Friday, April 29, 2011

What a week it's been.

So much stuff has been happening here lately its silly.  Republicans making statements about unifying the Budget Reform Bill.  Death threats and physical assaults.  Justice Prosser swearing in the halls of the capitol building.  Recall signatures and lack thereof, for the G.O.P.  Shenanigans with DefendingWisconsin and breaking news from  Cops and troopers and senators oh my.
And it's not even Saturday yet and the huge 'Thunda around the Rotunda' motorcycle rally.  That should really be some serious fun I hope.  Love to see as many as possible of you there.

On Wisconsin!     FORWARD!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, A good day to ask yourself some questions like..................

A lovely sunny spring day in Wisconsin, enjoy it while you can as the administration of tyrant, oops I meant Governor Scotty Walker will be clouding up the skies soon.  Sometime in the next two weeks Scotty will attempt to pass his new legislation allowing himself to declare martial law in Wisconsin.  He will most likely try to sneak this through on a Friday evening.  So here's some questions to ask yourself.

Do I like the idea of losing democracy and living under marital law ?

Has the G.O.P. really pushed things intolerably far ?

Do I want to join ten or fifteen thousand protesters who intend to occupy and shutdown the capitol when martial law legislation hits the assembly floor ?

Would it be fun to hang out with Segway Jeremy Ryan and Hungry Guy and the whole gang while taking part in history ?

Can I afford not to take part in whats happening in Wisconsin ?

Do I want to e-mail Matt (hungry guy) and have him put me on the list of people to contact as soon as martial law is introduced in legislation ?

Am I prepared with a bag or pack ready to go to bring with during the occupation ?

Does the bag have a change of clothes?  non-refrigerated food stuffs ?  any medication I may need ?  cell phone, smart phone, laptop and spare batteries/chargers ?  A good book ?  Plenty of water ?

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Unity and Vigilance

It's martial law talk time again folks.  Hopefully you are keeping up to speed on national news.  Wait a minute if you read this your most likely really up to speed on the news.  Well then, my hat is off to all of you that read this blog, way to stay informed.  And while I'm at it I would like to thank all of you who still subscribe and/or read my postings.  Now that my hunger strike is suspended by Scotty Walkers bill being tied up in the court system and I'm no longer slowly dying Ive lost my media sex appeal.  Therefore I really appreciate your continued readership and commitment to the issue's.
Now back to it!  Martial law.  As I'm sure you've heard the Detroit police yesterday, in a blatant display of moral corruption, arrested the protesters who were occupying their school in support of unionized teachers and opposition to funding cuts.  Theirs is a specialized school for women who are teenage mothers.  These young women are devoted to improving their situation by staying in school, completing their education in anticipation of finding worthwhile employment with which to provide for their young families.
So they decide as a last resort, to engage in civil disobedience in an effort to protect their interests and the interests of their peers.  These women weren't just removed from the school they attended and were so devoted to but they were actually arrested and charged as criminals.  That is itself should be aggravating enough to the average concerned citizen.  But now ...........
These young women taken into custody, as mentioned, are teenage mothers.  That means they're children also were taken into custody as wards of the state.  I would imagine that the oldest of these children is perhaps four to six years old at most.  And the bulk are probably quite younger.  Imagine how those young children and babies are feeling,  Separated from their mothers by armed uniformed officers and placed (incarcerated?) into unfamiliar surroundings.  I'm honestly surprised that the officers took these women into custody.  Of course they were following orders and I understand that somewhat.  The person who really has me ticked off is the departments chief of police.  How dare he place these women (and their teachers and supporters) into custody?  How dare he compromise his office and the integrity of his officers.  I don't care if the Governor of Michigan demanded these actions, he should have refused to comply.  He would have had all the support in the world if he had refused.
This is all very pertinent to us here in Wisconsin because our Governor is planning to set us up with similar martial law legislation here.  Remember that, especially if you've stopped coming to the capitol with the  protesters.  Especially if you've stopped following all that's going on.  Especially if your part of the non-voting citizenry.  We must remain vigilant, informed and united in opposition to Scotty Walker and the tea party violent, racist, homophobic radicals.  Never forgive folks and never forget.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Oh Yeah,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attn. Wisconsin, Illinois sent you a wake up call !

So I was networking (hanging out) outside of the capitol building last night discussing the politics of the day with my fellow protesters when the subject turned to home towns.  I of course call New Lisbon, WI home (speaking of wake up calls, I think Chicago natives now own my entire home county) after inquiring about my fellow protesters I was surprised to learn that most of them are Illinois residents.  Solidarity is a wonderful thing but aren't we supposed to be the one's threatened by Wisconsin's Republicans ?  Are we once again becoming so complacent that were forgetting our own struggle ?  Was it really that cold yesterday evening ?  Did every resident of the badger state really have something better to do than defend their rights and freedoms ?  What next we let the Bears beat the Packers at holy Lambeau field because we will be too busy watching television ?  Come on people, get up, stand up, go down to the capitol whenever you can.  Even if you just drive around the square in the evening honking your car horn in solidarity it helps.  Come down and sing with us in the rotunda daily at noon on your lunch hour.  And don't forget Saturday April 30th the huge motorcycle rally on the square.  Fire up that bad moto-scooter and get down here folks, were winning and gaining momentum but only for as long as we all keep up the fight.

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A open letter to the Wisconsin Army National Guard

 Greetings service women and men of the WI National Guard.  A few of you know me personally from when I was growing up in central WI near Fort McCoy or Volk Field in Camp Douglas where my father was stationed at for years.  Most of you fine citizen-soldiers don't know me of course I'm the guy that was slowly dying in the Capitol building in Madison.  I was on a hunger strike to put pressure on Scott Walker our fraudulent Governor representing the Republican party and the radical tea party fringe.  You of course remember the Republican party from past occurrences like cutting funding to Veterans Administrations hospitals and programs and screwing up the first Gulf War by not taking out Saddam Hussein. 
The tea party is a small radical group of people who take their orders straight from corporate powers and they are very likely going to ask their mouthpiece Gov. Scott Walker to order you to kill me soon, as well as many of your friends, neighbors and your own family members.
Why you may ask, would they want you to kill us.  Very good question and I will try to answer it for you now.  When you bravely enlisted into the armed services you took an oath which (basically) stated that 'On your life and your sacred honor, that you would uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.'
That is where the problem lies because you see the Republicans are not very big supporters of the Constitution as it interferes with their efforts to steal most or all of our money and keep it for themselves.  Now the tea party folks on the other hand HATE the Constitution because it is offensive to their corporate masters whom tell them what to say, do, think and feel.  Another reason most tea party folk hate the Constitution and the oath you swore to it is:
1. They have no honor and don't like people that do.
2. They only believe that money is sacred.
3. They don't believe that American citizens should have rights, they believe rights are for big business's only.

Now here is where all of you Guard members come in.  Gov. Scott Walker is getting ready to start declaring martial law in Wisconsin.  Martial law is basically stripping away peoples rights and they don't like rights getting in the way of their big shiny piles of dirty money.  So sooner or later here Walker will declare martial law, and probably in Madison first because it is the center of our state government and also it will make him feel big and powerful.  Scott Walker doesn't feel big and powerful now because he likes other people to do things for him, like yourself.  You see Scott Walker like most rich Republicans and tea party folk is too cowardly and fearful to do something brave like join the military.  And also it would really upset them if they had to swear to uphold and defend our Constitution (which they hate) on their (non-existent) sacred honor.

So soon they will declare martial law here in Madison, or maybe even in your home town and then when the majority of Wisconsin's citizens get really upset about it and march to complain about this they are going to ask you to come in and stop us.  They will tell all of you in the Guard to just guard the capitol building.  But they will also tell a few of you to go ahead and kill a few people to scare the rest of them.  Please remember that your oath prevents you from being able to murder American citizens.  They will try to tell you otherwise.  My family has been military for longer than any of us can remember.  And part of being in the service and living that decent and honorable life means that you wont get rich.  Almost all the brave folks in all the branches of the service have that in common.  They are not rich.  They work for a living just like your friends, neighbors and family do. 
So I'm asking you to please not listen if they tell you to kill us.  Instead just join up with us.  And the firefighters.  And the police.  And the paramedics.  And all the other people who are very important to Wisconsin, like yourselves. 
As a matter of fact WE ARE THE MAJORITY and Scott Walker and the tea party folks are just a small group of people that hate America.  And they are cowards without any power.  And if we don't give them power then it doesn't matter what they try to do because they need us to get anything done.  That's because they want us to do all the work and take all the risks so they can get rich off of OUR LABOR AND OUR DEVOTION TO AMERICA.
  So just let us run them out of the government and then all of us decent and honorable Americans can get back down to the business of fixing all the stuff that the right wingers broke in America.  Then we can all live out our lives in peace and prosperity as we deserve.  Wisconsin loves you Air and Army Guard.  In solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orwell saw the future not Nostrodamus

Nostrodamus brought us riddles that are so open ended they could mean anything and thus they mean nothing.  George Orwell took a look at mid-century global politics and wrote a novel that darn near spells out everything that is happening now.  Like tyranny overcoming democracy and freedom through a government controlled media that plays on peoples fears.
Peace being destroyed by a series of wars that should not be fought because they can not be won.  But they are good for playing on peoples fears though.
One of my personal (least?) favorites is Orwellian double speak where you simply provide deniability via manipulation of language and its usage.  For instance, don't amass the citizens against you with terms like 'martial law' when you can simply re-name martial law something neutral sounding like 'fiscal crisis intervention' ?
Pretty smart huh ?  Now we can apply that to social issues.  Say for instance that you or your party are inherently homophobic and would like to oppress the LGBT portion of our nations population.  Don't come out honestly stating that your taking away or keeping away Americans constitutional rights.  Say that your denying them 'special rights' that they are demanding for themselves.  Just spend a lot of time beforehand getting people used to hearing double talk so they don't try to think they're way through it.
If you can convince people that equal rights and special rights are the same thing, your half way to dividing and conquering the nation right there.  Then you just install MARTIAL LAW oops I mean fiscal crisis intervention and next thing you know you may be able to become president for life (as opposed to tyrant.)  If you already dumbed down your core support group with double talk and fear of independent thought it's just a walk in the park.  Just hope there isn't a God waiting for you in the afterlife.

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Benton Harbor, Michigan

In  the blog I posted earlier today I told you about the possibility of Walker getting the power (try to anyway) to dismiss any town or cities government and appoint his own uber-commander.  That is 'economic (supposedly, in theory) martial law, except it works like regular martial frackin law !  It should be terrifying to even think of to any sane and reasonable American !
Well it happened this afternoon in the unfortunate city of Benton Harbor, Michigan after our neighbour states Republican Governor declared that city in crisis and installed martial law, though he calls it by a different name.  Be very afraid
people, the right wing led by the tea party radicals and the corporate powers that be and trying to take over our homeland.  Listen up.  Look around.  Stand up.  And take action !
These are very serious times we are living in my sisters and brothers.  SOLIDARITY !!!!

 On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

Invasive species and stormtroopers threaten Wisconsin !

For those of you who haven't heard the news yet the G.O.P. had to vote no today to stop their own radical budget bill from being passed in Congress.  You know things are out of whack when the Republicans are attacking their own legislation.  And its a good thing too, as they had included many riders into the legislation trying to further their non-economic agendas by trying to sneak them through on a budget bill.  One of those riders was to start dismantling endangered species protection in western states to allow corporations to infringe on protected habitats.

Tomorrow the G.O.P. will try to (once again) attack the great state of Wisconsin by introducing an invasive species to Madison in hopes of disrupting our natural habitat here.  That species is the semi-domestic Alaskan Caribou Barbie.  Known as a aggressive and relentless predator/parasite hybrid, the Alaskan Caribou Barbie is a symbiotic beast that hunts in connection with other species to bring down its prey.

This approach to hunting is unique to this species and scientists are still studying this unusual creature and its habits.  The caribou barbie doesn't initiate hunting its prey but rather waits quietly and patiently much like a drone bee, until its dominant male master (usually a wealthy older male) instructs it to attack the prey animal which could be either an individual or even an entire and diverse group.

Having cornered its prey the caribou barbie then attempts to stun and confuse its quarry with repeated cross-purpose utterances and ravings.  Once the prey is sufficiently stunned, the caribou barbie then verbally injects a slow acting poison directly into the mind of its victim, causing it to cease upper brain function and become controlled by thirty second sound bites of nonsensical emotional rhetoric.

Please if you love Wisconsin, I beg you to be in Madison on the Capitol square tomorrow by noon to help us deal with this dangerous and invasive/unwanted creature.  Preliminary studies indicate that a combination of large numbers and loud noises (cow bells, whistles, chanting, car horns etc.) may be enough to turn back the caribou barbie and drive it away from its new intended territory.  Together we can eradicate this terrible and unwanted pest from our state.

Speaking of unwanted pests, Gov. Scotty Walker is planning his own new attack on Wisconsin.  Scotty and the GOP have raised enough money outside of Wisconsin to start a whole new war on the state.  Using outside money and outside influence the Republican Governor has been caught sneaking in some new legislation that mirrors Michigan's 'economic martial law' bill.  Essentially Walker is trying to give himself the power to declare any city, town or municipality a 'economic crisis zone', once he declares a crisis at the place of his choosing martial law takes over.  That means that the city or town's elected leaders are stripped of all governing powers and Scotty Walker would then pick one of his Corporate Boss's men to take over that town or city and rule it without any checks and balances, and without any input from the people.  You wont be able to vote, you wont have a voice in government and you wont have a choice but to comply.  Under 'economic martial law' citizens would only have two courses of action those being either, full compliance without question or complaint or, be stripped of your holdings and imprisoned.

If we allow that to happen Walkers first likely step would be to take over the city of Madison making himself a one man government by putting one of his well heeled puppets in command carrying out Scott Walkers orders and whims.  It wouldn't probably be long before Republican stormtroopers will march in force across the turf at Lambeau Field in a show of force announcing that the Green Bay Packers and any other unionists organizations including anyone who supports freedom of speech or democracy will be destroyed.
It's your call Wisconsin, either stand up for yourself now or be literally ground under the jackboot of conservative corporate oppression.  Frankly it seems like an easy choice to me.  As they say out east "Live Free or Die", personally I would rather fight and die as a human being than live as a worm/slave under the conservative fist.

For those of you who would just as soon be a slave to oppression I've included below, a recipe for a cocktail that should make the change over from freedom to slavery more palatable for you.  A little pain killer so to speak for your soul.

                        SCOTTY WALKER SCREWDRIVER
                        13 parts of "The KoolAid"
                          1 part sloe gin
                      666 dashes of the bitterest bitters
                          1 jigger of formaldehyde from the jar with Hitler's brain in it that Walker keeps in his office.

Enjoy folks...........................also my thanks and apologies to Jello Biafra

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just a reminder.......

that it's important to step back and take some time for  yourself and friends or family.  At the same time though please take a few minutes to stay on top of the issue's and remain vigilant to the cause.  It is sort of nice to have this (almost but not quite) time out this last few days as it were.  Plus we finally have some warm weather here in the states capitol.  Actually I saw my first mosquito of the year on Saturday, so I was reminded early of the Wisconsin/ warm weather paradox.
Keep the faith sisters and brothers. 

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

R.I.P. Gunny

Our friend Gunlock left this earth at the too young age of 55 last week.  He was a strong man and a darn good Wisconsinite, he will be missed.  R.I.P. Gunny.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8 scary republicans and scared republicans, a comparison

So right wing adherent Kathy Nicklaus of Waukesha (Walkersha?) WI forgot to hit the 'save' button when entering voter data on election night.
So.....right wing adherent Kathy Nicklaus was reprimanded for removing important state data from the government computers and placing said data on her personal office computer.
So Kathy then decided to make policy on her own and despite reprimands kept state elections data on her office computer because it was 'safer' on her desktop than on the large government computers with multiple layers of protection software.
So only Kathy could access and work with the governments data and election results.
So Kathy used to work for Judge Prosser.
So Kathy has been in legal trouble before and was part of an investigation into voter fraud.
So Kathy went to work Wednesday and never mentioned to anyone that the voter data was compromised.
So Kathy suddenly realised there were 7,500 extra votes for her old boss.
So from the privacy of her office the computer whiz unexpectedly produced a election win for her employer.
So you think we are that dumb?
Do you think you can duck into your office, fiddle with the computer and call off a Dept. of  Justice investigation into yourself, David Prosser and the Republican party?

So what did you think you were going to accomplish with all of this Kathy?
Could it be.....psychological warfare on the working and middle classes in traditional right wing style.
Did you think that even if only temporarily you could make us give up hope in Wisconsin's electoral process?
Did you think that you could make us believe that voting doesn't matter?
Did you think that you could make us give up the fight just when all momentum was going our way?
Did you think you would get away with this?
Did you think your masters would protect you from prosecution?
Did you think we didn't know that there are two kinds of Republicans, the scary and the scared?
Are you aware of the differences between the two types?  Allow me to explain it to you little silly head you.
Scott Walker has no human or rational limits to what he sees to be his right to power.  Scott Walker is a scary Republican.
Hopper and Kapanke are desperately trying to stave of recall election procedures, meaning they are afraid of losing their power, these are scared Republicans.
Scott Walker loudly states that what happens in Madison doesn't matter because Madison (the state capitol) isn't really Wisconsin, he is a scary Republican.
You Kathy are back peddling and making up excuses for either your gross incompetence and/or your bias and corruption, that makes you a scared Republican.
Scott Walker has a big important office in Madison that makes him a very scary Republican.
Do you understand the difference now between a scary Republican and a scared one?
Do you think I'm asking too many questions?
Do you think you should have asked more questions?  Perhaps questions like:
Is this ethical or moral, what I'm doing?
Is what I'm doing even vaguely legal?
Do you think I can get caught doing this?
What do you think will happen to me if and when I'm caught?
Do I really think my G.O.P. bosses can get me out of trouble?
Have I been a mislead tool of Scott Walkers regime?
Am I maybe such a self serving immoral being that it was impossible to question my own motivations?

You see Kathy asking lots of questions can be a very good thing.  Maybe if you had asked more questions beforehand you would have more answers now.  Maybe you would have known the difference between a scary Republican and a scared one.

One last question Kathy..............

Do you think the citizens of Wisconsin can turn Scott Walker from a scary Republican into a scared one?
I do.  And I think it is going to happen soon.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Why WI media outlets are corrupt and proof they could be bought !

Anna Hazare, nuff said ! 

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

And 'the Isthmus' and the Wisconsin State Journal contact me on day 32.  Nearly a week after the hunger strike ends?  For the love of God.  I need a press agent from India.  And I'll maybe get one, you hear me Scott Walker?  Then I will really be dangerous.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the results are in.......contention

Yesterday the 5th of April was practically destined to be a historic spring election day.  Record numbers of voters turned out across the state to send a message to Scott Walker and the Republicans.  Many polling places wee reporting yesterday evening that they had run out of ballots and people were hand writing their own ballots.  In Dane county my man Joe Parisi was handily elected county executive after wiping out this Walker supporting rival long before the polls had even closed.
In the city of Madison mayoral elections my preferred candidate and Madison's old friend 'Hizzoner' Paul Soglin surprisedincumbent  Mayor Dave in a very tight race.  Two of my three candidates had won.  Do I dare to dream of pulling off the trifecta ?  Watching the incoming results in Wisconsin's supreme court race (yes we vote on s.c. justice's here, and yes that is just wrong) come in until nearly five a.m. I saw leads small and large come and go as the precincts reported in.  I awoke early and picked up on the coverage again until just before noon, when the earliest tallies declared my candidate Kloppenburg to be the new swing justice of the states supreme court.  A trifecta, I just don't believe it still.  Of course there is going to be a recount but that's par for the course when nearly 2,000,000 people vote and the candidates are within 225 votes of each other.  This is getting exciting.
With  these election victories in hand and enough signatures already collected to initiate recalls on two Republican Senators you can literally feel the momentum shifting back to the side of the citizens of our state.  'One down and nine to go''  is our theme of the day.  Justice Prosser voted out of office and we just need seven more senators, Fitzgerald and then Walker and Wisconsin's will have cleaned house.
On a more personal note with the exception of some annoying aches and pains plus a few very weird sensations coming from my abdomen I seem to be recovering well from the hunger strike.  Looking forward to some real, solid food soon.  Remember to sign those recall petitions people and do some volunteering if you can.  And after watching the biggest election in state supreme court history come down to a couple hundred votes please never forget 'your vote makes all the difference.'

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From Sunday at Wisconsin Forward Fest, Barrymore theater in Madison

This is the speech I read at the Forward Fest:

I would like to thank each and every sister and brother here not just for being at the Barrymore tonight but especially for all your dedication and devotion over the last eight weeks fighting for our rights, fighting for our unions and fighting to protect non-union workers, the elderly, the poor, the farmers and the physically dis-abled and the other 95% of Wisconsin residents who without your efforts would be horribly affected by the effects of Gov. Scott Walker and his abhorrent Budget Reform Bill.

I appreciate every single one of you that lent your time and resources by taking place in the rallies, by picketing the Capitol in the rain and in the snow when you could have been warm and comfortable in your homes, instead you chose to fight the good fight and you braved the elements missed meals, something I know a little about, to aid the cause.

I would like to thank the citizens all across the state who are showing up on Scott Walkers tour stops and letting him know what real Wisconsinites think about him.  I want to thank all the good people out in the rain today collecting signatures for the recall effort  I would like to thank the uniformed police officers from across the state who were placed on duty away from their homes and families and whom maintained a high degree of professionalism as well as for the solidarity they demonstrated to the protesters.  Particularly Chief Tubb's and the Capitol Police and Security officers.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to educate themselves on the issue's and stood up to the tyranny and illegal methods of Scott Walker and his rubber stamping henchman and cronies.

A big thank you to everyone around the nation and around the world who have noticed our struggle and supported us throughout.  I would like to thank all the band members, musicians and speakers here today as well as the members of the International Alliance of Theatre and Stage Employee's union and the management of the Barrymore Theater for bringing us all together.

I would personally like to thank all those who supported me during my hunger strike and kept me going during those long dark days.  Personally I would also like to thank everyone at, Advancing Wisconsin and

And finally......thank you Wisconsin for choosing to remain the greatest state in the nation.  Thank you Wisconsin for going forward!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

April 5 VOTE PEOPLE VOTE and attn: Mr. Richard Weber

This mornings posting is a rebuttal to Mr. Richard Weber who commented on my posting yesterday.

I don't normally ever reply to a anonymous posting as I deem it rewarding cowardice.  But since you can actually write in complete sentences, and you don't resort to excessive profanity  and/or threats plus the rare added bonus that you basically have a concise viewpoint, I'll make an exception.  Plus you are nice enough to sign your name to your anonymous posting (I just noticed that.)

First of all I absolutely will not believe that every single farmer and agricultural worker in the state is a staunch supporter of Gov. Walker.  Statistically it just is not possible, plus you may remember a farmer/agricultural workers rally around the state capitol a couple weeks ago?

Yes farmers are very strong and self-sufficient people but the roll of farmers and farm workers on BadgerCare and Medicaid seems to completely refute your claim that all farmers pay 100% of there health care costs.  You go on to basically state that public sector union employees are unwilling to concede any concessions in their contracts.  Times are tough and everyone (billionaires?) must tighten their belts during the economic recovery process.  By the way the conservatives are mostly responsible for the recession in the first place!  That said sir please remember that public sector unions conceded to Mr. Walkers concessions before he deliberately and maliciously tried to destroy them.  It was not just about the money!  As a supporter of farm workers I do not understand your strong anti-labor stance.

When you state that I have dehumanized corporate boardrooms I wonder how much of my writing you have actually read as opposed to glossed over while considering your own agenda.  I am not nor will I attack a farmers cooperative or any small to mid size institution such as Land O Lakes.  Rather I am going after such corporations and conglomerates such as say ......Arthur Daniels Midland, just off the top of my head.  I am attacking the institutions that conduct very profitable business in Wisconsin and then use said profits to hire behind the scenes lobbyists to subvert the laws of the state to create an unfair advantage for themselves, sometimes even forcing business participation with themselves or risk total failure.  Thus established they then hire lawyers and accountants to distort the books they keep, create tax loopholes and such activity that further weakens Wisconsin by draining its coffers of income.  Who makes up for these deficits in the states funding ?  Why of course its the decent and hard working citizens of the state who must pay for what these overly-prosperous institutions fail to rightfully cover.  After they were involved in wrecking the economy.  After some of them or their parent institutions received bail-outs.  After they congratulated themselves and disbursed huge bonuses for being so financially savvy.

I do not believe Mr. Weber that corporate boardrooms are full of people as devoted to charitable contributions as they are to fiscal advantage and profiteering.  Yes these institutions do give to charitable causes but all things considered it is well documented that their contributions do not match in ratio the contributions to charities of the working and middle class.

It would not surprise me at all either to find out that what these institutions spend on charity is far exceeded by what they spend on spin doctors and publicity to advertise those same charitable contributions.  That is pretty much how most corporate public relations work sir.  The primary purpose of business is always the continued existence of that business.

Is it really myself, Mr. Weber that is dividing the nation with my abhorrent tactics?  Was everyone really united under the Republican banner before I maliciously launched an unprovoked attack on Scott Walker?  I must say good sir that from your words and take on the issue's of the day you sound more like you place corporate interests above the interests of Wisconsin as a whole.  I do not but into the theory that unregulated business able to supersede the financial, social, and environmental concerns of the citizenry is a boon to the republic.

Also please remember sir that the under-regulated insurance and pharmaceutical industries play a very large and significant role in all of this.  And what about the Governors financial cuts and proposed changes to protection of Wisconsin's farmland, forests and green spaces?  Please don't tell me that all farmers and agricultural workers see rural Wisconsin as nothing more than a profitable venture with no need to be stewards of the land.  Please don't tell me that farmers are in support of the proposed open-pit mining intended for northern Wisconsin.  Farmers that I know and grew up around bump heads with the D.N.R. and are concerned about the bureaucracy of land regulation but I know of none who are anti-environment.

In closing sir let me state that for the record, I appreciate your time spent in following my blog and in responding in kind.  I thank you for being a part of the issue's and for your participation in the process of democracy.  Remember its not red, white and blue unless its red, white and you.  Thank you for taking part in America.  I hope you also remember to vote today sir.  Best of luck in your endeavors and hopefully any future correspondence you send to me will not be posted from an anonymous hiding place.  I will even forgive you the 'idiocy' comment.  Finally thank you for giving me such pertinent information to write about.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th Rev. J. Jackson, Michelle Shocked, bagpipes

A sunny day but with a strong and cutting wind.  After all that we have been through in the last two months does anyone think some freezing wind will stop us?  Of course not, so at four this afternoon I threw on some extra clothes and returned to the Capitol square.  Although early there were still thousands who had already assembled for the marches and rally.  It's an awe inspiring sight to see so many people still so driven and committed to the cause after so long.  But then again with so much at stake in Wisconsin how could you expect anything different?
By the five o clock start time thousands more assembled all around the stage on the State st. corner of the square.  I took a position next to Jeremy Ryan who has been an invaluable friend as the band VO5 started to perform.  After a couple of songs they were joined by Michelle Shocked and some serious funky up-lifting of spirits was commenced.  During the set songs were played that ranged from the spiritually fulfilling to some outright awesome eclectic fusion of funk and bagpipe.
All the while the crowd was growing as marchers came up to the square from State st., representing many diverse groups of concerned and dedicated citizen's.  Also the different unions were arriving in force, their numbers swelling the already numerous crowd.
After Michelle with VO5 had finished playing the Reverend Jesse Jackson took the microphone and delivered a powerful and very motivational speech honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King and drawing powerful comparisons between the civil rights movement and the current labor and human rights movement taking place across the nation.  Wisconsin is ground zero in this epic struggle and if this state falls then likewise, across the country the others will follow suit most likely.
Remember that what is happening in the Badger state is much much more than merely unions issue's and collective bargaining rights, it's about something far larger.  It's about unrestricted class warfare brought on by Republican and tea party attacks on 97 % of all Americans.  The conservatives under the directions of those who control them (faceless inhuman corporations) are making a desperate push to turn the majority of citizens into wage slaves.  Perhaps if Scott Walker resorted to typical divide and conquer tactics he may have stood a chance of winning.  Instead in his arrogance and greed he took on nearly the entire citizenry of the state at once and it backfired on him horribly.  Did he really think he could blatantly destroy the state unions while simultaneously stripping schools and public services of their funding while also destroying the health care infrastructure, veterans rights, farmers rights as he simultaneously wiped out the environmental protection laws of the state and federal government?  Apparently he did and equally apparently it never crossed his mind that anyone or anything could stand up to his will.  Why else would he have the gall to call himself the person who could save the economy as he blatantly hired a pro-G.O.P. lobbyist's prodigal son to a important government position and then give him a 26% raise!  To a unqualified person that never completed their education and has multiple run ins with the law.  Is that the sound act of a fiscally responsible leader?  Or is it the behavior one would associate with a power hungry and out of touch corporate pawn?
The answer is obvious to all with a human heart and mind.  Obvious to all the consider themselves patriotic, educated, moral, religious and logical/reasonable. Corporations are the only corporate interest.  People are only tools to such institutions.  Rise up, read up and wake up citizens for the wolves are attacking.  Much like the founding fathers understood the need for separation of church and state, now we need to demand and implement the separation of business and state!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3rd First round of after-thoughts

Starting to actually feel a little better today.  Was able to sleep last night for once, and my body temp's returned to normal.  Finally able to try and enjoy a cup of watered down coffee.  It's the little things in life that really keep us going sometime. 

The recall effort is still going strong and my hat is off to all those hard working individuals who are out there gathering signatures for the cause.  Keep up the good work.  It's your efforts that will eventually win this for Wisconsin.

Now that I have a little time on my hands to reflect on all that has been going on recently I decided to google my name this morning and see what people have been saying about the hunger strike.  It was stirring to hear about the different fasts going on around the nation to show dissent for different class war agenda's around the  country.  Then I noticed a couple of sites and postings from people who are obviously quite opposed to my hunger strike and the unions/people's cause.  So to address that quickly I would like to say to the haters out there at this time:

Yes I agree with the point that there are worse things happening in the world.  But I  don't see how initiating a hunger strike in opposition to a tsunami would be very effective.

Yes I agree that there are worse examples of government human rights abuses in the world.  But I don't see how flying to Libya and starting a hunger strike in the middle of a battlefield would be very effective.

Yes hunger strikes are physically devastating.  But I don't see how people can keep quoting this rule of 3 about me.  After 3 minutes without air or 3 days without water or 3 weeks without food, anyone will die!
I don't think there is a single medical professional out there who will tell you that a person on hunger strike will automatically die after 21 days at precisely midnight.  There are numerous health factors involved in such things.

Yes I know independent/rational thought is a complicated thing and that the haters are being simple.  Which is why we shouldn't let emotions overcome logic and hate the tea partyers and nay-sayers.  They are not the enemy but rather more like our little brothers and sisters with developmental disabilities.

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 29 Victory Day (for now) Let's celebrate!

Slow morning here today, actually feeling worse now that Ive re-introduced nourishment to my system.  I will be at the Capitol by noon.  Don't want to miss the zombies. 
I'm still amazed and awestruck by the concept of so many citizens rising up and uniting and wrestling Scott Walker and his rubber stampers to a draw.  I wish I could say that we won but it is not over yet, not a a good ol honest country mile!  Recall !  recall !  Recall !

Stay vigilant and lets finish the job for the great state of Wisconsin and be a beacon of democracy and solidarity to the rest of the nation .  I'll see you at the Capitol and to the rest of you thank you once again for all of your concern and support.  It is still very possible though unlikely, that the Republican party this has a trick or two up its collective sleeve.  So if needed I will resume my previous course of actions.  There still may be a need for  "rolling hunger strike" volunteers so those of you who have already contacted me about that please stay prepared for a little bit yet.

V-Day  Victory in Wisconsin !!!

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

Day 29 The war is not over yet......

....but this battle is won for now.  And as I've done some consulting and cant really see how the G.O.P. has any little dirty tricks left to pull on us.  I guess there is nothing stopping me from walking away from this (for now Republicans, Im watching you) with a sense of honor and victory.

Now we have to recall the scoundrels who tried to steal democracy and our rights from us !  Nothing is even close to finished yet.  Remain vigilant and dedicated to the cause.  Keep your guard up.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through this trial.  It was quite the experience.  Time for me to heal.  Best wishes and bless you all for now.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

                                                                          With Solidarity
                                                                           Matthew A Schauenburg

Friday, April 1, 2011

early Day 28 An apology to WI

Yesterday was a very long and exhausting day at the Capitol.  After closing I had about two hours of non-stop e-mails and messages to go through and after that I was absolutely about ready to drop.  And then my phone rang.  I took a call from Atlanta and agreed to do a phone interview with Mike Malloy which occurred about ten minutes later.  And I completely stunk it up.  He was asking me some very simple and basic questions and my brain just absolutely refused to lay along.
When asked about my plans, in regards to maintaining the hunger strike during what seems likely to be a lengthy appeals process of Walkers BRB in the courts, I stammered out some half-ineligible answer.  All the while the words were in my head ROLLING HUNGER STRIKE, ROLLING HUNGER STRIKE but somehow I just couldn't spit them out.
I made myself and the movement look bad to the national radio audience and that just stinks!  I shouldn't have agreed to do an interview when I was already pushed beyond my limits.  I apologize to Mike Malloy and all those who support the cause in Wisconsin and around the nation and world.  I dropped the ball and I strongly regret it.  If circumstances dictate that the hunger strike needs to go on past this coming Monday I believe I will refrain from doing any more live interviews.  Our cause is to important to be giving ammunition to the other side by my speaking out when I'm half incoherent.
Once again my apologies Wisconsin.