Thursday, June 28, 2012

Goons and thugs in Wisconsin politics? Yeah we have em, you can find them on the right, the extremist, radical right.

This is an addition to my posting on Willard Rooks Helander who came to Wisconsin from Illinois to exert unwanted (and now it seems illegal) influence on the recall elections of June the 5th.  It seems that once again our good friend and my fellow blogger the Root River Siren has now uncovered the answer to one of the questions I posed on my blog posting.

The question was 'who if anyone invited Willard Helander to Racine to affect the election?' and the answer is Lou D'Abbraccio who originally comes from   Rhode Island but is now firmly planted in Wisconsin.  You can check out his facebook profile here and get a better understanding of the man.  He is a republican in good standing in Racine County, which means he is most likely a person of questionable character and tactics.

And here is the link to the insightful and revealing posting by the Root River Siren:

In all fairness though for a tea party neo-con he is far smarter and way more educated than your average member of that movement at or near ground level.  For some reason though he seems to think that the Republican party is still the champions of African-American rights, or like all neo-cons these days he just lies.  According to what posted on his facebook wall anyway, in a graphic that seems once again, like a threat of violence against those who do not agree with him politically.  But that is par for the course with these extremists and radicals.

Not only did this guy bring in right wing extremists from Illinois to influence the elections in Racine County, he also brought in more extremist group representatives from California and Arizona.  There is audio tape of him instructing these people in how to take part in the elections that day in Wisconsin.  Furthermore he states that in the election of June 5th plus on other occasions he has snuck video camera's into polling locations and SECRETLY AND ILLEGALLY VIDEO TAPED THE VOTERS.

People are seriously looking into this matter now and hopefully we will see this guy in court as well as his out of state cronies and dare I dream.........Scott Walker?  Keeping up the good fight here in the badger state along with many others.  We will get to the bottom of this illegal conspiracy and drag these people into the light of day.  I dream that we will soon seen honest and fair elections once again in Wisconsin and a return to transparent politics and representation of the will of the people.

After posting this I found some more on our buddy Lou:

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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