Saturday, February 11, 2012

And yet another perfect day in Wisconsin, Rally at the Capitol.

If the wind chill is fifteen degrees outside and you are planning on taking a metro bus to downtown Madison you should really check the bus schedule first.  Arrived at the bus stop nearly an hour early as is timed out, and was froze before the ten minute ride to the capitol square.  Thousands of people had already gathered on the State st. corner of the square.  The Forward Marching Band was in attendance, along with a lot of other notable faces and images.  Mahlon Mitchell, Debra Konkel and Pizza Box Mike and Thunder Kitten. Elias was there giving out free hugs to union thugs.

Cold as it was the sun was shining and everyone was exceedingly happy.  The mood was very optimistic as the recall election process rolls on towards its inevitable conclusion.  People were reconnecting with others that they hadn't seen in awhile and the whole thing was quite a bit of a family reunion both inside and out of the Capitol.  A wide diversity of [people from across the badger state had arrived once again at our house to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of The Wisconsin Idea.

Many people spoke to the masses delivering speeches in tune with this momentous occasion.  All the more fitting as this coming Tuesday, Valentines Day will see massive crowds surrounding the capitol square on the one year anniversary of the Wisconsin Uprising.

The people are rising up and taking back they're government and state.  The inevitable backlash of pro-democracy and pro-labor and pro-humanity against the attempted coup of the corporate elite and cronies will be the end of them.  And it couldn't start and end in a better place than Wisconsin.  And it cant come to soon, we need the recalls in Wisconsin as soon as possible.  Then we can get down to business and clean this up and take the steps needed to make sure we don't see this repeated within our lifetimes.

And that was what today's gathering was about.  A celebration of friends and ideals, creating a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations of Wisconsinites.  The speakers like Peter Barca who slammed Scott Walker on constitutional grounds, the crowd that chanted "Walker - Time to go!" and the crowd of vuvuzela blowers.  The regular activists and organizers, the nurses, teachers and construction workers, farmers and factory workers.  All together in the cold Wisconsin sunshine, sharing another perfect day in the badger state.  Because what can be better than a gathering of the badger state faithful?

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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frogetteca said...

Madison Is Coming Together At The Capitol Today On One Happy Wisconsin Saturday!! I got informed about the events early today (afternoon in Wisconsin) via the tweets. Nice report on the rally at the Capitol Matt. I'm sorry I haven't been around here, but I have been working more and distracted by the "addiction" Twitter can be - not totally so, I have to have discipline to work. It is really nice to see you there in the world of Twitter. HAPPY ANIVERSARY WISCONSIN MOVEMENT!! This Tuesday, February 14, 2012 will be a Special Valentine's Day For Wisconsin. Remember when Walker spoke of union, teachers, firefighters, and all protestors, and said "They Will Go Away" Ha Ha. He'll see you're not going anywhere! SOLIDARITY. PERSEVERANCE. RESPECT. FORWARD!!!