Friday, June 10, 2011

Very important

I just re-read my earlier posting regarding the uniformed officers statement regarding "shooting the Governor" what I forgot to mention in the previous post is that this was said JOKINGLY.  This was not anything to be taken seriously, it was said in jest between co-workers who didn't know I was there.
I believe the real significance of this statement is that it demonstrates just how isolated Scott Walker is here in Wisconsin.  He doesn't have a single friend in this state.  It seems that nearly every citizen of Wisconsin is opposed to his radical anti-American agenda.  I can not stress this enough that it was not a real threat against the governors person so please remember that readers.
I again thank you for following my blog and I will continue to do everything possible to keep you all informed of everything I learn at the capitol in Madison.  The whole world is watching you Scotty and nobody seems to like you.  Even the Koch brothers merely use you as a tool for their private agenda.  In solidarity forever - Matthew Schauenburg
Also local activist hero Segway Jeremy Ryan will be debating Republican Senator Robin Voss on FoxBusiness news tonight 6-10-2011 I believe it is at eight o clock but check your local listings.  Give em hell Jeremy all Wisconsin is behind you buddy!
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

My Opinion: "DON'T RUN FAKE REPUBLICANS in the Democrat recall elections. Twelve years ago, when I was a student activist at a California University, after maintaining a vigil for education for several months, one of our core group wanted to throw a rock at the administration building. A couple of us argued strongly with our peer not to do it. The vigil lasted several months more to our stated end date (presidential election day). We maintained the "moral high ground" to the end and won. In Wisconsin, I think they should look for alternatives to "zombie" candidates. I saw ONE tweet about a RICO, a kind of Federal raqueteering crime in organizations that might apply to the Walker GOP(see Wickipedia). And great news about Jeremy. Good luck Jeremy! Peace, Madison.

kks said...

Go Jeremy go!