Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do you recall ?

It is a drizzly, rainy and basically cold, gray and rotten spring day here in Madison.  A cold wind had been blowing all night and it was basically the kind of weather that promotes lots of daydreaming and staring blankly out of windows, yearning for spring to come.

And while I was daydreaming today my thoughts wandered to things of recent importance, that have somehow remained under the radar in the way things are looked at politically in the badger state these days.  As you most likely remember (or recall) we are approaching the recall primary election of Scott Walker here.  It seems like just yesterday we were distributing recall petitions and garnering recall signatures for the recall of Scott Walker and the other GOTea legislators who were due for recall.

I recalled all this today and then I recalled that our soon to be recalled governor had a active legal defense fund.  I decided to do some research on Scott Walker's legal defense fund to see if there has been any recent changes or other possible items of interest in the matter.

And apparently as I stated above, with everything else going on in Wisconsin, the Walker legal defense fund has been all but forgotten.  I could barely find any new relevant information on the subject after what was published in the initial media blitz concerning this matter over a month ago.  I imagined that I would be able to bring up some record of contributions that would show once again, that almost all of the money comes from a handful of ultra-wealthy and ultra-conservative out of state sources.

It seemed reasonable to me that with all the negative attention focused on the Walker campaign, that his in state support from 'common' citizens would be drying up.  Just like it is for the Fitzgerald brothers and other conservative extremists in Wisconsin.  But that information was not to be found.  Still though, the entire legal defense fund/John Doe investigation is fascinating.

The John Doe investigation into the campaigns of Scott Walker began roughly two years ago when Walker was then the Milwaukee County Executive.  It was a tumultuous time in Milwaukee politics, it was a time of rare GOP strength in office.  There was lots of bickering and closed door deals and politicking going on.  Maybe somebody had bad feelings over not receiving a political nomination or job offer, maybe somebody just didn't get paid under the table the way they were supposed to.  But it certainly seems like somebody within the Walker camp dropped the dime and initiated history.

The FBI is responsible for the John Doe investigation although they do work with local agencies.  And the FBI took a look into Walkers campaign and decided pretty quickly that there was indeed grounds for an in-depth federal investigation.  And so far the results have been formidable, raid after raid of senior Walker staffers, personal and office computers and records seized.  Time and again people who worked for Walker in Milwaukee, and many that followed him to Madison have turned to witness's against the Walker regime.  Preferring to take plea deals and/or immunity from prosecution in exchange for turning over information to the ever growing investigation.

And although all the information is far from being revealed to us, we do know some pretty incredible things.  Illegal campaigning for  Walker being carried out at tax payer expense.  Insider real estate transactions being pursued contrary to legal methodology.  Walker directly hiring people that had a track record of fraud and other wrong doings, who were sought out by Walker because they had the skills that he needed to run things his way, Walkers way, which seems anything but legal or ethical.

Staffers were illegally transferring federal funds destined to help impoverished inner city area's of Milwaukee and using that money instead to pay for improvements to wealthy, mostly GOP neighborhoods.  All the while stealing money intended for dead and disabled veterans and using it for luxury vacations.  All the while trying to commit rape of a child and other heinous crimes and discussing it all on a TOP SECRET, ILLEGAL AS HECK, HIGH SECURITY E-MAIL ROUTING SYSTEM.

Why would you need a top secret, illegal Internet system if you were doing nothing wrong and had nothing to hide?  Scott Walker explains it away by saying that he had no idea this network had been bought and paid for, installed and tested, and was up and running IN WALKERS OWN OFFICE and being used daily by his staff?!?!  Either Walker is so grossly incompetent that he has never once had any idea what was going on around him or, he is lying again. 

The investigation began two years ago and Walker denied that, until the FBI announced how long the probe had been ongoing.  But Walker lies.  He says he never once looked into the background of his campaign staff and so had no idea he was staffing his campaign with hand picked criminals who had the skill set he needed.  But Walker lies.  Walker says that he is proud and doing the state of Wisconsin a great service by not using tax money to pay for his defense, guess what?  Walker lies, he is not allowed to use tax money to pay for his criminal defense efforts.

Walker has said that he has done nothing wrong but guess what.......he lies.  If there is no wrongdoing then why the largest and longest John Doe investigation in our nations history???  If there is no wrongdoing why the secret and expensive and complicated secret e-mail system???  If there is no wrongdoing then why are Walker staffers fleeing his office on a weekly basis???  If there is no wrongdoing then how come so many, many people have taken immunity from prosecution???  Why have there been so many arrests???  Why the 15 felony charges and a whole slough of misdemeanors???  Why the ever growing legal defense staff???

Come on Scott Walker do you really expect us to believe you after all of your previous lies?  Do you expect us to believe the word of someone who has hired top dollar, high end legal counsel from 4 different law firms in Milwaukee, Chicago and Washington D.C.???

Walker still claims that he is completely innocent of any possible wrongdoing.  So why then the legal defense fund?  Legally a holder of elected office in the state of Wisconsin can only legally have a legal defense fund if they have received acknowledgement that that person is indeed the object of a investigation.  So is Walker illegally collecting money and is lying for the reason of why he has a legal defense fund?  Or is he lying when he says that he is innocent and not the target of an investigation?

We will never get a honest answer from Scott Walker or anyone around him or on his staff.  We will have to wait until the inevitable trial to learn many things.  What we know isn't much, but it is very telling indeed.  We know that Walkers staff was breaking laws left and right.  We know that some of these staffers had previous criminal histories.  We know that Walker lies.  We know that between the four different law firms working to keep Walker out of federal prison have not come cheap.  $50k paid to one firm already, another firm is billing Walker for upward of another $50k  And yet another firm was reportedly already paid some $115,000. and that was just up until the end of 2011.  It should come as no surprise to you that there are many, many people who want answers.

And so it should also come as no surprise to us that anti-Walker sentiment is growing here in the badger state, even within the GOP.  Two top GOP legislators have recently and suddenly, announced early retirements.  The Fitzgerald brothers have been called the 'biggest grifters in the state' by Ellis, and even Wisconsin ALEC chairperson Robin Vos has called Walker a "whack job" in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  Speaking of which Fitzgerald like Vos and now Glen Grothman are all facing serious challengers in this years election.  And all three are being challenged by first time female candidates.  The GOP war on women has turned into a womens war on the GOP in Wisconsin.

And here is a curious matter to consider as well, since Walker AND his campaign are under investigation, does that mean that Walker can use his normal campaign war chest, as well as all the millions pouring in from rich out of state contributors to his recall effort war chest, for his legal defense as well?  I would imagine that since the campaign and the person overlap, that the money will also overlap to provide legal defense for the campaign and the person of Scott Walker.  Do you think contributors would be happy to know that money they donate can be re-appropriated like that.

So many questions and at this point, too few answers.  But don't worry folks, the truth will come out, after the recall, after we turn the senate, after we take back Wisconsin.  And someday we will look back and all of this and ask each you recall?

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It was a very busy day here so far in lovely and endangered Madison, Wisconsin.  Was still contemplating just what exactly was so important in the leaked documents pertaining to the Tim Russell trial?  The fact that the attorneys were squabbling over payment?  That one was going to sue Russell for payment of legal fee's?  That the attorneys hated each other with one dropping a small bomb on the judge by revealing that his fellow attorney was related (very distantly) to a judge presiding over another case of his?  That they were perhaps playing a little game with the media by rotating legal counsel? 

Was going to bring that up with some people that I know as I left home for the Solidarity Singalong.  Arriving earlier than anticipated I decided to stop by the City/County building to cast my absentee ballot in the gubernatorial primary.  I voted for Mahlon Mitchell against his once reasonable competitor, the "fake" Democrat being run by the GOTea is beneath my consideration in any way.  For the office of governor I think we all know how that is going to work out.

There was a strong Solidarity Singalong again today and people were really fired up as we approach Singalong #350 later this week.  Cant wait for that event, there are going to be special guests and different bands playing.  Some speakers will be delivering some inspiring words I'm sure and of course it will also be the c.d. release party.  Hope to see some of you there.

After the Singalong I had a quick stop on the capitol square and then was off to the Government Accountability Office to deal with a data entry problem I was experiencing with the CFIS software system that they use.

And now a quick break to catch up on some news and post this and then it is time to gt back to work on my campaign.  It never ends but then again you never mind when you are fighting for democracy.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Curiouser and curiouser

Looking back on the last week in Wisconsin it is hard to believe that this is the same state I grew up in.  The big arguments in the badger state used to be about milk prices and dairy subsidies.  Now we hundred million dollar legals battles ripping the state apart.  Now we have a huge spin doctoring, maliciously lying, p.r. machine defending a fraudulently elected governor.

Recently we found out that due to misappropriations in Milwaukee from a Walker staffer, that the state will have to refund nearly a million dollars to the federal government.  Also Ciara Matthews the new mouth piece for Scott Walker who calls all democrats and liberals "morally bankrupt" has been revealed to have been having a drug fueled affair with a reporter in Las Vegas as she was becoming married.  So much for family values.

Earlier today Walker staffer extraordinaire Tim Russel was in court again.  This is the guy that stole money for charities that work with the families of fallen service members.  Apparently the guy is just really bad with money, his various attorneys were arguing about money in court today.  Fortunately it didn't become a public spectacle as the arguments were heard in the judges chambers and the records sealed.

But life is not quite normal in Wisconsin these days and so the forces of contemporary politics in Wisconsin reared there ugly head today.  And the sealed transcripts of the lawyers arguments were intentionally leaked in a 55 page report I received about an hour ago.  And of course I love my readers and will not leave them in the dark on something this interesting, so here you go folks:

It is going to be a long week in Madison.  Besides the trials of Walkers staff members, and the very real possibility of the Governor actually being arrested before the recall election, there is just so much going on right now.  Kelley Albrecht has officially announced her candidacy to run against the reviled Robin Vos in this years elections.  Also the Dem's have announced that they have a solid candidate who will be going up against the equally vile Glen Grothman.

Interesting times indeed folks, and they just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.  Keep up the good fight folks, victory is within our sights even as our opposition, the tools & fools of the Tea party are falling apart and turning on each other.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

14 months

It was announced earlier today and I covered this on twitter, that Charles Tubbs was resigning as Chief of Capitol Police & Security to become the Dane County Emergency Management head.  After the last year that Charles Tubbs has had, I don't blame him.

I am very curious as to who will replace him though, and if there will be a interim chief?

It is a pay cut but it is also a lot less stress and a lot less politics, basically none.  Yes he was not perfect but nobody was hurt at the capitol either.

And all of my best wishes to Tamara Grigsby who also announced her retirement due to health related reasons.  She is a strong fighter and I am sure she will recommend a strong candidate.

On Wisconsin!    Forward!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A little bird.........

told me something last night.  The little bird said that Robin Vos as the ALEC chairman in Wisconsin would be particularly vulnerable this election cycle.  I had to agree with that, ALEC is becoming more publicly known by the day, and for that reason its sponsors have been pulling away and even legislators are starting to distance themselves from the radical group.

Furthermore I thought, Vos could be slammed in campaign advertising with his well documented, year long record of disrespect for open and transparent government, unwillingness to listen to fellow legislators, unwillingness to listen to constituents, verbal bombast's and such.  The more I thought about what the little bird told me, the more I could see it all coming easily together.  Just like with Lori Compas taking on Fitzgerald who is himself having trouble fundraising and is losing support fast.  Vos is in the exact same position politically, he is vulnerable.

Now we just need a solid and motivated individual who can be persuaded to throw their hat into the arena.  Especially if that person was someone that the GOP hasn't known of so far,but somebody who has a strong record resisting the Walker agenda and cronies.  Somebody from down in Robin Vos's district.

 Hey you know what?  My good friend Kelley Albrecht lives in that exact district.  She has lots of strong backing and 'street cred' to her name.  Maybe I will start subtly asking people what they think about that.  You understand what I mean, in a quiet sort of way, not a public announcement or anything.  It sure would be mighty nice to remove Vos from the Capitol in Madison.

I do believe I will keep an eye out for that little bird in the future as well, you never know.  Solidarity folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Fifth editing generic title for a posting never completed.

Good timing, all materials, links,pics,screen shots, lineage charts, campaign filings, videos,etc.......everything per producer request has been turned over to a national network.  I'm glad too, this was taking up way to much of my time, I'm glad there is a team wanting to take it over.  One of those stories that just goes on forever.  Now back to the important stuff.

This is my last posting, unless there is a story released regionally or nationally, on this, the story that never was.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

One year longer, one year..............well weaker, yeah much weaker.

Of course for the majority of Wisconsinites we are 'one year longer, one year stronger' but that does not apply to all folks here in the badger state.  Some folks just don't seem to ever quite get on top of things, in other words they just don't get it.  And because they don't get it, they are struggling and floundering there way through life, of course I am talking about the extreme radical right, collectively known as the GOTea.

Yesterday they had there annual 'tax day' rally at the Capitol in Madison.  One year ago I attended my first tax day rally by these folks.  The rally is organized and funded by the Koch brothers through they're group Americans For Prosperity.  An ironic name since the purpose of this powerful (due to the massive funding) political entity is to remove as much wealth as possible from the American people and transfer it to the hands of the already overly-prosperous, the 1%.

And AFP has gotten pretty good at tricking working people into falling for the rhetoric they spread which leads to common, salt of the earth Americans working against their own best interest.  Which is why they are so commonly referred to as the 'tools & fools' of the TEA party.

A friend of mine on twitter was complaining yesterday about the right wing trolls following her postings there.  I told her that the trolls were a sign that she was doing something right.  I posted that she had 'debated the wise, educated the unreasonable, and the dregs that are left just might be hopeless'

That sums up the trolls on the Internet and it also sadly enough, kind of summed up the crowd that was bussed in and/or turned up for the tax day rally.  The folks were kind of jittery and emotional, whether they were TEA party, Americans For Prosperity, National Rifle Association or just the aids, friends and staffers of republicans in the legislature at the capitol, obligated to attend.

I arrived at the Capitol square nearly two hours before the start time of 11:30 a.m.  I first went to check out the stage and audio/video equipment that all of that east coast money had brought.  Pretty impressive, a very large stage, twin double audio towers.  A portable jumbo tron and banks of computers and mix boards and tons of support gear.  The staff alone was probably about two dozen people, and these are the folks who complain about 'big union money' when we have our rallies.  Our staging and speakers and one microphone at a rally cost perhaps a tenth of what they spent.

And at our rallies tens of thousands, sometimes over 100,000 people show up and take part.  At the rally yesterday they never even had a thousand supporters.  There was a small mixed group of TEA party, NRA and AFP all tightly huddled around the stage at 10 a.m.  By eleven o clock that number was up to around 500 and slowly growing.  And all the rally folks kept huddled together in a tight packed group around the stage for the most part anyway.  I don't know if they were fearing a massive counter rally turnout or what, they definitely seemed very much out of place and out of their element.

Last years rally was estimated at around six thousand attending.  And I agree with that number, I was there and I always do crowd counts.  At last years rally though they had special key speaker Sarah Palin, and with the folks they bussed in from out of state, they had about 3,500 folks there.  Counter protesters who also had shown up was at around 2,500 to 3,000.  So a total figure of around six thousand or so sounds right.

This years crowd was much smaller and much more timid.  By the time the rally started, after they finally got the expensive audio system figured out, they had 600 to perhaps 700 people there to listen to the speakers and show support for Scott Walker and the Koch brothers. Counter protesters numbered around 150 - 200, much lower than last year because of the momentum shift in Wisconsin political dynamics that has occurred in the last year.  There was also about a hundred or so Ron Paul supporters and another perhaps fifty or so people who had shown up to distribute literature and talk about religion.  So we are looking at about a thousand folks total this year.

 They listened to the low-name and no-name speakers, but they didn't really get the crowd fired up. Some of the speakers spoke about dirty hippies and democrats defecating and having gay sex at the Capitol and it costing 7.5 million in damage last year.  Truly insane rhetoric which I wont even cover here much except to say at first it was amusing, but then it just all became kind of dull and sad.

A single African-American speaker was once again produced and brought out (they always have that one well paid minority they spotlight at these events, just like Walker does)  and he spoke about how the democrats were dis-enfranchising minority youth by challenging GOTea redistricting.  He said that black women and children are particularly vulnerable to left wing legislation and that only in the GOTea could they find safety and security as citizens.  He then said that the whole African-American was grateful for the new carried-concealed weapons laws.  Yeah I know I think I actually threw up a little when he recited that.  At least he had the sense not to praise the new 'castle doctrine' laws that just killed Bo Morrison.  Even Quislings have their limits I guess.  I know that Manny Perez did and felt remorse for harming the Latino/Hispanic community.

Like I said the crowd response was pretty mixed about hearing this already defamed rhetoric from a year ago being tossed up again.  Many of the right wing folks in the crowd began to leave early, others walked away from the stage, shaking there heads and looking somewhat lost.  Many more just kind of stood there quietly looking uncomfortable.  There were no new and inspiring words, no news of the movement they belonged to gaining ground.  The next couple of speakers tried resorting to violent rhetoric and calls for direct action and mentioned that they had more freedom as citizens now to become politically involved now that they could carry guns with them.

I couldn't listen to too much of that crap, so I wandered constantly through and around the crowd.  Trying to get estimates on crowd numbers, from what party or movement, and where they were from.  I was dressed neutrally and was able to speak freely with lots of different folks who just assumed I was politically 'sitting on the fence'

I listened to the bible thumping crowd that although was politically with AFP and the NRA, still felt that they were hell bound for playing rock and roll music during the rally, and also for women being seen in public wearing pants instead of a long skirt or dress.

One woman from the right wing was very upset that counter protesters were at the edge of the crowd and went and confronted them.  She spoke in a very heavy accent European accent and was accosting a Tibetan-American counter protester vehemently.  She actually had the audacity to say the words "go back where you came from" to the person she was accosting.  This statement was followed up by calling the counter protester a 'communist' over and over again.  Really calling a Tibetan a communist sympathiser?!?!?!  The woman was totally shocked and the reaction she received after saying these offensive words, she was so lost she thought she was in the right to tell citizens to go back to where they came from, when she is obviously not from anywhere within 10,000 miles of Wisconsin.  Hypocrisy is always ugly.

Arthur Kohl-Riggs the Lincoln Republican candidate for governor, running against Walker showed up and was pretty darn well received.  He spoke with folks of all stripes and his quiet and intelligent demeanor led to much positive discussion amongst politically diverse people.

John Nichols of The Progressive, and John 'Sly' Sylvester arrived and brought some other counter protesters with them.  Graehme Zilinski of the Democratic party was also supposedly there though I didn't run into him as I made my way through the crowd.  I did notice a couple of folks that seemed to have something hanging off of their hips.  I moved a little closer and took a better look and there it was....a gun.

Actually two guys with AFP shirts, worn work boots and holstered handguns, one semi-automatic, and one big ol six shooter pistol, probably a .45  I went and had a quick conversation with a sergeant and a lieutenant of the Capitol Police & Security force who were heavily patrolling the right wing event.  They informed me that they had counted five people so far carrying guns.  I pointed out the two I had spotted and they said that brought the total to seven.  They also said that they were very unhappy about it, but they were stuck dealing with that new law now.

I continued to work my way through the crowd and was surprised at how many people on the political right were leaving the event early.  They were not happy with the speakers, or the speeches, they didn't seem happy about how many of them had shown up at all.  And they were definitely not happy by the atmosphere of the event.  The counter protesters had all the pep and vinegar in the world.  They had they're information straight and could out-debate anyone in the right wing crowd.  Not that the crowd seemed to have much strength or desire for debate or argument.

That is understandable when the person they support, the pillar of their strength here in Wisconsin is Scott Walker.  A year ago Walker was a momentum filled underdog, and the right wing believed in him as a person and as a leader.  Now a year later Walker had a legal defense fund, he devotes all his time to fund raising and his legal defense efforts.  He has spent perhaps one hundred hours on the job as Governor in the last nine months.  Fifteen felonies have been filed against his staff as well as numerous misdemeanors.  Large parts of his staff have either fled the sinking ship or have taken immunity from prosecution in exchange for testimony.  The party has already lost a round of recalls last year, and is now facing six more including the Governor and his second in command.  No wonder the right wing was so disheartened?

About half of the right wing crowd had drifted off, dispersed, or just plain gone home by the time the key speaker, Lt Gov Kleefisch took the stage.  She tried to be fired up but she wasn't feeling the spirit either.  I think she knew this years rally was a sham and a failure and that the likelihood of there being another next year is null.  So she stuck her daughter in front of the camera's, said something about loving Wisconsin and then she was gone after about ninety seconds.

We have all the unity and the strength you brave and bold badgers.  We have all the facts and the state and numbers and we know we are on the right side.  That is why the extreme radical right is so diminished.  And that is why yesterday we were One Year Longer, One Year Stronger.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!
Added to post on 4/19

Friday, April 13, 2012

Time to hedge your bets Wisconsin ????

Hello all you brave and bold badgers out there across Wisconsin, and a big hello to everyone else out there concerned with protecting freedom and democracy.  Wherever in the world you are, your efforts at being informed, voting, organizing and sharing what you know is deeply appreciated.  The effect is cumulative and we are seeing the effect spreading across the entire globe.  Keep up the good fight, you are winning.

Here in Wisconsin of course the fight is one of the people versus the fraudulently elected Governor Scott Walker.  Walker is well documented in how he ran his campaign for governor.  He lied over and again to the people, he intentionally and maliciously committed sin after sin of omission about his intended, radical, social agenda.  He lied about his record as Milwaukee County Executive and he lied about the staff that he hired, promoted and oversaw.  He misled investigations into his campaign and even now, with half of his staff having either fled, been arrested or accepting plea bargains, he continues his dishonesty.

A year ago we started learning all these things about Scott Walker.  A year ago we started fighting and resisting him and his GOTea cronies.  A year ago we were hopeful.........but grim, very grim indeed.  We marched in the sleet and the snow and discussed recall elections and the processes involved.  It looked like a huge and insurmountable struggle but, we maintained our solidarity, our networking and we constantly never lost our vigilance.  We learned how to read between the lines of legislation.  We learned to anticipate political and legal wrangling and prepare for it.  We learned all of the dirty tricks they had up their sleeves and we began to outsmart and outmaneuver them.  We have all learned a lot, as have I as well.  And I am about to share something I learned with all of you.  At least all of you who haven't thought of this yet.

The other day I was at the Government Accountability Office on regular business.  Who should I run into down there?  Why it was my old friend from the Wisconsin Movement, Arthur Kohl-Riggs.  Arthur was signing off on his paperwork from the GAB after verification of the signatures he submitted as a candidate for Governor of the State of Wisconsin.  And Arthur can help us voters hedge our bets.

First let me say that Art is a very smart and impressive young man.  I have spoken with teachers and educators who remember him from his younger days and all are impressed with him.  Art is sort of tall and thin, with a long face and a beard.  He kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln.  Which is what ties all this together.  Lincoln was a Republican, Lincoln of course, despised and sought to end slavery, he also was for small government.  And more importantly he was very much about protecting the rights of citizens from manipulation and/or control by governmental or business interests.  Lincoln was tormented by the idea of a wealthy few subverting the will of the people in pursuit of greed.

A century and a half ago that is what the republicans were about.  Having been in power as part of the two party system so long, they have been completely and thoroughly corrupted.  The party now represents the opposite of what it did in Lincolns day when it began.  And Arthur, like Lincoln, is a republican candidate.  A true old fashioned, fiscally conservative and socially moderate Lincoln Republican.  The kind of GOP member we haven't seen since the Kennedy assassination.

And the wonderful thing about Arts campaign as a republican against Walker, is that he could remove Walker from the electoral process even before we vote for governor!!!!  If Arthur Kohl-Riggs can pick up more votes than the increasingly unpopular Walker, in the primaries than Walker is gone.  And to add insult to injury, to send a huge message to the world, we can rid Wisconsin of Walker without Walker actually even making it to the gubernatorial recall election.  The modern day equivalent of riding him out of town on a rail.

The GOP would have one month to slap together a candidate and a platform just to even be represented in the election.  Which wont really matter because whichever of the four democrats running makes it through the primary, everyone is voting for that democrat regardless.  What we would have is an extra layer of protection in the recall process.  We can get rid of Walker before the recall even happens.

To do that of course in the primary we need votes from republicans who are tired of Walker and who will vote for Arthur.  We will especially need a vote from all of you, all the moderates, all the  folks on the left.  All of the third party, independent and democrat voters.  If in the primary we just let the democrat candidates float away on the wind for one election, we could all throw our votes for Arthur Kohl-Riggs and unseat and remove Walker.  Final victory, democracy restored and reverberating throughout the nation.

And one month later in the general election, the recall election, we vote for the democrat that survived the primaries or, we vote in Arthur for Governor of Wisconsin.  We will have missed out on picking a democrat in the primary, but with Feingold out does that even really matter so much? Either way we win, the nail in the coffin, and then we can start the real work of rebuilding our lovely state.  What do you think folks, feel free to comment please and let me know what you think of this.

In the meantime I am preparing for the 'big, annual' Tea Party rally at the Capitol in Madison tomorrow Saturday the 14th.  Last year was tons of fun and I am expecting the same thing again, except with better weather.  Last year about 600 GOTeaPalin.

The rumour is this year that Palin will be back as the key note speaker.  She may be afraid to show up though, you never know.  I imagine they will have the same or slightly lesser numbers this year as the party is crumbling upon itself.  Can you imagine if we had two or three thousand or more there tomorrow?  It would be great to stand there in the sun, shoulder to shoulder with your sisters and brothers.  Completely surrounding the Tea Party crowd, just standing there with our arms crossed and smiling and nodding at them smugly.  Knowing that we have the numbers.  We have the unity and the strength, the righteousness and the sense of purpose.  We have the joyful hope and the grim determination.  We have solidarity forever, hope to see you there folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dang and darn it all, writing this for the third time today.

I am writing this post for the second time.  I just completed writing what was supposed to be this post about ten minutes ago.  I accidentally erased it all, I am so angry with myself right now.  Oh well I will just give a quick update version as I am now short on time.

Investigation into the Bo Morrison matter continues, though very slowly it seems to me.  And I am one of the persons involved who is pushing for a quick resolution the most.  I'm getting used to it but I hate butting heads with attorneys and other folks all the time.

Great Solidarity Singalong today, it was so loud and so glorious.  The best sounding performance in awhile, it echoed throughout the rotunda and halls so well.  We sang extra loud today because there was a rumor that Walker was ACTUALLY IN THE CAPITOL TODAY, a rare thing as Walker has only been in Wisconsin this year for an average of two days per month.  And only working as Governor, as records show, for only two hours per month.

We now have an official list of Democratic candidates, and they are LaFollette, Vinehout, Barrett and Falk.  Personally I am looking at the underdogs here, I think that is where most peoples best interests lie.

And by now there is a picture going viral of Scott Walkers communications manager, whom he inherited somehow from Karl Rove.  Yeah her, the one that said she would like to "slap Hillary Clinton" she is the most recent person to fill this position in Walkers cabinet.  Many have been leaving the sinking ship lately, she is standing tall though and speaking very, very loudly.

{Here is where I had to rewrite for the third time, long story, never mind} 

She has been speaking in favor of the neo-con War on Women.  She had been supporting criminal behavior by our elected officials who are pushing through pre-written legislation from ALEC.  Acting like a tool in other words, and here I had a picture I was sitting on of her looking like a tool.  In a Hooters uniform posing in a Ferrari.

I spent my afternoon writing something up and preparing to release it before broke it out tomorrow morning on WTDY with Sly.  Instead after all that work it turns out that somebody else got hold of the pic and was going to break it so had to jump out there first and "scoop" from politiscoop was "scooped" by politiscoop so as that the "scoop" that politiscoop gave me was not "scooped by another" and so......................................

Anyway it is not about who breaks the news, it is about the news, the information.  The raw info that we need to make decisions about our lives.  As long as it gets out there, then the people can decide for themselves and make those all important decisions.  That is what Democracy looks like.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey hey there

Just thought I would check in with all you folks quick.  It is sort of odd now that the political battlefield has become quiet as the recall elections loom that my life has gotten more frantic than ever.  I have been helping out with the campaign efforts of others running for governor and lt governor, and others as well.  Oh yes and of course my own campaign.  I have been spending tons of time on my feet going door to door and I have to tell you that as tiring as it is, I am really enjoying it.  It is great to get support and speak with the folks in the 48th Assembly District.

I am beyond over-tired and need to get some sleep now, thank you again for reading.  And one last thing, there was a incredible rally in memory of Trayvon Martin and Bo Morrison and against the FL 'stand your ground' law and WI's 'castle doctrine.'

Many touching speeches were made and the search for justice, as well as a way to prevent this from happening again continue.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early news bomb this week???

Word was just confirmed about twenty minutes ago that GOTea election overseer (fixer) supreme Kathy Nickolaus has been told to step down or be forced out before the upcoming recall election of Scott Walker.  This is truly superb news especially after she messed up yet again this week shining another in  a series of spotlights upon the embattled elections board.

Curious also that the right wing is conceding that they will not be allowed to throw another contest like they did with Kloppenburg vs Prosser?  Interesting also that the Fed was in Milwaukee overseeing Wisconsin elections during the GOP primary/County Judges and school board elections.

Just thought I would share that with you all, one day longer and one day stronger folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Closer and closer, every day a victory......almost.

Greetings from ground zero folks.  Another lovely day here in Madison, unusual though in that I was not able to attend and tweet from the Solidarity Singalong.  I just can not say enough good things about this peaceful protest.  The Singalong has brought the Wisconsin Movement just tons of good press in the one year plus now of its existence.

Recently we celebrated Singalong number 300 and then we received the ACLU's civil libertarian of the year award.  The first time ever that award was bestowed on an entire group instead of a single individual.  On Monday of this week the Singalong was covered by international media agency Al-Jazera, on Tuesday Democrat Senator and Walker challenger Kathleen Vinehout attended the singing and told us of her support of the group on the floor of the legislature.  On Wednesday this week we had the Christian Broadcast News agency cover the Singalong, supposedly to make us look bad as the agency loves Walker.

The intended story they wanted to run with was shot down though.  They found not a group of young, angry and violent protesters, but rather a diverse group of peaceful people devoted to freedom and democracy.  We are also very smart at what we do and we know how to identify media personnel and/or agencies.  We sang songs richly used in celebrations of faith and totally disarmed the CBN.

Soon we will be celebrating Solidarity Singalong #350, and who knows what will happen after that?  We have been visited by representatives of multiple foreign nations.  Celebrities and politico's, right wingers, left wingers and the totally confused who arrive sometime seeking answers.  I am very proud and happy to support and be a member of the Solidarity Singalong.

I am also proud and happy to work with the group and the individual Jeremy Ryan, head of the Defending Wisconsin PAC.  This last week we have all teamed up to promote awareness of the tragic case of Bo Morrison.  Bo was a college graduate and about to become a member of the Marine Corps.  Bo was at a party where some underage people were drinking.

A neighbor called in a noise complaint and then caught Bo on his property sneaking away from a underage drinking ticket, largely concerned with his enrollment in our Armed Forces.  The neighbor didn't tell the police (whom he had just called) that a kid was in his yard or on his back porch.  Instead he went and got a gun, loaded it, and went and apparently intentionally shot Bo Morrison knowing that he had a legal loophole due to Wisconsin's new 'castle doctrine' law.

This case of Bo Morrison in Wisconsin sadly and tragically parallels the case of the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, I have also posted on this blog of the two cases.  And the horrible similarity in the two states radical new right wing gun laws, Wisconsin and its castle 'doctrine' and Florida, with it 'stand your ground law.'

Jeremy Ryan has done some great work with google maps and other sources to show the scene of the killing and being able to see for yourself how events transpired that night.  Politiscoop is covering the story and is being assisted in its investigation by the parents of young Bo Morrison.  I have been helping both parties with the investigation and this morning after speaking with my attorney, we are issuing a subpoena for the original and unedited 911 tapes from that tragic night.  Look to both Defending and, as well as here in this blog, for more on the story as it happens this week.

There is a lot of damage done to Wisconsin by the extremist Walker regime, most of it can be corrected and healed over time.  Some things like the tragic loss of Bo Morrison we can never correct, but fight on we must folks.  And we the people are winning, and for that I thank you all.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting back on track

"Life is what happens after you have made other plans."  Normally John Lennon gets the credit for coming up with that quote, it is older than that though.  And it is very true, just when I think I have everything all planned out that is when life throws me the curve balls.  What happened this weekend is a combination of computer trouble paired up with a really insufferable sinus infection.  I wasn't even able to get last Friday's News Bomb out to you folks.
It was a good one too, a ranking judge cut the head right off of the dragon known as ACT 10.  Also known as Scott Walkers Budget Repair Bill.  The judge presiding over the case completely struck down the language pertaining to annual re-certification of the states unions.  Basically the judge said that they have the right to exist and that laws to attempt to automatically re-harm the unions on an annual basis can not stand.

I am also starting to hear more talk about the possibility of an investigation coming down on
Robin Vos, lets keep our fingers crossed.  An exciting day here in Wisconsin even without all of that though.  It is election day for the WI GOTea primaries as well as for county judges and other positions.  An exciting Solidarity Singalong that I just returned from featuring Senator Vinehout and others.  Will bring you more news soon, keep the faith sisters and brothers.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!