Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too many R.I.P.'s in Wisconsin lately

Far too many, since Christmas I've known four men who have passed away and all were fifty five years old.  That says something about the state of health care in Wisconsin and America.  And with senator's from the Republican party all looking to become millionaires at least, from switching their allegiance from the state of Wisconsin and the nation of America to corporations like Wal-Mart and corporate masters like the Koch brothers, things are only going to get worse.
But wait you can always just get yourself one of those millions and millions of high paid jobs with great benefits that are lying everywhere these days.  Oh wait the Republicans and their corporate masters have destroyed the economy and the only jobs left now are at McDonalds.  And its only going to get worse.
But you can always go back to school for continuing education and just create your own future based on the American dream.  Except that education are too expensive for most to afford.  And the Republicans are privatizing schools making them even more expensive.  Plus they're cutting funding to education at the public level so you wouldn't qualify to get into a college or university anyway.  And its only getting worse.
But at least you have the right to vote and remove the Repug's from office and keep alive the American dream.  Oh darn wait!  The Republicans are changing all the laws for elections so that only rich, established white voters from wealthy neighborhoods will be able to vote.  And it's only getting worse.
But you can still protest the government and make your voice heard.  Except that Republicans are attacking the Constitution of the United States.  And the individual states charters and constitutions to take away your right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.  And if the courts tell them to obey the law they just thumb their noses at the courts and the laws and refuse to obey them.  Because the Republican party and Tea party folks are just that hateful and arrogant.  And its only getting worse.

So for all you folks out there who think it's way too radical for the pro-democracy people to use their voices loudly, to disrupt meetings, to occupy the capitol building and etc.  What do you think of the level of radicalness being displayed by our opposition ?  Do you think you will be able to fix this years down the road when your rights are gone ?  When your money and your health are gone ?  When your neighbors and comrades in arms are all dead or arrested ?

If quietly carrying a small protest sign occasionally when the weather is nice and the timing is convenient for you isn't working now how will it work at all in the G.O.P./corporate controlled future ?    And its only going to get worse unless we deal with things now with the heavy hand that is called for.  By disrupting Repug plans before they happen.  By forcing recalls.  And then taking a Democrat controlled senate and be in their face everyday with the reminder that they will have only one year (and no darned excuses) to fix the damage done by the righties.   Or they will be recalled.  And it will be every citizens job for the rest of their lives to remember these lessons and never forget them ever.  You must be informed and you must vote.  Or else this will happen again.  Do you want that for your children and for Wisconsin ?

R.I.P.  Poly Styrene, former singer of X-Ray Spex, your are brave and wonderful and the world is weaker without you.

On Wisconsin!     FORWARD!!!!!

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