Monday, February 27, 2012

Scott Walkers final victory, our last laugh

I was wondering what terrible things Scott Walker may have in store for Wisconsin in 2012.  I mean the guy must be just infuriated with the way things have turned against him.  Protests and rallies against him, the police and National Guard saying they will shoot him and solve every one's problems.  Legislation deadlocked, his hand picked stooge for senate Jeff Fitzgerald cant raise a dime while his challenger, Tammy Baldwin raises over a million in just one quarter.  His aides and staffers are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship.  Oh yeah .........and he is getting recalled and knows he is now powerless to stop it.

And Scott Walker is a psychopath, well more precisely a 'covetous psychopath' as explained at length in my previous posting "The APA's psychopathic profile and Scott Walker"  And psychopathic personality types worship themselves and nothing else.  So I was wondering, how could all that ego handle a recall and total elimination of his regime?  Surely he has some evil parting gift for the brave and bold Badgers of Wisconsin that are ousting him.

And the answer was right there all along.  I was worried about him completely destroying all public education or other radical part of his agenda, but he has no political muscles left.  And once again the answer was in front of me all along.  Walker is a 'covetous' psychopath, he hates the inherent goodness and decency of Wisconsin's citizens.  He despises the camaraderie and neighborly sense of things.  That is what he hates the most and that is what he has ALREADY destroyed.

Wisconsin is divided by his radical social-political engineering attempt and the web of lies that surrounds it.  He has already achieved his ultimate personal goal for Wisconsin.  We are divided and divisive, brother is turned against brother and sister against sister.  Neighbors are infuriated at each others politics and families are divided.  Good for you Walker, you have achieved your final and most important victory.

But we will have the last laugh, we will ultimately unite our state and return to what we were, and still under it all, really are.  We may be angry now, and some wounds will take awhile to heal.  But ultimately heal they will, that is because although some are temporarily subverted, Wisconsin folks are good people.  We will reunite sister and sister, brother and brother.  Sooner or later we will just naturally reunite with friends and family as Scott Walker becomes more and more of a fading memory, a answer to a political trivia question.

So Scotty may have his victory for now, but it will be short lived.  And as long as Wisconsin retains its inherent goodness and decency, we will have the last laugh and our victory will carry on into posterity.  The one thing the sick mind of Scott Walker never considered when he tried to drag us apart, is that us, unlike himself, are good folks and we will always unite towards a better future.

On Wisconsin!   FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The 'Fighting 48th' Schauenburg for Assembly Kick-Off Fundraiser

Hey there folks I have been trying to get to this for a week now.  It has been just hectic in Madison, WI this week.  Illegal redistricting, counter suits to illegal redistricting.  Hidden e-mails revealed and then even more revealed that need to be gone through.  Scott Fitzgerald intentionally lying to his constituents and the media about his recall election.  The announcement of Lori Compas officially taking of Fitzy.  Shady voting practices by Joel Kleefisch and pals.  The list goes on and on and wont be ending anytime soon of course.

The GOTea controlled state legislature maintained its 'laser like focus' on jobs this week with passage of bills to destroy wetlands, challenge abortion laws and creating a Aaron Rodgers day in Wisconsin this coming December.  Really?!?!?  We are bleeding out jobs left and right in this state and the GOTea thinks that Aaron Rodgers day will either create jobs or distract people from what they are really up to?  Somehow I don't think Wisconsinite's are that dumb.

The GOP will keep up the shenanigans and borderline to outright illegal activity right through the recall elections.  And hopefully at that time with they're war chests depleted and the landslide election results are in they will realize the truth and just slink home with their collective tail between they're legs.

More on all that next week, for now I would just like to let everyone know that I will be having my initial campaign fundraiser on the 23rd of March from 6 until 9 p.m. at Scooter Therapy in Madison.  Scooter Therapy is located at 12 N Few Street at the corner of Few and East Washington Ave.

Food and beverages will be provided.  Meet the candidate and discuss the issue's.  Check out some great music from internationally known and Madison's own  D.J. Nick Nice.  Also take the chance to see the 2012 scooters and mopeds.  Eco friendly with most models getting 100+ miles per gallon.

Looking forward to meeting lots of folks on that Friday night.  Hope to see you all there.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silicosis and unity with a twist. Hungry guy blog posting #250

Silicosis is a form of fybrosis, a chronic often fatal disease of the lungs, often associated with mining.  I only mention this because today's posting is all about mining, and mines, and sulfur dioxide runoff and of course, liability and legislation.  I was in Platteville Wisconsin again earlier this week preparing for a discussion on the extremely controversial bill AB- 426.  Then Scott Fitzgerald and some other members of the GOTea cancelled the public meeting because they couldn't find anybody in the state who supported the legislation....literally.

And so as my plans changed and I was preparing for a return to Madison the GOTea flip-flopped again, and the meeting was on, only on Saturday this time.  Political activism and protecting democracy sure does require extensive travelling lately. There aren't too many cities or towns in the state of Wisconsin that I haven't been to at some point in the last year.

I would like to state quickly that I am not anti-mining, mining is very necessary.  I use products of iron and steel myself.  We must have it, but not at any cost.  Just like Wisconsin needs jobs, especially right now but absolutely not at any cost.

So I arrived early at the University of Wisconsin at Platteville yesterday (Saturday) and prepared myself for a four hour marathon of angry rhetoric and fist shaking.  I had good reason to expect this I figured after Fridays discussion at the state capitol in the Joint Committee on Finance on AB 426.  Dozens upon dozens of geologists, mining experts, treaty rights representatives and citizens of the badger state waited for hours and hours to express views on the legislation in general and the Penokee taconite mine specifically.

What was fascinating about Fridays meeting was the GOtea, now running very scared, actually had to feign interest in science and public opinion to avoid even more backlash against the legislative shenanigans they had been intending to pull.on Wisconsin citizens.  Basically they wanted to remove almost all normal scientific inquiry into whether a companies plan to exploit a mine would be safe to the land and the water table as well as those who live around and would be affected by the mining techniques to be used.

This legislation which would affect the entire state of Wisconsin and all current and future mining ventures was written solely for the sake of the Penokee mine.  The mine would have been huge, truly monstrous and the GOTea had been paid under the table as well as through more legal ways, to allow what is normally a four to ten year exploration period to okay the start of major mining activity to be rushed through in just under one year.  The legislation intended to do this in a few ways, namely removing any scientific exploration of the techniques to be used and to disallow exploration into how to get rid of toxic mining waste as well as by removing 99% of the liability of the mining company in case of a disaster caused by the mining company.

The Penokee strip mine has already devalued all of the land for miles around it, even without the project actually physically starting.  It would take some of the last original and most pristine of northern Wisconsin forests and turn them into a giant, steaming, toxic crater.  For every ton of iron ore removed from the mine it would produce one ton of sulfur dioxide.  The GOTea wanted to let the mining company just dump, I mean literally just dump millions and millions of gallons of highly fatal and toxic sulfur dioxide liquid on site.  From that point on the toxic waste would then travel in two directions.  About half would leach its way into the underground water table poisoning all water supplies in a roughly hundred mile circle.  The rest would flow away from the mine destroying everything in its path as it heads through Native American tribal wetlands, destroying the states valuable wild rice production and wildlife as it enters Lake Superior.  Once there the environmental impact would be devastating with the potential to kill of most species inside the lake within a short period of years.  Sulfur dioxide in the lake would then go into the artesian springs and extensive network of underground water tables where it had the potential to poison most of the entire state of Wisconsin's water supply.

The health risks associated with this are beyond catastrophic.  The disrespect to sacred Native American lands is just morally inconceivable to any type of rational human being.  The intentional violation of federal law and the treaties that the United States government signed with the soveirgn nations under different circumstances would lead to a declaration of war.  It would also be a international disaster as Canada which shares half of the border along Lake Superior would be horribly effected leading to Wisconsin and the United States federal government being sanctioned and fined and forced to pay tens of billions of dollars in restitution as well as billions that would have to be spent on clean up efforts.

And the clean up effort no matter how well it was executed could really amount to no more than putting a bad aid on a third degree burn.  The 17 republican senators would be willing to do this, who are trying (and failing horribly) to do this came dirt cheap.  They were willing to destroy, quite literally, the land and health and ultimately the lives of untold numbers of Wisconsinites.  They were willing to break state, federal and international law.  They were willing and eager to break treaty rights and unleash devastation upon Native American tribes.  But like Scott Fitzgerald was overheard saying at the capitol "What do I care, I ain't fucking no squaws"

It is horrible beyond horrible to even consider these things, it is far, far worse to have to fight it to a halt.  But that is what Wisconsin citizens are doing right now, every day and every night and they are winning and victory is almost completely completely assured.  Of course eventually the federal government or the Canadian government through the United Nations would shut it down but the damage done by then would already be utterly catastrophic.

All this just for some small campaign contributions and some hookers provided to Vos and Ellis and a few others recently (there is video of them discussing this) and some fairly substantial payments after they leave office and the state.  And I am sure that once they receive payment they will be leaving the state.  All that just for money, for the sake of greed.  That and to make a last ditch effort to help the man behind all of this Scott Walker.  Scott Walker who promised hundreds of thousands of jobs, but instead cost us tens and tens of thousands of jobs.  Just so they can say that they tried to create jobs but the democrats and the unions and the citizens of Wisconsin would not let them.  Lies upon lies upon lies once again for the sake of nothing worth pursuing in the first place.

All of last year the GOTea stopped all democrat efforts to create jobs, all last year the GOTea held "job creation meetings" at the Capitol.  All that the repugs did at these meetings was create legislation to destroy health care, to allow hunting of endangered species, to remove sex education from classrooms and dictate dress codes for female teachers.  Not once last year did they ever discuss or create laws or plans to create jobs, they only stifled the efforts of others to create jobs.

And now they try and lie to us again saying that science is all wrong, saying that they consulted the Bible and each other and cant possibly see how toxic waste can be hazardous to the environment.  That God told them that sulfuric acid in drinking water cant harm children.  Nobody is buying it, not in the least.

And that was very clear at the mining discussion in Platteville yesterday.  Scientist after scientist, tribal member after tribal member, farmer after farmer, citizen after citizen addressed the panel of senators Jauch (D) Cullen (D) and Schultz (R).  These people brought up the scientific matters as well as many other very fine points.  A career mining supervisor even spoke about how the wording of the bill would turn over the power, all the power, to the mining company and that once that occurred nothing would stop them from doing as they pleased without thought or concern for the actions they had taken.  He had seen it before, just as others who spoke had seen the devastation and long term damage of irresponsible mining in the neighboring state of Minnesota.

And the panel listened, they listened in unity.  They listened to the people who spoke in unity, against this horrible piece of legislation.  They listened as tribal members explained their religious views concerning the ties that they have to the land.  They listened as farmers discussed the concerns that they had, the concerns of mothers for the health and safety of their children.  They listened as it was explained that only God can make a tree, that after the soil and the water and the trees had been destroyed that nothing could bring them back.  A favorite quote I heard was that "reclamation is real (once again a band aid on a third degree burn) but restoration is impossible."  Another good one was "it is they're mine, but it is our water"

After all had given their testimony the event was wrapped up with summary speeches by Jauch (articulate yet long winded as is his norm) and the republican Senator Dale Schultz who said spoke of the absurd haste with which the bill was written and said "fast legislation tends to be very bad legislation' and that the republicans were "kicking the can (economically and environmentally) down the road"  I was rather happy to hear him say these things as well as his statement that he would not vote for this bill.  That means that unless a democrat senator turns traitor, the bill can not pass.

The twist is that Schultz even though he will vote against this as the lone republican hold-out, just as he was with Walkers Act 10, the so called Budget Reform Bill, has also voted with the radical Walker agenda on everything else as well as signing the oath of non-disclosure on the illegal redistricting effort.

At the end of the day if my notes are correct and I believe that they are, twenty six people had spoken against the legislation (AB 426), two loosely supported it on the basis that it would be reworded and sent back through the legislature.  Nobody, not one single person supported the bill, unity in Wisconsin.

I would like to wrap this up, and it has been long, by thanking everyone, each and every person who has sacrificed they're time and effort in fighting to save Wisconsin from AB 426.  Your efforts are working and your tactics are paying off.  Thank you all from me and keep up the fight for Wisconsin.  Solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

And the tide is turning...........on and on and on.

Hello again everyone from ground zero.  Everyday it seems we are gaining ground in leaps and bounds against the extremist regime of GOtea Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.  And by us I mean not just union labor, but all labor, farmers, educators and health care workers, activists and organizers, bloggers and citizen journalists.  And now that the radical and illegal agenda of Walker is being slammed regularly in the courts the media is actually starting to report from a basically neutral viewpoint on matters relating to Walker.  That means that everyday more and more citizens will be hearing the truth about Walker and the crooks and liars that are his staff as well as his master.

The more who learn and understand what is happening, the more who will vote against him and remove him from office and terminate his career.  The more who will stand up to the intentional lies and threats and rhetoric of the tea party radical tools & fools.

Just about an hour ago a judge denied Walkers appeal to further delay the recall process, this is a very important victory.  The faster he and others are recalled the less damage they can hopefully do to our beautiful state.  Of course Walker will attempt to severely punish the state he claims to respect and serve.  Scott Walker only serves his own interests and that explains his choice of masters -- ALEC.

Yesterday saw another huge victory for us in the court ordered release of documents relating to what is now an obviously highly biased, illegal redistricting effort.  Or as they refer to it themselves in the memo's wild gerrymandering"  One of the things I came across at about 2 a.m. when reading through these documents last night where a couple of interesting items attached to e-mails from Walker tool Manny Perez."

These two e-mails contain in small print at the bottom of the page a quote from the Bible in Spanish.  They read "Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata Mundi"  After a google search for a translation engine I came up with the English version of the text which reads "Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us"

I was honestly rather stunned at this, could a member of Walkers staff, a crony and traitor, actually be having regrets?  I just assumed that his staff had all long ago given up they're humanity.  Could it be that Manny Perez who had previously seemed to revel in his position in the Walker administration, well until he 'allegedly' sexually harassed his way out of that job actually be having second thoughts?  And just imagine how bad his behaviour must have been to have to leave a Walker appointed position, with Walker regime protection!

Previous to working directly for Walker,  Manny Perez was state level Tea party amongst other things.  He was paid to lie and manipulate the Hispanic and Latino population of Wisconsin to try to get them to support the radical right regime.  All the while Manny Perez was also working on destroying the voice of those same voters.  With the addition of his prayer for mercy from God, hidden in Spanish yet included in the e-mails, could it mean that after some soul searching he has realized the errors of his ways?  Has he realized that he has been a traitor to his own people as a servant of the racist and bigoted right wing zealots?  It appears so, and hopefully some others will realize that the thirty pieces of silver they received for their involvement in Walkers insanity is not worth the price of they're souls.

Meanwhile good folks who never lost their way are busy right now at the Capitol building in Madison.  Right now they are speaking , dozens upon dozens of them to the Joint Committee on Finance in regards to the horrid anti-environmental/ pro-corporate mining legislation.  I am touched over and again by what these fine and loyal citizens of the badger state have to say.  And what is amazing is that the GOTea members of that very powerful committee, who up to now have shown no respect for the citizens, the law or the legislative process, are now painfully sitting there and actually forcing themselves to listen to these common citizens and various experts on the subject.  They know that the tide has turned and they are now in severe fear for their political futures.  They are literally forcing themselves to behave as if they are politicians who listen and serve they're constituents.   Personally I am just glowing with happiness as I write this.

On the same subject, tomorrow the 18th of February there is going to be a discussion at the University of Platteville, Wisconsin on this subject.  I will be there tomorrow along with Senators Jauch (D), Schultz (R) and Cullen (D) and I would love to see many of you there as well.  I have trouble posting links on this blog site so if you are interested in getting the link to the event with all the important information, please see my facebook wall.  Otherwise I can give you this

I look forward to meeting more of you brave and bold badgers tomorrow.  Now is the all important time to add your voice to what is happening in Wisconsin.  To take part and slow down the destruction and damage occurring in Wisconsin in these last fleeting days of the Walker regime.  Keep up the fight and solidarity forever my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get the scoop folks

Hey there readers I hope you are all as excited as I am by the release today of the internal documents and memo's that Scott Walker and his cronies tried so hard to hide from the citizens of Wisconsin.  I just finished reading over section 1 (of 6) and........WOW!

Lots of information revealed,although the language was somewhat couched in the memo's and mail, it still directly states that the GOP:

Intentionally "disenfranchises" (yes they use that term) minority voters, especially Milwaukee's Hispanic voters.

Intentionally is heavily biased in favor of the GOP including timeline's for destroying those districts in regards to future elections.

Lists the Republicans from the legislature who helped to formulate the gerrymandered districts and how to best mislead the language of the relevant bills in area's where they intentionally go against the constitution of the state.  Those repugs so far being Michael Ellis, Robin Vos, Rich Zipperer and both Fitzgeralds.

Actually uses the term 'gerrymandering' and announce that they are doing this intentionally and malicously.

Tampering with last years recall elections.

A very curious mention of the law firm behind the main body of the redistricting effort making 'payments' to unnamed persons or people.

And my personal favorite addresses, phone numbers, cell numbers and e-mail addys for all of the different people involved and who they work for.

And so much more than what I have time to get into here.  You can see all of this information for yourself as after a federal court battle, the information was released this afternoon.  And the good friends of mine at wasted no time in organizing and releasing it all to the public.  I will post again tomorrow folks so until then keep up the good fight and remember not only are we winning, not only will we recall these reprehensible people from office, we will also likely get to see them perp-walked.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

And yet another perfect day in Wisconsin, Rally at the Capitol.

If the wind chill is fifteen degrees outside and you are planning on taking a metro bus to downtown Madison you should really check the bus schedule first.  Arrived at the bus stop nearly an hour early as is timed out, and was froze before the ten minute ride to the capitol square.  Thousands of people had already gathered on the State st. corner of the square.  The Forward Marching Band was in attendance, along with a lot of other notable faces and images.  Mahlon Mitchell, Debra Konkel and Pizza Box Mike and Thunder Kitten. Elias was there giving out free hugs to union thugs.

Cold as it was the sun was shining and everyone was exceedingly happy.  The mood was very optimistic as the recall election process rolls on towards its inevitable conclusion.  People were reconnecting with others that they hadn't seen in awhile and the whole thing was quite a bit of a family reunion both inside and out of the Capitol.  A wide diversity of [people from across the badger state had arrived once again at our house to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of The Wisconsin Idea.

Many people spoke to the masses delivering speeches in tune with this momentous occasion.  All the more fitting as this coming Tuesday, Valentines Day will see massive crowds surrounding the capitol square on the one year anniversary of the Wisconsin Uprising.

The people are rising up and taking back they're government and state.  The inevitable backlash of pro-democracy and pro-labor and pro-humanity against the attempted coup of the corporate elite and cronies will be the end of them.  And it couldn't start and end in a better place than Wisconsin.  And it cant come to soon, we need the recalls in Wisconsin as soon as possible.  Then we can get down to business and clean this up and take the steps needed to make sure we don't see this repeated within our lifetimes.

And that was what today's gathering was about.  A celebration of friends and ideals, creating a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations of Wisconsinites.  The speakers like Peter Barca who slammed Scott Walker on constitutional grounds, the crowd that chanted "Walker - Time to go!" and the crowd of vuvuzela blowers.  The regular activists and organizers, the nurses, teachers and construction workers, farmers and factory workers.  All together in the cold Wisconsin sunshine, sharing another perfect day in the badger state.  Because what can be better than a gathering of the badger state faithful?

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brave badgers fight on !

Just a quick post since I haven't had the time to really update all you good folks on what is happening at ground zero aka Madison, WI.  Trying to organize my campaign and come up with a biography while finalizing my initial fundraiser for next month on the 9th.  Working on advertising and setting up campaign accounts with the UW Credit Union ( no banks that wont pay taxes for my campaign.)

Dealing with the media over fraud and these new mysterious touch screen e-voting machines.  Trying to keep up with everything at the capitol, and the statewide and interstate investigation into Scott Walker,  Maintaining vigilance over the recall process, looking into new recall possibilities.  Looking for more campaign, voter and finance fraud from the GOP on the Fitzy recall.  Exploiting the cracks opening up in the neo-con movement and working on defectors.

In other words I am busy as heck fighting the Walker regime just as many, many more citizens all across the state are doing the same.  Every day gets us closer folks, keep up the fight you brave badgers!  More detailed posting will be here for you tomorrow or Saturday.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This I believe

Another interesting day in Madison.  Rep. Joel Kleefisch is trying to move a rider on a already controversial piece of legislation that would allow people to hunt sandhill cranes.  Sandhill cranes are a very important and symbolic marsh bird in the state of Wisconsin.  If the robin wasn't already our state bird the crane would be the most likely candidate, we love these graceful creatures, almost like a northern flamingo one might say.

And all around questionable personality Kleefisch (husband of our lt. governor, at least for now) wants to blast them with a shotgun.  Well like I said these birds reside in marshes and wetlands so maybe he would just prefer to shoot them at a distance from dry land with a high powered rifle and leave the body behind.  Joel Kleefisch is our version of famous gun nut Ted Nugent, only instead of musical talent Kleefisch has a beer gut, a hatred of everything that lives, and a stunningly limited vocabulary.

But that is not what this posting is about.  Today's entry ties in with my candidacy for Wisconsin state assembly.  Today I will try to explain my philosophy in life and how it has affected my decision to run for elected office.

My motivations are basically very simple, I am motivated by one thing - the long term viability (survival) of the human species.  Forget race, we are one species, we are all the same.  Which is why I love the constitution of these United States as well as the constitution of the state of Wisconsin.  The concept that all people are to be seen and treated equally in the eyes of the government and the law is the pinnacle achievement of human civilization and government development so far on this planet.

I believe that for humanity to prosper and advance into a long reaching future, we must consider the species as a whole.  We are all genetically the same.  We all have the same basic needs as creatures.  We need food and shelter at the base level.  We also need companionship and love as well as we are sentient beings.  Along those same lines we all need a feeling of belonging, of being part of a community.  We need to feel that we are a needed part and supporter of that community.  We need to feel safe and secure from threat lest stress cause us undo physical ailments and emotional duress.  In these things we are all equal, whether because God or Nature just made us that way.  This is inherent and unchangeable.

For this equality to be achieved we first must have a place to live and a source of quality nourishment, in other words food, water and shelter.  For that to happen we must take care of and preserve the one and only planet that we all live on.  We must not taint the soil and water with pollutants that lead to disease, unnatural mutation and early death.  We must have the attitude that we are all farmers, stewards of the land, and protect it as there is no possible replacement when it is gone or spoiled.  And this applies to the whole planet equally, we can not destroy the land where someone else lives, to provide something we need where we live.  The human species is one, the planet is all one.  These things all link together and damage done anywhere will inevitably spread and corrupt the entire system.

We must have a safe community protecting all people equally.  We must all have a place and a purpose because if we don't all share that equally it will only lead to unrest and strife and ultimately war on some scale. War and violence are the ultimate enemies of our people, of our human species.  Peace is our best friend and the first necessary step to prosperity and long term survival.

Next we need community and a purpose.  A safe place to live and a sense of purpose.  We need a job that allows us to prosper and that also allows the individual to contribute to the common good of all.  And along those same lines we also need equality for all.  A fair wage that leads to a healthy standard of living and quality of life.  The current extreme difference in social class and wages is leading to strife and stress.  Do I think that everybody should have the exact same wage, home, consumer goods......No, absolutely not.  There are subtle differences between individuals of our species.  Some have a stronger preference for earthly goods and possessions, others not so much.  Some people would love to work at their job 80 hours per week in exchange for more buying power and thus more consumer goods, or a larger home.  Others would be happier to work 30 - 40 hours a week.  Happy in more modest accommodations in exchange for more time to live the way they choose and to pursue whatever personal interests that individual may have.

We need a fair wage system and an improved system of wealth to achieve this.  We need a living wage that reduces disparity and promotes peace and happiness for all people.  We also need medical care for all people as to be mentally/emotionally healthy (as we must or the entire system collapses) we must be physically healthy.  Physical and mental health leads to strength and stability and long term viability of the entire species and its civilization.

Likewise we need to provide a reasonable level of education for all.  Disparity here will once again destabilize people and or regions and lead to the fracturing and downfall of the entire species.  Education is needed to maintain the level of technology that we have achieved thus far.  We are dependant on our technology as our species grows and adapts.  Likewise our technology and application of technology, what we know and how we use what we know needs to improve with every generation.  We need to find safer forms of generating power as our species moves ahead through time.  We need this so we don't poison the one planet that we have, that we are all equally dependent upon.

We need to always work to increase our study and understanding of ourselves as physical creatures.  We need new medical advances to protect our health and our longevity.  We need to understand our mental/emotional health and what effects it so that we can always improve the conditions that lead to peace and prosperity.  We need to understand our mental/emotional health and related issues so that we can better protect ourselves from the single greatest possible threat that there is to humanity and our long term survival - ourselves.

The dark side of human nature, greed and cowardice, desire without discipline.  These are the things that have always led us down dark paths to injury, injustice, to death and destruction.  We need to figure out why some of us are happy to have a home and a job, to raise our families within the communities that we live in and serve and protect.  We especially need to learn what causes the desire to have more than others.  To never be satisfied, what causes some people to rip and shred, to cause damage and injustice simply for the sake of personal gain.  The desire for wealth and power regardless of how it is achieved and the cost paid for that behaviour by the rest of the species is dangerous beyond words.  We must understand where this mental illness comes from, how and why it exists, so that we can find a means of combating that illness.

Putting all people on a equal footing, with a home and loved one's, with a sense of place and purpose would combat much of the destructive side effects that are the result of greed and lust for power.  Not all of it by far, but it would definitely give us much head way into solving these issues.

When equality is achieved or nearly so, when people are prosperous and at peace, then we can truly go to work combating disparity and greed.  We can then see natural declines in crimes of necessity.  When nobody is hungry then the need to steal food to survive can be removed.  When nobody is cold, or at risk of physical injury, when suffering is minimized then we can truly begin to move forward.

These are the things that motivate me as an individual to work towards a better future.  These are the reasons I am motivated to seek public office.  If individuals who have the best interest of all people in mind holds office, then we can begin to move forward, to truly ensure the long term survival of humanity.  If people like myself and hopefully you who read this, don't seek office for the sake of the common good, than those positions will be filled by people who will not work within the rules to help all people.  Instead the ranks of government will be filled by those who would use any means to achieve only prosperity for themselves at the expense of all the rest of us and the future generations yet to come.  Weakening our society, poisoning our planet Earth, our only home.  In other words removing our ability to survive and continue onward to a better future.

For people to be content with the lives they lead, to feel secure in their own future, we must have leadership, government that people can have faith in.  Those who would lead must be those who hold the will and prosperity of all people the highest.

We need common people with common interests to lead us or else we will be led down the path of the self-interest of multi-generational leaders both political and economic.  People who produce nothing of value, nothing for the common good and down that road lies the ruin of all people and nations.

Hopefully some day we will truly be one people, one species without nations or borders, without prejudice or greed, concerned only by the good of all.  Along that path I see a golden and shining future for the entire human species.  Suffering minimally and prospering richly in that which sustains us all.  Here is to peace and prosperity and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Greetings everyone and once again thank you for reading and for being in touch and involved in the political, social battle currently being waged across the United States and especially my beloved state of Wisconsin.  This posting is a call to action and your help is sorely needed.

I will not ask you to do anything extreme, just make a few quick phone calls.  We did this before in October and all of you who helped were of extreme benefit to the pro democracy and freedom movement.  I am calling on all of you good people once again to come to the aid of our futures.

As most or at least many of you are aware, we have experienced voter fraud on our recent past here in Wisconsin, and now at this all important time we must ensure that it does not happen again!  Please call the media outlets below and let them know that the citizens of Wisconsin want:

1.  Hand counted paper ballots for the recall election.
2.  An investigation into the use of and recent distribution of touch screen voting machines with corrupted software in them.

That is all and thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart.

Madison, WI

Ch 3    608-277-5166
Ch15   608-274-1515
Ch27   608-661-2735

Milwaukee, WI

Ch 4    414-967-5444
Ch12   414-937-1212
Ch58   414-777-5802

Wausau, WI

Ch 9    715-842-9293

LaCrosse, WI

Ch 8    608-784-7897
Ch19   507-895-1919

Green Bay, WI

Ch 2    800-261-9229
Ch26   920-494-2662

Late addition to this posting, I just found this link this morning.  It supplies a list of all Wisconsin media outlets.  I would also like to add that after making my own round of phone calls yesterday that many news editors around the state seem to have been just waiting for people to call and ask them to investigate this.  Keep up the pressure and take Wisconsin back!  Thank you again brave badgers.

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On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!