Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, A good day to ask yourself some questions like..................

A lovely sunny spring day in Wisconsin, enjoy it while you can as the administration of tyrant, oops I meant Governor Scotty Walker will be clouding up the skies soon.  Sometime in the next two weeks Scotty will attempt to pass his new legislation allowing himself to declare martial law in Wisconsin.  He will most likely try to sneak this through on a Friday evening.  So here's some questions to ask yourself.

Do I like the idea of losing democracy and living under marital law ?

Has the G.O.P. really pushed things intolerably far ?

Do I want to join ten or fifteen thousand protesters who intend to occupy and shutdown the capitol when martial law legislation hits the assembly floor ?

Would it be fun to hang out with Segway Jeremy Ryan and Hungry Guy and the whole gang while taking part in history ?

Can I afford not to take part in whats happening in Wisconsin ?

Do I want to e-mail Matt (hungry guy) and have him put me on the list of people to contact as soon as martial law is introduced in legislation ?

Am I prepared with a bag or pack ready to go to bring with during the occupation ?

Does the bag have a change of clothes?  non-refrigerated food stuffs ?  any medication I may need ?  cell phone, smart phone, laptop and spare batteries/chargers ?  A good book ?  Plenty of water ?

On Wisconsin !    FORWARD !!!!

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