Thursday, June 9, 2011

Riding the storm out

Greetings from Walkerville where nearly everything is dried out and folks are in high spirits after overcoming what mother nature decided to throw at us last night.  For those of you not in south central Wisconsin, yesterday evening the local weather radars turned bright red with hail, thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  In Walkerville we battened down the hatches and took cover in groups to ride it out  And ride the storm out we did as rain and hail pelted down, thunder crashed and indeed we did get hit with a tornado just south of us creating a water spout on Lake Monona.

As far as we've heard so far nobody was hurt and mostly trees were damaged.  It was a fairly intense (in tents?) experience and we are all the stronger for it.  After the storm subsided we took care of our gear and tents and gathered together to share stories and memories of similar events.  One day longer and one day stronger.  Scotty we are coming for you.

We are about to start protesting right now outside the University of Wisconsin at Madison's Fluno Center as both Scotty and uber-financial fascist Paul Ryan are holding a symposium for large scale real estate developers who are interested in buying massive parcels of Wisconsin land for out of state corporate development.  There will also be guest speakers explaining how the states environmental protection laws have been gutted and even someone to explain all of Scottys new corporate tax loopholes and breaks for the wealthy.

I will be back later with another posting.  Thanks to those who wrote to me concerning last nights posting on communications and oversight.  I would really love to hear more from all of you folks.  Thanks.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


kks said...

Glad everyone was OK....and it is nice and cool today, much better camping weather! Couldn't make it to the Fluno center....thanks for being there.
Looking forward to your "take"!

frogette said...

"Riding the Storm Out" is a great REO Speedwagon song. If you have a "best of" REO Speedwagon collection, check out "Golden Country". It kind of sounds like a Scott Walker protest song.