Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holy uhhh.............poop

Wow I'm totally blown away by the response to yesterdays posting.  Tons of readers and lots of comments.  The ((holy poop) surprising part is that almost every response was in favor of Walker getting shot through the head.  Darn!  Talk about an unpopular Governor, but then again maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.
Although I'm not advocating violence, well at least not yet anyway, I'm surprised by the anger and frustration of the people.  Then again I know where they are coming from.  This has been happening for  over a  100 days now.  People are getting tired and frustrated.  So my message today is this.
Stay tuned in to the issue's but don't subject yourself to 24/7 365 politics.  Have some fun and hang with family and friends, take a break once in awhile.  Even I do that from time to time.  Five weeks or so from now will be the recall elections and we are going to need all of you to turn out to the polls.  After that things will get better once we control the senate again.
And from then on we can all kick back and watch Walker sweat out his last few months as a lame duck, Wisconsin's only one year Governor.  And that will feel mighty good.  So be patient  as of today we still don't need to kill the bastich.  Besides a long life looking back in shame on his failure will be due reward for the son of a gun.  Yes I wanted to say something different that son of a gun but I try to be civil here.  Thank you all for your dedication and will talk to you again soon.  Thank you to Cori

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it time to swing the barrels around ???

Memorial day here in Wisconsin and America.  The day when we commemorate, or at least we are supposed to, those who have served their country and laid down the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom, Justice and Democracy.  One day of the year to remember those who gave everything in this world to protect the idea of the United States of America.
So many ten's and ten's of thousands have suffered horribly and then laid down their lives at home and in far off, foreign lands to bring us all to where we are today.  Amidst the chaos of a ever changing world stage America is still (and perhaps only for a short while) a beacon of freedom to the world.  Born of conflict and strife America has always cried out since her earliest beginnings for freedom and justice.  More often than not the proud citizens of this nation have paid the price of freedom with their blood.
And so on this most important of days we should think of the current balance of freedom.  With Osama bin Laden now dead a small threat to peace and freedom has been eliminated.  But the larger threat still remains, looming over us because it is right here at home.  Even in the great state of Wisconsin.  You will of course, not be surprised when I name that threat as the G.O.P., the tea party radicals and there corporate masters.  And yes they are the masters of these two parties.  The whip they crack over the heads of those below them is the whip of ignorance.  Using lies and deceit to drive there underlings towards a greed driven false promise of riches soon to be stolen from 95% of Americans.  The masters use their ignorant tea party and greedy G.O.P. slaves to destroy justice, peace and unity.  To remove your ability to vote and voice an opinion.  To take power from the hands of the people and contain  it exclusively within their own grasp.
Their ultimate intention, their final solution, is the destruction of America to bolster there own greed and egotism.  To abolish the very concept of America forever.  They speak of love of God and incite their followers to attack the welcoming and inclusive who respect all faiths.  They use the ignorance of their followers to incite attacks against prosperity led by the least prosperous themselves.
They say that "E Pluribus Unum" means that only one definition of reality is acceptable.  In other words they twist and rend, destroy and vulgarize everything America and Wisconsin stand for.  And on this day when we remember all those brave souls who gave everything defending America, what do we do now? 
We continue our eternal struggle of course, but how do we fight this battle?  With gentle words and peaceful actions or do we resist and face repeated arrest and disruption of our lives to stave off the damage.  Do we hope that someday in the distant future that our children or grandchildren might regain the freedom's that we allowed to be lost?  Or do risk our liberty now to preserve the greatness of our American legacy?
I ask you because in reflection of all these things I am torn in half.  Part of me wanting to march quietly picket sign in hand and headed towards the capitol building.  Part of me wanting to swing the barrel of a rifle around and aim it at the heart of our enemy, though that means swinging said barrel towards America.  I'm seeking resolution through reflection on this sacred day and would seek your advice as well my fellow Americans.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A thank you and an idea

First off a big thank you to everyone who read my last posting and took a few minutes of their time to call up Republican senators and give them a piece of their mind.  You had an effect on them sources inside the capitol building tell me.  Feel free to call them again or for the first time if you haven't already.

And along those same lines here is the idea I came up with.  If you cant afford (and not many can) a big memorial day getaway, then I've got an idea that just may appeal to you.  You can get some friends and/or family members together and have an inexpensive and fun filled time by having a combination tailgate/protest outside of a Republican senators house.  It's completely legal and if you bring some food and beverages and some music it could be a real blast.  And scare the heck out of the G.O.P. too.

Now there are some things to know before you jump in the car and take off.  Like I said this is very legal as long as you do not set foot on any one's private property, that would be trespassing.  Likewise you can not place or throw anything onto someone else's property.  Those are the big two but you should also be aware that in most place's you can have a radio or device playing at a reasonable level but you likely can not legally use a megaphone or other public address/amplification system.  And I wouldn't have a beer in my hand either.  Other than that your good to go.  Just remember to limit the fun to between the hours of 8a.m. to 10p.m.
And finally to get you started here are some Republican senator's home address's

Unfortunately Randy Hopper doesn't live at home with his wife because Mr. family value's is shacked up with his young mistress here in Madison and I don't know where her apartment is yet.  Or else he would be at the top of my list.

Dale Schultz lives at 515 North Central Ave in Richland Center WI

Alberta 'nobody's' Darling lives at 1325 West Dean Road in River Hill's WI

Scotty Fitzgerad (BOO) lives out on some nice land at N4692 Maple Road in Juneau WI

Pam Galloway lives at 1506 Pine View Lane in Wausau

Glen 'slob' Grothman lives at 151 University Drive 312N in snotty West Bend WI

The robot known as Sheila Harsdorf  lives at N6627 County Road E outside of scenic River Falls WI

Dan 'my butt is so recalled' Kapanke lives at 1610 Lakeshore Drive in LaCrosse

Neal Kedzie and his mustache are in lovely Elkhorn WI at N7661 Highway 12, good fighing around there too

Mary Lazich lives at 4405 South 129th Street in New Berlin WI

Joseph Liebham lives at 3618 River Ridge Drive in historic Sheboygan WI

Terry Moultan can be found at 980 118th Street in Chippewa Falls

Leah Vukmir lives at 2544 North 93rd Street in Wauwatosa

Rich 'screw the working class'-real quote Zipperer resides at N24 W26419 (wth?) Bucks Island Ct in Pewaukee WI      what the heck kind of address is that?

Mr. Robert "I'd be in porn up to my neck if I had a neck" Cowles and possibly some young actress' are at 300 W St. Joseph Street #23 in Green Bay home of The world champion PACKERS

The ever arrogant and ugly Michael Ellis claims (he's known to lie) to live at 1752 County Rd GG in Neenah

Luther Olsen lives at 1023 Thomas Street in Ripon WI  gotta love those cookies

the bastich Van Wanggaard is at 1246 Blaine Avenue in Racine WI

Have fun folks, I know I will, and remember that we are the good guys so please behave that way.  Also remember that this is legal and police officers know it as surely as they know we are on the same side.

And also take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is truly about.  Thank you.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freedom and Democracy again reign in Wisconsin

This morning Judge Sumi struck down passage of Scotty Walkers anti-union legislation citing significant violation of the state's open-meetings laws.  This is great news for 96% of all state residents because now the GOP has to either go through the lengthy appeals process or start completely over.  Either way this can't happen until after the recall elections which are sure to dis empower the Republicans.

This also sets legal precedent to strike down other radical right wing legislation under the same laws and we have Jeremy Ryan of DefendingWisconsin.org to thank for initiating those legal actions.  Celebrate Wisconsin and rejoice for we have won a significant victory today.

Thank you to everyone who protested, collected signatures, called their elected officials, hounded the media, went on hunger strike, and blasted vuvuzula's at the Governors office.  My deepest thanks to all of you for it took all of us to achieve this victory.  The fight is not over but for the moment feel free to kick back, have a drink and revel in some well deserved glory.

If you would like to do some gloating, here are some GOP Senators office numbers you can call and tell them how you feel about this historic moment in our states history.

Luther Olsen 14th district 608-266-0751
Michael Ellis 19th district 608-266-0718
Robert Cowles 2nd district 608-266-0484
Rich Zipperer 33rd district 608-266-9174
Leah Vukmir 5th district 608-266-2512
Terry Moulton 23rd district 608-266-7511
Joseph Leibham 9th district 608-266-2056
Mary Lazich 28th district 608-266-5400
Neal Kedzie 11th district 608-266-2635
Dan Kapanke 32nd district 608-266-5490
Randy Hopper 18th district 608-266-5300
Sheila Harsdorf 10th district 608-266-7745
Glenn Grothman 20th district 608-266-7513
Pam Galloway 29th district 608-266-2502
Scott Fitzgerald 13th district 608-266-5660
Alberta Darling 8th district 608-266-5830
Dale Schultz 17th district 608-266-0703
Van Wanggaard 21st district 608-266-1832
Have fun my fellow Wisconsinites, will post more later.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make a phone call, feel like a hero.......its so easy

So easy even a caveman can do it.  Oops shouldn't have used that line.  Everybody is probably still sick of the old Geico commercials.  Anyway as I'm sure your all very aware, Wisconsin is in the middle of a non-bloody but still very real class war initiated and pursued by the Republican party and the corporate powers that control the party.  Plus a little help from the radical right nut-jobs who now prefer to call themselves the tea party.

Part of how this war is being fought in the trenches daily at the capitol building by individuals like Jeremy Ryan and myself amongst many others, is to maintain access to the day to day happenings there to help the citizenry of the state maintain awareness of all that is going on.

Since the mainstream media has been crippled or controlled in its ability to do this, citizen activist's and citizen journalist's have taken up the cause of keeping everyone informed of these events.  One of the beautiful things about the way that Wisconsin government conducts itself is it's open meetings laws that help to provide transparency of governments actions to the people.

Now enter the new radical right Republican party.  They prefer to rush legislation through the Senate and Assembly, preferably unannounced and behind closed doors as the agenda they are currently working on is dynamically opposed to the interests of over 90% of the states citizens.  Basically if your not Caucasian and at least a millionaire the G.O.P. is out to remove your voice and concerns about the very important issue's at hand.  This will be done through limiting your ability to vote and be represented by your own government.  So if your opposed to a corporate machine destroying everything that Wisconsin has always stood for, here is what you can do to help out and be a hero in the cause.

1.  Pick up your phone, any old phone will do.

2. Call the Dane County District Attorneys Office at 608-266-4211.

3.  Tell them that you support the open meeting's laws and oppose the prosecution of those individuals.                who attend these meetings and their wrongful and unconstitutional removal from those proceedings.

4.  Sit back and be happy that you've played an important part in saving Wisconsin.

Yes it is just that easy and you will be playing an important part in current events and you will be a hero for taking part in the democratic process.  Thank you for your time and support and here is to you and a brand new day for the grand ol badger state.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Gray skies and black suits

Well today is the day that Gov. Scott Walker signed into "law" his voter suppression bill.  The crappy gray skies pissing down a steady drizzle seems to perfectly fit what Walker has planned for the future of 95% of Wisconsinites.  I'm not going to get into all the details of the voter suppression bill, that is all well documented.  But Walkers dismal long term plan for citizens along with the gray skies and the seemingly constant black suited parade of Republicans is starting to look like the color wheel of our lives.
Lucky for us we are 95% of Wisconsin's citizens and there is nothing outside of our own inherent sense of voter apathy (now long gone I believe) that could ever stop up from recalling those who oppose our states interests, taking back our house and our government and correcting the evil so far done by the G.O.P.
The Republicans are now so afraid of the recall elections that they are refusing to have us arrested inside the capitol building anymore.  The daily crowds inside these once hallowed halls where I write to you from, are growing ever larger once again.  And the talk is is getting louder of occupation and disruption to stem the tide of legislation that runs contrary to the peoples interests which we would have to erase later.
They are even now, at this very moment scrambling to break ranks with Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in a last ditch effort to attempt to stave off the inevitable outcome of the recall elections.  Don't believe a word they say friends as they all towed the party line up until recently with old 'Desperado' Walker and can never be trusted by reasonable citizens ever again for what they tried to do to us. 
They're track record is proven and their recent legislative votes should be seen as the final nail in the coffin's of their political careers.  Never forgive and never forget the lessons of bleak 2011!  Let this be a lesson that your very bones will remember.  Let this be the end of the G.O.P. as it is now and as it was in Wisconsin.  Never forgive and never forget.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!                                                 and p.s.................................
Scotty so sorry about your office door but you need to start listening to the people or we will find a way to be heard.  That's part of democracy and Wisconsin and America are still democratic unions.  I know you hate that cold hard fact but you need to get used to it.  Remember Governor, you wont be around for long so you need to catch up now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sorry about the recent lack of postings but.......

a certain someone here in Madison hacked into my sites and I'm still getting everything fixed.  Back with all of you soon. Solidarity.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's not what they worship.......it's what they fear

Yes indeed the Republicans made a huge power grab this week.  Power is what they worship over anything created by God or man.  What we actually saw though, was their fear in action.  These people are immoral but not stupid as many are wont to say.
We saw this power grab out of fear of recalls and the first death throe's of the soon to be short lived phenomenon known as the tea party.  They are desperate to force rapid change because they know that what we are seeing is cyclical and historically very short lived.  The more realistic or pragmatic if you will, of the G.O.P. know they must rush these bills through.  They also know that due to unpopularity, illegality and the general shoddiness of their work that 90-some percent of all these laws will be struck down in short due course.
What they are hoping for is that a few key pieces of legislation will still be on the books five years down the road.  That is the so far unspoken truth of what happened in Wisconsin this week.  They know that as well as we do.  They can try to hide the fear that they feel in well controlled press conferences, but the look in their eyes and their body language when you meet and question them in person tells you something different, very different indeed.
So keep the faith my sisters and brothers and rejoice in knowing that the Republicans are already aware of how these events will come to an end.  They  know that the bills they passed have an expiration date on them.  They did what they did in order to receive the 30 pieces of silver they were promised by the corporate masters of ALEC, the Koch brothers.
So rejoice citizens of the great state of Wisconsin.  Onward my sisters and brothers of the badger state, enjoy this warm and sunny spring day we've been given and know that at the end of all our hard work fixing the evils of today we will be able to enjoy thousands of more beautiful days just like this one.  Keep up the fight for it is still far from over.  But do not fret for we shall avail.
And by the way sorry about the missing paragraph section from yesterdays posting.  And as I'm experiencing some computer problems this may be the last posting here until Monday but don't worry I will be back because in Wisconsin we don't give up, we say FORWARD.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dont know what to say..................just yet!

A fairly cold and gloomy morning after a night spent in solidarity with the Tibetan students who themselves, are in solidarity with their countrymen who risk everything in India outside the Chinese consulate building.  The grim weather seems perfectly fitting as I make my way to the state capitol building where today the G.O.P. will again attempt to subvert the political process with passage of the controversial 'voter I.D. law' which is more commonly known as the 'voter suppression law.'

Inside the second floor rotunda I wait and check my e-mail and consult with my fellow protesters as we gather until it's time to head to the senate viewing gallery.  I'm not sure what to expect exactly this morning, whether we will just witness this or disrupt it or try to shut down the voting if only for another day.  Everything has been rammed through contrary to standard due process.  The Republicans not even pretending to debate the merits and amendment attachments that could undue some of the damage to the people and image of Wisconsin.

After standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a moment of 'silent prayer' we sit down to watch events unfold.  Very little time at all is given to the Democrats to address a bill so dauntingly broad in its scope that even the Republicans who wrote the legislation will admit to not understanding it all.  That is how fast things are happening here.  Shoddy legislation without any or with very little deliberation is being mass produced and approved without concern for anything beyond the here and now.  Amendments to obvious irregularities or vagaries are tabled along party lines by the G.O.P. who show how much respect they have for the office of Wisconsin Senate by sitting back, laughing with each other while wearing children's sunglasses.

As the short time allotted for debate ends calls to close the meeting and other last ditch salvage efforts are crudely shouted down by the ever weaselly voice of Senator Ellis.  With a slam of the gavel the ability for African-Americans, Latinos, rural farmers, inner city inhabitants, college and university students as well as all other non-rich white citizens to vote becomes severely compromised.

Like something out of a movie all three wings of the gallery rise simultaneously with a deafening roar, outrage and anger are tangible in the air and every nerve of my body went super-nova.  The Republicans showing perhaps even some slight signs of fear (possibly guilt?) rush from the Senate floor and return to their places of celebration and planning of future deception.

Without regard for the greatness or even the fairness of our states democratic processes it is done.  Wisconsin has returned nearly completely to where she was in 1849.  Years of blood and sweat and toil and tears are swept away just like the social growth and progress that they had achieved.  For 94 days through hunger strike, death threat, assault and protest I have remained calm and devoted to our peaceful cause.  Now I'm bordering on a psychotic break.  Even knowing that this was coming the reality is enough to stagger the strongest of Wisconsin citizens.

With the gallery now emptying out we gather in the rotunda to determine our losses.  Senator Grothman passes through symbolically below us in the rotunda.  Cries of "racist" and other such epitaphs barely seem to get through to him.  Likewise for Fitzgerald and Ellis though Darling seemed rather disturbed by some comments on her agenda and personality as they reach her.

Next its myself and Jeremy Ryan quickly taking our seats in the Joint Committee on Finance meeting.  Each of us armed with one of the few weapons we have that seems to rattle and upset the right wingers, the Constitution of the United States of America.  Guilt faced Senators and Assembly folk are stared down hard and look away from ourselves and the Constitution, perhaps they are beginning to realise at just what price they have sold their souls in the name of power hunger and greed.  Just maybe that is.

There is little time to ponder these questions as the controversial and well documented master of infidelity Randy Hopper (yes that is his name) calls to the Sergeant at Arms and has Jeremy and myself forced from the proceedings for the glaring crime of displaying our Constitution in the former state capitol building.  I say former for it is now apparent that this is now (and hopefully only temporarily) Walkers Weasel Warren.  An insidious hive of lies and deceit designed to cripple or hurt the bulk of all Americans and rob them of what little they have left to offer sacrifice at the altar of big business and personal interest.

After being arrested, escorted downstairs and being cited and released (lucky for us this time) we instruct the officers on the basics of constitutional law even though most of them have already stated to us that they do not believe in the legality or enforceability of the actions demanded unjustly of them by the Wisconsin Republican Party which is now quite obviously and painfully owned by the Koch bothers and a small handful of ultra-rich out of state business interests.

And remember that we allowed this to happen, even if like many of us you voted Democrat in the last election to ask yourself, did I really do enough to help educate my fellow citizens?  Did I put out enough effort or did I sit on the sofa and laughed at the absurd and twisted political commercials put out by the right and laugh at the slow-witted tea party followers who weren't educated enough to think for themselves on these important decisions.  And yes I said that!  They are not dumb nor evil nor less than human, they just have been victims of a troubled education system too heavily influenced by the self-righteous.  Influenced by years of advertising and programming that taught them 'not to worry', 'bad things cant happen in America like other countries' and the abhorrent 'my vote doesn't count' and 'one vote doesn't matter'.

Now we are beginning to see the big picture of Scott Walkers image for the future of Wisconsin.  A once great state locked into perpetual wage-slavery.  Without proper care or respect for its citizens and with little or no hope of a better future for our progeny.

Once again stay the course citizens of the great state of Wisconsin. Stay the course and through recall and diligence we will take back all that we lost (or gave away) to the G.O.P.  And please remember one last thing my friends, when dealing with the Republicans:     NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER FORGET.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!                                                                      

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

13 seconds to write, 7 to read

Why not take two minutes tomorrow and call or e-mail your local elected official and tell them to stand up for protesters rights in the senate and on the assembly floor? 

The new Throne of Agony

In the last week of my hunger strike I was often reminded of the old song 'throne of agony' by J.G. Thirlwell, the song is about death by slow causes.  Which was very fitting to me as my spine was giving out and my organs began failing.  I was starting to look forward to the eventual end of my suffering.  I remember thinking that starvation had to be about the most horrid death imaginable with the possible exception of radiation poisoning.
I had forgotten about the Chinese communist governments policies of slowly torturing dissidents.  Their salt water forced abortion policy designed to kill the mother as well as the child, if the mother lives she is sterile and cannot produce a child that may possibly oppose the government.  They have policies of parading prisoners through town, in front of their families and beat them mercilessly until their families give the soldiers the cost of the bullet that ends their suffering.
 This is the daily reality in Chinese occupied nations like Tibet.  Right now in India there are three men on day 23 of their hunger strike against this brutality.  In solidarity here in Madison there are 3 young men on hunger strike day 3.  Right now they are on campus, on the library mall slowly dying in support of their countrymen.  My heart aches terribly when I think of their suffering to come.  Please help them.  Talk with them if you can.  If your not in Madison then call your elected officials and tell them to address these issues through our government.  Thank you.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Would you? I wouldnt

If a man was coming for you with a gun would you call the police to intervene, or would you wait until you had been shot and then call and hope that you survived?
If a pedophile grabbed your child would you do everything in your power to save the kid or would you wait and hope for the best until after the child was raped?

Sometimes 99% of the population can agree that there is a need for immediate action.  So when I look and see what the sociopathic Governor Scott Walker and his Koch brother masters have in mind for the great state of Wisconsin I do not hesitate to act.  Jeremy Ryan does not hesitate to act.  There are many others as well who are part of the daily opposition to the right wing destruction of Wisconsin and America.
 We will not wait until the bullet has been fired, we will not sit by and wait until after the damage has been done to our fair state.  That is why we are in the Joint Committee on Finance, the Assembly and the Senate.  To voice our constitutionally protected rights of speech and assembly and hold back the tea party tide of filth and lies and greed and hate.
Even if we are arrested and/or cited we can not back off of our opposition.  Why do we (especially Jeremy) go through all this trouble and grief?  Because it stall's out the Republicans legislative efforts until they are recalled.  Because even after were hauled out if the G.O.P. continues the session they are in violation of open meetings laws and negate their own legislation.  That way we don't have to undo these un-American bills in the future after they are already causing damage to our society.  After they bankrupt our state.  After they start destroying our lives, our state and our children's futures.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Listen to the crickets

Listen to the crickets that can be heard around Madison, Wisconsin right now.  It's so nice and quiet here compared to recent months.  It might be safe to guess that the protests are over.  Now listen a little more carefully.........can you hear what sounds like thunder in the background.  The sound of the crickets is smoke and mirrors created by a timid and lying media.  Either scared away from journalism by the strong arm tactics of the Republicans or simply bought and paid for by the same.

The thunder in the background is real and that is the sound of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin families continuing to take back the badger state from those who would sell it for scrap.  The anti-democratic, anti-family, anti- American values agenda being pushed by the G.O.P. is faltering even as you read this and the Madison media lies to protect its own interest.

On Saturday last, we were tens of thousands strong rallying around the capitol building.  The Madison based Wisconsin State Journal reported 'hundred's attended a ghost of a movement'  The Milwaukee Journal reported 'some thousands still united in the struggle'  Chicago and Minneapolis media reported 'tens of thousands' keeping the spirit alive and the Republicans desperately on the run.

The lesson here is don't try to learn about the events in Madison from Madison media.  The further away from the capitol the news comes from, the more likely to be accurate it will be.  This is especially true of local alternative weekly print magazine "The Isthmus"  This formerly brave and bold alternative to corporate media has slowly lowered its head and slunk into line with other local outlets as tools of the G.O.P.  To my recollection this paper has published a total of four stories on the Governor and the Protesters.  The first was a short piece on 'hooking up' with the opposite sex during a rally.  The second was a fluffy little piece about neighbors being divided by politics.

In the more recent addition came two new stories.  One a series of blurbs about some of the folks around the edge of the center of the movement, mostly those with business relevant to the current situation.  The only hard news or real story so far was an opinion piece in the same issue calling for an end to the recall efforts, as well as calling for and end to the recall laws themselves!  Since when would a true 'alternative' print a story calling for an ending of protection for democracy and citizens rights.  Can they really have drifted this far out of touch ?  This even though they are located in their new high rent office across from the capitol building.  Guess we know how they pay that high rent now.

 So to summarize folks don't believe the limited media coverage coming from Madison Wisconsin.  Look to out of state and national and international sources.  Look to The Huffington Post online or even B.B.C. online or Al-Jazera English online.  You will (sadly) be better informed than from any mainstream source within the once progressive Badger state.

If you want to keep on top of issue's as they occur from local sources I would recommend Politiscoop.com or DefendingWisconsin.org

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Saturday the 14th

Come down tomorrow if you at all can find your way to the Capitol building in lovely Madison, WI.  Join tens of thousands of your sisters and brothers in solidarity.  The fun starts at noon.  Our House! Our Day!

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And now the worm will turn...........

so to speak.  I really enjoy making those lyrical references every now and again.  But anyway:

In yesterdays very quickly written posting (time limits) I went on a bit of a rant.  Or was I raving, regardless.  While discussing matters of political importance or at the very least timeliness, I insinuated by way of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot that the only way to stop tyranny (Scott Walker) was by rather excessive means.  Someone was nice enough to point out to me that Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were able to bring about great social change through very well behaved acts of peaceful civil disobedience.
This is very true and what is also sad but true is that we no longer have a Dr. King or a Mohandis to lead us through the darkness we currently find ourselves engulfed in.  Even the great Ben Masel has chosen to test us alone on this. And unless some unseen leader comes up soon we may be on our own with this one.
I still believe in being peaceful, you don't become a Unitarian Minister by way of Indo_Tibetan Buddhism unless you spend some time in serious reflection on these matters.  And like many folks I have faith and would prefer to rely on our ongoing effort and the recall elections to set matters in Wisconsin straight.  But many folks are younger and jumpier than that.  And Scotty Walker is one of them.  And if there gonna keep ramming more and more controversial legislation down our throats then sooner or later one little froggy is going to jump and it'll be occupation time (peacefully yet again) and I will have to be there to help ensure the civility of the proceedings.
Trust me it wont be any fun at all.  Oh sure the occasional chuckle or mirth filled moment will occur but I'm sure they will be rare.  Especially with Walkers personnel gestapo from England manning the guns.  Add in some tear gas and hand selected head busting riot cops and the need for extreme adaptation and planning the mirth filled moments will be very rare indeed.
But for all of those out there who firmly believe that things should never under any circumstances be stepped up I've got some good news for you:


So come on down and smile and slowly saunter along the square (don't forget to sample the farmers market granola squares) while hoping for the just best possible outcome effort to occur.  Heck if that happens I will give what copies of capitol building blue prints I now posses back to the government.  Maybe even the anti-chemical weapon gear loaned to me by some more progressive members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard who don't appear to like Fitzwalkerstan any more than I do.
I am a bit surprised though that nobody brought up Jesus the Christ along with Ghandi and Dr. King, of course when discussing Jesus a lot of people seem to remember some emotional flare-ups and nearly violent behaviour.  And of course a lot of theyre followers were a little leaning towards anarchy too.  Just a though but come on down for the rally on Saturday folks, it'll be a regular hoootenany!  Not feeling nearly as snarky as I probably sound here.  Hope to see you all there and bask in the solidarity once again.  Thank you everyone.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too many R.I.P.'s in Wisconsin lately

Far too many, since Christmas I've known four men who have passed away and all were fifty five years old.  That says something about the state of health care in Wisconsin and America.  And with senator's from the Republican party all looking to become millionaires at least, from switching their allegiance from the state of Wisconsin and the nation of America to corporations like Wal-Mart and corporate masters like the Koch brothers, things are only going to get worse.
But wait you can always just get yourself one of those millions and millions of high paid jobs with great benefits that are lying everywhere these days.  Oh wait the Republicans and their corporate masters have destroyed the economy and the only jobs left now are at McDonalds.  And its only going to get worse.
But you can always go back to school for continuing education and just create your own future based on the American dream.  Except that education are too expensive for most to afford.  And the Republicans are privatizing schools making them even more expensive.  Plus they're cutting funding to education at the public level so you wouldn't qualify to get into a college or university anyway.  And its only getting worse.
But at least you have the right to vote and remove the Repug's from office and keep alive the American dream.  Oh darn wait!  The Republicans are changing all the laws for elections so that only rich, established white voters from wealthy neighborhoods will be able to vote.  And it's only getting worse.
But you can still protest the government and make your voice heard.  Except that Republicans are attacking the Constitution of the United States.  And the individual states charters and constitutions to take away your right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.  And if the courts tell them to obey the law they just thumb their noses at the courts and the laws and refuse to obey them.  Because the Republican party and Tea party folks are just that hateful and arrogant.  And its only getting worse.

So for all you folks out there who think it's way too radical for the pro-democracy people to use their voices loudly, to disrupt meetings, to occupy the capitol building and etc.  What do you think of the level of radicalness being displayed by our opposition ?  Do you think you will be able to fix this years down the road when your rights are gone ?  When your money and your health are gone ?  When your neighbors and comrades in arms are all dead or arrested ?

If quietly carrying a small protest sign occasionally when the weather is nice and the timing is convenient for you isn't working now how will it work at all in the G.O.P./corporate controlled future ?    And its only going to get worse unless we deal with things now with the heavy hand that is called for.  By disrupting Repug plans before they happen.  By forcing recalls.  And then taking a Democrat controlled senate and be in their face everyday with the reminder that they will have only one year (and no darned excuses) to fix the damage done by the righties.   Or they will be recalled.  And it will be every citizens job for the rest of their lives to remember these lessons and never forget them ever.  You must be informed and you must vote.  Or else this will happen again.  Do you want that for your children and for Wisconsin ?

R.I.P.  Poly Styrene, former singer of X-Ray Spex, your are brave and wonderful and the world is weaker without you.

On Wisconsin!     FORWARD!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Please read.....

Please read the Face book posting by Segway Jeremy Ryan on face book at 11 p.m. tonight (Sunday), are you feeling frisky?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yup it's true, this here be Wisconsin eh, the magic land(for my non American readers) north of Chicago.  If this was Egypt and you came out and protested with us you'd be incarcerated and raped for three days.  If Damascus in Syria and you came out to join us in protest you might be shot and killed for doing so yup.  If this was South Africa and you decided to join us in protest you might be locked up for it (for 27 years) and then when released you would have to deal with divorce proceedings and then be forced to watch soccer matches, and who wants that ?

THIS IS WISCONSIN !!!!  and if you come out and protest with us you will be:

asked "how ya doin?"

asked if you think the "Pack going back to the Super  Bowl?"

invited to the bar across the street for a 'quick one.'

You will not be raped, murdered, waterboarded, interrogated, shot, or beaten.  Because in spite of everything going on we are civilized and THIS IS WISCONSIN!.  So armed with that knowledge, why isn't your butt out here protesting and standing up for your rights and/or future?

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thank you to Thunder Kitten

Thank you Thunder Kitten for summing up so easily today the thought that had been bouncing around in my head since the weekend.  We were outside our Capitol building today discussing interactions with different types of folks regarding Wisconsin's political/budgetary/ideological/extremist/corruption riddled problems when she summed it right up with the following statement:

"It's a class war not a civil war that were forced into!"

Sometimes its the littlest things in life that help to get you through.  We were discussing communication with the 'on the fence' crowd in Wisconsin.  There are many of these folks who despite sorely disliking the Governors policies and hating his parties tactics that make Wisconsin look like California or Texas, still cant seem to get behind the idea of picketing the capitol or engaging in civil disobedience or even more desperate, a hunger strike as a form of protest.
I think where a lot of these folks are coming from is the same idea that I grew up with and that being that America is too strong, too decent and too inherently good to ever have something go so wrong as to justify a hunger strike or occupation of the capitol building.  Oh sure that may have happened 'back in the day' but not in the modern era.

It is very strange even to me now that America is in this much trouble.........BUT WE ARE!

You can tell from the headlines in the papers and the conversations in the taverns and the break rooms at work, with all this much discussion going on..........SOMETHING MUST BE GOING ON!

And it is going on, and it's not very good either, for the most part.  But were working on it and making progress everyday. 

Because we are in a state of class warfare!

The really extremely, bloody amazing, way too much money super rich folks are trying to bankrupt almost the entire population just to add another 0 to their income. 
They would strip people of the ability to pay their mortgage, have health care, raise a family in other words take everything but your life (and maybe that too) just for a few more dollars they don't even need.  Are you children worth that to you ?

This is not a civil war where you will see 'brother will kill brother.'

This is a war that to be won must be fought in the bright open light of liberty and democracy.  This war will be won with the media and the world watching.  This war will be won by 320,000,000 Americans against maybe 6,000 people with lots of dollars and gold but no real weapons that can hurt us and no viable defense against us if we demand our rights and our American dream.
 If we demand to our elected officials that we will not become wage-slaves.  And if they wont convey the message and help us then we recall them out of office.
If we tell the super-rich that we need them far less than they need us, and drive the point home.  Whether that be through the media, protests, strikes or what methods may be needed, if we tell them they MUST limit their greed and pay they're fair share...............

............................then we will have our beloved Badger state, our beautiful Wisconsin back.  And if that isn't worth standing up and fighting for then I don't know what is.  In solidarity people.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5 The G.O.P. and the Joint Commitee on Finance

Arrived earlier than normal at the state capitol building.  A lovely morning for the most part in southern Wisconsin.  A little hazy but still pretty decent.  Arrived at the east entrance and went through the metal detectors and the whole pocket emptying procedures.  Chatted with the officers about the weather.  In case your wondering why yes, it is ILLEGAL to have these security procedures in place.  Yes it is ILLEGAL to restrict access to the buildings entryways.  And yes it is very ILLEGAL to violate the Americans with Disabilities Act as dictated by the federal government.

But Scotty Walker is our (fraudulently elected) Governor and he has no respect for any laws that he himself didn't write or was told to write by his masters.  And so after dealing with these illegalities I made my way to the rotunda to meet Jeremy Ryan from DefendingWisconsin.org.  Looked around for awhile, then awhile longer.  Then just a little while longer and.......realise I must have missed him or he was detained by something unforeseen.  So I went downstairs to the ground floor of the rotunda and settled down in my old 'hunger strike' spot to observe the happenings and wait for the noon Solidarity Sing Along.

The crowd for the start of the sing along was rather sparse at first but soon filled out quite nicely.  Especially after we were joined in song by dozens of grade school children who had come in to tour the capitol building.  It was pretty heart warming I have to admit to see all those kids join in the circle and sing along with us.  Very cool that they already knew the words to most of the solidarity songs.

At one o clock the sing along was over and the singers left to join with protesters outside or to make they're way back to work.  Jeremy and I stepped outside for a quick smoke break then back inside to take care of some business.  First we had to make a stop at the headquarters for the Capitol Police and Security in the basement of the building.  Jeremy has been trying very hard to get some basic information from them regarding the individual who attacked him previously.  And Jeremy has been getting the run around it seems from the police who seem confused as to whether crime victims are allowed to be told when a trial date has been set.  Confused as to whether or not a crime victim is to receive such information in a timely manner.  They were not even aware if the person that they arrested, took into custody, and charged with a crime was being charged with a felony or misdemeanor.  I know there is lots of stuff going on these days but come on officers, really ?  I can tell you that in Dane County if you assault another person with any weapon that your charged with felony assault.  Ce la vie.

So after that we went upstairs to witness the live comedy troupe known locally as the Joint Committee on Finance, which is 100 years old this year so they must be really funny, or so I though.  Instead there was nothing amusing at all about what was happening in there.  Republicans were bullying fellow senators and being basically border line abusive in their language.  Like over grown schoolhouse bullies.  When questioned by a senior Democratic senator on the morality of some of the legislation being voted on the Republicans were either amused that someone would expect moral or ethical behaviour from them or they were outraged and flippant that such things were even expected from them.

In the middle of all of this two teachers brought their students into the committee room.  Senator Glen "Your all slobs!" Grothman obviously very sick and tired of discussing laws ("were the majority, laws don't apply to us") and moral responsibility ("we are the majority, Gods laws don't apply to us") came out to meet the kids from the tour group.  As he was approaching us I told the kids next to me that the man coming toward them in the ugly suit was really a monster.  This they seemed to immediately understand and quickly spread the word to their classmates, giggling the whole time.  Grothman was introducing himself to the kids as a very important public figure when Jeremy Ryan informed the young students that Grothman considered himself so important that he was taking away the money for they're education and for the teachers and giving it to rich corporations.
 Thank you for telling the truth Jeremy!  Grothman then turned on Jeremy snapping at him that it was inappropriate to discuss school funding in front of school children.  Really ?  Its not right to discuss school funding with teachers and students around ?  Its not right to discuss school funding at a meeting of the Joint Commitee of (@#%$&) Finance ?!?!?! 
Are all Republicans these days this dense ?  I seem to recall Gov. Tommy Thompson R-WI, as a very intelligent person and also very articulate.  What happened to the G.O.P. ?  Did the tea party legions of zombified citizens eat there brains ?  This was quickly becoming the worst comedy show Ive ever seen.  Luckily we left soon afterwards and I was able to enjoy the irony of what I had witnessed.  After putting some distance between myself and the elected clowns that is.  Remember who and what we are up against here.  These people are dangerous and morally bankrupt idiots without decency or possibly even humanity.  At least when you fill a room with them.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dont be surprised when.....

...the G.O.P. tries they're next dirty trick to divide and conquer Wisconsin and then America.  Today we have voter I.D. legislation not needed or wanted.  Maybe tomorrow, or more likely this or next Friday afternoon, they will try to pass they're martial law bill.  Maintain vigilance folks and remember that the recall elections will be coming up once the warmer weather gets here.  Any legislation they enact can be fixed once the people of this great state take back the Senate.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers.

Some beautiful voices today inside the rotunda at our Capitol building.  The solidarity sing along is pretty impressive to behold.  Stop down any day from noon till one to check it out.  Looking forward to seeing and maybe even hearing you.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

One less terrorist abroad but........

......unfortunately there are still tons of them in America's courthouses and capitols.  Freedom hating, democracy loathing individuals with their shadowy puppet masters and radical agenda's.  Twisted sociopaths determined to destroy the American way of life and enslave or destroy us all.  Scott Walker comes to mind.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!