Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy as a Badger

Just arrived back in Madison yesterday afternoon after two weeks on the road with the recall efforts.  Was at the capitol earlier today for the solidarity sing-along.  Great new Holiday songs were being sung with new recall lyrics added.  Great turnout and spirits are high.  Have a meeting this afternoon with representatives from the Democratic party and then on the road again.  Several of us are travelling to Minocqua in northern Wisconsin where the GOP is trying to illegally open the largest open pit strip mine in state history.  They are currently trying to remove all environmental safety procedures and just allow a foreign company to come into Wisconsin and rip the state apart and send the profits out of state.
Of course there will be a small handful of jobs available for the locals but there are very few people with mining skills in Wisconsin anymore.  Most of our mines shut down here around a century ago.  So a small handful of minimum wage jobs for us.  Billions of dollars in dirty profit for the GOP's corporate masters.  Scott Walker will be there on Wednesday morning so we intend to give him a warm welcome.  And then back to Madison where on Friday Scott Walkers new policy of paying cash up front for your constitutional rights to speak and assemble take affect.  Busy, busy times here in the Badger state.  Will try to post the Scott Walker APA Psychopathic Profile results tonight or tomorrow from the road.  Take care all and keep those recall signatures flowing.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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