Thursday, June 30, 2011

A morning full of contrasts

As I have been having just a little bit of difficulty in immediately interesting folks to hang out nights in solidarity with our hunger strikers I decided to fill that role myself again, I'm such a micro-manager.  Not having been prepared for such an outing it is no small surprise that I managed only about a half an hour of sleep last night.  The beginning of dawn found me on the capitol steps as Hallis and Will slept soundly.  I amused myself with a cup of coffee and laying out some seed for the capitol critters.
Soon little sparrows and other birds were hopping about pecking at seeds as articulated chipmunks and thirteen lined ground squirrels raced about stuffing their cheeks full of booty to be stored for later use.  Squirrels had realised that I was somehow the source of the smorgasbord and were soon crawling over and around my feet looking for more goodies.  I briefly wondered if a squirrel ever did run up a person's pant leg.
The sun rose over this scene and illuminated the buildings of the capitol square with sunlight filtered through the smoke of a structure fire on the Hamilton st. corner of the square.  At about 4:30 this morning the building that housed several floors of apartments and 'The Kitchen' restaurant, until recently the celebrated 'Cafe Monmartre' experienced a fire on the residential levels that spread throughout the old structure.  Initial reports indicate that nobody was injured but damage to the building was extensive.  Lets keep these folks who lost their homes and those who lost their business in our thoughts this morning.  Solidarity Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something happy to think about

With all the tension and stress from last nights health scare from hunger striker Will Gruber's hospitalization and subsequent release earlier today I thought it might be a good idea to post something happy for all of us to think about.  First of all I should probably say that last night around midnight our friend Will Gruber went into grand mal seizure from the effects of his hunger strike.  I was there on the phone with the 911 operator as fellow hunger striker Hallis aided his fellow hunger striking, veteran brother.

Secondly we are really searching for some volunteers to donate some of their time in solidarity with the hunger strikers to help protect their health and safety.  Mostly what is needed is individuals or even small groups of folks who are willing to spend one night a week or even just one night, one time with the hunger strikers.  These folks wouldn't have to do much other than sleep or hang out with Hallis and Will.  To offer companionship and camaraderie and to offer medical assistance as may eventually be needed, and also to act as witness's in the event of any interference from the bar time crowd.  If you are able to do this for them please email me or comment here on blog spot and I will get back to you with any information that you may need about volunteering. 

And now for the happy stuff, I was thinking of this earlier today during a rare break in the action and coordination today.  My mind wandered to the repairing or reinstating of laws wrecked by the tea party controlled republicans and other such matters.  So I began a wish list of legislative action to be taken for when we retake the senate and governors seats, and hopefully the supreme court as well.  Here we go:

Restore and/or enact tax's on corporate entities.

Restore collective bargaining to the public sector workers and draft legislation to protect collective bargaining for public and private sector workers in the future.

Draft and enact legislation to very strictly curtail the ability of the state government to allow privatisation by  non-representative bodies.

Get the heck rid of Ronald Reagen day, and replace it with Bob LaFollete day.


There is probably a mile long list I could think of and add here if time allowed me to which sadly it doesn't.  But that means I would love to hear comments from all you folks regarding what type of action you would like to see following the recalls.  It pays to take some time and happily plan for a brighter future for Wisconsin, just like it pays to:

                                                           KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Today's asshole is one who has been receiving alot of press coverage the last six to nine months here, you know him, you don't love him, you could probably live without him its David Prosser.  I wont call him justice Prosser because of the campaign fraud that wrongfully have him a seat on the bench.  From that bench Prosser has mainly acted as a prosecutor rather then a judge, boldly and shamelessly ruining the integrity of his office.  When not doing that he likes to drink and call women 'bitches' and threaten 'to destroy them'  just last week he allegedly choked a female judge in front of witness's and then claimed that he was the victim of the assault.  With his blatantly sexist and inappropriate behaviour he has single handedly ruined the image of the states highest court.  And the more he gets called out by his fellow judges and the states legal institutions the closer to the edge his behaviour gets.  He is a dangerous and hateful man who is dead set on destroying all decency around him.

Have a good night folks, I will return tomorrow with more information of the ongoing and ever strengthening movement against tyranny in Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin1    FORWARD!!!!

Apologies folks

Sorry about yesterdays lack of new blog posting.  Between my laptop being in the shop for repairs, my taking on the duties of media negotiations and oversight for the hunger strikers, and my bad motor scooter quite literally blowing up yesterday, and hunger striker Will Gruber being hospitalized for the second time since starting his strike, I'm having some difficulties finding the time to do much of anything these days.
So I will also apologise now for this being such a hasty and abrupt post.  If anyone out there is in the Madison area and would like to provide solidarity for the hunger strikers and can volunteer to stay overnight to provide support please e-mail me as we can really use your help.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

One and done

One and done for Scotty Walker, as reported in my last post, due to security concerns I quietly sat thru Scotty's little speech full of lies yesterday, he had his one day in the sun.  I hope the governor enjoyed it because now its back to business as usual.  And so I feel free to reveal today's segment of:

                                                           KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

And today's asshole is none other than the ol 'desperado' himself, the guy with the mommy complex (Oedipal complex?) the man who fraudulently elected himself to the office of Governor.  The guy who destroyed the rank and file of his own party, the one who brought us all together in opposition to himself, self appointed #1 Koch whore and traitor to the state of Wisconsin, the United States and 97% of its citizens.  Hell he can even be considered a traitor to the human species and every single religion on the planet.  The cul-de-sac of cul-de-sacs, the lowest of the low, the King of all Assholes since the deaths of Pol Pot and Stalin.........

Scott Walker come on down.....your the next and all time winner of:
                                                             KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Frankly that was an easy choice to make, I'm sure you have all been expecting it for awhile now.  Thanks again for reading and being responsible enough to keep abreast of the issue's.  In solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Madison, Devils Lake, Green Bay and back again.

Hey there readers, hope your all in good spirits and fighting the good fight.  Old Scotty Walker was chasing all around Wisconsin this last weekend apparently looking for a place where he can find if not some friends at least some inkling of support for his radical agenda.  And wouldn't you know it, he didn't have any luck at all, the poor isolated bastard.
In Devils Lake the head conservation officer in charge of the large state park gave a speech about the beauty of such parks and the need to preserve them for our children and the future.  He spoke very well about the important role the C.C.C. played in the creation of so many of Wisconsin's state parks amongst other works.  The Civilian Conservation Corps was founded under president Franklin D Roosevelt and used federal money to create jobs during the last great depression.  This labor was then used to create many important works including fire breaks, creation and repairs to roads and bridges and of course our state parks.  These good works are still carried on today by the Youth Conservation Corps which takes teenagers from all around Wisconsin and employs them throughout the state on a variety of conservation projects.
After this speech giving praise to the Democratic president who brought us out of the great depression it was time for Scotty, the Republican trying his darnedest to dig us further into our generations great depression to speak.  At first the four hundred or so protesters kept away from the Governor but soon stepped right up to within a few feet of him.  They allowed him to continue his speech but wanted to look him in the eye as he lied to them with the same old tired cliches he has been throwing around from the beginning.
Conservation Wardens and even state troopers backed away from their protective stance around the hugely unpopular leader as if they had no concern to get in between the good citizens of the badger state and her fraudulently elected Governor.
Sunday was Green Bay where myself and three other like minded individuals were granted access inside the Governors high profile, high security budget signing.  Armed only with press passes and camera's we entered the factory Scotty was using for his signing.  This is the same factory where he had kicked off his Gubernatorial campaign a year ago.  There were about two hundred people inside the event.  About fifty were members of the press corps including us.  About fifty were Republicans from the senate and assembly and their families.  Another hundred were friends and family of the Governor and some of his higher paying campaign supporters from around the state.  Security was thick and several Republican senators recognized me as soon as I entered the factory doors.  With this many right wing zealots and nut jobs around, plus all the Wackenhutt security that follows the Governor around I knew I would not have a chance to pull any shenanigans and just let Scotty have his day.  Especially since his days are numbered.
Besides the 450 - 600 protesters outside would have their chance to let ol Scotty know how they felt.  Which they did to, as Scotty sought to slip out from the event after signing the budget debacle, protesters stood in the street blocking his vehicles intended route of egress forcing his driver to make a quick turn about and run off in the direction of the airport for another high dollar retreat to his tax payer funded lair in southern Wisconsin.
Arriving home early that evening I decided to see some friends from my old neighborhood and tell them about all that was going on.  As soon as I arrived on the east side people quickly sought me out to tell me that on Saturday night two men had shown up at my former residence and were trying to kick in the doors around my old apartment building screaming that they were 'coming for Matt Schauenburg'.  Police were called and the two (I'm sure) tea party idiots that found an old address of mine off the Internet, left before they would have to face the law of the land.  Right wingers it seems just hate the law and live in constant spite and fear of it.

Then this morning as I'm arriving at the capitol I'm told that tea party nuts were planning to descend upon the capitol supposedly to have their own version of a sing along but more presumably true, to initiate hostilities against women and children again as is their cowardly wont.  Always being able to outsmart these right wing goons we threw them off balance by moving our sing along outside and let them have the rotunda.  Several of us stayed inside to observe the tea party folks as our peaceful sing along commenced outdoors. 
The sunglasses wearing goons of the tea party were obviously lost and weren't sure what to do with themselves since their intended prey escaped from them.  So running about twenty minutes late they decided to form together in a small huddled group of 41 individuals on the rotunda floor and actually tried to hold a sing along which they apparently were not prepared to do.  So they began making their way through the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' and the national anthem.  Apparently having some difficulty with the words to the well known songs.  They then recited the pledge of allegiance with extra emphasis on the God part.  And with nothing else left to work with proceeded to sing an improvisational medley of t.v. theme songs including The Flinstones, Green Acres and GilligansMadtown. 
I exited the building ahead of them anticipating what was about to happen.  Their small numbers began filing out of the doors of the capitol building where the first thing they saw was - you guessed it, the hundreds strong attending the daily Solidarity SingAlong.  You could tell that really took the wind out of their sails as crestfallen, they headed off in different directions to make their way to their vehicles and get the heck out of dodge as it were.  One lone tea party member sat quietly by himself and watched the end of our singing.  It almost seemed like he was somewhat overwhelmed or at least surprised by the passion and strength of our side.  It almost looked like he may have been reconsidering his position on the issues and second thoughts about what side he had thrown his hat in with. 
That is all for now dear folks.  I have some media relations to take care of and also some networking in support of our two brothers on hunger strike Hallis and Will.  I will post again this evening including what seems to be a popular new addition to my blog, the segment I've entitled KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another intense and hectic day

Hey readers hope this finds you all well, and I hope your day has been way less hectic than mine.  Great singalong outside today, super turnout, look for the vid on YouTube.  Both hunger strikers, Hallis and Will are free and with us again.  Yes Will had a cardiac arrest while in custody last night but he was just released from the hospital and is back with his sisters and brothers at the capitol.
Looking forward to seeing everybody at the capitol tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be great so stop on down even if just for an hour.  I'm short on time here and will be having limited Internet access over the weekend as I will be chasing down Scotty across the state as he weasels around signing his abysmal legislation.  He cant be seen in public in Madison, I'm sure you understand why.
                                                      KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
If you go to my facebook page there you will find information and contact numbers for both the veterans museum here in Madison and the company that owns the building they lease.  Each is blaming the other for the illegal arrest of Hallis and Will so give em both hell.  They're all assholes.

Will post again as soon as possible with tales of my chasing down Scotty across the length and breadth of this beautiful badger state.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers.  Until later...............

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whizz Zoom Bang

Hello readers around the globe, hope your all doing well.  It has been quite the morning here in Wisconsin's capitol city Madison.  Woke up bright and early this morning with the sound of birds singing and diesel bus engines roaring.  At least they run on clean/efficient bio-diesel.  Take that Scott Walker!
Spent the night on the capitol square in solidarity with hunger strikers Hallis and Will.  It was almost like Walkerville again except for the lack of tents, by the way sidewalks were not designed for sleeping on not only are they hard and cold, they are really, really gross.  New appreciation for the struggles of the ever growing number of homeless folks here.
Spent the morning running around the east side of Madison and then returned downtown to work on a story about our brothers on hunger strike for  Then received a notice to be at the Capitol for an emergency measures meeting that was a veritable smorgasbord of republican traitors and even a few decent human beings who understand politics like Lena Taylor and Fred Risser. 
Segway Jeremy Ryan was there seated right between two of the WisconsinEye camera's.  In the middle of the meeting as we sat silently listening to the question and answer period, committee chairman, repugnican Ott had the sargeant at arms tell Jeremy to stop filming the meeting which was being broadcast live or be removed.  Once again the GOP fails to understand the definition of 'open meeting' so of course the state troopers come in and Jeremy refuses to stop filming or to get up and leave.  And I don't blame him their was nothing disruptive occurring and this was an open meeting with no posted rules to follow.
I'm reporting all this live on the Internet to some friends when to my great surprise two of the Democrats stopped the meeting to challenge Ott and his cronies on why an open meeting, which is being broadcast live cant be filmed.  The Dem's were on the attack and showing backbone and teeth.  And apparently Ott got bit because he finally threw his hands up and allowed the filming to continue.  I was amazed, literally.  Of course Ott wanted to sat that the public cant film the meeting because the GOP would edit the hell out of it to hide their actions from the public yet again.  Whizz, zoom bang things were happening fast.
It was now nearly time for the solidarity singalong which meant I needed to be there not only in solidarity
but also to help provide security for the peaceful singers from members of the now nearly defunct republican party and their radical tea bagging masters.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that senate minority leader Mark Miller had joined us along with some union reps who took the time to see us.  And then whizz bang and zoom word was given to me that hunger striker Hallis Mailer had been arrested in front of the veterans museum
for partially blocking one of the doorways into the museum.  They arrested a disabled vet, at the vets museum, now that's some irony there.  Later when I walked by I noticed that the police had left Hallis' chair he was sitting in, in front of one of the doorways into the museum.  I had to laugh at that.  I even considered calling the police to have the arresting officers cited for blocking the doorway but decided against it.
At the time of this posting I had gotten word but no solid confirmation that Hallis had been released without charges filed.  Dane county sheriff Mahoney is not a fan of the repug's using his jail as their personal re-education camp.  All this and not even three o clock yet, what a day.  Until this evening folks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tales of the cake, and those who cant eat it too

Well today was certainly interesting here in Madison a.k.a. ground zero of America's struggle between 97% percent of her hard working and industrious citizens and the 3% of her overly prosperous citizens who would do anything they can to take what little we have left for ourselves.

Clouds and scattered rain overshadowed our beautiful and beloved state Capitol building, 'our house' as we prefer to call it.  I attended the Solidarity SingAlong, the daily peaceful gathering of songsters in opposition to the social engineering of Scotty Walker and was amazed by the number of decent folks who turned out today after yesterdays republican/tea party attack led by former Senator Dave Zein. 

Apparently loyal and caring Wisconsinite's still believe in strength in numbers even if our peaceful nature means that we can only observe and report on continued violence and atrocities committed by the right wing zealots.  The voices of the singers rang throughout the capitol louder than ever and the experience was very touching indeed.  I spent most of my time conversing with officers and keeping an eye out for more typical right wing behaviour such as having six foot tall two hundred and twenty pound men assault women and children and disgracing our house.

Afterwards I spent a couple of hours (and several cups of coffee, gotta love Michelangelo's on State st) doing some research and a little writing.  Afterwards it was time for the party at the Department of Administration building.  Quick reminder folks the Dept. of Admin. led by Mike Huebsch is the office responsible for blocking of access to the capitol building and having toddlers searched and wanded to enter.  The metal detectors were gone today as were the dozens and dozens of hand picked State Troopers who were brought in to intimidate protesters.

We arrived at the D.O.A. office at 4:30, right before closing time at 5, hoping that people at the end of their day would like a little party and camaraderie.  We brought cake's and cotton candy and went to Huebsch's office to offer him some.  We thought it was justifiable to celebrate and share with him since we can now freely access the capitol building and an added bonus, the D.O.A. is now just barely in contempt of court over the same issue.

Apparently Mr. Huebsch was not quite so happy as we were about these new conditions as he wouldn't even come out to have cake and cotton candy with us.  His secretary was very nice to us though and we left some goodies with her in case her boss later changed his mind.

I then returned to the capitol to meet with my friend Hallis who is now on day 7 of his hunger strike.  I was not very surprised to discover that he had been joined in solidarity by our friend Will who is now on day 2 of his hunger strike.  And now I am here typing this out at the central library (I'm having laptop issues) and from here I will spend tonight with the hunger strikers on the state Capitol square.

That is all for now gentle readers, I will be back with you tomorrow with another posting or two.  Sleep well Wisconsin for the badger state and democracy itself will require your efforts again tomorrow.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Short, quick post

Just a short posting for this afternoon as time is of the essence.  Hopefully I can provide more detailed information for you all later.  It's a cruddy, rainy day here in the state capitol.  That didn't deter hundreds of folks from gathering in the rotunda today for the Solidarity SingAlong.  After yesterdays violent events apparently folks went out of their way to provide strength in numbers after yesterdays cowardly attack on women by tea party thugs led by republican senator and disgraced Marine David Zein.  More details and follow up information later folks.  Right now I have to head to the Department of Administration building to give Huebsch a piece of my mind.  Actually there will be many of us doing this.  Should be fun, and I'll report back later.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Does God hate Republican senators?

Of course God doesn't hate any of God's creations.  But a lot of conservatives like to claim that God is full of hate and leads a spiteful existence much like the repug's and tea party fools do.  But for the sake of getting along with and trying to communicate meaningfully with a republican state senator today I played along with the concept of a hateful God.
I was in the rotunda earlier today for the solidarity sing-along.  Which is about the most peaceful demonstration you could ever imagine seeing in your life.  If I had to create a stereotype of the typical singer it would basically comprise this image.  Female ,age 44, occupation retired teacher, criminal record - none.

So today when the sing along was in progress and I saw an older gentleman in a wheel chair approach the ring of singers (some with children) I didn't think much of it.  That is until the person in the wheel chair started screaming at people and trying to run over their feet with his wheelchair.  Then I thought to myself 'okay another right wing nut job, no big deal' we encounter them regularly here.  Slightly later two large guys approached the singers on the second floor of the rotunda.  They carried a tea party flag in yellow(the cowards color) and proceeded to begin walking around the rotunda with it.  Fine by us we even applauded the rightie's for finally showing up at the capitol and taking part in democracy for once.

Well as these two flag carriers approached a group of women singing they started dragging their cowards flag over the ladies faces and tried to wrap them up in it.  Large men do not need to immobilize and elbow women anywhere much less at a peaceful sing along in the states capitol.  One small gentlemen rushed to the ladies aid ahead of myself and asked what was going on.  He was punched in the face and placed in a head lock.  I was amazed, I removed the head lock from the protester and we immediately called for the police.  At this time wheel chair guy came up and starting yelling that we were all under arrest for attacking "his" peaceful demonstration.  Wheel chair guy as it turns out is former republican senator Dave Zein.  And he took responsibility for organising this effort.

Of course Wisconsin being Wisconsin and decency being decency the righties were questioned, witness statements taken, one by a lawyer who witnessed the attack and the perpetrators were handcuffed and taken into custody on felony assault charges.  Zein sat there dumbfounded in his chair and started offering an array of excuses for his parties behaviour.  Knowing how the right wing considers God to be angry and knowing how the right loves to blame the victims I had no qualms about approaching the former senator and asking him right up close "What did you do sir, to anger the Lord?"  He asked me what I meant so I pointed at his prominently displayed stump of a leg and asked him again "What terrible thing did you do to anger the Lord your God and make him strike you lame and take your leg?"

I almost thought he was going to cry for a moment but as I have a life and work to do I couldn't wait all day for him to come up with some kind of answer and so I left him there surrounded by police.
But that is not what the subject of today's blog was supposed to be about.  I just threw it in there for its pertinence to all that's going on and the righties double talk and use of double standards.

By popular request I am continuing the new section of my post entitled:
                                                             KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

This first asshole was Blake Gober a minor underling for republican supreme court justice David Prosser, with everything going on today it was hard for me to single out an individual whose behaviour earns him or her the title of ASSHOLE.
So instead today I thought I would let you all know where to find some assholes for yourself.  If your in southern Wisconsin, in Madison most evenings you can find a grand collection of assholes at The Avenue Bar located at 1128 E Washington Ave.  Phone 608-257-6877.  The Avenue is a fine establishment and I have many fond memories of being there.  But lately the conservatives have been meeting there for drinks and conspiring together, so if your looking for assholes, that is the place to look in Wisconsin.  Remember it always pays to:
                                                                KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

And now back to what I was going to originally write about this evening.  I was back home this weekend (I don't get to visit very much these days with everything that is going on at the capitol) and was visiting one of my neighbors.  My neighbor who I will simply call "J" is someone Ive known for years.  We have always gotten along well even though she identifies as a republican.  That never bothered me though because she never discussed politics and never voted, so I considered her harmless.  And we would watch Packer games together with the neighbors and have cook outs and really enjoyed each others company.
Friday night I stopped by to say hi to her and see what was new in her world.  Apparently 'J' had politics on the mind (along with some alcohol) and very earnestly questioned me about what was going on at the capitol.  I explained about concealed carry and the de-funding of our schools and about how the GOP has bussed in dozens of hand picked cops to try and start violence amongst the protesters.  She tipsily rebuked my words and said that state troopers couldn't have been at the capitol because they are not allowed to be involved in politics or labor disputes by their charter.  I said that is absolutely right and I'm proud she knew that fact.  She then said something that sounded like a blurb from fox news about working and middle classes need to pay there fair share and stop beating up the rich.  I then reminded her that her taxes would be going up to make the rich even richer and that they were taking over and selling off our government to out of state interest's while simultaneously  lowering tax rates on corporations and wealthy individuals yet again which is part of how we got in this situation in the first place.
At this point she got pretty upset with me and stated that I sounded like 'a Jehovah's witness' and was babbling nonsense that no sane person could believe.
Wow, she says that we shouldn't complain about tax loop holes for the rich or even talk about them, yet its okay to place the burden right on the people who can least afford it.  She was off work for months last year with a medical issue but is now stating that perhaps nobody should have health care.  She doesn't believe that the GOP would ever cut funding to our schools because they know that would be sabotaging the state and America yet even Rush Limbaugh admits this.  I had to wonder if her job as a claims adjuster had anything to do with all this.  Did the corporate bigwigs discuss politics with the workers?  I know Wal-Mart does that with their mid-level people, spinning the issues and telling them how to vote.
But then with bleary eye's she asked me the most poignant and telling question of the night.  'J' asked me what I was getting out of this because I'm not middle class.  She wanted to know what the payoff was for me and I told her flat out that protecting Wisconsin for everyone including her children was all I wanted from this.  She was absolutely incredulous and refused to believe in the possibility of such thinking.  As I hastily left her home it occurred to me what I had been denying myself all these years.  That despite 'not voting' and being politically unaware, 'J' was truly a conservative.  Stating that she would and could not believe that somebody would fight and sacrifice so much for only the good of others is what makes her a republican.
By only believing in what can be financially achieved for oneself here on Earth with no though to right or wrong or the possibility of an afterlife she summed up neo-cnservatives and the tea party movement.  They are all greedy power seeking atheists regardless of what they claim, and have no concern for anyone or anything that does not directly affect themselves and they're all consuming worldly greed.
I miss old fashioned Wisconsin politics, and I miss bi-partisan debate.  I miss people being able to agree to disagree and moving on.  I miss unbiased news and information sources and media outlets.  I miss my old neighborhood and all of us coming together in the evenings to laugh and share our lives.  Mostly right at this moment though, I miss my former friend.  And I'm placing the blame at Scotty Walkers feet.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello world from Madison Wisconsin, ground zero in the American freedom movement

It is a beautiful, grand and glorious day here in Madison.  People are here from all over the mid west and beyond.  Some folks are tourists here for the farmers market and other such things, many are here for the rally this afternoon on the state's Capitol square.

Everything is moving forward and gaining momentum here as the recall elections are less than a month away now.  It is important to get out the vote on this one.  If you can volunteer to be an observer at the polls that would be wonderful.  Its a great experience that doesn't take up much time and is so important at this historic election.  We also need folks to collect signatures outside the polls to help in the supreme court justice's recall elections coming up soon as well.

And of course after that comes the grand daddy of them all.  The recall election of Scott Walker.  Can you imagine the party we will all be throwing once he's removed from office?  I'm almost afraid to imagine and besides there is so much work to do between now and then.  So keep the faith and keep up the effort and momentum my friends.  Our day is coming and that right soon.

I'm waiting for feedback from everybody before I continue with the new addition to my blog posting that I began yesterday.  It identifies a person of low character that stands with the conservatives and is opposed to the will of the people.  If they do something especially evil or stupid I like to call them out on it.  This new segment is called 'know your asshole', please let me know what you think.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

An ending and a beginning, my last post from Walkerville

Hello readers, this is going to be my last posting from Walkerville.  Although the permit for Walkerville does not expire until the 20th of this month it was decided to avoid the hassle of tearing down and setting up everyday as required by the terms of the permit to accommodate the huge and popular farmers market that occupies the entire square and then some every weekend.
I can understand the reasoning behind this decision especially given the fact that Scotty Walker's budget was passed by the Senate yesterday.  Although I'm not going to miss bailing rain water from my tent, spending the nights in a sleeping bag on concrete and passing out endless cigarettes to the homeless while being yelled and spit at by tea party bastiches, I'm gonna miss our Walkerville.
I have lots of fond memories of my time there, camping out with friends, the general helpfulness and friendliness of my fellow protesters.  Sitting around at nights watching films and sharing idea's.  It seems like their was nearly a 24/7 soundtrack provided by Madison music legend Art Paul Schlosser who has a new c.d. out by the way comprised of songs he wrote during the protests.
Yesterday was very long and very productive for me and I'm glad that I decided to celebrate in my tent with some friends and co-patriots.  We drank Walkertini's (vodka and Squirt) in dixie cup's and listened to a live rehearsal by a traditional acoustic Gallic band.  It was a wonderful time and I'm glad that this is how my Walkerville experience ended.
A very big thank you to everyone who promoted and participated in this historic and memorable event.  I was slightly sad this morning when I first heard that we would be leaving and I was even quietly a little irritated at the press as they took pic's of me as I loaded my gear onto my bad motor scooter.

And that is the ending that I mentioned in the title of this posting.
And now for the beginning I mentioned in the title of this posting.

I am starting a new and regular addition to my blog today and I hope you all find it both entertaining and informative, so here it is folks, the new addition to my writings that I like to call:

                                                         KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Today's asshole is a Wisconsin native and a junior aide of some type or other to right wing radical
Wisconsin Supreme Court judge and Walker cronie David Prosser.  I don't have his phone number and address to give you but I can tell you he drives a red Chevy S10 pick-up with black stripes that he parks in the lost next to Madison Fire House #1.
His name is Blake 'Goober' Gober who just recently tweeted to Vicki McKenna concerning the vastly misrepresented zombie protest that occurred in the midst of a Special Olympics function.   Blake is 20 or 21 years old and claims to have done two tours with the United States Marine Corps and has hit every single Naval base in the Pacific.  He also claims to have been on the ground in Iraq where he proudly killed "whatever moved."  I'm just stating this to establish his credibility and character.
What makes him my first ASSHOLE is his tweet in which stated "some libtard claims they didn't ruin the special olympics."  First of all the event was a commencment ceremony not the actual Special Olympics, secondly your supposed to capitalize the words Special Olympics.
And the big qualifier for ASSHOLE status is his use of the term libtard, and especially when discussing an event for the developmentally disabled for the love of God!  So there you have it folks, it pays to do your research before posting things and it pays to:
                                                      KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over one hundred and twenty some days now.......

and still going strong.  The movement only gets more and more passionate and more better informed.  To coincide with the Legislative recall elections in July there is now a growing call to take back Wisconsin as completely as possible between now, and I do mean this very day, this very moment, and when we recall Scott Walker in January. 
Along with the six very promising looking recounts against Senate Republicans, we are now adding three more to the recall list.  As we heavily staff the July elections to provide the people protection against yet another round of G.O.P. voter fraud, we will have people outside the polls collecting the signature's that we will need to recall three of the eligible Republican Judges of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.
Yeah I know judges aren't political candidates.  But here in Wisconsin we are one of only a couple of states that have elected judges and their campaigns are run along party platforms.  They are everything but either Democrat or Republican in title only.  Those who follow state government have been aware of this, and its ever increasing dirty partisan trickery forever now.
By collecting signatures at the polls we can streamline the recall process and greatly reduce the number of canvasser's needed in the fields to collect the rather small amount of signee's needed to initiate the recall election of the judges.  When the judges recall election comes around we will again monitor against voter fraud and simultaneously collect signatures for the glorious Walker recall in January.
That will leave the G.O.P. virtually powerless in the state with only the assembly to work with.  So hang in there people every day we are edging closer and closer to victory.
I know we received some bad news this week but take heart my friends and readers, right this moment over a thousand people are outside the capitol building rallying and gaining momentum for the movement.  Others are in the rotunda and even more are in the Assembly gallery listening to the voices of that body.
The price of freedom, which we all hold very dear, is enduring vigilance and awareness.  And I am more than sure that Wisconsin is up to that task and we will initiate the ending of conservative led class warfare nationwide.  Never forgive and never forget this folks.  Here is wishing you a glorious evening as the sun begins to set over Madison and Walkerville.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

So look for the Union label! Really it's important.

Good morning Wisconsin, I am glad to see we are all still here and continuing the fight and gaining momentum going into the recall elections.  Big shout out to Bloombergville in the big apple New York New York.  Found out last night they are doing their own version of Walkerville in solidarity with us.  So much for the stereotype of New Yorkers considering the Midwest a bunch of 'flyover' states.  Thank you big apple WI loves NY.

And here is something else I just recently discovered that Pipefitter's a business on 520 State st. in Madison, WI  phone (608) 257-2400, and also Capitol Kids at 8 s Carroll st. phone 608-280-0744 fax 608-280-0959 have been ripping off Walkerville, the Unions, and the peoples movement.  What they did was steal the blue on white solidarity logo that they print on Union/Democrat red shirts, they took the logo without permission and bootlegged it for themselves.  These shirts are printed in a non-Union shop, on Honduran sweat shop made shirts and sold top dollar to the unsuspecting for a pretty tidy profit.  And not one penny of our money goes to support the Unions or your cause.
BOYCOTT Pipefitters entirely and don't be afraid to let them know why either.  They also sell the (admittedly) cute 'Union Thug' t-shirts in children's and infants sizes, once again the profit does nothing to help the cause that represents 95% of our states population.  If you would like to support the cause through purchase of shirts or buttons check out the information tent in Walkerville at the corner of State street and the capitol square.  There are other good outlets as well, just check the tag on the shirt to make sure it is Union made in the U.S.A.  If your not in the area I would recommend shopping online at Amsterdam Madison on Facebook (sight will be ready today or tomorrow at the latest) or in Madison visit the store Amsterdam located at 917 Williamson street or the other location at 447 W Gilman street.

I promised all you good people in last nights posting that we would be revealing today the names of three very important G.O.P. figure's who are being added to the recall list.  That will be posted in my evening edition of this blog and if you love democracy you are going to love the names you see.  We are just dotting the i's and crossing the t's right now and will reveal them later today for everyone.

At this time I would like to devote some space to extending my deepest and most sincere gratitude to some very special people, institutions and organizations because without each and every one of them this movement would have faltered long ago.  And without some of them I would be in an organ donor bank and you would now know me only as a martyr for the cause.  I would like to start with:  This citizen journalist organization has worked tirelessly and with no small sacrifice to bring the truth of whats happening in Wisconsin to the nations attention and beyond.  I would like to extend their thank you with a big shout out creator Dave, (my other Mom) Kelley, and my bestest buddy Cori.  Thanking you three and all the others for bravely presenting the truth to the people.  I know you will all continue the good work and you are all loved for it.

'Segway' Jeremy Ryan the executive director and activist extrordinaire of  This brilliant young man has fought tirelessly night and day for the cause, risking his possibly his sanity, and definitely his health in defense of the Badger state from the weasels on the right.  He has nearly singly handedly liberated the Capitol from the fist of the G.O.P. so that this most sacred of Wisconsin structures still remains 'our house'

Sly and Radio 1670 A.M. in Madison for bravely getting the word to the masses, and flying bravely in the face of the bought and paid for by the Republicans, mass media market.  Love ya buddy!

The University of Wisconsin Hospital's and Clinic's and their amazing and award winning staffs of Nurses, Doctors and Technician's.  They went out of there way to come to me during my hunger strike to monitor my health and provide valuable information.

The brave women and men of the Firefighters and Police and their respective Unions.  Thank you all for your cool head's and unwavering solidarity through these difficult and trying times.  This also includes the folk's of the Parks and Recreation Department, the State Troopers, Dane County Sheriffs, State Conservation Wardens, Department of Criminal Investigations, University Security and Police, Capitol Police and Security and it's devoted department head Chief Charles Tubbs. Chief if I ever win the lottery you will never have to buy your own coffee again my friend.

Of course I would never forget my beloved I.A.T.S.E., Teamsters International, A.F.S.C.M.E., M.T.I., the I.B.E.W. and I will just stop there because I will never remember all the Unions fighting in our cause but you know who you are and I stand with you my sisters and brothers.  Thank you.

To the hard working folks of the private sector Unions because they are about to have their Unions dismantled by Scotty Walker as he simultaneously plans to further change the child labor laws.  Reportedly to the point of allowing 12 year old's to become full tome minimum wage (mandatory pay cap) employee's.

Attorney (at large) Jim Mueller, master of real estate law who reacted admirably and professionally when he was thrown into the lion's den of civil and criminal law as a brave defender of the people's movement.  Special big shout out to my dear friend Katy as well.

My good buddy and fellow brother of the road, he's hell on two wheels - Newt who opened his home nd shower to the out of town supporters of Walkerville.

I'm sure that as soon as I hit the post button for my blog I will remember a hundred other names and feel guilty for not including them as well.  But as they say, "You know who You are, and I will always love and celebrate your involvement.

And thank you to all my subscribers and readers who are keeping up with the cause and getting the word out in their own way.  Thank you for your devotion and I will continue to get the word out to you all.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm going to try and catch you all up tomorrow on all that has happened, is happening and what lies in the immediate future in tomorrows posting.  Right now my head is reeling, I'm dealing with information overload and my back is killing me.  It's been another long day here and I need a little recovery time to get ready for what is coming up here.  Thank you for your patience readers.  And a big shout out to Frogette.  Likewise a big round of applause to Newt on Madison's east side for the support.  Thank you all for keeping the movement alive and it is still alive, matter of fact I will tell you about three new recalls in the next post.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The easiest post to write ever

I know that despite all the communication and explaining in the last week that some folks were still apparently surprised today when the Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled Judge Sumi's court decision.  It was to be expected from the Supreme Court given it's make up and the fact that this was a political decision.

A make or break decision as part of a complete and total power grab to subvert and socially engineer the most powerful nation on Earth.  The kind of decision that guarantee's either money and fortune or reverence and respect, so there you have it in a nutshell folks.

Also I would like to say that you should once again disregard the reports you may be hearing regarding estimated crowd size at today's demonstration.  The police are not releasing a estimate and the mainstream media is doing what it's paid to do again.  If you were not lucky enough to make it today in person either listen to estimates from somebody who was, or if you trust me and I'm used to working with concert sized crowds there was no less than 5,000 there at the peak of attendance.  That's not including the people inside.  That is a lot of working folks to come out from all over the state on a Tuesday.
And as with all other clouds this one too has a silver lining.  And that being the very surprise announcement that Chancellor Biddy Martin of U.W. Madison announced her resignation this afternoon.  She was under pressure because of her support for the deal proposed by Scotty Walker to separate and privatize the flagship school of the U.W. system. 
She will be going down a few notches (no offense) to take over tiny Amherst College now.  So here we are my sisters and brothers.  Some good news and some not so good news.  It's the closing of another beautiful day here in Madison/Walkerville and the fight continues.
Also the Democrats are swearing to fight like the dickens to re-fund our schools.  You got to love that.  So on that uplifting note I say good night to you all, and two more things.......

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD   !!!!

So many colors and so very few bad apples.

At least six thousand anti-Walkers protesters are rallying in and around the Wisconsin state capitol building even as I post this.  All of the beloved colors are there to be seen in all they're glory.  The blue of Madison Teachers Inc. ,  the orange shirts of the I.B.E.W. as well as the royal purple of S.C.E.I.  Of course the pro-Democratic red,  the midnight blue of Cop's for Labor and my personal favorite I.A.T.S.E. in black.

Of course there are just too many Unions, PAC's and groups and individuals to mention here, the showing of peace and solidarity makes for a beautiful sight around the capitol square.  It is very touching and empowering to see so many here to save our beloved state and American way of life.

 As to be expected from any crows this size there is bound to be a few bad apples.  I was amazed to see Republican Senator Glen Grothman crossing Mifflin street, quickly heading for the Capitol.  He was easily spotted from a distance by his bad suit and even worse hair.  He was met by a chorus of 'boo's; and 'shame' by the crowd.  I was organising anti-agitator security for the rally and as of 2:15 this afternoon only seven counter-protesters had shown.  Only two looked capable of violence though none occurred as of yet. View the two of them in a passionate hug later at

I will post again tonight to give you a wrap up of all the day's events here in Madison.  Right now I need to resume my vigilance at the rally which will be going strong into this evening.  Come on down after work and witness the wonder for yourself.  Until later folk's.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

We need our brains against their muscle at the Capitol on Tuesday.

Was able to confirm earlier this afternoon that there will definitely be some agitators at the rallies in Madison tomorrow looking to start some violent confrontations in order to make us look bad and give the Repug's an excuse to try and have the police and/or national guard cut loose on us.
Although there have been some citations issued and arrests made recently things are very calm and friendly between police and protesters.  As they should be since we are all on the same side of course.  The national guard wont do the G.O.P.'s dirty work either, heck they loaned us dozens of gas masks in case there was a call to occupy the Capitol again.
Of course we are all hoping and working hard to keep everything as peaceful as possible but if tea party goons and thugs are going to start physical violence with students, teachers and protesters we will need to act.  So if you can make it to the capitol square and Walkerville on Tuesday we will need you.  First we need you to add strength to our numbers and get our collective message across.  Secondly if you are able we will need people in the crowd looking for the agitators so we can stop there violence and document/identify them for the police and the media.  Especially if we can connect them directly to the Republicans.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

coulda, shoulda, woulda

Well today is not going according to plan for your humble narrator.  Walkerville is humming along just fine and the capitol building is fairly quiet today.  Well except when the well attended Solidarity Sing Along was happening today as it does every weekday from noon until one p.m.
There are police roaming the capitol square in groups and they are perhaps even more bored today than anyone but that is too be short lived perhaps.
Basically there is little for me to report to you readers today.  There is a link on my facebook wall for a flash rally on Wednesday at the Capitol.  And of course various and diverse rallies and protests being staged tomorrow as the G.O.P. intends to make another run at their Union busting legislation.  Several Republican legislators are already chomping at the bit to pass the public union busting bill as they are starting to speak openly around the capitol of going after private unions next.  They will tie this in with new laws to weaken or remove access to unemployment insurance, new laws to weaken access to health care for those with insurance and some changes to the child labor laws to allow 14 - 16 year old more 'rights to work' which means your kids will now have to dig ditches with you to keep a roof over your heads.
I had originally intended to have one of two posts ready for today but the research is slowing me down.  One piece is on the cost of private security for the Governor as his popularity is so low he cant even trust his safety to officers of any of the states law enforcement departments.  But it is slow getting information on Wackenhutt and so that will be coming out later.
The second piece that I am working on is a bio on Vicki McKenna, the tea party radio host who has been calling for violence against peaceful demonstrations as she tries to initiate a riot, hopefully leading to some deaths if she can manage to influence the police to open fire on citizens.  I was going to finish that piece by stating that:
I have no wish or desire to see violence at all around the capitol building, nor would I want to see it in my neighborhood so if Vicki McKenna is so dead set on having violence occur it should be at her home.
I would then list Vicki's address, aliases, phone number and vehicle description with tag/plate number.  But since I want to see things peacefully resolved in Wisconsin I am torn on doing that.  Especially this week when all the conservatively (nearly all) controlled media outlets are promoting the possibility of violence in Madison this week.  If you think I should out McKenna's information comment on this posting and let me know, I will follow majority opinion on this one.
Also if you have any ability at all to be in Madison tomorrow on Tuesday the 14th please be there as the Republicans are bringing in dozens of people (so they say) to be fake protesters with the intention of initiating violence at any cost to defame the movement.  We will need lots of (preferably experienced) people to stop  the violence before it can start and to I.D. and/or document the individual agitators.
Wisconsin needs you on the square tomorrow citizens of the badger state.  We all need you there and I am looking forward to seeing you in the effort to halt the destruction of the 'Wisconsin Idea' and the American Dream.  In peace and solidarity my friends until next time.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Take your pic with a cop day at the capitol

Since the beginning of the current movement against Scott Walker the police at the capitol building in Madison have been very aware of what side they are on.  There has been lots of hand shaking and fist bumping.  Citizens and Officers have been united in solidarity and it has been one of the most heart warming aspects of the protests and rallies.

Now that things are getting heavy with the passage of bills at breakneck speed and with the voting coming up this week on the big Union busting bill things are changing very quickly at the capitol building.  In a victory for the people of Wisconsin, two more entrances will be re-opened allowing greater access to our capitol.  On the downside ten days ago the G.O.P. began drastically adding to the numbers of officers at 'our house.'  We now have over 10% of the state's entire force of game wardens screening visitors to the capitol.  And they are the nicest folks in the world, very respectful and approachable.

Likewise the Capitol Police and Security officers have been solid citizens and true professionals while in uniform and on the job.  Until recently that is, lately some officers have been showing the prolonged effects of stress from being caught in the middle between the protesters they side with and their tea party boss in the Department of Justice.  Most of you have seen the video of an officer aggressively arresting a young female journalist for taking photo's of the rally.  Although Chief Charles Tubbs is an excellent officer and decent human being, he can not oversee every action of his officers at all times.  That is one of the reasons these things are happening as in the case earlier this week where a CP&S officer groped a young lesbians breasts while patting her down in front of witness's.  Are male officers are not even allowed to pat down females being taken into custody?

What is much worse than that and some other questionable (illegal actually) activity by Capitol P&S is the recent addition of hand picked State Patrol Officers at the capitol.  These are mostly very young patrol officers selected for their eagerness to circumvent the law and their willingness to use any amount of force against people regardless of whether or not a infraction has occurred.

The Republicans plan at this time is to use these officers to arrest, hurt and intimidate the media and keep them from reporting at the capitol.  The GOP wants to operate under cover of darkness so to say, and have the ability to physically strike at those who would oppose them. is organising a rally for this coming Wednesday the 15th at 1p.m.  All with camera's are invited to attend, especially members of the press.  The intention of this rally is to respectfully but sternly and in a friendly manner, remind the officers that freedom of the press is a Constitutional and Federally protected right no matter what some pompous Republicans have to say about it.  We will be chatting with officers and taking photo's to share later.  We are also re-establishing a open and friendly dialogue with our fellow citizens in uniform.  It should be a very fun and peaceful time and I encourage everyone who can to bring a camera and attend.

Before the rally we will be handing out copies of the oath that officers take to join the force.  If you like you can make your own signs or copies.  The officers oath is written below.  Take care readers and I hope to see you there this week.

           On my honor,
           I will never betray my badge,
           My integrity, my character,
           Or the public trust.
           I will always have
           The courage to hold myself
           And others accountable for our actions.
           I will always uphold the constitution
           My community and the agency I serve.

On Wisconsin!    Forward!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Very important

I just re-read my earlier posting regarding the uniformed officers statement regarding "shooting the Governor" what I forgot to mention in the previous post is that this was said JOKINGLY.  This was not anything to be taken seriously, it was said in jest between co-workers who didn't know I was there.
I believe the real significance of this statement is that it demonstrates just how isolated Scott Walker is here in Wisconsin.  He doesn't have a single friend in this state.  It seems that nearly every citizen of Wisconsin is opposed to his radical anti-American agenda.  I can not stress this enough that it was not a real threat against the governors person so please remember that readers.
I again thank you for following my blog and I will continue to do everything possible to keep you all informed of everything I learn at the capitol in Madison.  The whole world is watching you Scotty and nobody seems to like you.  Even the Koch brothers merely use you as a tool for their private agenda.  In solidarity forever - Matthew Schauenburg
Also local activist hero Segway Jeremy Ryan will be debating Republican Senator Robin Voss on FoxBusiness news tonight 6-10-2011 I believe it is at eight o clock but check your local listings.  Give em hell Jeremy all Wisconsin is behind you buddy!
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Oh my God what I overheard at the capitol this morning-gotta share.

So I'm undercover at the capitol building this morning as I sometimes am, looking to overhear some interesting bits of conversation between Repubs.  This is almost just way too easily accomplished by wearing a black suit and having a poker face that's half arrogance and half constipation.  Works like a charm.
This morning though I didn't get anything of real interest from any Republicans or lobbyist's but I did overhear a conversation between police officers who were not aware that anyone was around them.  They were talking quietly amongst themselves and complaining about the orders they had received to walk around the square and run the license plates and take notes on all vehicles with Democrat or anti-Walker bumper stickers.  At this point one officer who I will not reveal even though they are known to me, I'm not even going to say which department they work for said "Fuck the protesters I'm gonna shoot God damned Walker!"
HOLY COW BATMAN you could have knocked me over with a feather.  I know that all the police agencies are on our side of course just like the National Guard is opposed to Walker but WOW!  And that is the quote of the week from Madison readers.  I will be posting again this afternoon and hopefully will have some more interesting inside info for you all. 

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scotty is proud of Wisconsin - Milwaukee this weekend

It is true that Scotty boy will be attending PrideFest in Milwaukee this weekend.  What I may have failed to say earlier and I admit it ( I suck) is that it wont be Walker in person but rather a stand in.  Some persons known or unknown  liberated a official state of Wisconsin photo and plaque of the (fraudulently elected governor) from the Secretary of States building this week and are circulating it around the badger state.
He was initially seen at the Henry Vilas zoo in Madison posed as a zookeeper.  Now he is on his way (right at this moment) to Milwaukee for PrideFest 2011.  I was there for PrideFest 2009 because I'm such a huge Cydni Lauper fan.
Yes it is just a official photo and plaque of the governor but you get the idea right?  It should be all kinds of fun and I am thinking of setting up a web site called 'where's Scotty' and doing the same thing on a grand scale all across the great badger state.  Just e-mail me and I can arrange for "Scotty" to be at your Pridefest, labor rally or Bar Mitzvah.  All I ask is that you share the photo's with me. 
This is my kind of shenanigans.  So if you see Scotty let him know how you feel by taking a photo and posting it to my facebook page.  Looking forward to hearing from all you folks and happy PrideFest.

Riding the storm out

Greetings from Walkerville where nearly everything is dried out and folks are in high spirits after overcoming what mother nature decided to throw at us last night.  For those of you not in south central Wisconsin, yesterday evening the local weather radars turned bright red with hail, thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  In Walkerville we battened down the hatches and took cover in groups to ride it out  And ride the storm out we did as rain and hail pelted down, thunder crashed and indeed we did get hit with a tornado just south of us creating a water spout on Lake Monona.

As far as we've heard so far nobody was hurt and mostly trees were damaged.  It was a fairly intense (in tents?) experience and we are all the stronger for it.  After the storm subsided we took care of our gear and tents and gathered together to share stories and memories of similar events.  One day longer and one day stronger.  Scotty we are coming for you.

We are about to start protesting right now outside the University of Wisconsin at Madison's Fluno Center as both Scotty and uber-financial fascist Paul Ryan are holding a symposium for large scale real estate developers who are interested in buying massive parcels of Wisconsin land for out of state corporate development.  There will also be guest speakers explaining how the states environmental protection laws have been gutted and even someone to explain all of Scottys new corporate tax loopholes and breaks for the wealthy.

I will be back later with another posting.  Thanks to those who wrote to me concerning last nights posting on communications and oversight.  I would really love to hear more from all of you folks.  Thanks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More bloodletting and a dirty, dirty shameful trick attempt.

And the anti-union, anti-democratic, anti-American and very anti-Wisconsin wound inflicting on the decent working people of the badger state inflicted by Scotty Walker and his cronies continued to bleed today.  After once again being unable to start a meeting on time, more legislation was rammed through today affecting us through violations of democratic procedure.

Nearly all renters rights were removed today, your rented home is now open to search and seizure, landlords can basically evict at will and you are no longer protected if a landlord chooses not to effect repairs or even provide heat or water.  Welcome to Scotty's vision of the future for us.

Meanwhile there was a very rare indeed public appearance by Scotty himself which amounted to a dirty and shameful trick at the expense of the Special Olympics.  The kick off to Wisconsin's Special Olympics was held today on the northeast corner of the capitol square.  It was not originally supposed to be held there as that is the pedestrian walkway into the only open access point to the building.  But a quick last minute change and presto, everything was moved to right across the street, perhaps fifty feet away from Walkerville.   For those of you wondering Walkerville is a legally sanctioned and licensed temporary occupation of four blocks of the outer square of the capitol.  Protesters have set up tents and are staying there in solidarity as a symbol to the Republican party that the people are not going away and are dug in and committed to reclaiming our great state.  And Walkr moved to within fifty feet of us.

This would be all just fine, we all love the Special Olympics and support it whole heartily, many of us are volunteers, teachers and organizers connected with the cherished event.  But Scotty who is drastically slashing special education funding moved the event right next to the protesters.  Then he announces at the last minute that he will personally be seen outside at the ceremony to say 'a few words'  Those words were of course all lies as Walker has no support or concern or compassion whatsoever for these citizens as is evident from his treatment of them and their care providers and families through his budget.

What Walker had hoped to do and this was acknowledged (unofficially) by a C.N.N. producer on the scene, was to incite protest against himself in the middle of the Special Olympians ceremony.  Further abusing these citizens once again for his own benefit.  We were not buying it.  A student protest group quietly filed past outside the perimeter of the ceremony to let Scotty know we were there and not playing his game.

Some more protesters formed a small line in front of the fraudulently elected Governor and turned their backs to him in quiet contempt as he spoke his hastily scribbled speech.  A total misstep by Scotty and it backfired completely as he now looks like the abusive and manipulative individual that he is.  No wonder that Walker is the leader of the Republican party in some respects as leader of the state.  He is the foulest of the foul and the most reviled of the reviled.

All this to further his corporate templated agenda of avarice and greed to appease his one and only true God, greed and power just like the bloated corporate fat cats that command him and write his agenda..
So maintain the fight my sisters and brothers, it is through unity, solidarity and vigilance that we will take back Wisconsin and restore it as a bastion of justice, liberty and freedom.  A guiding light of decency and humanity for all to see.  Thank you for your time and support and remember we are only five weeks away from the recall elections.  Unless the G.O.P. decides to run Republicans as Democrats to cheat and confuse the voters again because they're election fraud has been revealed from previous elections.  Stay the course.

On Wisconsin!      FORWARD!!!!

Morning in Walkerville

The crows are cawing and the diesel engines of the buses are roaring.  At least they are burning bio-diesel fuel though, that in itself is a protest against Republicans and especially tea partyers who have been brain washed by corporate forces to believe that only by going back to V8 engines and burning coal can we protect the environment and the economy.
Out of force of habit I purchase a Wisconsin State Journal and there on the front page is coverage of Walkerville and I am amazed until I see the photo they took.  With all these people out here the paper chose to take a photo of one of Madison's homeless folks napping in the sun to portray our struggle.  I am slightly angered for a moment but then remember that Walkerville is based on historic Hooverville so the photo is apropos. 
After a quick shave in the porto-potty (the only mirror I could find) using cold bottled water it is time for me to resume my place in the trenches of today's battle in Wisconsin's class warfare struggle.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Corner of the Capitol square and Sunset Blvd.

A grizzled and weathered old man stands timeless and unmoving behind wizened eye's.  Behind him in suit pants and shirt skateboards a young Jewish man with curled hair and full beard.  He deftly swerves and moves around a small group of attractive Asian women who although together belong to two very different camps.  Some are wearing full length white dresses and the rest seem to be having a competition to see who can got the closest to being naked.  They board a metro bus with a member of the state Assembly as the Assembly woman's aide walks to his B.M.W. turbo.  The bus driver honks his horn at a nearby group of pro-union/anti-radical conservative protesters who at first look appear more diverse than all the folks previously mentioned.
It's summer time in lovely (and sweltering) Madison, WI but it reminds me of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.  There is no telling what you will see here next and for the most part that is a grand and glorious thing in my way of thinking.  Remember the caveat though-I said for the most part.  What I have noticed in the last week and is somewhat surprising and definitely depressing to me are the beginning signs of the unity and solidarity of the protesters being tested and stressed.  The beginnings of dissension are within our ranks and that is something that none of us need.
Last week in the Joint Committee on Finance this became apparent to me when minor conflict and a few words were exchanged between members of the A.S.O., the group Voces de la Fronteras (really hope I spelled that right) and DefendingWisconsin creator Jeremy Ryan.  Some people accused others of not doing enough, others accused folks of doing too much, none of the above could agree on tactics and intentions to save their lives.  Infighting such as this does absolutely zero to help save the Badger State from the forces of tyranny and greed that threaten us all.
I have said before and will repeat again "with all this work to be done defending Wisconsin, there is a role for everyone regardless of skill set, tactics or individual agenda."   You don't have to agree with Jeremy Ryan's pushing the envelope and repeated arrests but any sane person knows that if the state Supreme Court overturns judge Sumi's ruling on the Budget Reform Bill the only thing left protecting us will be Jeremy's pushing for a ruling of violation of the states open meetings law.
You can say that Voces de la Fronteras shot themselves in the foot by announcing their agenda and timeline for it, ahead of time over the Internet where it was picked up by the Republican party who took all the wind out of their sails by postponing the meeting until night time.  But at least they organized and came in from Milwaukee and were here.  At least they intimidated the G.O.P.
You may not agree with my hunger strike but you have to admit it generated a metric ton of international and regional attention to the plight of Wisconsin and its pivotal role in our nations future for generations to come.  Just as America is a diverse nation, just as Wisconsin's population is diverse so to must be the tactics and people united against the threat to our beloved state!
In short now is the time to do some serious soul-searching and agree to disagree about the details.  Regardless of what tactics are used the media will distort and misrepresent us and our intentions.  Regardless of how finely or grossly we state our case we know that our words fall on the deaf ears of our fraudulently elected government.
SO DON'T SWEAT THE PETTY THINGS !  And never pet the sweaty things(ewwww)
We are in the middle of class warfare the likes of which has never been seen before and it really does not matter one darn bit if you wear a tie or not, whether you hold out your pinkie as you drink or not.  Such small differences should be beneath out notice at this point.
What we do need and really should have right now besides strength in numbers and unity and solidarity is someone or a few someones who have the ability and resources to provide communication and oversight between the more than a dozen political action groups, the dozens of unions, the Democratic party and the citizenry of the state.  I am not the person for the job.  The late great Ben Masel knew a lot about this and we are weaker for his passing.
But especially now with the recall elections coming up and the need to monitor them because there will be voter fraud once again from the G.O.P.  That is as sure as death and taxes and our vigilance against this must be widespread and unflinching.  We also have the police and firefighters unions which we need to maintain better communications with.  I have been working and organizing the National Guard and they are very willing to help us (they have been donating equipment and supplies to us in case of occupation) and they do not stand with Scott Walker at all but I am just one man trying to organize between the other groups and the Guard which is scattered throughout the state.  If you have any any idea's on how to organize and promote more efficient communications between all these fine folks please let me know.  Or just set it up on your own and run with it, it should be very easy to establish contact with all of us once your up and running.
And for the activists and organisers around Madison please be aware that there are 3 - 5 white Ford Focus' with Washington D.C. plates following us around just recently and I'm positive that their inhabitants intentions have nothing to do with our best interest's.  Please be safe and alert at all times, we are at war people and though we didn't start it, it is our duty to end it here for the good of our children, our state and our nation and I thank you for all your efforts in this most just and honorable cause.  In solidarity my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dont take this one seriously folks, I know tensions are high lately

 I'm sitting here waiting on the JCF to start and I'm thinking about ol Scotty Walker and his plans for Wisconsin and how it all tie's' in with the tea party agenda on the national level, here is a goofy yet amusing thought I would like to share with you.


On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Good bye frying pan.........and helloo fire

Just got out of court a little while ago after pleading not guilty to the horrible crime of holding a copy of the United States Constitution inside the state capitol building.  As anyone who has seen the YouTube, FaceBook or WisEye coverage of yesterdays long delayed meeting of the Joint Committee on Finance knows there was some differences of opinion expressed from within the ranks of the protesters.
At first I was a little bit flustered by the folks who were saying that quietly observing events and waiting for the upcoming recall elections is the only route to follow to save Wisconsin, after spending 100+ days in a row dealing with the situation here I at first didn't want to hear from someone who shows up every other month for a few hours to explain to me what is happening at the capitol.  Wow that was a run-on sentence.  No Pulitzer for my I'm afraid. 
Anyway it was not quiet and polite action far short of civil disobedience that has won us the victories that now put us within striking distance of reclaiming the Senate and setting up the Gubernatorial recall.  It has been those who have relentlessly pursued the protection of our rights that have put the pressure on officials to stand up for whats right.  Now I have always said that this is a huge movement and that there is plenty of room for all kinds of people with different thoughts, tactics, and skill sets to get involved in retaking Wisconsin for its citizenry.
And I applaud those who are quietly maintaining awareness of what is going on and are patiently awaiting the recall elections.  I am quietly optimistic that the recall elections will not be subverted by fraud and deception.  But in the halls of the capitol that is all you hear from the GOP, how they will flood the airwaves with false and mis-leading campaign ads to muddy the waters, keep minority and fringe voters away from the polls.  I can only imagine what they say behind closed doors about committing another full blown act of voter fraud like we saw happen three times now in Waukesha.
If that happens again, and it is quite likely and they steal the elections, than all the nay-sayers of folks like myself and Jeremy Ryan are going to be changing their tune somewhat as Jeremy's lawsuit centered around violations of the states open meetings laws will be the only thing left under the sun protecting them from the corporate evil of Scotty Walker and his masters out east.
So to you nay-sayers please remember, and I remind our folks of this too, we are all together in this.  We may not always agree on all the details and tactics and methodology involved in the current political/fiscal fiasco, but there is room for all kinds here to do what they can.  To do what their hearts tell them to do to save the great state of Wisconsin from the GOP's class warfare.
And with that said I leave the court room behind and head to the Joint Committee on Finance to do what I feel I should be doing for Wisconsin.  In solidarity my sisters and brothers.  Until next time.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!