Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something happy to think about

With all the tension and stress from last nights health scare from hunger striker Will Gruber's hospitalization and subsequent release earlier today I thought it might be a good idea to post something happy for all of us to think about.  First of all I should probably say that last night around midnight our friend Will Gruber went into grand mal seizure from the effects of his hunger strike.  I was there on the phone with the 911 operator as fellow hunger striker Hallis aided his fellow hunger striking, veteran brother.

Secondly we are really searching for some volunteers to donate some of their time in solidarity with the hunger strikers to help protect their health and safety.  Mostly what is needed is individuals or even small groups of folks who are willing to spend one night a week or even just one night, one time with the hunger strikers.  These folks wouldn't have to do much other than sleep or hang out with Hallis and Will.  To offer companionship and camaraderie and to offer medical assistance as may eventually be needed, and also to act as witness's in the event of any interference from the bar time crowd.  If you are able to do this for them please email me or comment here on blog spot and I will get back to you with any information that you may need about volunteering. 

And now for the happy stuff, I was thinking of this earlier today during a rare break in the action and coordination today.  My mind wandered to the repairing or reinstating of laws wrecked by the tea party controlled republicans and other such matters.  So I began a wish list of legislative action to be taken for when we retake the senate and governors seats, and hopefully the supreme court as well.  Here we go:

Restore and/or enact tax's on corporate entities.

Restore collective bargaining to the public sector workers and draft legislation to protect collective bargaining for public and private sector workers in the future.

Draft and enact legislation to very strictly curtail the ability of the state government to allow privatisation by  non-representative bodies.

Get the heck rid of Ronald Reagen day, and replace it with Bob LaFollete day.


There is probably a mile long list I could think of and add here if time allowed me to which sadly it doesn't.  But that means I would love to hear comments from all you folks regarding what type of action you would like to see following the recalls.  It pays to take some time and happily plan for a brighter future for Wisconsin, just like it pays to:

                                                           KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Today's asshole is one who has been receiving alot of press coverage the last six to nine months here, you know him, you don't love him, you could probably live without him its David Prosser.  I wont call him justice Prosser because of the campaign fraud that wrongfully have him a seat on the bench.  From that bench Prosser has mainly acted as a prosecutor rather then a judge, boldly and shamelessly ruining the integrity of his office.  When not doing that he likes to drink and call women 'bitches' and threaten 'to destroy them'  just last week he allegedly choked a female judge in front of witness's and then claimed that he was the victim of the assault.  With his blatantly sexist and inappropriate behaviour he has single handedly ruined the image of the states highest court.  And the more he gets called out by his fellow judges and the states legal institutions the closer to the edge his behaviour gets.  He is a dangerous and hateful man who is dead set on destroying all decency around him.

Have a good night folks, I will return tomorrow with more information of the ongoing and ever strengthening movement against tyranny in Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin1    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

Of all the babies Will spoke of needing to be cared for, he is one who needs the most. What a scare. I hope there will be plenty of people to care for him. Peace, Hallis ansd Will.

frogette said...

Think Progress Eonomy section, Guest Blogger, June 30, 2011, 3:15 p.m.: "Since 2009, 88 Percent Of Income Growth Went To Corporate Profits, Just One Percent Went To Wages." Read the comments if you have time. It's like a lot of people are waking from a dream. WE ARE BEING LIED TO. CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE. TAX THE RICH. Peace, Madison