Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dates, anniversaries and product placement at the State Capitol building, also more right wing racism in the rotunda.

Ahhh another grey and cold, cloudy and windy day here at ground zero.  The wind is whipping off the lake and the day is just getting colder as the hour grows later.  And cold weather can only lead to one thing in Wisconsin, and that is socializing.  No no not socialism, I need to point that out to the trolls out there who read and then misreport on the posting here, but socializing as in going outside to meet and join with neighbors and friends.  You see we Wisconsin folks are a tough bunch, tough to the point where we feel the need to demonstrate out toughness by defying all kinds of negatives.  Like sub-freezing conditions, wind chill and blizzards, hail and sleet and snow.  We absolutely love all of that up here, and so we gathered by the hundreds on this the last free day to use our constitutional rights as guaranteed by our nation the United States, and as will be taken away tomorrow by our fraudulent governor Scott Walker.

I am not certain why Scott Walker finds it necessary to remove people from the capitol and risk the huge civil suits at the federal and state level that are the inevitable result of his actions.  Then again he will be removed from office soon so why should he care?  It cant be because he doesn't like our daily Solidarity SingAlong, he is never in the capitol to hear it.  He spends most of his time collecting money from corporations outside of Wisconsin to spend the money helping those same corporations buy huge chunks of Wisconsin, tear it apart for profit, with the money at the end of the line travelling back to those corporate entities (not people) outside of the state.  Of course he will spend some time here and there in Wisconsin doing a little fund raising around the state.  Like he did Tuesday in Saint Germaine, WI far to the north of Madison.  We spent a lot of time outside of his fundraiser freezin for a reason.  About 80 - 90 folks up there paid to hear a quick nonsensical speech from Walker and then the big pay off - A chance to shake hands briefly and have a photo taken with the notorious, nefarious state leader.

Trouble is Walker hates protesters so when he realized about two dozen of us were outside protesting his presence, as a seemingly endless parade of city and county employee's drove by in dump trucks, garbage trucks, as well as common citizen vehicles all honking their horns in support of us and in opposition to Walker, the governor fled the event early.  Apparently he is not comfortable in a heated and well appointed country club unless his is the only voice.  So Walker used our presence as an excuse once again and ducked out on the people who paid to see him and off he fled and the poor tea party folk didn't get to have their photo taken with the messiah they created Scott Walker.  Too bad, so sad.

Speaking of messiahs, some critical thinking is available for viewing inside the capitol building.  It is a nativity scene to show opposition to the rotunda filled with pro-Christian symbolism, as well as Pagan symbols that the right wing mistakes for Christian symbols.  The critical thinkers nativity scene has a manger surrounded by founding fathers and other figures from history explaining how Christmas is a transformed Pagan holiday, originally banned and outlawed in the United States by the puritan Christians of old.  That kind of upsets conservative Christians who view Christmas as a symbol of the commercialization of the holiday which is the basis of their faith.   But what seems to really be making people angry about this nativity scene is the baby Jesus in the African-American.  The neo-cons and tools & fools of the tea party are rather racist (and sexist, and homophobic, etc) and they are being very vocal about this.  One even flew into a rage earlier today and threatened to "grab that nigger baby and throw it across the room' luckily the police were there to change his mind.

And so with the very small group of rightie's in the capitol being held in check by officers of the law, the singalong went off without a hitch.  Well for the most part that is.  Solidarity singalong #237 began as always with us singing 'We Shall Overcome' before going into our new holiday themed recall songs.  Today was also the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights of the United States.  And so we sang a quick version of 'happy birthday' to the Bill of Rights.  It was also announced at the singalong, that we are just under 510,000 signatures on the recall petitions, in just under half the time we have to circulate them.  We are hoping for a million but only need 540,208.  This afternoon the singers will perform again outside the capitol as they do every Thursday at 4:30 p.m.  We are also scheduled every Friday to sing outside, so on Monday we will return to the rotunda where Scott Walker has said freedom of assembly and freedom of speech will cost a $50 per hour fee, minimum.  Of course we don't plan to play along with that ridiculous notion.  So we will just have to see what happens next week as we gather in the rotunda to sing around the "Scott Walker Chistians only, Christmas tree."

What a debacle this whole thing is.....Christians only ?!?!!?  Please, there is no war on Christmas, there is a war on neoCargill corporation car, as well as a few others.  What is interesting about this is that Wisconsin Southern is owned by the first person (but not the last for sure) to be charged with breaking election laws in order to support Scott Walker and flood his evil campaign with money to help destroy the voice and lives of the states citizens.  I will let you draw your own conclusions on the added product placement of the Cargill box-car.

So let me wrap this up for today by saying once again there is no war on Christmas, it is just a matter of respecting the diverse multitudes of people who make up these United States when we say 'happy holidays' instead of the much longer "Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, New Year, Hmong New Year, Boxing Day" and all the other cultural events that are part of the month of December in America.  Keep the recall effort rolling folks, we are doing great but lets keep it up and have a million signatures to recall Walker and Kleefisch as well as the other four GOTea party senators.  Keep the faith and happy holidays from ground zero.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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