Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brave badgers fight on !

Just a quick post since I haven't had the time to really update all you good folks on what is happening at ground zero aka Madison, WI.  Trying to organize my campaign and come up with a biography while finalizing my initial fundraiser for next month on the 9th.  Working on advertising and setting up campaign accounts with the UW Credit Union ( no banks that wont pay taxes for my campaign.)

Dealing with the media over fraud and these new mysterious touch screen e-voting machines.  Trying to keep up with everything at the capitol, and the statewide and interstate investigation into Scott Walker,  Maintaining vigilance over the recall process, looking into new recall possibilities.  Looking for more campaign, voter and finance fraud from the GOP on the Fitzy recall.  Exploiting the cracks opening up in the neo-con movement and working on defectors.

In other words I am busy as heck fighting the Walker regime just as many, many more citizens all across the state are doing the same.  Every day gets us closer folks, keep up the fight you brave badgers!  More detailed posting will be here for you tomorrow or Saturday.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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