Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello world from Madison Wisconsin, ground zero in the American freedom movement

It is a beautiful, grand and glorious day here in Madison.  People are here from all over the mid west and beyond.  Some folks are tourists here for the farmers market and other such things, many are here for the rally this afternoon on the state's Capitol square.

Everything is moving forward and gaining momentum here as the recall elections are less than a month away now.  It is important to get out the vote on this one.  If you can volunteer to be an observer at the polls that would be wonderful.  Its a great experience that doesn't take up much time and is so important at this historic election.  We also need folks to collect signatures outside the polls to help in the supreme court justice's recall elections coming up soon as well.

And of course after that comes the grand daddy of them all.  The recall election of Scott Walker.  Can you imagine the party we will all be throwing once he's removed from office?  I'm almost afraid to imagine and besides there is so much work to do between now and then.  So keep the faith and keep up the effort and momentum my friends.  Our day is coming and that right soon.

I'm waiting for feedback from everybody before I continue with the new addition to my blog posting that I began yesterday.  It identifies a person of low character that stands with the conservatives and is opposed to the will of the people.  If they do something especially evil or stupid I like to call them out on it.  This new segment is called 'know your asshole', please let me know what you think.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

Its definitely a good idea to uncover individuals and institutions that would undermine our democracy. It was in this way a university professor revealed to us what ALEC really is. I personally discourage references to their homes and personal property, to diminish the risk that we get put in a bad light by national subversive media. That is unless you go to the front door of the ultra rich like Koch brothers and demand to speak to the owner - you know you won't penetrate their fortress anyway. From what I've seen, I would elect your own MacgIver Institute for 'know your asshole'.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your new feature.
I know you and others have the resources to do the job right.
I will do my best to propagate your writings to my lists.
The regressicons and other know-nothings are a waste of time to communicate with. They have more foreskin than foresight. When and if the pain comes to us all because of this legislation, they will blame the wrong causes and or overreact. But at least we can all carry now to settle up. Good move morans. Keep up the pressure Matt.
Peace and justice,

frogette said...

Solidarity: Madison, you won't be going away in the near future. You have a busy schedule in the next few months: Recall 6 Republican senators, recall supreme court justices, stop the budget repair bill, and in January, recall Walker. So, as soon as I am able to pull myself out of my own unemloyment, and can afford to do so, I would like to fly to Wisconsin and join you in the protests. The joining of hands around the capitol, and singing "We shall overcome" was awesome. Peace, Madison.

frogette said...

VIGILANCE: Today, June 21, 2011, at approximately 1:15 p.m., Madison time, it was reported on Twitter that two teabagger men antagonized the Solidarity Sing Along, by dragging a flag over their heads. Its not news to beat all news, but observe this in a developing pattern of instigation against your peaceful movement. And not just on the street, but in cyberspace. Keep current on your antivirus. And remember you have been a constant burning flame since February. PEACE AND VIGILANCE MADISON.

frogette said...

. . . And soon after it was reported that one of the singers, who was trying to protect the other singers from the flag attack, had his or her tooth broken by one of the men. Having your tooth broken is expensive and can negatively affect your self-esteem. I feel for the singer. Madison, you have shown a winning face. You protested by the thousands for three months and not so much as a scratch have you caused those who oppose your point of view. May the light of truth shine on the pro-Walker agitators and reveal to the country the real thugs they are. Peace, Madison