infections' which is why they shouldn't be in the military, but also hysteria...that one psycho doctor Freud proved that years ago I mean c'mon.  As a strong and proud tea party male I can tell you about women's equality "they're all pink inside" and that's all you need to know.

THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES:  This here be easy cause the Constitution says that all Americans are equal and crap like that under the law.  WE ARE AGAINST IT!  Equality means that there aint no stacked deck in my favor and I want all that I want.  Equality is fuggin commernism!  [See Honesty]

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:  [See  Women and Minorities]  Some entitled guy with an edercation once said that the definition of an asshole is "somebody who wont believe what they see with there own eyes" well I tell you what, I don't believe that legal birth certificate of his.  I knows I am legal cause my momma said so, and that should carry all the weight [See Honesty] you need.

WEALTH:  This is the Alpha ....AND Omega right here now boy howdy.  This is what it is all about plain and simple and you libfaggians better believe it.  The party exists because each and every one of us wants everything for ourselves and fuck all of you's who think otherwise.  Especially double fuck you if you belong to the Tea party!  You should know its all about every man for himself.

EDUCATION:  Like I said we lie like there is no tomorrow and the last thing we need is somebody proving us wrong with all those "facts and figures (huh that's funny, figures rhymes with niggers)" making the whole darn movement look bad.

FAMILY & FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS:  On the subject of neighbors there are two options that we offer them; "be with us or against us."  Family is equally easy, my woman is my property [See Women and Minorities] and that means subservience.  Like it used to say and will once again if I can do anyting about it, a wife cant be raped by her husband and children must submit (or be forced to either mentally or physically) to whatever I say they should do, whether doin chores or just lying there and taking it while shutting the fug up!  The Bible backs that up to y'all, and the parts of the Bible which contradicts them parts is all lyin!  [See Honesty, also Morality and Religion]

ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT :  Stewards of the Earth that Bible says, and to me steward means do any damn thing you want.  Remember the Tea party is all about taking what you want at any cost and screw you if you didn't get yours.  I know this is more Old Testament but you know what?  What I said about Sonny Boy Jesus applies to him too, if we weren't supposed to do any damn thing we pleased we shouldn't have been made in the first place, huh! outsmarted God right there.

SUMMARY:  There is one and only one thing that makes the Tea party, makes you want to join the Tea party or support the Tea party.  That would be the ability to think with common sense and survival skills and put yourself ahead of everything else.  Aint that what that Darwin guy said?  Don't get me wrong though I hates science.  Kind of like education and honesty it gets in the way of what the Tea party is all about - taking any damn thing you want and being greedy.  Now I know I am stupid and incompetent and that I will never be one of them milly-billynaires, but I still like to think that somehow it is possible.  And if the impossible becomes possible than I want the deck stacked my way because if I ever gets all rich and stuff I wants to be able to look down and spit on people.  I don't want no rules or laws or darn right and wrong things holding me back.  I know the odds are against me but remember...........we don't believe in mathematics.

I am the Tea party and I am tired of feeling bad about myself just  because philosophy and religion and decency and common sense are supposed to tell me that I am wrong,  I saw a movie once that said that 'greed is good' and I aim to base my life on that.

People like to compare us to Nazi's just because everything we do is based on how the Nazi's came to power.  And I would like to say the hell with you for calling us Nazis, that is just unfair because all that science and media gets in the way of our achieving our goal of getting everything we want.  Besides we in the Tea party ARE based on the core of the Nazi party.  We hate a fair fight and we want everything without having to work for it. We want to take from everyone else and if the corporations are other powers that tell us what to do take everyth ing from us then we will just whine even more and pretend that we never supported them honestly cause we was frauded.   If being stupid and greedy and immoral is wrong well then you just call us wrong and it wont matter none at all, we only listen to FOX News.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Willard" or "The Rat Lady Diaries"

Hello again everyone and greetings from ground zero, aka Madison, Wisconsin where the fight for justice and democracy continues unabated.  It is nice to be posting again after over a week away from the old blog.  Hopefully all my computer crashes and worries are over and I can get back to my regular postings.  And as always thank you everyone for your continued readership and involvement in the world wide struggle against corporate imperialism.

You may recall we had a rather historic election here in Wisconsin on June the 5th of this year.  One of the many stories to emerge from that day is one of a criminal investigation into events that transpired in Racine County at four of the polling places there.  You may have heard some mention of this case, though like myself you probably heard just a quick five second blurb or read a one paragraph story about it.

The investigation is directed at one Willard Rooks Helander a woman from Lake County Illinois who travelled to Wisconsin to take part in the recall election of Scott Walker and five other GOTea radicals in the state legislature.

Why would a resident of the state of Illinois travel to Wisconsin to observe the election?  There are many possible answers, many folks travelled to Wisconsin to observe the latest in a short and very questionable series of quite possibly fraudulent campaigns, but they were here to observe and report.  Mrs Hell Lander oops excuse me Helander was not here to observe though, she was here to take an active role in another states election.  It is an interesting story and one that leaves you with at least as many questions as answers but I will try to do my best to explain this to you.  First though some background information.

Willard Rooks Helander is the GOP/Tea Party Clerk of Courts for Lake County Illinois, a suburb of Chicago and a very red part of that state.  She is a strong mid-level contender in the neo-conservative movement to allow corporate control of the American government.  Incidentally she is also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution which is a right wing extremist organization that is mainly built around the concept of 'American Royalty' for lack of a better term.  The group at its core is comprised of wealthy Caucasian women with some claim to heritage stemming from the American Revolutionary War period.  The group seeks to hold themselves above average Americans as they view themselves to be some kind of true and original ( or in other words the only 'real') Americans, an aristocracy.

The groups web site does say that they are inclusive and welcome all women regardless of race or income but based on the groups history and politics, I don't buy a single word of it.  If you go to the website of The Order of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan you will see the same words on the page, I don't believe them any more than the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Nazi Party.

And like all members of the GOTea she has a very strong interest in the ability of minorities to vote.  She is also strongly interested in how Democrats vote and the people who vote for that party.  In other words she is another tool in the machine it would seem of contemporary right wing voter suppression.  During her campaign for County Clerk there are photo's of her sitting at her information table where she is actively campaigning and promoting herself for elected office and at the same table she has signs and forms for people to register to vote.  Now that is very convenient to get your campaign information and meet the candidate while being able to simultaneously register to vote.  One big problem though, in Illinois as in Wisconsin and almost all other states it is ILLEGAL to campaign as a candidate and be a non-partisan voter registration officer!  And this is the woman running for the office of County Clerk which is the office that oversees local elections.

Well maybe now that she is in office she has learned what the laws are and is enforcing them properly some might say.  She has staged huge raids on Democrat and Independent candidates campaigns to intimidate and harass them even though those campaigns have never tried to follow her example by breaking the laws regarding campaigning and voter registration.  She has never once, not even once ever looked into a Republican campaign even when her office has received multiple complaints about serious violations, that should tell you something right there.  In some ways she reminds me of Kathy Nicklaus who holds a similar position in Wisconsin and has messed up multiple elections but that seems to be a combination of being a tool of the corporate powers as much as outright incompetence.

Willard on the other hand seems more capable and intelligent than her Wisconsin counterpart so it would be unfair of me to name her the "Kathy Nicklaus of the flatlands"  She was a defendant in a major trial in Illinois a few years back because she and others on the far right were introducing and accepting individuals on the GOP ticket who were not even legally illegible to run for office.  The more you look into her the more dreadful it gets.  Also not very long ago she was the defendant in a class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court for other attempts at illegal voter suppression.  I wont go into all the details here but if you would like please google search Zessar vs. Helander on the net.

In April of this year she oversaw a NSSD election in Lake County and created quite a uproar over her actions in that particular election.  It seems that the election results were mangled and basically legally unusable because HER OFFICE specifically used a out of date district map.  She tried to claim that this was a communication issue between her office and another state agency but once again I'm not buying it.  They are preparing for an election in Illinois, her office has the new districting maps on hand and the office she is in charge of, the office she is supposed to provide total oversight for, intentionally requests a old and illegal to use district map and places it into action?!?!?  She seems to have intentionally and of her own accord re-districted her area and redrew the boundaries for five different precincts and caused massive errors in four others.  Now candidates are screaming bloody murder and it looks as if she will be in court as a defendant yet again.  Also it appears likely that another resource and time consuming election will have to be held.

Something very disturbing that I found is that she has a web page that she paid to have designed and maintained called  This page is supposed to be an informative site for people looking to register to vote online.  As a matter of fact the page lets you fill out a "virtual" voter registration form online and then when you are finished you hit the 'submit' button.  You are then taken to the official government page of the Lake County Clerks office which tells you that your information is submitted.  It makes it seem as if you registered to vote when you didn't.  And it is angering and confusing many people down in Illinois and another court case against her based on that seems also imminent.

In all fairness though to tell just about her failings in matters of voting and elections doesn't paint a complete picture of her.  There is also the matter of a same sex couple that had traveled to Illinois to register under the states domestic partnership laws.  She refused them quite vehemently to grant that even though there is no legal basis for it.  I am not aware of any state that has laws which say that only residents of that state can be legally joined in that state.  Perhaps Willard never heard of a Vegas wedding before?

It would seem that she is willing and perhaps even eager to break the law when it comes to serving the interests of her political party but has no respect for  the law whatsoever and the protection it provides to all other citizens.  It could be argued that she is confused and maybe even incompetent but when you look at the pattern that repeats itself over and again of her failings always benefiting her party I once again just wont buy that line.

Which brings us to Racine County Wisconsin on June the 5th.  Willard claims she took a vacation day from her County Clerk job to travel to Wisconsin to take part in the recall election of her hero Scott Walker.  She spent the entire day traveling to and from polling locations there, four in total.  What she did there had nothing to do with observation at all.  She tried to tell poll workers what the Wisconsin laws were even though she seems very confused on her own states laws.  She confronted and yelled at people who were trying to vote.  She tried to actually stop people from being able to vote, even physically at one point as she tried to physically prevent one women from placing her ballot into the machine.  She lied and told people they couldn't vote, they had to be pre-registered, they had to have a valid drivers license, they had to have proof of address and so on.  At the Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School she made quite a big seen and the police were called out.  And due to that she is now under investigation by the State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and also possibly by the Racine County District Attorneys office.  Apparently the state of Illinois is looking into the legality of her activities AGAIN.

This is what Willard Rooks Helander looks like, this is what the face of the GOTea looks like.  Smiling and charming and duplicitous people who promise to preserve the integrity of our elections, the backbone of democracy itself and then do everything they can to alter, distort and destroy those elections.

Perhaps you can see why this Willard reminds me of the old movie "Willard" where a mean spirited, social outcast trains a army of rats to do his bidding.  Sort of like Willard Helander with her staff of tea party minions.

Now just to prove that she is not totally and completely evil/incompetent she has done some good work looking into and uncovering voter fraud in Lake County.  Her good friend and fellow party member Mark Kirk was running for office not too long ago.  She ran to the media and claimed to have uncovered over one thousand solid examples of voter fraud.  After some innuendo and foot dragging she was finally able to provide 'strong evidence' of one single case.  It seems her office had received a single voter registration packet that had a false name on it.  Now the packet was only partially filled out and thus had to be tossed out and the information not put into the system.  The name of the person on the registration ballot was Princess Nudelman (pronounced noodle-man) and her investigation showed that Princess Nudelman was actually somebodies pet goldfish, actually an ex-pet because by this time the fish had died.

Why was a goldfish possibly being set up as a registered voter?  Well the voter registration packet that Willard sent out was mailed to people on a long list of names.  Was this a list of previously registered voters?  Was it from some official government clearing house?  No she had purchased the list at taxpayer expense from a commercial vendor who obtains the names on that list from such sources as magazine subscriptions, extended warranty forms and motor vehicle renewals.  The late Princess Nudelman the goldfish was the name these people used while setting up a second Internet device in their home.  Why they stuck a goldfish's name on the registration form seems to be a mystery.  I would imagine beer may have been involved.  Either way though Willard uncovered it and offered it to the media as proof of over a thousand hard examples of malicious voter fraud.  You can imagine the fun the media had with "noodle-gate" and with Willard Helander.

And that basically brings us up to speed on the story as it sits so far.  And like I wrote earlier this story raises many more questions than it answers, some of my questions are:

Why Racine County?  The GOP knew this one would be very close and perhaps they thought a little voter suppression and intimidation could carry the day for them?

Who is responsible in the GOP for inviting her up here to tamper with our elections?

Was she paid or compensated in any way for what she did?

Who asked her to come to Racine for the elections?  Was this the same person that told poll workers to let Willard have free run and nearly card blanche at Wisconsin polls?  Is this why no poll supervisor ever reported her or even attempted to stop her?

Was she receiving tax payer funded vacation pay while she was out of state tampering with elections?  I imagine there are quite a few people in Illinois looking into this as well.

So there you have it folks the strange case of Willard Rooks Helander.  I imagine we will be hearing more about this soon as the story starts to unfold.  All I can say is I am glad she does not represent Dane County Wisconsin where I live, life is maddening enough as it is here.  I feel sorry for the good, honest folks in her district who have to deal with her and all the confusion it causes.  They can take some relief knowing that Lake County Illinois has a government run "Clarity Training Course" which gives you all the official and legal answers to your voting question........oh no!  The course is run by Willard Helander....Mein Gott in Himmell!

We certainly have a rat in our house but something also smells mighty fishy in Illinois, and the stench is starting to drift into Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

I am not having much luck getting any answers from Willard or her office, if you would like to try please feel free to contact:
Lake County Illinois County Clerks Office
18 N County st Room 101
Waukegan, IL 60085
phone 847-377-2400

Thanks to the Daily Herald, the Chicago Tribune, Lake County Eye and the Root River Siren.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once again...

Sorry you havent heard from me in a week folks.  My computer picked up a nasty virus last week......once again!  Had to strip the memory down to day one and relaunch the original software and that has only led to more problems.  Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be back again posting as normal within a day or so.  Keep the faith and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Our history and our future, just 14 hours away

In about fourteen hours from when I post this, the polls will open and Wisconsin will make history.  After a year and a half of struggle and suffering or blood and tears we will have reached the recall of Scott Walker.  And things are looking pretty good.  I don't see any democrats voting for Walker in this election.  There will definitely be some republicans voting against him this time.  And the independent swing vote is just too smart to fall for the tea party and its rhetoric.

But there is still a small chance that somehow, without fraud, Walker could somehow win tomorrow.  If that were to happen it is not time for bloody riot in the streets of cities and towns across Wisconsin.  Walker's winning would only be a temporary and hollow victory for the embattled governor.

Because Mahlon Mitchell the Dem party candidate for Lt. Governor could easily beat out Kleefisch his opponent from the extreme right tomorrow.  With a Dem as lieutenant governor Walker would be quite literally, a captive of the state of Wisconsin.  By our state constitution if the Governor of Wisconsin crosses the state border, the lieutenant governor assumes immediate full duties as governor until the elected Governor of Wisconsin returns.  No more spending 99% doing the right wing political rock star routine anymore.

Also the office of the Governor of Wisconsin and whoever holds that office, now has the full power of the State Assembly as well.  So Walker could be literally tied down here and couldn't go out and generate more influence and money for his political machine.  Also the state senate is now tied evenly between Dem's and repugs.  In all likelihood at least one of the four, and likely more, of those republicans under recall will lose.  This means that Dem's will control the senate and can lock down the legislature and grind it to a halt if had to be, until after the fall elections.

Plus it is also looking likely that Walker could be arrested any day now by the FBI.  Tim Russell, Scott Walkers number one man who is in court now for embezzling from a fund for dead veterans and using the money for personal vacations amongst other things, stopped his pre-trial case dead in its tracks.  It turns out he has been giving the courts info on illegal activity coming straight from Walker himself, regarding stonewalling and obstructing the federal probe into the serious allegations against Walker and his campaign.  I cant wait for the perp walk.

So things are looking pretty darn good in Wisconsin today, before tomorrows historic election.  I am feeling well and recovered after some recent, serious health issues.  I returned today to the Solidarity Singalong on this, the second to last day of the award winning and record setting events existence.  After tomorrow the Singalong will gather for the last time on Wednesday, the day after the election.  On that day, after 384 singalongs either our goals will have been achieved and Walker will be recalled or, it will be time to turn to other tactics.

Today's singalong was a massive event, I am glad I arrived an hour early.  It was an incredible reunion of people from the last year and a half.  I helped to prepare new song books, a never ending task given the popularity of the event.  News media from Australia, Norway, Russia and Canada were there along with many other US national and regional media outlets.  Camera's were every where and the turnout for the event was spectacular and will only grow for the next two days.

I was given a great round of applause by the entire group today which was very touching, it seems some folks have been concerned for my health while I was away.  Was also approached for interviews by a Norwegian magazine, National Public Radio and Fox News.  Gave interviews to two out of the three, sorry Fox but I just have no time for you.

The city Metro buses as well as city and county work trucks were circling the capitol grounds around the Solidarity Singalong and blowing their horns and waving to everybody.  Police and fire trucks and even ordinary citizens responded in kind and the air was electric with the spirit of the Wisconsin Movement.  With all these people and vehicles and media around it was no surprise that a counter effort arrived to represent those who still stand with Scott Walker.  A lone middle aged man on foot with a anti-union sign showed up about half way through the singalong, he has been there often before and identifies himself as 'Pigman.'  There was also a lone pro-Walker mini-van quietly travelling around the Capitol Square for awhile today, and that was all the Walker support to be found.  Well apart from the national FOX news crew that is.

So be light of heart and hopeful you brave and bold badgers, it looks like all the momentum is on our side.  Sure there is the possibility of some election fraud arising from shenanigans involving the use of the touch screen e-voting machines, but Walker and the tea party know the federal government is watching them now after previous happenings.  So go out and vote folks and make Wisconsin history tomorrow while also creating Wisconsin's future.

Use paper ballots wherever you can to protect election integrity and vote people, and help others to vote.  Our history and our future will be created tomorrow.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!