Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Folks this is big! The Bernie Sanders for President event for tomorrow at the Coliseum is going to be record breaking/ground breaking. No honest. Seriously.
Nearly the entire Coliseum is already spoken for (maybe 1k of 10k left) and this will likely be the biggest rally during the whole election for any single candidate....and it's Bernie Sanders! He is a Friend of Progressives and is inspiring the return of the American political left to the polls for the first time in awhile.
I an convinced that the inevitable, political left swing in reaction to the recent years of neoconservative extremism is beginning.
I have solid hope that something truly positive and enduring is starting to happen. There are many more races than just this one for POTUS, but this could be the catalyst many have been waiting for.
If you can, you should consider supporting Senator Bernie Sanderstomorrow evening at 7 pm at the Coliseum in Madison. Better yet, because of this massive turnout, if you can, consider showing up early (best between 2 and 4 pm) and volunteer to say hi to folks and hold a clipboard or point people towards the greenroom.
History is in the making my friends, of that I have no doubt. Solidarity is forever and I think a change that will last, if not forever, than at least a couple of generations is about to happen.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders in Madison, WI

I am so very excited about this event for Senator Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. I am also happy to be a volunteer organizer for Senator Sanders. I hope that all of you who can attend, will attend this Wednesday. 

Due to the absolutely huge interest in, and support for Bernie's campaign, the event has been moved again to the Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. With a little luck we will pack every single seat at the Coliseum, over 10.000 people.

Far more people than Scott Walker has every been able to draw....ever! So lets turn out for Senator Sanders and show our support. And at the same time we will be sending a very clear message to the GOTea, ALEC and Scott Walker.

If you are able to volunteer for this event, we could really use you. There are over two hundred volunteers already signed up but we still need some more people so I hope you will consider doing whatever you can to signal in what may very, very likely be the inevitable political swing to the left which will end this era of extremist and radical corporate imperialism.



Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wisconsin's DPW Chair Race and Controversy

I would like to share with all of you two of the single most insightful items I have found so far which tell you basically all you need to know about the race in Wisconsin for the very important position of Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  The first is an article which is being run by multiple blogs and internet media sources.  The second is a comment to that posting which is equally well researched, insightful and a must read.


May 27, 2015 at 10:22 pm
There’s an element of the DPW that would rather control a losing party than share power in a winning coalition. You can see that in the online posts and comments saying that “we’ll never change the stupid rural voters’ minds, so to h*** with them”. You can see it in the efforts by the Dane County party to take over the DPW Rural Caucus at the upcoming convention. You can see it in the veiled threats that the winner in the DPW Chair’s race will retaliate against those who voted against him (the ballots are not secret, people, and I’ve heard that anyone who votes the “wrong way” has no future in the party).
Thad Nation has donated lots of money personally, all of it to Democratic causes (according to state records), which makes him look like a good guy. The problem is that he heads various astroturf nonprofits which funnel money to far right / Koch organizations. Rae is associate director of one of these, “Wired Wisconsin”, (http://www.wiredwisconsin.com/farewell-wired-wisconsin-a-n…/) which advocates against competition in broadband. In the year Rae was appointed associate director of Wired Wisconsin (Midwest Consumers for Choice and Competition), the “nonprofit” donated $190,000 to “60 Plus Association”, a member of the Koch family of organizations (http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/60_Plus_Association) and $60,000 to the Discovery Institute (the “intelligent design” people). All of this can be seen in the 2010 IRS filing – http://pdfs.citizenaudit.org/201…/26-3476004_990O_201012.pdf
Rae can scream all he wants to about how his politics are perfect, that he’s being smeared, and that he “won’t tolerate these kinds of attacks on Democrats”. But the IRS filings don’t lie. And Thad Nation’s assertions that they don’t give right wing organization work to Jason contradicts the press release from Wired Wisconsin itself.
Rae could win this election. But if he’s elected, I think that there will be a counter-revolution from the grassroots – and the bylaws will be changed so this doesn’t happen again. Of course, we’ll still lose one more election in the meantime (2016), and who knows what additional damage the republicans will do.
On the optimistic side – There are over 2300 delegates expected (only had 800 last year for an election year – why ? – for the chair’s election). People are organizing buses from across the state, and housing for those how can’t afford the hotel. Both Jeff Smith and Martha Laning have vowed that they will not, under any circumstances, violate the secrecy of the ballots. And Laning has stopped efforts by other county parties to screen their delegates – I’ve heard her say that she won’t play those kind of games to win

Monday, January 26, 2015

It Was Inevitable

Politics is a pendulum.  It naturally wants to rest in the center.  That is what politics and democracy are all about.  Dialogue and debate from opposing sides which is supposed to lead to the voices of experience and reason achieving compromise for the good of the majority.  When extremist forces cause the pendulum to swing far to one side there is an inevitable result.  The pendulum will seek the center again but not before it swings far to the other side.

In Wisconsin the extremist forces that pushed things far, far to the right are starting to see their cause and their support base collapse.  Those that supported Scott Walker back when he was a "promising up and comer"and a "Republican rock star" are now experiencing disillusionment with their hero and savior.

Walker who is now in his second term as governor, was able to use deceitful and emotional rhetoric to fire up a support base for himself and the political agenda he was given to follow by the Koch brothers.  But now after the effects of his first term are becoming widely known throughout Wisconsin his support base is crumbling.

Walker has based the entirety of his governorship solely on the concept that he is not (former governor) Jim Doyle.  Such a platform was not designed for long term viability and it is now collapsing.  Over and again Scott Walker pointed his finger at the debt Wisconsin was carrying at the end of Doyle's term as governor.  That figured was 2.2 billion dollars.  A rather large number indeed which was largely, but not completely, created by the Doyle administration.  He inherited a good amount of that debt when he became governor.

Wisconsin's nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau which provides oversight into the state's budget and finances is now reporting that Wisconsin is going to end this year nearly $400,000,000.00 in the red.  Significant money but nothing compared to the state's unavoidable debt for the upcoming year which will be at least $2,3000,000,000.00.  That number is likely to rise as Wisconsin under Walker's leadership has officially announced it is unable to properly collect the taxes which the state needs to operate and support its infrastructure.

Also not figured into the debt amount are the millions of dollars that Walker's pet project, the Wisconsin Economic & Development Corporation is handing out in the forms of loans, mostly to large corporations.  The majority of these loans are not being repaid yet the WEDC continues to writes checks which give the taxpayers money to businesses which have been using a portion of the money they get to file bankruptcy and pocket the rest.  Many others have used their money to move factories and jobs out of Wisconsin.  Several beneficiaries of the largest loans have used the money to move their business's overseas and out of the United States altogether.

As this information is becoming more commonly known across the state, even to those who normally don't "sweat the details" and traditionally have supported Walker no matter what, Walker's grip on the hearts and minds of his base is slipping and slipping fast.  Add to this the utter failure of Walker to keep his central campaign promise from his first election of adding 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin and it his easy to see why the governor is in trouble.

The tipping point though came last week when Scott Walker turned on his campaign donors who wanted him to approve a new, huge casino be built.  Years in the planning, the casino would have added thousands of jobs to a state that has been bleeding jobs under Walker's watch.  Right wing business and lobbying groups were outraged that Walker would turn on those who funded his campaign believing that they would be rewarded for that support.

Walker kept talking the same talk as always and blamed his decision on former Governor Jim Doyle. This time though nobody was buying that excuse.  The builders and planners of the casino had signed contracts years ago securing the money they wanted from the state to help build the casino.  They needed money from the state for the project but the loan they wanted from the taxpayers was guaranteed and set in stone.

So why did Scott Walker rip up the deal at the last minute?  Why did Walker risk angering the very forces of corporate interest that paid for him to become governor?  It was because Walker's new presidential campaign manager and the Koch/ALEC people behind the Iowas Freedom Summit which occurred over this last weekend told him to.

The ultra-powerful, far right wing lobbying group, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has voiced opposition to the Governors actions recently.  This coming at a critical time when Walker is desperately trying to shut down the criminal investigations into his campaigns, a time when he needs the money from WMC and his other biggest financial supporters, the Club For Growth the most.

It was the straw that seems to have broken the camel's back for Walker in Wisconsin.  His oldest supporters from longtime insiders to the lowest ranks of the remaining Tea Party faithful immediately made their resentment for the failing governor known.

Kristi LaCroix who allowed herself to be in commercials supporting Scott Walker by attempting to shame and degrade all of Wisconsin's teachers and educators (the "sour grapes" woman) unleashed an online tirade against Walker and accused him of using her and turning her into a traitor against all those teachers and educators and never recompensating her for her involvement.   What was she expecting from the Walker regime?  Scott Walker has a long history of throwing people under the bus without a second thought.  She was convenient to him, not someone of proven long term worth like Tim Russell who was just released from jail and will surely be given a very cushy state job by the man he fell on his sword for.
As a matter of fact, perhaps the biggest lie Walker told at the Iowa Tea Party rally relates to education in Wisconsin.  Walker swaggered about on the stage there and told the story of how Megan Sampson won Teacher of the Year in Wisconsin and was then fired from her job as an educator.  Supposedly because of budget cuts, and Sampson being the lowest on the totem pole, lost her job so that more experienced educators could retain theirs.  Walker claimed that his education "reforms" in Wisconsin will prevent that situation from ever happening again.

It is an interesting story but there are a few problems with it.  1.  Megan Samson did not win a Teacher of the Year award.  2.  She was not fired from her job.  3.  Scott Walker's "reforms" would not affect the situation in any way and do not address such situations at all.  4.  Budget cuts which threaten our schools, are actually created by Scott Walker.

So Scott Walker is actually the cause of, and not the solution to these problems.  Given the support that Kristi LaCroix has shown for Walker and his attacks on education in Wisconsin, including a new and devastating $300,000,000.00 cut to the state's university system.
More on that story here:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/01/28/1360754/-Myth-Busting-Scott-Walker-s-Outstanding-Teacher-of-the-Year-Got-Fired-Story?detail=facebook#

Even the members of the ragtag Tea Party group called Knot My Wisconsin, a rogue and sometimes felonious group of rabid Walker supporters, have turned on their former wunderkind.  Well known Knot My Wisconsin member Matt Lepperd went on the record saying:

"I am one of those supporters he lost.  and YES, if and when he runs for re-election here, I will vote for him.  I will NOT support his POTUS dream.  He is no more ready for that position than Obama was, and we all see how that turned out,  I am FURIOUS that he put himself first.  He lied in the debates when asked if he was going to run in 2016....and he then kicked off his 2016 campaign the night of the election.  He shoots down jobs in Wisconsin to please supporters in IOWA to meet with the people who demanded he deny the casino...he takes pictures with them.  Then flies to meet with the Koch brothers the next morning????  I was there at his victory party,  Every word he spoke was spoken as a presidential candidate and not as a grateful man who just won a hard fought election.  He is now governing to defend his POTUS chances and is not interested in doing his job.  I have never been more disappointed in someone I had so much respect for."

And that was coming from someone who belongs to a group that said they would use firearms and kill citizens at polling locations and children at schools to affect the outcome of Walker's elections. Those comments came from a right wing online publication that also has gone from supporting to condemning Walker.  You can read the full story here:  http://wisconsindailyindependent.com/walker-walking-a-tightrope-in-a-political-game-of-chicken/

Another item coming from the extremist Iowa Freedom Summit concerning Scott Walker was a bold statement which he told the crowd that "he had completely defunded Planned Parenthood" in Wisconsin and that mammograms and abortions would not be readily available in the badger state.  Walker had long denied that he had planned to go after Planned Parenthood, but had in fact, done just that.  The timing of this statement is interesting because women within the Republican Party have started questioning the party's doctrine on women's health issues.  Last week the GOP in Congress had to remove a bill they were about to vote on because even the female Republican members of Congress were about to walk out of the chambers as the bill came up.

To make matters worse for Walker when it comes to his support and/or increasingly growing lack thereof in Wisconsin, a memo from within his administration revealing that he was cancelling his gubernatorial responsibilities to pursue his dark horse POTUS dream was made public this week. You can read that here:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/252760075/Scott-Walker-Cancels-State-of-the-State-Events-to-campaign-in-California#scribd

Scott Walker has been burning bridges for years and it took awhile for some of the people to catch onto that fact.  They are also starting to notice that he has begun to burn some of the bridges in front of him as his sociopathic ego starts to run away from his ability to control it.

When the political pendulum swings, it will take you along with it.  It doesn't matter who you are or who you think you are, the process is bigger than any individual.  That is something which Scott Walker has never been capable of realizing before and doesn't seem to be capable of recognizing even now.

It will be interesting to see where the inevitable left swing brought about by right wing extremism takes us before the pendulum returns to center.  Maybe it will be enough to undo what Walker has done?

                               Image courtesy of The Daily Call  http://www.thedailycall.org/ 

The Daily Call podcast:  http://www.thedailycall.org/?tag=podcasts-to-ponder-pearls-in-ocean-of-the-internet 

Speaking of big and bold, in preparing for his attempt at winning the GOP presidential nomination, Walker tried to show his knowledge of international diplomacy and history.  Here are the results of that attempt:  http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2015/jan/28/scott-walker/scott-walker-records-show-soviets-treated-ronald-r/ 

And of course the opposition to Walker is still.....well the opposition to Walker.

And of course some people just quite literally.....hate Scott Walker.

Authors note:  To the person I won't name who is trying to use the comment section of my blog to further their own blog's minimal readership, it is not going to happen.  Many people have tried that before and failed.  Enjoy your Stockholm Syndrome though, or better yet seek counseling.  

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fighting Bob minus the Lafollette?


Fighting Bob Fest is named for the founder of the Progressive Party, Robert "Fighting Bob" LaFollette. Descendant of Fighting Bob, current Secretary of State for Wisconsin Doug Lafollette has not been included in this year's list of speakers at Fighting Bob Fest.
If you think it is wrong not to have a LaFollette speaking at Fighting Bob Fest during this crucial election year and very important, pivotal time in Wisconsin politics then please support our efforts.
Call editor of The Progressive Magazine, Matt Rothschild either by phone or on Facebook and let him know that we would very much like to see Doug Lafollette speak at this years event. You can also express your opinion by commenting on the Fighting Bob Facebook page:

 Matt Rothschild at The Progressive Magazine (608) 257-4626

You can also message Ed Garvey on Facebook, he is a tireless organizer and central to Fighting Bob Fest:  https://www.facebook.com/ed.garvey.7?fref=ts 

                                             Wisconsin Secretary of State "Fighting" Douglas LaFollette

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Updates, reviews, a little catching up and something to look forward to.

Hello readers

I bet you thought that I had forgotten you all out there.  I have not, I've just been doing some very hands on work and have not found much time in recent months to do any serious catching up with all you fine folks. Well all you fine folks AND the agents of Scott Walker who monitor the writings of myself and many other bloggers.  

Many would say Walker's spending millions of dollars annually to maintain an intelligence gathering network who spy on and report on the legal activities of the citizens of the badger state is immoral and another massive Walker waste of tax money.  I will just say that I try to take it as an encouraging sign that I am progressing as a blogger and becoming a more effective person.

What have I been doing the last few months instead of blogging you may wonder?  Well I have been trying to better monitor my health after the big cardiac scare of last year.  And I am happy to report that things are stabilized and all is looking good for me in that category.  I have also been doing some volunteer work with a fabulous project called Tiny Home in Madison.  It is very exciting and is doing some very serious, permanent good in helping the homeless work their way back into security and society.  And of course doing my usual to monitor and bring down the Walker regime.

Speaking of the Walker regime, one of his tea party extremist cronies, one J.B. Van Hollen is, much like Walker, exploring the limits of tax payer money, the legal system and morality.  Van Hollen is the Attorney General for Wisconsin.  He was placed in office without tea party support even though he does officially represent that soon to be short lived party.  Rather he was placed intentionally in office by the Koch brothers themselves (just like Walker) to pre-load certain state offices so that those two East Coast extremists could attempt to take over Wisconsin and run it from their New Jersey mansions.

As many of you know the Solidarity Sing Along has been singing truth to power or if you prefer, addressing grievances and voicing the peoples case, to the Walker regime daily since early 2011.  The Walker regime does not believe in listening to the voters of Wisconsin.  Well only a very small handful of millionaires and billionaires to be more precise.  As a matter of fact Walker and those who signed on with his master plan can not stand the voters, do not want to hear them, do not want to see them......ever!  Especially in the Capitol building where they "work".  

And so attempt after illegal attempt is made to shut down the daily Solidarity Sing Along.  Nearly 700 unlawful arrests have been made so far.  And just as many citations have been issued by Walker's palace guard.  The former officers of the Capitol Police & Security force.  Nearly 700 arrests and citations and nearly 700 citations thrown out either by the District Attorney's office or by the courts themselves.  You can read all about it in the new book being released titled "Unintimidated" coming out very soon.  We took the title of Walker's book for our own since we are obviously the ones bravely facing danger while he skulks through the tunnels beneath the Capitol like the rat that he is.

Furious that they can not buy off or intimidate the legal system into breaking the law, the Walker crony Van Hollen has a new intimidation tactic.  Just as illegal and immorally based as all his other failed schemes.  His new tactic is an old tea party one, designed to terrorize and intimidate the decent, working folk of Wisconsin.  If you are arrested now at the Sing Along then Van Hollen will release to the world your name, address, work address, home and work phone numbers, your drivers license number and your Social Security number.  

This latest illegal scheme employed by the person who is supposed to be our state's top legal watchdog, was put into action yesterday, Friday the 13th of September.  The fact that it was Friday the 13th is coincidental, the fact that it was a Friday was very intentional.  This is because taking action or controlling the media so that major and breaking news stories that will cast a negative light on the tea party or Walker's regime are always released late on Friday when few people are watching the news usually works well for them.  By Monday the story will be "old and of no relevant concern" so it will not be reported then.

Another big Sing Along related story that you perhaps haven't heard was also released late yesterday afternoon.  Damon Terrell an outstanding U.W. student and a critic of the Walker regime was brutally arrested in front of hundreds of onlookers (and fortunately dozens of cameras) two weeks ago during the Sing Along.  Instead of approaching him and asking him to stop singing or be arrested, Walker's palace guard approached the young student from behind unseen and was then grabbed by the neck by three officers and slammed to the ground to the shock of all there.

He was then held for the maximum possible three days while they tried to figure out what to charge him with.  No charges were filed as he did nothing wrong and was released on a signature bond of $0.00 but with the condition that he remain away from the Capitol building.  Can you say gross violation of constitutional rights? 

 Yesterday after a yelling match on Thursday with Chief Erwin who is the political appointee given the top position with the Capitol Police by Walker, the D.A. stepped away from the whole illegal mess and left it to Erwin to try and come up with a charge by the end of the month.  The D.A. would file no state or local charges against Damon but told Erwin to go ahead and try and find a charge, any charge at all, that would stick. Erwin was given until the end of this month to do that.  Or in other words the D.A. punted and then Erwin could only hopelessly fumble that punt.  We will wait and see if he can recover the ball.

It will take a year or two for this to go through the court system but the false arrest and brutal treatment of this innocent university student is going to cost Wisconsin millions of tax dollar thanks to Herr Walker and his goose stepping cronies.  That plus the appx. $150,000 a month Walker spends on surveillance of Wisconsin citizens.  That plus the potential for a class action lawsuit by the Solidarity Sing Along members which could potentially reach the 8 or 9 figure mark.  

And now add to that the millions in penalties for the people who have had their Social Security numbers and other information released.  This is covered by federal law which Walker and his buddies intentionally broke when they decided to release that information.  Every single person, and their are dozens and counting so far, who had their info released will by federal law have to change Social Security numbers and other items all at tax payer expense because of "fiscally responsible and law abiding" Scott Walker.

Of course tax dollars and numbers mean nothing to guvaderp Walker.  The guy who said he promised 250,000 jobs during his first tenure is now coming up about 210,000 short of that goal but doesn't care.  He said Wisconsin was running financially in the black when our state debt is now the largest in history but he doesn't care.  He claims in a new commercial that he once did create some new jobs but the period in time when those jobs were created was under the last governor, Jim Doyle a democrat, but Walker's lobbying buddies at W.M.C who made the ad care as little about honesty as Walker.

Of course Walker has an iron clad defense for those times when he is called out.  That defense is he "doesnt pay any attention to details in the budget"  Like the case where he just intentionally awarded half a million dollars to some friends of his which nearly cost Wisconsin another $28,000,000 in federal money.

Such a thought filled governor we have.  In various different interviews and stories Walker has denied knowing that the group he gave the money to was affiliated with his party, was staffed with known criminals and knotzies, had lied about being a non-profit group and ad nauseum. 

                                                                Ummmm hey guvaderp!

Remember the zealots, terrorists and extremists of the tea party do not believe in math, science, education or even the basic tenants of accountancy and you can see why.  But even given that, the tea party is splitting with Walker and if he is to stand any chance of re-election next year it is going to take much more than the record $200,000,000 in out of state money that bought him the office in the first place.

Speaking of numbers here is another one for all you folks out there:  


That is the tentative date set for the next big rally in Madison to kick off the election year and to start to mobilize and energize folks for the reclaiming of Wisconsin.  I am very pleasantly surprised by the strength and amount of support flooding in for this event already and my own enthusiasm is growing proportionately. It is exciting to be trying to schedule all these speakers, performers, celebrities and such and I am really hoping for another massive, massive turnout like we are used to from 2011 and 2012.


 You may ask why that date?  Because that would be the day, a few years ago, when the tea party would have held their "tax day" rally at the Capitol.  Back before I cancelled the last one on them which they couldn't do anything about.  Since they are nearly powerless without massive out of state financial support Since they are falling apart and fading into history I thought it would be a great date for our rally. 


 Because you see, unlike those extremists, we have unity and solidarity. We are rational and thinking people concerned with the now as well as the future.   We have our own voice and we empower ourselves.  We are not the unthinking minions of a corporate agenda.  We have survived one day longer and we are now one day stronger.  We are the people and our voice will be heard!  We shall not be moved, bullied, intimidated or terrorized in any way into abandoning our freedom, our constitution or our beloved state of Wisconsin.


Thank you for reading folks.  I will try to get another post out for you within the next week or two.  Most likely I will be calling out Chuck from Sparta for the last time one way or another.  This will also be an open letter to those who have tentatively sided on the far right politically because they are unaware of whats really happening because they either pay no attention at all to current events or even worse....they get it from a heavily biased source.  Until then folks take care.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gnatsies, Nazis and other felonious, terrorist types revealed


Hello again dear readers, many of you remember my blog of two weeks ago which presented the list of members of the domestic terrorists groups in Wisconsin known as "knot my wisconsin" or gnatsies/nazis.  Also the members of "operation burn notice" and the names of the right wing extremist politicians who (quite possibly) committed felonies themselves by supporting the felonious activities of those two groups.

As this particular blog is on a google owned site, the "knots, nazi, gnatsie" blog was removed due to a technical violation of google policy.  No big deal, actually it was a good thing as it gave me a good excuse to expand my blogging.  Although I won't list them here I now operate nine blogs and a new webpage.  All of which carry the list of felony (election fraud, voter fraud and many things much worse) members of these terrorist groups.

In addition many other bloggers from Wisconsin and across the United States and possibly beyond have picked up the list of terrorists and have published it as well.  In other words the list is not going away and these terrorists well neither be forgiven or forgotten.  As a matter of fact a new webpage is being constructed right now which will not only carry the list, but update it regularly as the perpetrators (and traitors) move, carry out new criminal activities and such.

I am also pleased to announce that lawyers are now involved in investigating their activity and are receiving mountains of documented evidence against the terrorists which will hopefully lead to criminal charges against the perpetrators.  Hopefully (but don't hold your breath) the investigation will carry over to the politicians on the far right fringe who not only endorsed these illegal activities, but encouraged them not only to continue their actions but to expand upon them as well.

A citizen action group has also contacted the FBI and Department of Homeland Security about these matters and has initiated a petition seeking to persuade those government agencies to become involved as well.  Certainly some intersting times, to say the least,  here in the badger state.

Below is a link which will take you to one of the blogs carrying "the list"