Monday, June 27, 2011

Madison, Devils Lake, Green Bay and back again.

Hey there readers, hope your all in good spirits and fighting the good fight.  Old Scotty Walker was chasing all around Wisconsin this last weekend apparently looking for a place where he can find if not some friends at least some inkling of support for his radical agenda.  And wouldn't you know it, he didn't have any luck at all, the poor isolated bastard.
In Devils Lake the head conservation officer in charge of the large state park gave a speech about the beauty of such parks and the need to preserve them for our children and the future.  He spoke very well about the important role the C.C.C. played in the creation of so many of Wisconsin's state parks amongst other works.  The Civilian Conservation Corps was founded under president Franklin D Roosevelt and used federal money to create jobs during the last great depression.  This labor was then used to create many important works including fire breaks, creation and repairs to roads and bridges and of course our state parks.  These good works are still carried on today by the Youth Conservation Corps which takes teenagers from all around Wisconsin and employs them throughout the state on a variety of conservation projects.
After this speech giving praise to the Democratic president who brought us out of the great depression it was time for Scotty, the Republican trying his darnedest to dig us further into our generations great depression to speak.  At first the four hundred or so protesters kept away from the Governor but soon stepped right up to within a few feet of him.  They allowed him to continue his speech but wanted to look him in the eye as he lied to them with the same old tired cliches he has been throwing around from the beginning.
Conservation Wardens and even state troopers backed away from their protective stance around the hugely unpopular leader as if they had no concern to get in between the good citizens of the badger state and her fraudulently elected Governor.
Sunday was Green Bay where myself and three other like minded individuals were granted access inside the Governors high profile, high security budget signing.  Armed only with press passes and camera's we entered the factory Scotty was using for his signing.  This is the same factory where he had kicked off his Gubernatorial campaign a year ago.  There were about two hundred people inside the event.  About fifty were members of the press corps including us.  About fifty were Republicans from the senate and assembly and their families.  Another hundred were friends and family of the Governor and some of his higher paying campaign supporters from around the state.  Security was thick and several Republican senators recognized me as soon as I entered the factory doors.  With this many right wing zealots and nut jobs around, plus all the Wackenhutt security that follows the Governor around I knew I would not have a chance to pull any shenanigans and just let Scotty have his day.  Especially since his days are numbered.
Besides the 450 - 600 protesters outside would have their chance to let ol Scotty know how they felt.  Which they did to, as Scotty sought to slip out from the event after signing the budget debacle, protesters stood in the street blocking his vehicles intended route of egress forcing his driver to make a quick turn about and run off in the direction of the airport for another high dollar retreat to his tax payer funded lair in southern Wisconsin.
Arriving home early that evening I decided to see some friends from my old neighborhood and tell them about all that was going on.  As soon as I arrived on the east side people quickly sought me out to tell me that on Saturday night two men had shown up at my former residence and were trying to kick in the doors around my old apartment building screaming that they were 'coming for Matt Schauenburg'.  Police were called and the two (I'm sure) tea party idiots that found an old address of mine off the Internet, left before they would have to face the law of the land.  Right wingers it seems just hate the law and live in constant spite and fear of it.

Then this morning as I'm arriving at the capitol I'm told that tea party nuts were planning to descend upon the capitol supposedly to have their own version of a sing along but more presumably true, to initiate hostilities against women and children again as is their cowardly wont.  Always being able to outsmart these right wing goons we threw them off balance by moving our sing along outside and let them have the rotunda.  Several of us stayed inside to observe the tea party folks as our peaceful sing along commenced outdoors. 
The sunglasses wearing goons of the tea party were obviously lost and weren't sure what to do with themselves since their intended prey escaped from them.  So running about twenty minutes late they decided to form together in a small huddled group of 41 individuals on the rotunda floor and actually tried to hold a sing along which they apparently were not prepared to do.  So they began making their way through the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic' and the national anthem.  Apparently having some difficulty with the words to the well known songs.  They then recited the pledge of allegiance with extra emphasis on the God part.  And with nothing else left to work with proceeded to sing an improvisational medley of t.v. theme songs including The Flinstones, Green Acres and GilligansMadtown. 
I exited the building ahead of them anticipating what was about to happen.  Their small numbers began filing out of the doors of the capitol building where the first thing they saw was - you guessed it, the hundreds strong attending the daily Solidarity SingAlong.  You could tell that really took the wind out of their sails as crestfallen, they headed off in different directions to make their way to their vehicles and get the heck out of dodge as it were.  One lone tea party member sat quietly by himself and watched the end of our singing.  It almost seemed like he was somewhat overwhelmed or at least surprised by the passion and strength of our side.  It almost looked like he may have been reconsidering his position on the issues and second thoughts about what side he had thrown his hat in with. 
That is all for now dear folks.  I have some media relations to take care of and also some networking in support of our two brothers on hunger strike Hallis and Will.  I will post again this evening including what seems to be a popular new addition to my blog, the segment I've entitled KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

I want to thank Matt again for having this blog available. I will continue to comment here, but I got on Twitter a few days ago - my address is @frogetteca. [I am a scientest, and I like to experiment. My twitter experiment is I have zero followers and I am following zero. I will not add anyone to follow for a week or two. If you have read my comments in the past and like them, I invite you to follow me. I would like to see what happens. That way I learn how Twitter works.] I have followed Madison 3 and a half months, starting with a Google search of "Wisconsin Protests", and the last two months mostly following #wiunion on Twitter. And for much of this time, I commented here on Hungry Guy Madison. I began by expressing my concerns for Matt's health as he carried on a hunger strike to save Wisconsin's (and America's) democracy. I was shocked (but not surprized) by the callousness of conservitive "trolls" that attacked him on his site for demonstrating at the capitol in his way. I was also shocked (again, not surprized), by the nearly complete, total lack of coverage of Matt's hunger strike, even after nearly a month of starvation, in the national media. So that became the theme for my support for this growing movement: Mainstream Media is not covering the voice of the MAJORITY of this countries citizens. This means, not only Fox News, but most of the stations on t.v., including ones I used to think of in the past as being impartial in their reporting. But thanks to the web, we are being educated about a coordinated plan by national think tanks, such as ALEC and Americans for Prosperity, to subvert our democratic American government with a mega Corporate Big Government. We are learning about who is funding this action, and the Koch Brothers head that list. The first stages of this plan are lead by the governors of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona, and other states across the country. But the citizens of this country are fighting back, and Wisconson has been ground zero for this fight, and Madison continues this lead for four months with a steady burning flame of peaceful passion. I am intereted in this whole movement, but my eyes are focused on you Madison, because you are in the frontline battle. I must mention the "Emergency Financial Manager" Law in Michigan is very much in this frontline battle with Wisconsin. I went to Twitter so I can share an occasional thought in solidarity. I don't want to get deep in an online social network - I need to have some time to dedicate to my home and family. I would like to get quick, reliable summaries of Madison news, but I can't tune in to a reliable, impartial media outlet. So for now, my news station is "#wiunion Twitter" and "Hungry Guy Madison", and "Esential Protest News #wiunion Newsworthy News". About a week ago, Essential Protest News broke, so you now can't see Archives or view the videos - they are stuck on one. That was one reason I decided to tweet to mention on Twitter what happened, hoping someone might get my tweet and fix it. And I had been considering joining Twitter all those weeks I monitored it. What made me decide to take action was the violence in the capitol rotunda during the Solidarity Singalong. "Four months of peaceful, powerful protests", and now the "first act of violence" carried out by conservative right-wing thugs, and the only media there was the Fox t.v. media that was with the ex Republican senator and his two aquaintences. Besides wanting to educate about this media blockout, frogette wishes all of you tranquility and vigilance. I care about all of you, and I know your battle is not easy. Your covereage of the bill-signing protests at Devil's Lake and the Solidarity Singers versus tea band singers was great, Matt. PEACE, MADISON

kks said...

Wonderful coverage, telling it like it is! Kudos Matt, thanks for keeping us in the loop, and participating in events that some of us can't....and thanks for keeping Hallis and Will up front...I support these guys 100% and hopefully we can get them the coverage they deserve!
In Solidarity!
Frogette is great, thanks for your support from all of us in Madison! Are you on Facebook?

matthew schauenburg said...

Thank you again frogette, I can hook you up with some friends of mine who just started tweeting if you would like.

frogette said...

To kks: Thanks again. I am not in Facebook, I want to stick with Twitter - It seems simpler, and I want to balance my time so I have more time to do stuff like take care of home and go for walks and short drives with my lady. She is still not convinced what is going on in your part of the world is important, she calls it "other peoples problems" and I tell her it is all of our problems. I believe the U.S.A will, in the not distant future undergo profound changes (for the better I hope, otherwise we will live under some kind of "fascism"}, and we take the lead, and Wisconson sets the example, through the enduring, peaceful protests. Matt, feel free to let new friends know about my Twitter address. I prefer that whoever connects to me does so because they like what I have written. I am curious to see who might follow me by "free will", then, a week from now I will begin to follow others, whether I have been followed or not. It is a kind of innocent online social net "experiment" that hurts no one (unlike the conservative right-wing so-called "experiment" with democracy which is really corporate takeover of our elected governments). Your site has been a great source of information for what happens around Madison, the site of the huge protests in February and March, and many large ones in the hundreds and thousands since, including yesterday's protests. And Matt, your reporting on Devil's Lake, Green Bay, and the deuling singalongs at the capitol yesterday, was in my opinion, your best piece of "reporting". Peace, Madioson.

frogette said...

P.S. I forgot to say. I was getting gas at the chain convenience mart (Arco, part of BP, I believe), and as I was returning to my car, I looked at the news stand, and there was US Today, with the top story, taking up most of the front page with big graphics and a map, something about "Do the Republicans have their eye on the prize in Florida?". WHO CARES? Peace, Madison

frogette said...

Whoops! I try to be accurate, but sometimes I make mistakes. Everything was happening so fast this weekend, it all seemed to happen at once. 1. Devil's Lake Protest: Saturday, June 25, 2011, 2. Corporate sponsored bill-signing in Green Bay: Sunday, June 26, 2011, and the deuling sing alongs at the capitol: 12 pm, today, Monday, June 27, 2011 were all very good protests. The deuling sing alongs were not intended to be a protest, but the Solidarity Singers, just by being there in their larger numbers since the capitol violence, made a statement about which movement is more popular. Matts account made clear that there was even more to the protests than what I saw on the videos circulating on Twitter. I really liked his account of the teapartier who stayed to watch the Solidarity Singers. As this protest movement grows, I imagine you could be seeing more of that. Peace, Madison.