Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get the scoop folks

Hey there readers I hope you are all as excited as I am by the release today of the internal documents and memo's that Scott Walker and his cronies tried so hard to hide from the citizens of Wisconsin.  I just finished reading over section 1 (of 6) and........WOW!

Lots of information revealed,although the language was somewhat couched in the memo's and mail, it still directly states that the GOP:

Intentionally "disenfranchises" (yes they use that term) minority voters, especially Milwaukee's Hispanic voters.

Intentionally is heavily biased in favor of the GOP including timeline's for destroying those districts in regards to future elections.

Lists the Republicans from the legislature who helped to formulate the gerrymandered districts and how to best mislead the language of the relevant bills in area's where they intentionally go against the constitution of the state.  Those repugs so far being Michael Ellis, Robin Vos, Rich Zipperer and both Fitzgeralds.

Actually uses the term 'gerrymandering' and announce that they are doing this intentionally and malicously.

Tampering with last years recall elections.

A very curious mention of the law firm behind the main body of the redistricting effort making 'payments' to unnamed persons or people.

And my personal favorite addresses, phone numbers, cell numbers and e-mail addys for all of the different people involved and who they work for.

And so much more than what I have time to get into here.  You can see all of this information for yourself as after a federal court battle, the information was released this afternoon.  And the good friends of mine at wasted no time in organizing and releasing it all to the public.  I will post again tomorrow folks so until then keep up the good fight and remember not only are we winning, not only will we recall these reprehensible people from office, we will also likely get to see them perp-walked.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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