Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm back

Was outside of Madison last week doing my usual organizing and networking.  It seems that things are getting really hot in Madison over civil liberties in the assembly and senate galleries.  The GOP keeps instructing officers to remove people from the sessions stating that they have no constitutional rights inside the respective galleries.  Lawyers and protesters are saying that the constitution of the United States is valid and can not be ignored except under a federal executive order declaring martial law.

Of course the right wing hates the constitution and will do anything to defame that document.  There are two groups here that I feel very badly about.  The first group is comprised of protesters.  Especially one's like Thi Li, Jeremy Ryan, Jason Huberty as well as C.J. and Damon Terrell.  Time and again these fine young people have been arrested trying to protect the constitutional rights of all citizens.  All the while the conservative media, like Clay Barbour of the Wisconsin State Journal, have been publishing half-truths and outright lies about these protesters.

Just today Jeremy Ryan, Jim Mueller and others were in court yet again, this time for bail jumping.  Since the previous decision of the court stated that the charges brought against them were false and thus invalid, likewise today the judge had to dismiss the new charges against them stemming from the old fake charges against them.

Most likely the morning edition of the State Journal will include another article by a journalist like Clay Barbour accusing the courts of liberal bias for following the letter of the law.  Right wingers like Barbour apparently have no respect for the law whatsoever, I am surprised they don't burst into flames just mentioning the word 'law' or 'constitution'

And why are these people still being arrested?  Well their are two police forces involved in the arrests at the capitol.  A group of State Troopers are at the capitol, intentionally and illegally placed there by Poppa Fitzy, even though Troopers are not allowed to:

Be deployed to civil protests.
Take part in labor disputes aka collective bargaining.
Operate at the state Capitol building as written in their charter.

But once again, the right wing sure has a lot of contempt for the law when it prevents them from acting like little pompous dictator's.  The Capitol Police and Security force is walking a very fine line indeed.  I do not envy them for the position they are stuck in.  If they arrest and cite the protesters they are called out for taking part in illegal arrests.  If they outright refuse to take some action against the protesters they will be dis-banded, terminated without benefits, and replaced by Wackenhutt private security goons.  And then we will have violence in the building.  More than likely there would be a death, it seems to follow Wackenhutt.  That is why I created the Police Against Brutality page on facebook.  To try and create a positive change in relationship's between citizens and the police.  Several state and even one federal officer will be taking part in the discussions this week.

These are very dangerous times at the capitol in Madison.  Especially because tomorrow the carrying of concealed weapons inside the building will go into effect.  The right wing pushed hard to allow weapons into the building before the recall elections could start.  Very dark and complex times indeed.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey I will be the first to admit that I am technologically challenged.  Heck I still don't know how to post a link on this site, and I am coming up on posting #200.  Then again it seems it is blogspot itself that doesn't like to have links installed..........whatever.
Anyway I posted earlier about the facebook page created to create a positive dialogue between citizens and members of police agency's.  The above is the address to the page as it exists now, after having to scrap the page that I created yesterday.  Just wanted to let everyone know and avoid any confusion.
Reports coming back to me from the Capitol in Madison are still hard to believe.  The Koch brothers owned and operated GOP are stripping away all kinds of protection to the citizens, the environment, and the future of Wisconsin.  All the while they are passing legislation without discussion or compromise that gives them money, money, power and more money.
Constitutional rights of citizens on capitol property have been removed.  State troopers selected by Pappa Fitzgerald are now a small private army at the capitol building.  There is footage posted on youtube and elsewhere of troopers grabbing female students and groping them and tossing them to their trooper friends.  Democracy is falling apart and fast.
That is why I created the Cops Against Brutality page, to help organize and activate citizens and uniformed officers against this insanity.  Before the Wisconsin state capitol grounds start to look like the street's of Oakland, CA did last night.  I will be posting again later, just wanted to clarify the new facebook page for all of you good folks.  Peace and solidarity, we are almost there my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Short and sweet

Normally I update folks from this blog, on what is happening at ground zero a.k.a. the Wisconsin Capitol building.  I am on the road organizing and networking this week but there is tons on info out there on what has been happening with the corporate owned GOP.  Suffice it to say they are up to nothing even remotely good, especially for minorities and women.  Well  and workers, farmers, the elderly, get the point.

If you are on twitter #wiunion is a good place to keep up to speed.  I would also like to announce in the wake of a savage national trend of immoral and illegal police brutality, the creation of a new page on facebook.  The page is called CopsVsBrutality, as in cops against brutality.  I am trying to bring citizens and officers and others to help effect a positive change against the rogue officers, the dangerous and violent 'bad cops.'

Please check it out and take part in America.  Solidarity forever.  Until next time readers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big day for jobs in Wisconsin, thanks Scott Walker.

A cold and dreary day all around here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Dark clouds and cold winds were whipping through the Capitol square, OccupyMadison was all dug in to wait out the weather.  People had serious looks on their faces as they walked hurriedly through downtown.  Gloomy news was on the front page of the daily paper here, and it came as no surprise to anyone.  Wisconsin in September had lost an additional 14,200 non-farming jobs.  But then again we have to losing jobs here every day since Scott Walker disingenuously made his way into the states highest elected office.

Good news though, the governor and his ALEC, oops I mean GOP controlled legislature were right on top of the problem today with a 'Special Jobs Session' in the Senate.  As I took my seat in the senate viewing gallery I could not wait to hear what type of job and commerce promoting legislation they were going to try and pass into law today.  Dozens and dozens of us sat in the gallery and waited for the republican written Senate Bill 92 to take the floor.

And it did, S.B.92 was introduced for final consultation before being put into law to create much needed jobs here in the badger state.  And this is it folks................S.B.92 states that no taxpayer money can go to pay for abortions, regardless of circumstances here in Wisconsin.  What the heck?!?!?!  A full week on 'emergency jobs session's' and what has the radical right introduced?  Getting rid of sex education in schools - that doesn't create jobs.  Cutting back on environmental defense laws - that also does not create jobs.  Creating a second and third round of funding cuts for the University of Wisconsin system - once again that does not create any jobs, as a matter of fact all these pieces of legislation will do is going to cost us thousands of more jobs over the next two fiscal years.

And today they are trying to ram through SB 92 which is totally an asinine and emotionally charged piece of bogus legislation.  What the neo-con's say the bill is really designed to do is block insurance companies that offer abortions for different medical reasons, from receiving tax money from the state of Wisconsin.  How can this possibly improve the job market in the state?  We need jobs and we need health coverage for the citizens of this state.

Yup on top of everything else the GOP now wants to force over 340,000 working folks to lose their health coverage.  Which of course would aid unfairly and quite possibly illegally, the insurance companies that financially support the right wing agenda.  This bill would remove the citizens of Wisconsin from being able to fairly and competitively evaluate different insurance companies performance rankings and pricing structures.  It will prevent legal, privately owned companies from conducting private business with private citizens over private medical conditions and contracts.  That is not 'smaller government', that is not keeping government out of peoples private affairs.  Two concepts the republicans have always embraced. Rather it is the opposite, just as the GOP has already put our very democracy under assault, now they are trying to do the same with capitalism and the free market system.  The free market economy is based on and is driven by a large group of product and service providers able to freely offer their goods and service to the public.

All this garbage piece of legislation does is attempt an end-around of the Presidents health plan, which is mandated to the individual states to create these 'insurance exchanges' it is also an attempt to subvert  what they are doing by labeling this as a no tax money for abortions issue.  Tax money for abortions was disallowed by legislation in Wisconsin years ago.  It is already on the books and in affect, why pass new legislation on existing laws?  Especially when this is a jobs and economic special session of the senate.  Besides Roe versus Wade was a long time ago.  It is the law of the land in the United States, and the GOP attempting to prevent a legal company from providing a legal service, to a legal, private citizen is in itself not only immoral, but equally illegal as well.

Besides if this really was about abortion then why is the right wing trying to get rid of sexual education in schools and/or teach abstinence only.  It is proven over and over, time and again that only scientifically sound, medical based sexual education programs lead to reduced teen  pregnancy and abortion.  As well as providing for a healthier general population.

So with all of these and more valid and rational rebuttal's to the proposed legislation brought up strongly and articulately on the senate floor today, what was the outcome?  It passed of course 17 - 15 along party lines.  Senator Schultz from Richland Center, I really expected so much more from you sir.

But here is some good news for today though, we are just about three weeks from recalling Walker and the lieutenant governor, as well as some more radical right senators.  Everything looks very good and our numbers are evidently the much stronger from what we have seen so far.  Voter fraud wont do it this time for the GOP, not with the nation watching and a federal investigation tearing through the ranks of the republican party.  Scott Walker your time is growing short.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trolls are proof I am doing something right

All the silly little right wing trolls have discovered my blog again.  Hooray ......I must be doing something right in my pursuit of the end of Scott Walker's regime if they are targeting me again.  Of course a lot of them are just sad little people who need attention and want to see their comments posted on something that receives international readership.  So I imagine it is defeating to them when I archive their comments to another site where our I.T. people track them down for future attention.  Maybe I will keep some of the more interesting one's around for the book version of this.

Anyway..........a cold fall day again here in Madison, WI.  So much is going on it is almost impossible to keep on top of each and every little development, but I will try my best for my readers.  Democrats have been calling attention this week to the amount of republicans in the legislature who are routinely drunk at all hours of the day while supposedly doing they're jobs.  This comes following the DWI arrest on Sunday of Randy Hopper, the disgraced former senator who was recently recalled.  Speaking of old Randy Hopper I could swear I saw him leaving the MLK entrance of the capitol today.  He (if it was him, sure looked like him) made a very quick disappearance though, wondering what he was doing there?  Trying to influence his court case already perhaps..........silly little guy, must still be drunk if he thinks that is going to work.

Also word is starting to get out that Hopper is under investigation now by the Federal Communications Commission for violation of some important federal laws.  Hopper owns four WI radio stations and is in direct violation of FCC laws and regulations for not having the stations manned as they are supposed to be.  You see all television and radio outlets must be manned by a technician at all times to administer to the Emergency Broadcast System, guess Hopper is putting money in front of humanity again, it's almost like he is still in office.

Yesterday and today in the capitol building, the tea party/republican controlled Joint Committee on Finance once again forced the illegal citing and removal of people from the audience for holding the Constitution of the United States and/or filming the public proceedings.  The people illegally removed and cited included my attorney and a university professor who was holding a copy of the court documents that protect such actions on the federal level.  Officers later related they knew what they were doing was illegal but say that they were forced into these actions by the republican committee members and the governors office.

Of course all of these charges will be dropped as they always are, by the district attorney's office.  They are very aware that the charges are illegal and would end up in a massive lawsuit that will cost the state millions in reparations for each and every count.  Right wingers just really hate the law and fear the constitution these days it seems.

Another very strong turnout at the solidarity sing-along today.  We were joined once again by visitors from across the nation and a large student group.  Also Legislator Spencer Coggs made a appearance as well.  Solidarity sing-along #200 is coming up soon here, and that will be a must attend event for sure.

Well that is about all for this moment folks.  Keep the faith brothers and sisters.  Please check out BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia on facebook.  Also remember to help save your own future by removing your money from the bank (if you use a bank) and placing it into a savings and loan instead.  This is not only in your best interests but will show your solidarity with the millions of occupiers in over a thousand cities all across the world.  Speaking of which Covington, Kentucky political non-entity Steve Frank put out a call for extreme violence against the Wall street occupiers.  He said that police should use 'taliban' technique's against them.  If you think this is as disgusting as I do feel free to contact the soon to be forcibly retired gentleman at

A special shout out to devoted West Coast reader Frogette, thanks again.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

And its only mid-afternoon on a Monday

Woke up to a sunny yet extremely windy day here in Wisconsin's capitol.  Grabbed some coffee and headed out early, going to Middleton, a Madison suburb to witness the racism of Rep. Nass first hand. You see he did not want any students from the University of Wisconsin to be there.   He had scheduled today's meeting away from the capitol as he is a firm believer that college and university students should have no say in how institutions of higher learning should be run.  Well........actually he doesn't believe that professor's, educational system analyst's, dean's, provost's or regent's should be given a say in how schools are run.  Who does he think should make these important decisions...............why himself of course, and his good friends in the White Resistance Movement, the Klu Klux Klan and the American Hammer Party.

Nass (yup only one letter away) is vehemently opposed to non-Caucasians receiving education, being allowed to vote or hold elected office.  He plans to keep people of color, especially from middle or lower class families from attending college by going back nearly fifty years to a archaic enrollment test that was designed to be heavily slanted in favor of wealthy white applicants.  If you are a human being and do not agree with Nass's policies, please feel free to contact the tea party representative at:

or e-mail at

Unfortunately I didn't make it out to Middleton due to some mechanical issue's.  So I found myself on the familiar grounds of the capitol were I discovered that the Madison Police Department and the Dane County Sheriff's Department had formed a plan to cite occupiers and tear down OccupyMadison.  Myself and many others took quick action and brought that whole situation to a positive end.  Madison is occupied and we stand in solidarity with over 1,000 other cities and towns worldwide.  Viva La Revolution!!!!

As I was heading into our states Capitol I met up with some organizers associated with the national Anonymous movement and we had an interesting little chat on some future events that are tentatively being scheduled for the Midwestern United States.

Entering the Capitol it was evident that the GOP had been taking some heat over the weekend regarding their attempts to establish racism, hunting inside city limits, allowing for circumstantial sexual assault, banning contraception, ad nauseum - for the building was filled with relocated Police and Security officers.  Also a new group of state trooper's as well as the return of the DNR's conservation wardens.  All stood silent guard over retiree's, women and children as they had a very well attended solidarity sing-along today.  We were joined by guests from Vermont, Illinois and Oregon.

At the sing-along I had a great time discussing the future recalls of Scott Walker and many others here less than a month away.  We also discussed recently recalled Sen. Randy Hopper, who was arrested last night and taken into custody with the 23 year old girl he has been cheating on his wife with.  Apparently lots of people noticed his black sedan swerving all over the road which led to his arrest for OWI.

Afterwards I had a meeting with members of Mark Pocan's staff while upstairs in the Capitol, a student group opposed to many of the neo-con academic destruction agenda had a meeting and then marched down State st. to the Memorial Union for a rally.

Also happy birthday and rest in peace, our brother, Ben Masel who we tragically lost earlier this year.  He was a great human being and a superior organizer.

Also we are encouraging everyone who is able, to come on down to OccupyMadison, for one night, one week or whatever.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

Also it's good to keep up to date with your local government, so if you are in Dane county or the Madison area, the new Wisconsin State Blue Books are in and hot off the press.  See you representative or senators office to get your free copy.  This years featuring photo's of the protests and occupation of the state capitol building.............ahhh memories.

All this and it is only 2:00 in the afternoon, gotta go now as there is still plenty more to do.

On Wisconsin!    Forward!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only bad little weasel's lie.........

........and Scott Walker is definitely bad, and he is definitely a weasel not a badger.  We here in the badger state  know the difference.  Well for all the bad things that Scott Walker has done it seems that his only testament to his character, the only thing he had left to say in his own defence, has been debunked.

As you should be aware the governor is at the center of a rather large federal investigation that seems to be spreading quickly throughout the entire Wisconsin state republican party.  After dodging and averting questions for weeks, Scott Walker finally held a press conference a little while ago.  At that time the only thing he could offer the public to attest to his innocence was this.  "I am a Christian, and I was an Eagle Scout, I can not lie."

So .....Scott Walker lied and cheated in college elections and was removed from office at that time.  He then quit college and ended up being the county executive for Milwaukee county.  While in office there he lied and was caught on multiple occasions which led to the current federal investigation.  The republican party of Milwaukee is now saying that Walkers policies drove the county into what will likely be bankruptcy and ultimately to failing to be able to pay the counties loans which will lead to more legal woe's for Walker.  He then acted illegally in his campaign for governor and that led to further federal investigations still ongoing.  As he was running for governor he also lied to his party, the GAB and the people.

Once in office he lied about the Budget Repair Bill handed to him by fellow psychotics, the Koch brothers.  Since then he has hindered the investigation into him by lying some more.  Then he gets attorney general J.B. VanHollen to lie to the fed and try to hinder the investigation some more.

So in conclusion readers everywhere, Scott Walker is a lying little weasel.  See you all on Monday with another posting.  OccupyMadison is still going strong.  We are gaining momentum and now have everything we need, including the votes to recall Walker.  Its just a matter of who will remove him from office first, us or the fed.  Hopefully I want to see the recall followed by his imprisonment, he could use a little quality time with Bubba.  He has been screwing us, time for some poetic justice.  Now lets see the little weasel lie his way out of that.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bank closings, occupation, boycotts and racism...another day at ground zero.

The lovely early fall like weather continues to grace Madison, Wisconsin, ground zero in the Great American Class War.  Or civil war II for those who prefer that title.  Strong initial attendance on Friday night at the kick off event for OccupyMadison.  Slightly less folks hung around for the actual occupation though.  Numbers were lower than expected, but that is okay actually.  One thing we learned in Madison last spring (and every city is different) is that here, large numbers of protesters don't mean a thing if the politicians have no interest in observing the will of the people.  So I am glad that we have, and are continuing, to show solidarity with the Wall street occupation, but folks here know how to fight the war in Wisconsin.

The BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia campaign is growing larger everyday.  And the recall efforts are in full steam, people across the state are going to show their effectiveness by creating history for our state and our nation.

Speaking of solidarity with Wall st. and knowing how to fight the war at home Wisconsin style, a group of us rallied earlier today on the capitol square.  As the solidarity sing along occurred normally, many of us held a rally and then marched on the offices of Merrill Lynch, Chase Manhattan and M&I Bank.  Merrill Lynch like Chase, took bailout money and then instead of paying back the loans, took the profits and gave it to the banks CEO's and other parasites.  Chase even gave a special donation to the NYPD to aid in the effort to get right wing extremist cops down to the protests with the singular idea of intentionally causing violence against peaceful protesters.

M&I Bank even heard that we were coming and had intentionally yet involuntarily, closed and locked they're doors and shut down business for the day.  Now that is being effective folks, shutting them down before you even show up.  That is why you should always take part in democracy, that is why it is called participatory government, you have no idea how truly effective you are until you take part.

Plus you never know just who you may see or run into when your protesting or taking part otherwise.  Why just a little bit ago while I was outside M&I Bank, who should stumble by on his way to the bar for a nooner......................why none other than famous right wing lush and enemy of the people repub Senator Michael Ellis.  He was all stumbles and smiles as he hid behind sunglasses on a cloudy day to make his way to the bar.  You have to admire that kind of conviction.  Well maybe not conviction to drink so early in the day but at least he has some conviction and sense of priorities.  Kind of like republibagger Stephen Nass.  Nass represents the 31st district in Whitewater, WI.  Nass has been very busy following his convictions lately, these include but are of course, not limited to, outdoing Glen Grothman in the contest to see who can be the closest to outright racist, without actually sending too many red flags up.

Nass has already been working on legislation that would allow anyone who speaks out against the tea party to be subjected to penalties.  These penalties would be huge if the person involved in speaking out against the extreme right wing was a visiting foreign dignitary, student or immigrant seeking to relocate to the United States.  I don't have the exact legislation in front of me because it is being rewritten right now to be even more broad sweeping.  But essentially it is designed to allow for the arrest, conviction, possible seizure of property (your house and car), and also the deportation of anyone who fits the broad description of "disagreeing or seeming to disagree" with the a non-ratified interpretation of American ideals promoted from within the neo-con think tanks..

Citizenship could also be revoked allowing for private searches and seizures of individuals and they're family members, along with any and all properties they hold, until the 'threat' has been 'reviewed' by a panel of GOP representatives. This attack on anyone who is not a right wing radical is of course described by Nass as the 'protecting America' legislative effort.  Lord knows all white skinned Americans are from here originally, placed by God on this soil, at the creation of the universe.  Or so Nass seems to think, or does he even think, perhaps he just feels, feels he is a god?  Or maybe he just feels more like a dictator, or more precisely, a dictator wanna-be.

Anyway now Nass is going up against the learned and August staff of the University of Wisconsin system, not just trying to mess with the flag school like Walker did, but the little ego-maniac is now taking on the entire U.W. system to implement his personal policies promoting racism.  As many of you know, admission into a institution of higher learning is based on just more than grades.  There are many other considerations before a individual may be deemed qualified to attend that particular university or college.  These include but are not limited to:  written and/or oral testaments relating to the intended major field of study, gradings during previous school sessions, recommendation's by education professionals, administrators.  Also extra-curricular and voluntary efforts by the intended post secondary student,activities and initiatives.

 Displayed leadership skills by functioning to organize and educate other students as part of a mentoring program.  Did volunteer work to aid and promote the quality of life in their community.  Rose up from a highly challenged background and against all odds came out even academically with a student of means and little or no initiative, who seems like the more serious candidate to you?  Which do you see as being more skilled to achieve in a advanced academic environment, and then perform well after having received the degree they sought?

Nass says that overcoming hardships placed in the way of minorities and the poor shows no moral, or personal superiority in academics or personal achievements.  Nass says that tests that have shown over and again to favor white students are the only way to consider who should get into college.  Well he says that now, Nass used to say that a under-educated white student, regardless of abilities, is superior to non-white students based on income alone.  If a white person has money, in other words, then Nass believes they are superior to smart, educated people who are not white.  Being white is what makes you good, not the content of your character.  Being white is how Nass determines your intelligence, not the quality of your academic work or the level of your dedication.  White is the beginning and the end with Nass, in other words to Nass "white makes right."  And for that reason and that reason alone he, like Walker and Grothman and Olsen, considers himself superior in making academic and education policies than anyone with a actual degree in education or has a proven track record in education related studies.

In other words the republicans are trying to bring back CRYSTALNACHT, except the GOP doesn't just want to scare or pogrom Jews, they want anyone of "un-American" color or supposed belief's to be legally stripped of their status as human beings, take all they own and give it to the GOP, and then have the people imprisoned or deported for not being willing slaves to the GOP and it's fascist regimes across the nation.
If you think I am over-stating the final version of this legislation, you are sadly mistaken.  This is in the works for Wisconsin right now, and is being tested as part of a template of legislative strategies being prepared for use across America.

Busy days indeed here in the heartland of the nation.  We will continue to fight here for ourselves and in solidarity with the national and international efforts to take back control of our homes for the people, not for the corporations and the shadowy and deceitful leaders that run them.  Fight for your lives folks, and your children's as well, because this is a war, and we must win.

By the way I am still positively ecstatic when I see all the couples that have met, and grown together as so many folks have, while united against the Koch brothers and their rabid lap-dog Scott Walker.  If I was lucky enough to meet a smart, sexy, informed and effective person at the protests of high moral value I would suggest a marriage inside the capitol rotunda on the first day after Walker has been removed from office.  Perhaps performed by judge MariAnn Sumi.  But that is just me, I'm a bit of a romantic.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

They want somebody to die

Recently republican Nass has been coming down very hard on Chief Tubbs of Capitol Police and Security.  Even after the Chief was lauded for the cool-headed approach to the large scale occupation of the Capitol in Madison earlier this year.  Nass was angry that the GOP was not allowed to break open meetings laws and operate in a media blackout under cover of darkness and anonymity.  For very understandable reasons, the tea party led GOP was breaking numerous laws and policies, even to the point of bordering on treason.
So Nass and other neo-cons leaned on the Capitol Police with all of their collective might and under duress the Chief had some protesters arrested in violation of the protesters constitutional rights.  Realizing the size and scope of the rights violations the District Attorney's office dropped almost all charges against the protesters time and again to avoid massive lawsuits.
So the right wingers looked into deploying the National Guard to illegally clamp down on peaceful protesters and they told Walkers regime to take a hike.  So now Nass along with the likes of state attorney general JB VanHollen are igniting a potential small scale war inside the state capitol to help push their agenda.
Nass is declaring the Capitol Police, the city of Madison Police Department as well as the Dane County Sheriffs Department as enemies of the Walker regime.  Simultaneously VanHollen who is fighting against the Federal investigation into Walkers corruption tool and nail, is suddenly pushing through at full force a change to recent policy to allow firearms inside the Capitol building.
What the heck, attack all the police agencies, try to remove the Capitol Police and replace them with hand selected members of the State Patrol who have been brutalizing people in the capitol.  Privatizing the union security services with Wackenhutt cronies.  Calling for increased violence against protesters while trying to force the district attorneys office to illegally prosecute people.  Meanwhile trying to allow for uncontrolled carrying of weapons and firearms of all types in the Capitol building.  ?!?!?!?!?!?!
What in the world is going on here, the only possible explanation that I can see is the GOP wants some rounds to be fired off and hopefully someone will die, maybe even one of they're own, to allow a state of emergency to be declared.  But could Walker really use tax money to bring in a thousand armed Wackenhutt goons to lock down the capitol while he declares himself governor for life???  When all the police and security agencies, emergency services, the National Guard and the majority of the citizens of the state are all united against him.  It would never succeed, maybe the republicans are just playing God for the pure rush of it all before they get booted out of office in the recalls.  Either way it is insanity  and someone is going to end up getting hurt, hopefully it wont be an innocent bystander, ironically it might end up being one of the perpetrators of the violence.  Pray for peace, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

So much to say, so little time

It has been a very busy week here in Madison.  Even busier than what is has been during this wild and freaky year fighting the evil of Scott Walker and his corporate masters.  Rumors and cops are flying all over the capitol building this week.  It is impossible to keep up with it all.  The federal investigation into Walkers previous, most previous, and current campaign (against the recall) is getting closer to landing some folks in the penitentiary.

Senator Lazich is introducing her 'pro-rape, pro-sexual assault' legislation in hopes of having a very profound affect on our children's futures.  Grothman is still doing his dangerous dance with blatant racism and is bound to slip up very soon.  Nass is preparing a bill that would seem to have the effect of forcing visiting students and immigrants, and descendants of recently arrived immigrants to swear allegiance to neo-conservative principles and political theory..

Some national groups representing the 99% are here and we are planning some big things for the near future.  Of course we are less than a month away from the beginning of the recall efforts against the governor and lieutenant governor.

OccupyMadison gets things kicked off today with a prelude to occupation/organizing event all weekend long at Reynolds park.  And of course the media boycott here in southern Wisconsin is becoming larger by the day.  There is so much going on I have little time to report.  But I will be catching you all up over the weekend as I report from Reynolds park in solidarity with OccupyMadison.  For those of you who don't know, the number of occupied and soon to be occupied cities is approaching 900.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You were watching C.N.N. the compromised news network.

An absolutely gorgeous and sunny day here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Very un-seasonal weather for Fall heading into Winter up here in the land of the frozen tundra.  The tree's are displaying the fall colors that everyone seems to enjoy, the birds are singing and splashing in the fountains around downtown.  Everything appears in a very happy and positive light except..........something is wrong,,,,,,,,,,something smells evil ?!?!?!?
What could that evil smell be ?  Scott Walker?  No he is hiding with attorney general J.B. Van Hollen trying to figure out how to stay out of the federal prison system.  Is the evil smell Senator Lazich and her just say no to sex education legislation?  No, that doesn't stink like this does, just as bad yet different somehow.  Could the smell be coming from Senator Grothman's messy little car?  Nope don't see Grothman's car around, besides that is a totally different style of evil coming from Grothman.  Or should I call him by his Native American name "Dances with Racism?"
Now I know what that smell is, it's the smell of biased and repulsive reporting from new CNN talking head, Erin Burnett.  This morning on CNN news, Erin let loose with a scathingly biased account on the occupation of Wall st. in New York.  The story was not appropriate for most editorial coloumns, let alone a news cast.  I wonder why she is so hateful to the pro-democracy movement.  Oh I know why.......she is a slave to money and greed herself.  Well let me re-phrase that please, she is a willing slave to the money represented by her fiance, the C.E.O. of CitiFinancial.  Now I see the connection, now I see everything.
CNN is paying homage to the legacy of Rupert Murdoch, and basing the future of that network on the template of non-integrity which he wrote.  Well......if that isn't a long term plan with all the viability and security you come to expect from multi-billion dollar trading firms I don't know what is.
Which reminds me, the BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia movement started on facebook, is really taking off and building up some steam.  Since it's inception this last Saturday, October 1st the media treated it as a joke.  Now less than a week later I have those same media outlets scrambling to interview me in reference to the boycott.  It's hilarious when I remind them that they are under boycott and I can not grant them interviews.  They have had nearly nine months now to stop pandering to the right and try to act like real journalists.  It is too late now folks, maybe you shouldn't have sold your souls long ago.
I will be back later or tomorrow with more news from what is happening in and around the capitol here in Madison.  Suffice it to say its mostly grounds for speculation at this point but there is a lot to speculate on.  Is Walker a certifiable psychopath according to medical standards?  Is Walker a certifiable criminal under federal codes and laws?  Will Alberta Darling sue her husband over the botched facelift's?  Tune in tomorrow for more information from the front lines.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nancy Reagan brings her ignorance to Madison, WI.

A very skeletal looking Nancy Reagan surprised and frightened folks throughout the state today when they learned of her presence here.  She was repeating with mind-numbing redundancy her 'just say no' policy designed to impossibly deny the reality of the world around her.  Hey wait a minute.........that's not Nancy Reagan, its republican state senator Mary Lazich from New Berlin.

Lazich has authored a bill and is currently looking high and low throughout the capitol building trying to find a co-sponsor for her 'just say no' to sex legislation.  At face value what she is doing is promoting abstinence, the social sexual policy that has never worked in all of human history.  But if you scratch the surface what she is proposing is even more preposterous than that.  In reality she wants to remove discussion of birth control, sexually transmitted disease, and sexual violence from all sex ed courses taught in Wisconsin public schools and replace that with a abstinence only curriculum.

As far too many women can tell you 'just saying no' is a 100% effective tool in avoiding rape, sexual violence and infection caused by such tragedies.  Oh wait that doesn't work at all.  But still the republicans are pushing this baseless agenda which has not only proven worthless in real life settings, but also will only weaken some of our most vulnerable citizen's by replacing evidence and factual information with faith based dogma.
The legislation would also ban any science based organizations from providing information or education to public school students.  Out with Planned Parenthood volunteer's, and in with the zealots and extremists.

When questioned about the content of the legislation Lazich stated that science based teaching is "an irresponsible practice that should be reversed."  In defending science, reason, and rational and compassionate thought, Steve Hughes the president of Young Progressives said the bill would "abridge freedom in school" and further stated that the legislation "does not deserve to be given an audience on the floor of our state Senate."

I couldn't agree with him any more.  The ignorance must stop before the accumulative damage becomes irreparable and entrenched on our society.  And speaking of stopping the b.s. please check out BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia on facebook.  Solidarity Forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Perhaps I should have called him a "Quisling."

Democratic (?) Rep. Brett Hulsey has been giving the movement a lot of bad press lately here in Madison which is very curious to me.  At the beginning last winter/spring Hulsey was the 'radical' supporter of the protesters.  Know he claims that he has compiled a list of protesters and information on them individually.  Should we take that as a threat?  And what is up with all the negative press statements he has been dishing out?  Did the Koch brothers cut him a check?  No wonder I got ticked off at him and insulted his mother, now he is claiming harassment.  Maybe I should have called him a quisling instead, at least that way he would have no idea what it meant.
Speaking of bad press there is a whole lot of that too.  With plans to occupy dozens, maybe up to a hundred U.S. cities during the 'October Offensive' nationwide, and with many cities already occupied, the press barely mentions the huge events of the Wall st. and Washington D.C. occupations.  And so as previously posted here I with the help of others, have initiated for southern Wisconsin a massive mainstream media news boycott.  This will hit them in the ratings and their wallet's as we are also organizing people all over to contact the primary media sponsors and inform them that they are boycotted as well for supporting blatantly biased media.  Hopefully this will bring back at least a degree of neutrality and integrity to area news.  I encourage others, everywhere to do the same.  All the info is at
Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!