Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5 VOTE PEOPLE VOTE and attn: Mr. Richard Weber

This mornings posting is a rebuttal to Mr. Richard Weber who commented on my posting yesterday.

I don't normally ever reply to a anonymous posting as I deem it rewarding cowardice.  But since you can actually write in complete sentences, and you don't resort to excessive profanity  and/or threats plus the rare added bonus that you basically have a concise viewpoint, I'll make an exception.  Plus you are nice enough to sign your name to your anonymous posting (I just noticed that.)

First of all I absolutely will not believe that every single farmer and agricultural worker in the state is a staunch supporter of Gov. Walker.  Statistically it just is not possible, plus you may remember a farmer/agricultural workers rally around the state capitol a couple weeks ago?

Yes farmers are very strong and self-sufficient people but the roll of farmers and farm workers on BadgerCare and Medicaid seems to completely refute your claim that all farmers pay 100% of there health care costs.  You go on to basically state that public sector union employees are unwilling to concede any concessions in their contracts.  Times are tough and everyone (billionaires?) must tighten their belts during the economic recovery process.  By the way the conservatives are mostly responsible for the recession in the first place!  That said sir please remember that public sector unions conceded to Mr. Walkers concessions before he deliberately and maliciously tried to destroy them.  It was not just about the money!  As a supporter of farm workers I do not understand your strong anti-labor stance.

When you state that I have dehumanized corporate boardrooms I wonder how much of my writing you have actually read as opposed to glossed over while considering your own agenda.  I am not nor will I attack a farmers cooperative or any small to mid size institution such as Land O Lakes.  Rather I am going after such corporations and conglomerates such as say ......Arthur Daniels Midland, just off the top of my head.  I am attacking the institutions that conduct very profitable business in Wisconsin and then use said profits to hire behind the scenes lobbyists to subvert the laws of the state to create an unfair advantage for themselves, sometimes even forcing business participation with themselves or risk total failure.  Thus established they then hire lawyers and accountants to distort the books they keep, create tax loopholes and such activity that further weakens Wisconsin by draining its coffers of income.  Who makes up for these deficits in the states funding ?  Why of course its the decent and hard working citizens of the state who must pay for what these overly-prosperous institutions fail to rightfully cover.  After they were involved in wrecking the economy.  After some of them or their parent institutions received bail-outs.  After they congratulated themselves and disbursed huge bonuses for being so financially savvy.

I do not believe Mr. Weber that corporate boardrooms are full of people as devoted to charitable contributions as they are to fiscal advantage and profiteering.  Yes these institutions do give to charitable causes but all things considered it is well documented that their contributions do not match in ratio the contributions to charities of the working and middle class.

It would not surprise me at all either to find out that what these institutions spend on charity is far exceeded by what they spend on spin doctors and publicity to advertise those same charitable contributions.  That is pretty much how most corporate public relations work sir.  The primary purpose of business is always the continued existence of that business.

Is it really myself, Mr. Weber that is dividing the nation with my abhorrent tactics?  Was everyone really united under the Republican banner before I maliciously launched an unprovoked attack on Scott Walker?  I must say good sir that from your words and take on the issue's of the day you sound more like you place corporate interests above the interests of Wisconsin as a whole.  I do not but into the theory that unregulated business able to supersede the financial, social, and environmental concerns of the citizenry is a boon to the republic.

Also please remember sir that the under-regulated insurance and pharmaceutical industries play a very large and significant role in all of this.  And what about the Governors financial cuts and proposed changes to protection of Wisconsin's farmland, forests and green spaces?  Please don't tell me that all farmers and agricultural workers see rural Wisconsin as nothing more than a profitable venture with no need to be stewards of the land.  Please don't tell me that farmers are in support of the proposed open-pit mining intended for northern Wisconsin.  Farmers that I know and grew up around bump heads with the D.N.R. and are concerned about the bureaucracy of land regulation but I know of none who are anti-environment.

In closing sir let me state that for the record, I appreciate your time spent in following my blog and in responding in kind.  I thank you for being a part of the issue's and for your participation in the process of democracy.  Remember its not red, white and blue unless its red, white and you.  Thank you for taking part in America.  I hope you also remember to vote today sir.  Best of luck in your endeavors and hopefully any future correspondence you send to me will not be posted from an anonymous hiding place.  I will even forgive you the 'idiocy' comment.  Finally thank you for giving me such pertinent information to write about.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are correct voting is the only way to have real democracy. In addressing the use of the word idiotic, I would say it is no worse than "And lining his dirty little pockets of course". In reply to your hypothesis that the public sector employees would have made the needed concessions, I would point out, that every school district, city, county, and township has an independent union with an affiliation to the state organization and in turn to the national. I do not believe 330 separate and distinct unions would have granted the needed concessions.
I would like you to also expand on how the conservatives are responsible for this fiscal mess, when Governor Walker inherited the present state of affairs from the previous liberal administration.
Mt stance is not antilabor, it is rather one of responsibility, we the present generation must deal with and fix this mess at both the state and federal level. If we do not begin to deal with the present realities our children and grandchildren will have to.
To forestall action on the present crisis is completely unacceptable. I have not heard any other rational solutions, because this entire nation is running out of money. Tell me which is better more of a contribution from public sector employees for health and retirement, or mass layoffs and pinkslips. I would reason saving jobs is prolabor.
I will not touch on your anticorporate comments because of the fact that is nothing more than finding a scapegoat, there is no solution in going after corporations and the supposedly rich. You need to remember less than 2% of the citizens of Wisconsin make over $200,000 a year, but they pay 25% of the income tax.
Raise their level of payment, and watch them move out of state and we lose more revenue. As for closing loopholes on corporations, do you honestly think those additional costs would not be passed on to consumers. Do you not realize one of the reasons companies move production overseas is to produce the product cheaper for the American consumer.
As for the reference to the corporate bailouts, that is a federal issue which the State of Wisconsin had little or no say in. But the State of Wisconsin did receive stimulus dollars from the fed which the previous administration used to balance their budget. There by passing the structural problem on.
As for demonizing the corporate boardmembers I do believe the US does have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Although far from perfect, It is as I believe Thomas Jefferson stated a "great experiment in a governing democracy." Corporations are a part of that success whether you like it or not.
As for tactics you employed dialogue and debate resolve problems, to hold ones breath or deprive oneself of nutrition is childlike. Human life is sacred and a dead person is of no value.
I will not waiver from my position on this because of my values and beliefs.
Finally I do not see or know of anyone who believes rural Wisconsin is only there for profit. That mindset would be self defeating when trying to pass on to the next generation. In reference to using the Anonymous banner it is the only option available for me, I will sign my name.
Richard Weber