Friday, December 30, 2011

My apologies to "The Family"

Hey there readers glad to have you on board.  Not much news of note, well at least not directly from the capitol building, holiday break and all.  The Solidarity Sing-Along is still going on strong, as a matter of fact there was a huge celebration last night of Sing-Along #250.  You really have to admire the conviction and dedication of all involved, especially our fearless and always in tune leader Chris.  Hats off to all the singers, I love you all.

In my last entry I posted information concerning a video that is going viral of a death threat (yet again) made by a tea party tool and/or fool from Osh Kosh, WI.  When I initially viewed the footage I was basically enraged but after sleeping on things, I decided to get rid of my anger, and instead, use humor to deal with the situation.  Starting bright and early at 7a.m. I started calling the numbers I had posted for Custom Heating & Cooling, the small company owned by the person who made the death threats.

I decided to channel 'Buddy' who is Scott Thompsons old gay queen character from the cult favorite comedy show 'Kids in the Hall'  I informed Karl (death threat guy) that I was mesmerized by his virility and the way he was rubbing against the camera man and huffing and puffing like a bull in heat.  I told him that although he tried to come off as a dominant top, that I knew deep down inside, that he was a bottom just waiting to come out.

I ran with that theme for awhile and although I am kind of happy with myself for meeting the threat of violence with humor, it occurred to me that I was inadvertently being very stereotypical in my depiction of myself as a member of the LGBTQ community.  I can defend this to some extent as I was using the "Buddy" character, but only goes so far.

And so I would like to extend my apology to the LGBTQ folk everywhere for resorting to what in the year 2011 going on 2012, is a tired old cliche.  I will continue to call out Karl the death threat guy, but I will use different tactics, but not resort to sinking down to his level.

In closing the recalls are going very strong here in Wisconsin, and I commend each and every volunteer who is out there in the cold and snow, sleet and rain we have had this month, gaining petitions to trigger the election that will take back Wisconsin for her citizens.  Keep up the good work and keep the faith.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

More tea party death threats from WI

This one comes to us from Custom Heating of OshKosh, WI

(920) 235-1727 , (920) 235-7263

Sometime soon I will try to post a master list of the hundreds of these tools & fools trying to deride the democratic process here in the badger state.  Hundreds of silly little weasels trying to scare hundreds of thousands of brave badgers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some thank you's and also a comparison of the wrong way and the Reichstagg way of creating change.

Hello readers from the still somehow unfrozen state of Wisconsin.  I hope that everyone was able to enjoy whatever the holiday season means to you individually, especially since we all were trying to celebrate and keep our spirits up in the midst of peril.  I am very thankful that I was able to spend the weekend with my beloved and some very good old friends.  The atmosphere was enjoyable and the food was excellent.  Thank you very much Urban and E, I really enjoyed the holidays under your roof.  Also I hope you both enjoy the gift horse.

And an extra big thank you for all the leftovers that you sent back with me.  Being a full time protester/activist/citizens journalist/blogger keeps one busy but it sure doesn't pay very well and it will be nice to take a week off of the ramen noodle and hot dog diet I have been on.

Like with all holiday get togethers were you have a mixed group of friends and relatives, there will be highs and lows in the conversation, especially at a time when the neo-conservative movement has polarized the citizenry to such a grave extent.  One such moment came on Christmas Eve, when 'Phil' a very likable young man began speaking on the subject of the Occupy movement.  Phil and his wife 'T' both had a few statements to make that evening on the same subject, and as I didn't want to counter them at the time and possibly start a argument, I let things drop.  Until now that is, after the holidays is in my opinion, a better time for discussions of this sort than during the actual holiday.  Especially since we had three holidays being celebrated simultaneously.

The traditional Christmas was of course occurring, as well as the older celebration of the Winter Solstice and Phil and T with the kindling of the Menorah.  So much to keep in balance at times like this and with everyone being thoughtful of others faith, I decided to postpone any arguments until now.

You see Phil brought up a point I have not heard in awhile, and was somewhat surprised to hear coming from a U.W. student.  Phil said basically, that he shared some concerns with the Occupy movement going on in all cities across America right now.  But he was very concerned about the 'image and tactics' of Occupy.  This sort of staggered the room and of course a period of uncomfortable silence ensued.  His stance was basically that of disagreement with dirty hippies and bums looking for handouts from neatly dressed men in suits.

Occupy is not about handouts Phil, it is about receiving a fair wage in compensation for the labor that is the one and only backbone of our consumer driven economy.  When the wealth all flows in one direction, labor is being abused and that causes suffering of those who labored to produce the wealth.  When the wealth all flows in one direction, and then sits in gilded vaults of the overly-prosperous, the consumer driven economy is severely threatened.

Money, like the air we breathe, must circulate and flow to keep the system healthy and functioning.  If 1% of the population is able to bottle up 80% of the oxygen, disaster is certain to follow.  Now perhaps that I have boiled it down to this simple analogy this will make sense to the mind of a business major like yourself Phil, even though you said that all business majors graduate with an A or B average, as the diploma's for business are basically sold to whoever can pay for them.

And on the matter of image and tactics, the 99% don't have the money to buy lobbyists to buy politicians to represent us.  That is because we are hard working people who are more devoted to our lives and our families than we are to greed and the hoarding of riches.  It is a matter of basic humanity really.  So we can not use the same tactics as the 1%.  Also we are unable to match the image (still not sure why this even matters) of the 1%.  Yes they look good in those custom fitted suits with Armani labels and the Rolex on the wrist, but what part of this makes them good human beings?

These are the uniforms of those who would destroy the system's of capitalism and democracy, in the mad dash they have going on to obtain vast power.  Money is nothing but power at a certain level.  Money as in $400,00.00 dollar 'special donations' to the NYPD to beat and mace students, religious leaders and women and children at OccupyWallStreet.  It is about the substance of the argument, not the window dressing.

Our relatives met Phil back in Europe about seventy years ago.  My relatives were very well dressed, I mean they looked sharp as can be.  Your relatives looked like bums.  Does that mean that my family was good and your family was bad?  Your relatives were dressed in rags and filth, covered in disease and vermin.  That is because my relatives did that to them.  My relatives once again, looked really good.  They were dressed in woolen great coats and black leather.  They wore dress belts and emblems and jack boots, and they stood very tall on the piles of ashes from the crematoriums.  What I am trying to say is that image and reality are very different things, and the more handsome image is not necessarily the one we want to promote.  Sorry to bring that up but it pertains directly in many ways to what we are dealing with today.  It also mirrors many of the tactics and policies being initiated by Scott Walker.

Anyway it was great to see you again 'T', it has been far to long, likewise Phil is someone that I am glad to have met and I wish you both all the best in life.  I just hope that you can find some time in your very busy lives to step back and take a look at the big picture.  For it is in the 'big picture' and 'in the long run' that we begin to really see the patterns taking shape here.  All that is happening now has happened before.  After the Civil War and after the stock market crash of the last century we witnessed the corporate powers trying to grab all of America for themselves at the expense of the millions upon millions of decent hard working people that created all that wealth that made America great in the first place.

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it my friends.  And I personally have no desire, nor do I see any benefit for the greater good, in repeating mistakes from our history that came at a terrible price.  That is why we fight for a better future for all Americans.  Solidarity forever my sisters and brothers, and please don't drink and drive this coming New Years Eve.  We need you all alive and free to aid the recall effort as it closes in on 1,000,000 signatures here in the badger state.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The A.P.A.'s sociopath/psychopath checklist applied to Scott Walker

It has taken me a long time to research and compose this particular entry.  And what I am about to write is probably more important and pertinent to what Wisconsin is going through than anything I have documented previously on this site.  If the information I am about to relate would have been known to me some 300 or so days ago, I never would have considered engaging in a life or death hunger strike to attempt to influence the Walker regime.  I can not even begin to imagine how different my life would be at this point.  

The creation of this posting has been worked into my schedule around participating in and organizing rallies and protests, providing security for people at the capital against neo-con goons, lots of work on the two rounds of recall election's so far as well as acquiring documents and advance copies of legislation from GOP sources revealing their oppressive agenda, media relations and so on  . . .

The purpose of this posting is to demonstrate who and what Scott Walker is and how he fits completely the diagnosis and the profile of a sociopath.  A sociopath/psychopath by definition represents 3 to 4% of the population.  They are recognized by the behavioral patterns that they demonstrate.  These behaviors are created by a lack of “conscience” or in other words, they are almost completely incapable of acting outside of their own interests, desires and greed.  This is because psychopaths quite literally do not experience emotion the same way the rest of us do.

Love, joy, regret and the whole wide range of emotion that most of us feel, are not available to them.  Now recognized as a genetic trait, psychopathy is a result of nature and not nurture, as was once formerly believed.  Sociopaths/psychopaths may have spouses, children and may even own pets.  They have no love for these people (or creatures), they exist only to further an agenda.  They only value them as “window dressing” they do not love them; they do not care about them.  They cannot because inherently, essentially, they have no capacity for love or concern.  They have no ability to feel guilt or shame.  Regardless of whatever they do, however how much damage they do or how bad they hurt others, it simply does not matter to them.  They are free to do anything they want with very little concern at all toward the outcome, except in regard to achieving what they want.  

Now it is important to note that sociopaths and psychopaths like Scott Walker, understand the difference between good and evil, between right and wrong, they definitely understand the difference between legal and illegal.  They are wholly responsible for their actions – they are not suffering from a condition which causes delusions or hallucinations.  They are not schizophrenic and they do "hear voices".  As a matter of fact intensive studies have shown that they do not suffer from their condition at all, they actually enjoy it and find it to be a valuable tool to use against others.

I would like to state before I go on any further that I am not a psychologist, nor am I a psychiatrist.  I did however work in conjunction with professionals in those fields in producing this post.  This posting is intended to explain the basics of the mechanisms that allow Scott Walker and other sociopaths to do what they do.  I hope by posting this to increase overall awareness of what we are dealing with here in Wisconsin.  And also, to induce discussion among other professionals in the fields of mental health that will help to allow future generations from allowing psychopathic/sociopathic people from coming into positions of power where they always wreak great havoc, and cause immense suffering unto others.

Sociopaths/psychopaths have a recognized psychological condition.  It is not a recognized mental illness.  There are key differences between the two.  Sociopaths are capable of telling right from wrong, are capable of controlling their behavior for the most part, to varying degrees, however they are compelled to put their own interests first.    They have a horrific freedom most of us could never imagine, would never even want to imagine.  They can lie, cheat, steal and they can even rape and burn, wound, torture and kill without batting an eye, without a twinge of remorse.  This is not to say they are ‘raving-lunatics’ nor are they “mad dogs’.  They are sane people with the ability to act without conscience, with no concern for the welfare of others.  They do have the ability to control their behavior and have some understanding of the need to self-regulate at least to the point of not running blatantly afoul of the law.  They do not enjoy being imprisoned as it inhibits their ability for self-gratification. 

It is important to note here that a sociopath/psychopath and a psychotic are two completely different people.  The two conditions have almost nothing of significance with each other, even though the names of the conditions are so similar that the average citizen would use them interchangeably.  To draw a simple comparison of the difference between a psychopath (remorseless yet legally sane i.e., can tell right from wrong) and a psychotic (remorseless and legally insane i.e., incapable of telling right from wrong) I would like to reference a movie that that most of us have seen and would remember.   

The movie “The Silence if the Lambs” gives us quite literally a side by side comparison of a psychotic and a psychopath.   In the movie Jodie Foster’s character (Clarisse Starling) a FBI agent, is escorted down the dark hallway of a maximum security jail for the criminally insane.  At the end of the hallway are two cells side by side.  On the one side is a character named Miggs on the other Lector

The character of Hannibal  Lector is very bright and creative; he is polite and well-spoken and has earned advanced degrees in medical science.  The warden relates a story to Agent Starling about how Lector once while in medical care grabbed a nurse and (cannibal instinct) ate her tongue, holding her down as she struggled.  His blood pressure hardly rose at all while committing this act; only enough to show a difference between resting and minimal psychical exertion.  He committed a violent act without feeling or emotion thus no real change in biometric readings.  Almost as if you or I saw an ant crawling on our sleeve and we brushed it away without thinking.  The Hannibal Lector character is a representation of a sociopath/psychopath.

In the cell next to Hannibal Lector is a character named Miggs.  Miggs is highly excitable.  He speaks and acts almost without thought.  He has little or no ability to control his behavior and acts completely and immediately upon whatever impulses he may have at the moment.  The character of Miggs is representational of a psychotic.

To a sociopath like Scott Walker, there is little difference between an insect and a human being.  The primary difference is that the sociopath has more to gain from a human.  To the sociopathic, a person is a source of money by way of fraud or theft, a source of sexual gratification through deceit, coercion or rape.  No all sociopaths/psychopaths are so violent; likewise not all have the same desires or objectives.  Some sociopaths are content to never work or do anything meaningful for their existence.  Their behavior manifests through deceit and playing on the emotions of others.  They can con their way into being supported financially by others.  Although they don’t have emotions like you or I, they recognize that we have emotions and they learn to manipulate them.  They can play off of our pity for them as well as misdirect our anger against them when they cause us harm.  The sociopath recognizes and understands that emotions exist in others but they view it as a contemptible weakness.  It is sign of the sociopaths inherent sense of superiority which reinforces their perceived right to do anything they want.  Sociopaths always think very highly of themselves.

Not all sociopaths desire the exact same things.  They have diverse comforts and desires as do all people.  Some use deceit to acquire wealth and power, others are content to deceive their way into being supported in a comfortable yet minimal existence, free of labor while quietly holding contempt for those who support them.  So your 'lazy' cousin who is in their mid-thirties and has never held a job, who lays around smoking pot and playing video games could be a psychopath.  Others crave sexual gratification and/or dominance and will achieve it through any means they can think of. 

Some sociopaths are not interested in acquiring other peoples’ wealth or property.  They have no desire to claim another’s emotional or sexual innocence.  In short they may not have much interest at all in the everyday trappings of wealth and power.  Some desire fame and glory, respect and adoration.  They want the loyalty of those around them.  In other words, they covet not physical/monetary gains but rather mental/emotional gains.  These are referred to as “covetous psychopaths” and they achieve these ends through taking things away from others.

 An example of this comes from a study in Dr. Martha Stout’s “The Psychopath Next Door” in which a covetous sociopath/psychopath with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology but no Ph.D. cons her way using sex into an unearned doctor's position at a psychiatric hospital.  Basically sleeping her way to the top, or at least as far as she can go considering her lack of credentials.  Jealous of the admiration and professional respect enjoyed by a colleague (a real doctor) she torments that Doctor’s patients, reversing their mental health advances, destroying their lives and their families lives as well, in order to diminish the standing of her colleague.   Then she proceeds through deception and manipulation to cast her superior in a less than desirable light.

I believe Scott Walker is a covetous sociopath/psychopath.  The state of Wisconsin is filled with loving families, mutual respect, honesty, decency and until recently honest and transparent government and all of these are things totally alien to a sociopathic person like Walker.  Knowing he is capable of feeling no happiness from love, kinship, neighborliness, knowing he can never enjoy the warmth and happiness we all share in a Packer’s Super Bowl victory, he plans to strip us all of our happiness and that which sustains it.  Namely our prosperity and the peace which comes from it.  The highly divisive nature of current Wisconsin society, the contempt between peoples which are a result of Walker's "divide and conquer" techniques are completely indicative of a sociopaths engineering.  But enough of my thoughts, what does the Psychopath Checklist say and how does it qualify Walker as a psychopath.  

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM IV) is published by the American Psychiatric Association and it defines Anti-social Personality Disorder such as sociopathic behavior, by the following personality and socially deviant behaviors:

Lack of guilt – can’t /won’t admit mistakes  Scott Walker has never even came close to admitting to an error, no matter        how small or insignificant.  Even when it may have been to his advantage to do so.  The television commercials he is running right now attest to this.  Also the fact that he is quite literally going to be killing and hurting people by destroying or restricting their access to health care, is of no concern to him except for the fact that he will profit from it.  The same with allowing massive scale destruction of the environment which will result in future health concerns for tens of thousands.

Repeats behaviors –  As Milwaukee County Executive he nearly bankrupted that city and pushed the cities debt into the future for generations to come through bad management and manipulation.  Now he is doing the same thing on a state wide scale as governor, basically using his prior experience in Milwaukee as a template even though he knows it doesn't work.  Even the republican party of Milwaukee has come out and stated that.  Also in college he was removed from student body elections for cheating and fraud.  In Milwaukee he cheated and used fraud while in office.  He continues to do so now even though he is the target of the largest federal John Doe investigation in state history.

Lack of Emotion –   The governors sleepy eyed stare has never altered in the slightest.  Has anyone ever seem him show any sign of emotion whatsoever?  No it has not and will not happen, he is incapable of it.  Even when he was once confronted with protesters hurling questions in his face and a few even hurling insults at him, it just does not register with him.

Self-serving reasoning –   Scott Walker financially destroyed Milwaukee County because he was paid to do so by corporate influences outside of Wisconsin.  He is repeating the same behavior again now as governor.  As long as he profits from it, in the long run, is the only thing that matters to him.  The suffering of others doesn't even begin to be acknowledged in his thoughts.  And throughout all of this his reasoning remains the same, the story never changes.  He always repeats over and over "I am providing strong leadership"  Why are you destroying health care Mr. Walker?  "Because I am providing strong leadership"  Why did you lie during your campaign about collective bargaining rights?  "Because I was providing strong leadership"  Why are you disenfranchising voters, especially students, minorities and the poor and working class?  "Because I am providing strong leadership"  The song remains the same.

Walker is quite literally destroying Wisconsin yet claims he is providing strong leadership – it always comes back to himself.  The spiral reasoning that lies at the heart of all sociopathic orpsychopathic actions.  The need to serve oneself and nothing or no-one else.  That is the alpha and the omega of the sociopathic/psychopathic case study.

Also as a reader and commenter reminded me, and in response to which I am adding this section of the posting, is the sociopaths need to seek revenge on any and all who dare doubt them or stand in their way.  We have seen this with Walker who was going to not attack the police and firefighters unions with his ACT10 legislation.  Until those unions spoke out against Walker's plans and then he attacked those unions along with all the others.  When Mr. LaFollette the Secretary of State for Wisconsin delayed signing off on ACT10 until others had a chance to challenge it through legal options, Walker got rid of LaFollette's staff and funding for the office of Secretary of State.  Walker even removed a college student from the possibility of achieving a scholarship when that student's name was found on the list of recall signers.

It is amazing the amount of damage and division caused in Wisconsin in just one year by Scott Walker.  Most people when warned that it would happen refused to believe it, now they do.  They don't want to think that things can be that bad.  Not in America, folks are willing to believe that Mohammar Ghaddafy and Kim Jong IL were political leaders who were insane and preyed upon their people.  But folks didn't want to think it could happen here.  The truth is sociopaths and psychopaths are everywhere in the world and they are seen in every race and in every nation, they are of both genders and all sexes.

The loftier the personal goals and the desire for gain, the more the psychopath will cloak themselves in normality.  People are all to willing to believe that a guy in jeans and a black leather jacket is willing to rob them, but not a guy in a suit.  Sociopaths use those perceptions against us and all to often, it works all to well.  Sociopaths while being monstrously inhuman and inhumane, have the ability to all too easily HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Don't let Scott Walker and other sociopaths and psychopaths like him deceive you with a custom suit and power tie.  Don't be deceived by the shiny new black Chevy Suburban with tinted windows.  Don't let the magnificence of the governors mansion and our state capitol building loll you into being deceived, a monster lurks the halls of both places.

The United States military, as well as most world military's, take great care to look for and identify the psychopathic/sociopathic, and others who can cause great and irreparable damage to those institutions.  Likewise I hope to see government, at least at the state and federal level in America, do the same thing.  I hope you will research this on your own and talk about it with others.  Hopefully a greater understanding of the threat that these people represent will come to light to prevent future catastrophes like the one occurring in Wisconsin now, from happening again.  Hopefully better studied and more learned people than I will pick this up and run with it after I post this.

UPDATED 11-2013 I came across this today in November of 2013 and added it for obvious reasons.  This posting now continues as originally written.

Back when I was slowly dying in the capitol from malnutrition during my hunger strike, I imagined that Walker was either hoping I would just give up and go away, or that he never even knew that I was there.  Many members of the GOP used to intentionally walk by me and attempt to torture me by carrying open containers of hot food.  A couple of them would just stop and look at me, some smiling some confused perhaps.  One person whom I didn't know at the time used to observe me once or twice daily, occasionally taking pictures of me with his camera phone.  Only later did I learn that this person was a mid-level staffer for Scott Walker.  Apparently he was documenting my slow death to report to Walker, who I imagined must have felt God-like knowing that he held (indirectly) the power of life and slow death over a human being.

But enough of the painful memories as I will begin to wrap this long posting up.  I wish I could thank by name the doctors and researchers who helped me compile and put this post together.  For reasons that I am sure most folks could understand, they are afraid to be named at this time.  Scott Walker has millions upon millions of dollars in corporate money at his disposal.  He has created the Emergency Management Bureau in the state which monitors people who he views as a threat to his regime.

 People have been removed from their positions because of him and nearly bankrupted. There have been hundreds and hundreds of arrests and detainment's in Madison without charges.  University professors are especially vulnerable as they are state employee's and susceptible to the whims of our sociopathic governor.  Walker has destroyed the office of The Secretary of State of Wisconsin out of personal spite.  Imagine what he could do to someone who was not a politically powerful and well known public figure.

The following were also very useful research materials:

the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders    (DSM-III)
and (DSM-IIIR) as well as (DSM-IV)

Dr. Martha Stout, ph.d. through her book 'The Sociopath Next Door'

Dr. Robert D. Hare ph.d. through his book 'Without Conscience'

Both book are worth investigating as they are both written by highly respected researchers in their fields.  Dr. Hare is the creator of the 'psycopath check list' which is a tool used by law enforcement agencies around the world in identifying and diagnosing psychopaths.  It should be noted here that Dr. Stout is a Doctor of Sociology, and as such in her profession, refers to people such as Scott Walker as 'sociopath's' or as being 'sociopathic' instead of a 'psychopath' or 'psychopathic' The terms are often used interchangeably in the common vernacular and  as both science's agree on the definition of the subject, the primary variance being that they approach the subject matter from different viewpoints.

I hope I have not terrified you, my readers, with all this discussion of sociopaths and psychopaths and the wake of destruction they leave behind them.  I merely wish to show you the true face of the evil before us.  We need to know are enemy to effectively combat our enemy.  Keep up the good fight and solidarity forever my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This, that, the other and then just some stuff

Hey there folks, thank you again for taking the time to follow me as I post here about my experiences here in Wisconsin.  I wanted to post on Monday night about my experience with the solidarity sing-along on Monday, which was the first day where we had to tackle head on the new and illegal administrative policies formed by Scott Walker.  I had a medication switch here this week and I just could not find the strength to deal with posting my blog the last couple of days.  I know that must sound feeble, I mean writing a blog post isn't exactly on par with loading semi's or digging ditches but that is where I was at.

Speaking of the sing-along as expected the turn out was very impressive indeed.  I did a couple of hard counts during the one hour of the event, and both times came up with appx. 500 good citizens of Wisconsin in attendance.  Regional media was in attendance in huge numbers as well and they all seemed to look around the ground floor of the rotunda and placed sing-along numbers at around 250.  Of course they were ignoring another 200 on the first floor of the rotunda and another 50 above that in the galleries but whats new?  Representatives from The Progressive covered the event as well and placed the numbers at closer to 1,000.  Although that does sound good, and The Progressive is not known to exaggerate, I will stick with my hard count number of attendees.

Before the sing-along I spoke with some of the officers of the Capitol P & S Department, and they told me that basically they don't understand the new administrative policy for several reasons including:
1. It is unconstitutional and they don't see how they can be expected to enforce it.
2. The policy as written means they would have to arrest families visiting the capitol for the holiday.
3. Lobbyist's who travel mostly in groups, would be subject to arrest.  And as we and the Capitol P & S officers know very well, the right wing is all about lobbying money and they wouldn't want lobbyist's to deal with access difficulties in state government.  Even though it is the right wing that is putting all the pressure on the Capitol Police to break the laws and abuse citizens as well as restrict access to the building.
4. The new administrative policy was written so hastily that for the above reasons, they have told the poor officers to 'enforce the new policy, which we have now suspended, as we re-write it'  I know that makes no sense at all.  Currently they are revising the policy to allow for lobbyists and special interest groups that support the tea party and the GOP, to have unlimited capitol access.  They are also revising the language to allow for families to tour the capitol without worry of arrest for illegal gathering.  Which means part of that will entail defining what is a 'family' by the GOP definition.  I am rather certain the exact phrasing will have something to do with terms like "Caucasian, heterosexual couples" of "christian character" who have "legally defined children" meaning adoptive children may not be included.  As well as step and foster children and children with only one parent and/or being raised by a single grandparent.
5. The officers are offended (greatly) by the administrative ruling which states that all people gathering to use their 1st and 4th amendment rights, would be charged $50 per officer, per hour for the violation.  First off the cops don't want hundreds of officers standing around the capitol every day getting in their way, waiting to see if a protest group would show up to challenge the policy.  Secondly the officers are really steamed that the charge of $50 per hour each, is roughly double that of the salaries AND compensation package that they take home every week.  

So of course what is happening is that the good women and men of the Capitol Police and Security Department are completely ignoring the new policy.  They will continue to serve and protect the building and all who work and visit there, but they want nothing to do with violating federal laws on behalf of the republican party of Wisconsin.

Do you think I am a little bit of a left wing nut for what I wrote in #4 above.  Actually that all comes from other wording in right wing documents and legislation already written and enforced in America this year.  So if there is lunacy involved, and I admit that there is, it isn't coming from me.

In other news democratic party members are working on combating the new and illegal policy.  All the while the recall effort is moving forward.  Although we already have enough signatures to begin the recall of Walker and Kleefisch as well as other GOtea senators, we are continuing our efforts with the strong possibility of turning in around one million signatures.  Which would about double what we needed, and would give us monstrous momentum going into the recall elections.  So keep the faith sisters and brothers and keep up the good work.  We are winning and we will reclaim Wisconsin, after all we are strong and united, we are smart and aware as well as loyal and conscience of where we stand.

Speaking of our side being 'smart and aware' check out this quote heard last week from the anti-recall, tea party camp:  "These elitists rich people on the left have to be defeated to save America.  These under-educated bums have no money and want to occupy and collect welfare until our nation is bankrupt.  They rule all business and media, they have all the money, and have nothing to do all day but sit around and try to communize us."

So the right is against 'rich, bums' we are'overcommunize" is not a word.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


A cold wind was blowing across southern Wisconsin today, and the sky was streaked with grey and black clouds.  The sun poked through occasionally though and all in all it wasn't a very bad mid-December day in the badger state.  I arrived early at the capitol to observe what size crowd would be there to witness the first day of the new illegal/unconstitutional administrative policies rushed through by Scott Walker.  Inside was a group of anti-policy folks mostly observing everything else.  A choral group of high school students sang traditional Christian Christmas carols accompanied by piano.  They sounded quite well especially given the acoustic qualities of the building.

One odd occurrence though, two young guys about twenty years old with dark buzz cuts and black jackets put themselves in the middle of the chorus singers at the forefront of the viewers, against the rotunda railing.  Nobody has ever seen them before and it is odd that they decided to show up on this day.  They were quite rude and aggressive placing themselves in the middle of a performance holding a small ragged piece of cardboard with an unreadable message written on it in bic pen.

The choral group after about three songs, very uniformly and professionally, moved itself thirty feet to the right and including the piano, to remove themselves from the two.  I was impressed by that move, very classy indeed and carried out in under two minutes before they flawlessly began to perform again.  Sadly the two young men stood nest to the perimeter of the group and held they're sign over one singers head.  A terrible display of behaviour and we began to wonder who these two thought they were representing.  After some investigation the piece of cardboard they held read 'so no protest for poor people'  and some of us began to wonder if these two were tea party plants, or just very over-eager and rude counter Walker kids who were going way to far on their first trip to the capitol.

Outside about 350  people joined voices with horns and drums and an array of other instruments at the solidarity sing-along.  Which took place outside today as it does every Friday after a noon and 4:30 p.m. event on Thursdays.  Folks were very enthusiastic and the voices of the singers could be heard for blocks away on the cold December air.

Soon after the sing-along folks gathered inside the capitol rotunda, and held a spontaneous peoples mic check in defense of their rights.  Many people spoke about events relative to where we are at at this moment in Wisconsin, and the voices of the speakers were repeated across the capitol halls.  All was peaceful if a little loud until the lone tea party participant grew aggressive again, he is there every day, and after some shouting and such, actually shoved with both hands, Senator Coggs who was there to witness the event.

Another interesting day at ground zero, I would not be surprised to see large amounts of people mic checking at the capitol again tomorrow.  Of course the big test of how this will all work out in the end comes on Monday the 19th.  That is when police announced they will begin to act to enforce the administrative policy set by Walker, as best as they can.  I do not envy them that, and I am somewhat concerned that Monday also begins Chief Tubbs vacation away from the building.

So until then folks keep the faith, continue the recall effort, and we will see what happens next week.  Thank you all for the solidarity and would love to see everybody that can, be at the capitol next Monday by noon.  It should prove a very interesting time.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dates, anniversaries and product placement at the State Capitol building, also more right wing racism in the rotunda.

Ahhh another grey and cold, cloudy and windy day here at ground zero.  The wind is whipping off the lake and the day is just getting colder as the hour grows later.  And cold weather can only lead to one thing in Wisconsin, and that is socializing.  No no not socialism, I need to point that out to the trolls out there who read and then misreport on the posting here, but socializing as in going outside to meet and join with neighbors and friends.  You see we Wisconsin folks are a tough bunch, tough to the point where we feel the need to demonstrate out toughness by defying all kinds of negatives.  Like sub-freezing conditions, wind chill and blizzards, hail and sleet and snow.  We absolutely love all of that up here, and so we gathered by the hundreds on this the last free day to use our constitutional rights as guaranteed by our nation the United States, and as will be taken away tomorrow by our fraudulent governor Scott Walker.

I am not certain why Scott Walker finds it necessary to remove people from the capitol and risk the huge civil suits at the federal and state level that are the inevitable result of his actions.  Then again he will be removed from office soon so why should he care?  It cant be because he doesn't like our daily Solidarity SingAlong, he is never in the capitol to hear it.  He spends most of his time collecting money from corporations outside of Wisconsin to spend the money helping those same corporations buy huge chunks of Wisconsin, tear it apart for profit, with the money at the end of the line travelling back to those corporate entities (not people) outside of the state.  Of course he will spend some time here and there in Wisconsin doing a little fund raising around the state.  Like he did Tuesday in Saint Germaine, WI far to the north of Madison.  We spent a lot of time outside of his fundraiser freezin for a reason.  About 80 - 90 folks up there paid to hear a quick nonsensical speech from Walker and then the big pay off - A chance to shake hands briefly and have a photo taken with the notorious, nefarious state leader.

Trouble is Walker hates protesters so when he realized about two dozen of us were outside protesting his presence, as a seemingly endless parade of city and county employee's drove by in dump trucks, garbage trucks, as well as common citizen vehicles all honking their horns in support of us and in opposition to Walker, the governor fled the event early.  Apparently he is not comfortable in a heated and well appointed country club unless his is the only voice.  So Walker used our presence as an excuse once again and ducked out on the people who paid to see him and off he fled and the poor tea party folk didn't get to have their photo taken with the messiah they created Scott Walker.  Too bad, so sad.

Speaking of messiahs, some critical thinking is available for viewing inside the capitol building.  It is a nativity scene to show opposition to the rotunda filled with pro-Christian symbolism, as well as Pagan symbols that the right wing mistakes for Christian symbols.  The critical thinkers nativity scene has a manger surrounded by founding fathers and other figures from history explaining how Christmas is a transformed Pagan holiday, originally banned and outlawed in the United States by the puritan Christians of old.  That kind of upsets conservative Christians who view Christmas as a symbol of the commercialization of the holiday which is the basis of their faith.   But what seems to really be making people angry about this nativity scene is the baby Jesus in the African-American.  The neo-cons and tools & fools of the tea party are rather racist (and sexist, and homophobic, etc) and they are being very vocal about this.  One even flew into a rage earlier today and threatened to "grab that nigger baby and throw it across the room' luckily the police were there to change his mind.

And so with the very small group of rightie's in the capitol being held in check by officers of the law, the singalong went off without a hitch.  Well for the most part that is.  Solidarity singalong #237 began as always with us singing 'We Shall Overcome' before going into our new holiday themed recall songs.  Today was also the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights of the United States.  And so we sang a quick version of 'happy birthday' to the Bill of Rights.  It was also announced at the singalong, that we are just under 510,000 signatures on the recall petitions, in just under half the time we have to circulate them.  We are hoping for a million but only need 540,208.  This afternoon the singers will perform again outside the capitol as they do every Thursday at 4:30 p.m.  We are also scheduled every Friday to sing outside, so on Monday we will return to the rotunda where Scott Walker has said freedom of assembly and freedom of speech will cost a $50 per hour fee, minimum.  Of course we don't plan to play along with that ridiculous notion.  So we will just have to see what happens next week as we gather in the rotunda to sing around the "Scott Walker Chistians only, Christmas tree."

What a debacle this whole thing is.....Christians only ?!?!!?  Please, there is no war on Christmas, there is a war on neoCargill corporation car, as well as a few others.  What is interesting about this is that Wisconsin Southern is owned by the first person (but not the last for sure) to be charged with breaking election laws in order to support Scott Walker and flood his evil campaign with money to help destroy the voice and lives of the states citizens.  I will let you draw your own conclusions on the added product placement of the Cargill box-car.

So let me wrap this up for today by saying once again there is no war on Christmas, it is just a matter of respecting the diverse multitudes of people who make up these United States when we say 'happy holidays' instead of the much longer "Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, New Year, Hmong New Year, Boxing Day" and all the other cultural events that are part of the month of December in America.  Keep the recall effort rolling folks, we are doing great but lets keep it up and have a million signatures to recall Walker and Kleefisch as well as the other four GOTea party senators.  Keep the faith and happy holidays from ground zero.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy as a Badger

Just arrived back in Madison yesterday afternoon after two weeks on the road with the recall efforts.  Was at the capitol earlier today for the solidarity sing-along.  Great new Holiday songs were being sung with new recall lyrics added.  Great turnout and spirits are high.  Have a meeting this afternoon with representatives from the Democratic party and then on the road again.  Several of us are travelling to Minocqua in northern Wisconsin where the GOP is trying to illegally open the largest open pit strip mine in state history.  They are currently trying to remove all environmental safety procedures and just allow a foreign company to come into Wisconsin and rip the state apart and send the profits out of state.
Of course there will be a small handful of jobs available for the locals but there are very few people with mining skills in Wisconsin anymore.  Most of our mines shut down here around a century ago.  So a small handful of minimum wage jobs for us.  Billions of dollars in dirty profit for the GOP's corporate masters.  Scott Walker will be there on Wednesday morning so we intend to give him a warm welcome.  And then back to Madison where on Friday Scott Walkers new policy of paying cash up front for your constitutional rights to speak and assemble take affect.  Busy, busy times here in the Badger state.  Will try to post the Scott Walker APA Psychopathic Profile results tonight or tomorrow from the road.  Take care all and keep those recall signatures flowing.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Portrait of a tea party member.

One of the things I do as part of the movement is observing and reporting election fraud during this all important recall campaign here in Wisconsin.  The very small but very vocal neo-con tea party movement specializes in fraud, intimidation as well as trolling and spreading lies.  I am sure most folks have heard of Operation Burn Notice by now, that is the group that was dumb enough to organize and fund a movement intended to illegally destroy recall petitions and hurt or kill petitioners.  This group was funded and organized by John C Ward of Norman Oklahoma who is now very busy touring a federal courthouse before moving on to a federal prison.

To give you a portrait of what a typical tea party member is like I present to you Operation Burn Notice member Roy Innis of Oconomowac, WI.  Roy is famous for anonymously (coward) posting death threats against women and children as well as for making such notable quotes as "Michelle Obama is a nappy headed cunt"  Yeah I know I don't like that word either.  This week we also learned that Roy Innis is a member of American Legion post 91 in Oconomowac (try saying that three times really fast) WI.  Roy loves to jump up and announce to the world that he is a decorated veteran having been actively deployed in Panama and Grenada.  He loves telling stories about all the people he has killed in graphic detail, something all the veterans I know don't like to talk about.

Well surprise, surprise after a little investigation it turns out that Mr Conservative values Roy Innis is a liar.  You see Roy Innis entered boot camp and then washed out in under a month.  I know what your thinking 'how can he be a member of a veterans organization if he is not a vet?' and the answer is fraudulently, the same way Scott Walker was elected.  But you don't have to take my word for it because after some digging around I came up with the information that will let you ask Roy for yourself.

Roy Innis W379 N5736 N. Lake Road
Oconomowac, WI 53066

works at Burgess Boys Automotive

member (not for long though) of American Legion Post 91
Oconomowac (spell check hates that name) WI 262-567-9691

Please ask questions of Roy quickly, as real veterans are on the way to see him at this moment.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

shenannigans abound

Hello from ground zero in Wisconsin, we are dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly here today.  The bad is some news that came from Madison today.  At the capitol earlier the right wing controlled Joint Committee on Finance voted along party lines to spend 2.5 million tax payer dollars to (create jobs? nope) take jobs from Milwaukee, WI where we have a railroad service depot, and use the money to shut it down and let the work be taken over by a different company out of state.

Yes they are spending money to get rid of jobs, to get rid of future income from increased rail activity and contracting fee's and ship them out of state.  Wisconsin is already the #1 state in the nation this year in job losses.  And now they are spending money to force the loss of more jobs.  No wonder the recall effort is moving ahead with absolutely breath taking speed.

Speaking of the recalls, the 7th district court is hearing a case concerning the GOP trying to rush they're redistricting rules through, AHEAD, of the schedule they wrote into the legislation, to have the highly controversial (and soon to be found illegal and unconstitutional) redistricting take effect before the recall election.  Shameless bastiches that they are.  They are already being sued from in state and at the national level for the atrocious legislation that they bought, yes bought, and pushed through in a blind rush.  Well the 7th district court has three judges on the case.  Two of them were appointed by Reagen and Bush, and they all but pimp slapped the republicans in court today.  That is the good.

Here is the ugly part, some of what I and others do here in Wisconsin is expose illegal voter fraud in Wisconsin brought about by the republican party and the tea party tools & fools.  We have ripped apart Operation Burn Notice, which is a organized effort to destroy recall petitions in the state to avoid the democratic process of law.  They are so terrified of the movement, and have no way to reasonably justify the actions of Scott Walker, that all they have left is violence, intimidation and fraud.  Operation Burn Notice is funded by John Ward of  Oklahoma, who is due in federal court on some very serious charges quite soon.  Today one of the groups I worked with uncovered a guy from the group who trolls online and has tried to physically intimidate and threaten legal recall workers.  His name is Roy Innis and amongst the other horrible things he has done, we discovered another disgusting activity of his.  You see Roy has been very vocal and active in his community as a two time military veteran and a decorated one at that.  He loves to parade around in his American Legion uniform and call himself a hero.

Well it turns out he is not a hero, he is a lying and disgusting piece of human debris.  We revealed to the world today that he is not a two time decorated war hero.  He is a lazy, loud mouthed, overweight boot camp drop out.  He couldn't take it and washed  out less than halfway through boot camp.  That shows you the degree of character it takes to be a member of the tea party.  I will be speaking tomorrow with the regional commander of the American Legion, and ofter asking him two questions, depending on the answers, I may reveal all of Roy Innis's personal information to the veterans groups that are screaming and calling for his head.  So there we have the good, the bad and now the ugly.

Sleep tight Wisconsin for everyday we are growing stronger and stronger.  The day of reckoning for the lying and treasonous coward of the neo-con movement is almost here.  Keep the faith, maintain peaceful discipline and keep up the fight.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From the far corners of Wisconsin.

Hey there folks, hope you are all doing well and putting up the good fight.  Wisconsin is settling into another frigid winter and that can only mean one thing.  People all across the state are out enjoying the cold.  There is something about frozen temperatures that makes Wisconsinite's take to the streets.  Which is what I have been doing working the recall election and filling petitions with signatures.  Less than half way into the recall time limit and we nearly have all the signatures needed to trigger the election to oust Scott Walker.
I will be back in Madison next week and will keep you up to date on what is happening at the capitol there.  Starting next Friday we are going to challenge Walker's latest lamentable act, that being charging people money to access their constitutional rights.  Apparently he just has no shame, and that will be part of a huge posting I am working on that will appear here (and in other media) that will be coming out this weekend.
So in the meantime here are some facts and figures from the last 300 days here in Fitzwalkerstan, aka Ground Zero, aka Wisconsin.

411 recall signatures collected and counting (some from republicans who voted for Walker)

17 names turned over to the FBI in regards to election fraud, including John C Ward of Norman, OK who created Operation Burn Notice and is funnelling money into inter-state election fraud

2 people arrested from information gathered by a citizen journalism group I work with (many more coming)

3 1/2 years and $10,000 the price of election fraud (minimum) in Wisconsin

118 the number of good union jobs that would be created if we achieve our goal of 1,000 election fraud arrests and imprisonment.

3 people I have helped in having arrested at the capitol for illegal activity

1 the number of republican senators arrested that I was proud to be involved in

39 days until we turn in the recall signatures

540,208 signatures needed to trigger the recall

800,000 + anticipated number of signatures we will have collected by then for Walker and Kleefisch

2 number of republican senators already recalled from office

3 the number of republican senators we will soon be recalling from office

150,000 + number of people at the largest of the Madison, WI rallies this year opposed to Walker

1,800 (appx) number of people at the largest pro-Walker rally in Madison, WI this year

1,200 (appx) number of people at the largest pro-Walker rally in Madison, WI who were shipped in from out of state, provided free transportation, free lunch and $80 apiece

0 the tolerance I have for corporate imperialism and the tools & fools who support it

UNLIMITED the love that I have for Wisconsin and democracy

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's my birthday

A crisp, cold lovely morning here in my beloved Wisconsin.  About an hour ago Scott Walker shamed our state yet again by trying to make Christianity (particularly hard core foot washing southern Baptism) the official state religion of Wisconsin.  After a quick and hurried speech about his religion Walker lit the capitol Christmas tree and ran like hell.  He was surrounded by a small hand picked group of neo-conservative veterans as a image changing tool, and an even larger group of Wackenhutt private security goons.
Protesters were peaceful and mostly stood quiet with their backs turned to the fraudulently elected governor as he gave his speech.  That should be enough to take the wind out of anybodies sails but today is my birthday and it wont get me down.  That is because i am celebrating my birthday by working a double shift on the recall effort here in Wisconsin.
Another thing the governor did was press for immediate unconstitutional changes in allowing access to the capitol building.  It is now legal to walk right into 'our house' with a assault rifle and a pistol on your hip and scream hate speech at the top of your lungs.  It is now illegal to walk in with your child and join in the solidarity sing-along.  This guy has got to go and that ASAP.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes everybody, I appreciate each and every one of them.  Keep up the good fight, we are winning, across Wisconsin as we average over 1,100 signatures per hour on the recall effort, as well as across America and the world.  Now I have to aid in the recall, and since it is my birthday I plan on spending tonight in a hot tub with my beloved.  Thank you for sharing your life with me 4C.  Solidarity forever my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overwhelmed with gratitude and concern.

I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the literally dozens and dozens and dozens of people who have contacted my with offers to help the recall effort in southwestern Wisconsin.  I am very touched by your desire to protect democracy in our beloved badger state.  As a matter of fact we now have more volunteers than we have problems that we need help with.  If you would like to be effective and take part in the recall effort in your part of Wisconsin please check out the webpage to see what needs to be done in your area.

I have among other things, been doing a lot of troll busting lately.  This started as an effort to reach out to the tea party and try to explain to them how we are part of the same struggle.  What I learned though was that they are far more emotional than thoughtful (probably from watching Fox news) and I kept discovering that all they were interested in is violence, intimidation and election fraud.  They are actually so mis-led that all they can think about is dismantling democracy and trying to enslave themselves along with everybody else.  I also learned a few things about the size and scope of the tea party movement in our state.

Quite literally the people who have contacted me through this site this week outnumber the tea party in southern Wisconsin.  Which explains the desperate actions they will take to support the corporate powers that have subverted their thinking.  They call themselves the 'silent majority' but that is a lie they use to placate themselves in an effort to feel less helpless in current matters.

So just let me say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those who have reached out to me this week, and also I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR see this blog is monitored constantly by the tea party.  So if you are going to comment on my postings, and I love to hear from you, I admire your good hearted and honest nature.  And it is your honesty that puts you at risk.  If you send me a comment with a phone number or e-mail address the tea party is going to have it immediately.  I would feel terrible if you started being harassed or threatened by the tools & fools on the right.  So please don't include that information in your comments, if you want me to have that information please message it to me on facebook where I am listed as Matthew Schauenburg.  You good folks and I feel free using our names and having our information out there because we are honest and decent people.

The haters and tools of the tea party always, every single time, post here anonymously as they do all over the Internet.  They know deep inside that they are wrong and they try to hide in darkness and anonymity to disguise it.

So in closing thank you all very much once again for all your kind offers.  Please be safe and take part in the recalls.  I appreciate your readership and will continue to keep you updated in the struggle to protect democracy in Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crisis resolved

I am very, very happy to report that all issue's regarding the Piggly Wiggly store in Platteville, Wisconsin have been succesfully resolved.  There is no need for a boycott and all is happy again.  Which is really excellent because the good folks of Platteville only had one other alternative for groceries and that would be the "super" Wal-Mart and I would hate to add to that companies bottom line.
Thank you all to everyone who helped out with phone calls and networking.  You see it is just this easy, when we stick together and work in solidarity we are unstoppable.  And now we can get back to the important task at hand, the recall of Scott Walker and Roberta Kleefisch.  To all you folks in the Grant County area the Democrat's are kicking off the local recall effort this evening at 5:30 p.m. I hope to see lots of folks there and if you need any additional information please go to

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Emergency in Platteville/Grant County Wisconsin

Hey there readers, if any of you are in the Grant county area or the city of Platteville we could really use some help.  I'm down here working on the recall effort and we are encountering some serious problems.  I just came back from Dem headquarters here and we are under attack.
Threats are coming in and staff is running scared.  We need people to help canvass for recall signatures.  We need folks to double and triple up for the sake of safety.  You don't even actually need to collect signatures, just walk around with the canvassers and have a cell phone ready to call 911.  Video camera's and large flashlights would be very good as well.  I already had one near-violent encounter in broad daylight here today.
Grant county is very blue, but there is a small but very determined group of tea-party tools & fools looking to illegally disrupt the democratic process.  If you are interested and can help please contact me through the comment section of this blog or message me on facebook under my name Matthew Schauenburg.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Another issue we are dealing with here is that Democrat headquarters is located in a shopping plaza that also is home to a Piggly Wiggly grocery store.  The management of the store has been organizing efforts to disrupt the recalls and is tearing down signs and harassing people.  The store is now under boycott and will remain so regardless of the legal outcome of things.  Feel free to call them and give them holy heck at 608-348-2345
Thank you and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On the giving of thanks

I was going to start out this posting today with a personal list of people who I know who have worked tirelessly and seemingly endlessly as well on the recall effort this year in Wisconsin.  Then I realized that the recall is only part of the big picture.  And if I was to include everyone that I could think of I would be sitting here until after the election entering names on a endless thank you list.  So I will sum up for you very quickly and easily what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all you multitudes, you glorious legions that are taking part and volunteering in all forms, all across Wisconsin with the recall efforts.  My best wishes to you and yours and the future of the great state of Wisconsin.  Now please pig out and enjoy yourselves and I will see you again in the trenches on Friday.  Peace and solidarity forever.

Also please check out my page at, I have a birthday wish that I would like your help with.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just another day in the life

Greetings everybody, hope you are all doing well as the recall effort rolls along.  A slightly cold overcast day today in our state's capitol.  Wasn't able to generate as many signatures this morning as I would have liked but that's okay, there is plenty of time left.  My whole afternoon was wasted today as I was needed to testify in court as a witness to a case from this spring involving Segway Jeremy Ryan.  We arrived early in the courthouse and waited outside a dark and locked court room until five minutes after our start time.

We then spoke with the court administrator, the clerk of courts, a representative from the Dane County District Attorney's office amongst other folks.  Time seemed to almost run backward as we dealt with one official after another.  After a seemingly endless wait we were informed that once again, the d.a.'s office had decided to drop the case.  We were not terribly happy to hear this.  You see different police agency's are being influenced by the GOP to illegally enact arrests and citations on unconstitutional grounds.  Time and again these charges are dropped by the district attorneys office.  Only once has a charge against us actually made it to court and then the judge dismissed the charge as unconstitutional.  This is all a big waste of time and resources for both the protesters and the courts, not to mention a waste of the tax payers money.  Jeremy is going to be meeting with his legal team this week to investigate the plausibility of leveling an injunction against the office of the district attorney.  Most likely it is not possible, yet it needs to be pursued to provide a degree of protection and fairness to the protesters.

Jeremy was wearing a t=shirt today that said, "haters are proof that you are doing something right" and I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.  And do to some scheduling issue's as well as the Thanksgiving holiday I have to pick a different time and date to collect signatures for the recall on the 600 block of Carroll street.  No big deal though, we have six more weeks left in the recall effort.

I was just informed while posting this that Woodman's grocery store, on the east side of Madison, earlier asked a customer to leave for wearing a recall shirt.  This is absolutely amazing to me that a employee owned store, run my Phil Woodman would do such an atrocious thing.  Then again we live in some very interesting times.  Feel free to give Woodman's a call at 608-244-6630.  Just another day  in the life of a Wisconsinite fighting for justice and democracy, take care folks.

After posting this I spoke with two managers of Woodmans east grocery, they confirmed that they have asked people to leave for wearing shirts or buttons, hats, etc. that identified the persons involved as recall volunteers.  There was no canvassing occuring on the property they said.  Woodmans in Madison is now under boycott, the media has been alerted and the information is going viral on facebook and twitter right at this moment.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Even Monday mornings are glorious when your part of Walkers recall.

In spite of a late start this morning I was able to collect just over another hundred signatures.  Too bad it will not be possible to do that for much longer here in Madison and the Dane County area.  By the numbers we already have more than half the population registered in the recall effort.  Those numbers were also given a huge boost this last Saturday when approximately forty thousand people rallied around the capitol and showed they're support for Walkers ouster.

It was truly inspiring to see tens of thousands around the square once again.  Thousands were inside the rotunda and it immediately took me back to the rallies of last winter and spring when the halls of the capitol building were ringing with the voices of the people.

There was even a pro-Walker rally on Saturday to coincide with the pro-recall rally.  I observed the tea party forming just off of the capitol square.  There numbers built and built until nearly sixty people had gathered.  Yes that is right, forty thousand of us and the pro-Walker crowd couldn't even generate a hundred.  And they were even provided with free transportation and lunch.  About half of those gathered actually went so far as to walk to the capitol and be a very small visual symbol to the cause.

Apparently those folks are not very proud to display the pro-Walker, pro-corporate attitude in the light of day.  They seem to prefer lurking online as trolls and working through twitter and other media to vainly attempt to subvert or interfere with the democratic process.

There seems to be a growing belief that we could have all the numbers we need to launch the recall election within two weeks.  Of course we will continue to collect signatures up until the last moment.  Most likely all the while some of the right wing radicals will continue to fraudulently affect the effort and/or destroy petitions.  Even though they are being arrested and charged with felonies, they continue in such efforts.  On the good side if we convict a thousand of them between now and January it would lead to the creation of 118 good union jobs in the criminal justice and related fields.

Keep up the good work Wisconsin, we are getting closer to our patriotic goals with every day.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil, for I am the 99%.  Hello everyone from Madison, WI where the recall effort is in full swing.  The numbers after just a few days are incredible.  Scott Walker is on the verge of being this state's only 1 year governor.   Of course the radical right is busy trying to throw a wrench into the works but so far all they have accomplished is giving themselves more negative publicity.  It is amazing to me that after last week when I helped  uncover some tea party individuals who had organized and funded an intentional election fraud scandal, that the tools & fools on the right are still blatantly organizing more fraud.

We had six tea partiers last week alone turned over to the FBI (hi Matt, district director) and they are soon to be prosecuted for federal felonies relating to election fraud.  Two more were terminated from they're employment to advocating fraud and violence.  And in just the last couple of days I have received death/violence threats regarding collecting recall signatures.  Yup the death threats are back again.  And we know just where they are coming ol tea party buddy Fat Billy.

So of course what else is a good Wisconsin boy to do but march right up to the cannon's mouth.  Next Wednesday at 2:00 pm myself and others are going to the source of the threats and will legally collect signatures for the recall in front of that building.  I imagine that Fat Billy will provide us with lots of youtube footage with his childish behaviour.  I honestly think he is way too much of a coward to actually try and commit a act of violence.  After we collect our signatures I will be turning over hard copy of the threats against me posted here and on other online forums from this individual and turning them over to my fellow Wisconsinite Matt, who is the director for the FBI office here in the state's capitol.
Wish I had more time to give everyone more information right now but I am in a huge hurry as I am heading to the capitol building for the largest anti-Walker rally since last spring.  We can only guess a crowd of 10k to 50k but you never know, there could be more.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pic this milwaukee bridge is occupied! #n17 #bridges #wiunion on Twitpic

Pic this milwaukee bridge is occupied! #n17 #bridges #wiunion on Twitpic

Some tools just can not be sharpened

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dare you to come knocking on my door you lying piece of shit.
November 16, 2011 6:41 PM

This is a pretty mild comment from the radical right.
Now as our side knows political activity is not solicitation and is protected activity.  Ol Fat Billy who wrote this is somehow positive that the police will break the law for him and not allow recall petitions to be circulated on N Carroll st.  Which is amazing to me as the police investigated him for running a drug operation out of a bar some years ago.  Back before he was brought up on kidnapping charges.  I love CCAP.  
Just a quick check in with all you good folks out there.  I am really picking up some steam on the recalls and intend to put as much energy into that as possible.  When I am not doing that I am working with other organizations and individuals and presenting cases of voter fraud to the FBI headquarters here at the capitol of Wisconsin.  Some tools are just so dull they can never be sharpened, thanks for doing half my work for my tea party tools and fools.  I know I said I was reaching out the to right in solidarity but, all the rightie's I find are criminals.
Speaking of which, I am thinking of taking a very large group down to Carroll street today or tomorrow to collect signature's.  There are tons of students there that hate Walker, gotta love a college town.  So keep up the good fight people, solidarity forever.  Also in all honesty even though I am taking out and exposing the trolls and the right wing fraud groups I appreciate them, it is theyre involvement that allows me so much wiggle room in negotiating the book deal.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You can almost smell freedom returning to Wisconsin.

A bit of a cold and brutal day here in Madison.  And even though I spent half the day canvassing door to door I never felt cold.  For one thing everybody was very polite and would welcome me into they're home's to sign the petitions and discuss the recall.  It truly warmed my heart.

It didn't take more than a few hours to sign up over a hundred people on the recall petitions.  I heard on facebook earlier that there is one person who has already recorded over a thousand signatures for the recall of Walker and Kleefisch.  I truly believe that we are watching those two political career's come to a disastrous ending.

That is all for today folks, I have to get back to canvassing and such.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers for we are almost there.  Victory is in sight.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!