Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More bloodletting and a dirty, dirty shameful trick attempt.

And the anti-union, anti-democratic, anti-American and very anti-Wisconsin wound inflicting on the decent working people of the badger state inflicted by Scotty Walker and his cronies continued to bleed today.  After once again being unable to start a meeting on time, more legislation was rammed through today affecting us through violations of democratic procedure.

Nearly all renters rights were removed today, your rented home is now open to search and seizure, landlords can basically evict at will and you are no longer protected if a landlord chooses not to effect repairs or even provide heat or water.  Welcome to Scotty's vision of the future for us.

Meanwhile there was a very rare indeed public appearance by Scotty himself which amounted to a dirty and shameful trick at the expense of the Special Olympics.  The kick off to Wisconsin's Special Olympics was held today on the northeast corner of the capitol square.  It was not originally supposed to be held there as that is the pedestrian walkway into the only open access point to the building.  But a quick last minute change and presto, everything was moved to right across the street, perhaps fifty feet away from Walkerville.   For those of you wondering Walkerville is a legally sanctioned and licensed temporary occupation of four blocks of the outer square of the capitol.  Protesters have set up tents and are staying there in solidarity as a symbol to the Republican party that the people are not going away and are dug in and committed to reclaiming our great state.  And Walkr moved to within fifty feet of us.

This would be all just fine, we all love the Special Olympics and support it whole heartily, many of us are volunteers, teachers and organizers connected with the cherished event.  But Scotty who is drastically slashing special education funding moved the event right next to the protesters.  Then he announces at the last minute that he will personally be seen outside at the ceremony to say 'a few words'  Those words were of course all lies as Walker has no support or concern or compassion whatsoever for these citizens as is evident from his treatment of them and their care providers and families through his budget.

What Walker had hoped to do and this was acknowledged (unofficially) by a C.N.N. producer on the scene, was to incite protest against himself in the middle of the Special Olympians ceremony.  Further abusing these citizens once again for his own benefit.  We were not buying it.  A student protest group quietly filed past outside the perimeter of the ceremony to let Scotty know we were there and not playing his game.

Some more protesters formed a small line in front of the fraudulently elected Governor and turned their backs to him in quiet contempt as he spoke his hastily scribbled speech.  A total misstep by Scotty and it backfired completely as he now looks like the abusive and manipulative individual that he is.  No wonder that Walker is the leader of the Republican party in some respects as leader of the state.  He is the foulest of the foul and the most reviled of the reviled.

All this to further his corporate templated agenda of avarice and greed to appease his one and only true God, greed and power just like the bloated corporate fat cats that command him and write his agenda..
So maintain the fight my sisters and brothers, it is through unity, solidarity and vigilance that we will take back Wisconsin and restore it as a bastion of justice, liberty and freedom.  A guiding light of decency and humanity for all to see.  Thank you for your time and support and remember we are only five weeks away from the recall elections.  Unless the G.O.P. decides to run Republicans as Democrats to cheat and confuse the voters again because they're election fraud has been revealed from previous elections.  Stay the course.

On Wisconsin!      FORWARD!!!!


Anonymous said...

Were those zombie protesters at the Walker Special Olympiad ceremony the real thing, or were they some kind of "rent a protestor"? I knew the protestors at JFC were sympathetic to the people who oppose Walker. If you ask me, it looks like an effort on the part of the enemy to discredit the Wisconsin movement. How do you effectively counter those who would discredit you?

kks said...

I was there and frankly very surprised to SEE Scottie. I approached him as he was being escorted back into his castle...I wanted to shake his hand and at the same time time tell him what an ass he is, but I was blocked as I approached him. So instead of touching him...ewe...I said to Scottie...I'm surprised you are actually showing your face in Madison!? One of his cronies, who blocked me, said...come on, this was for the special sarcastic reply least he cares about someone....
Which we all know isn't true! Shame on you Scottie!!

frogette said...

On Mother Jones March 10, 2011: GOP Cuts: A "Guillotin Job" on the Special Olympics. And the online media today seems to be ablaze with negative stories about student protestors at the Special Olympics ceremony outside the capitol. Off course the idea behing the student protest was creative - I saw a picture of zombie students laying on the steps of the capitol that was pretty cool. But of course the media grabbed coverage of the ceremony to put a face on the Wisconsin movement, labeling the protestors in general as "terrorists". Meanwhile, Fake "Faux" News has played up the recall of three Democrat senators and ommited altogether the six Rebublicans being recalled.