Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So many colors and so very few bad apples.

At least six thousand anti-Walkers protesters are rallying in and around the Wisconsin state capitol building even as I post this.  All of the beloved colors are there to be seen in all they're glory.  The blue of Madison Teachers Inc. ,  the orange shirts of the I.B.E.W. as well as the royal purple of S.C.E.I.  Of course the pro-Democratic red,  the midnight blue of Cop's for Labor and my personal favorite I.A.T.S.E. in black.

Of course there are just too many Unions, PAC's and groups and individuals to mention here, the showing of peace and solidarity makes for a beautiful sight around the capitol square.  It is very touching and empowering to see so many here to save our beloved state and American way of life.

 As to be expected from any crows this size there is bound to be a few bad apples.  I was amazed to see Republican Senator Glen Grothman crossing Mifflin street, quickly heading for the Capitol.  He was easily spotted from a distance by his bad suit and even worse hair.  He was met by a chorus of 'boo's; and 'shame' by the crowd.  I was organising anti-agitator security for the rally and as of 2:15 this afternoon only seven counter-protesters had shown.  Only two looked capable of violence though none occurred as of yet. View the two of them in a passionate hug later at Politiscoop.com

I will post again tonight to give you a wrap up of all the day's events here in Madison.  Right now I need to resume my vigilance at the rally which will be going strong into this evening.  Come on down after work and witness the wonder for yourself.  Until later folk's.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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frogette said...

Suprme Court Decision: Wow, what a disapointment. And yet I guess the people knew it was coming. Isn't it interesting how this Supreme Court decision coincides with the shady proceedings set for tonight for the "Extraordinary Session", or is it "Extraordinary Disaster"? I am sincerely and totally bummed out. Consevatives have invaded the #wiunion thread, and are having a virtual victory party. But the protestors are on street duty and will fight the "trolls" back when they get back online. Somehow, I know the good people of Wisconsin will NOT GIVE UP. They have tradition and history on their side: Establishment of the 40 hour weekday, the weekend, and other workers rights, the first ban on ddt, the first threatened species list, and other stuff like that. Madison has kept it safe and peaceful for three months. The people have constantly maintained the moral high ground, and have constantly been on the side of right. It makes me happy Matt, that you have overseen the organization of anti-agitator security. I am sure you will all need to be ever vigilant, especially after the events of today, and the fact that MacKenna will have been covering it on the air. BE ALWAYS SAFE. PEACE, MADISON.