Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting back on track

"Life is what happens after you have made other plans."  Normally John Lennon gets the credit for coming up with that quote, it is older than that though.  And it is very true, just when I think I have everything all planned out that is when life throws me the curve balls.  What happened this weekend is a combination of computer trouble paired up with a really insufferable sinus infection.  I wasn't even able to get last Friday's News Bomb out to you folks.
It was a good one too, a ranking judge cut the head right off of the dragon known as ACT 10.  Also known as Scott Walkers Budget Repair Bill.  The judge presiding over the case completely struck down the language pertaining to annual re-certification of the states unions.  Basically the judge said that they have the right to exist and that laws to attempt to automatically re-harm the unions on an annual basis can not stand.

I am also starting to hear more talk about the possibility of an investigation coming down on
Robin Vos, lets keep our fingers crossed.  An exciting day here in Wisconsin even without all of that though.  It is election day for the WI GOTea primaries as well as for county judges and other positions.  An exciting Solidarity Singalong that I just returned from featuring Senator Vinehout and others.  Will bring you more news soon, keep the faith sisters and brothers.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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