Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bank closings, occupation, boycotts and racism...another day at ground zero.

The lovely early fall like weather continues to grace Madison, Wisconsin, ground zero in the Great American Class War.  Or civil war II for those who prefer that title.  Strong initial attendance on Friday night at the kick off event for OccupyMadison.  Slightly less folks hung around for the actual occupation though.  Numbers were lower than expected, but that is okay actually.  One thing we learned in Madison last spring (and every city is different) is that here, large numbers of protesters don't mean a thing if the politicians have no interest in observing the will of the people.  So I am glad that we have, and are continuing, to show solidarity with the Wall street occupation, but folks here know how to fight the war in Wisconsin.

The BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia campaign is growing larger everyday.  And the recall efforts are in full steam, people across the state are going to show their effectiveness by creating history for our state and our nation.

Speaking of solidarity with Wall st. and knowing how to fight the war at home Wisconsin style, a group of us rallied earlier today on the capitol square.  As the solidarity sing along occurred normally, many of us held a rally and then marched on the offices of Merrill Lynch, Chase Manhattan and M&I Bank.  Merrill Lynch like Chase, took bailout money and then instead of paying back the loans, took the profits and gave it to the banks CEO's and other parasites.  Chase even gave a special donation to the NYPD to aid in the effort to get right wing extremist cops down to the protests with the singular idea of intentionally causing violence against peaceful protesters.

M&I Bank even heard that we were coming and had intentionally yet involuntarily, closed and locked they're doors and shut down business for the day.  Now that is being effective folks, shutting them down before you even show up.  That is why you should always take part in democracy, that is why it is called participatory government, you have no idea how truly effective you are until you take part.

Plus you never know just who you may see or run into when your protesting or taking part otherwise.  Why just a little bit ago while I was outside M&I Bank, who should stumble by on his way to the bar for a nooner......................why none other than famous right wing lush and enemy of the people repub Senator Michael Ellis.  He was all stumbles and smiles as he hid behind sunglasses on a cloudy day to make his way to the bar.  You have to admire that kind of conviction.  Well maybe not conviction to drink so early in the day but at least he has some conviction and sense of priorities.  Kind of like republibagger Stephen Nass.  Nass represents the 31st district in Whitewater, WI.  Nass has been very busy following his convictions lately, these include but are of course, not limited to, outdoing Glen Grothman in the contest to see who can be the closest to outright racist, without actually sending too many red flags up.

Nass has already been working on legislation that would allow anyone who speaks out against the tea party to be subjected to penalties.  These penalties would be huge if the person involved in speaking out against the extreme right wing was a visiting foreign dignitary, student or immigrant seeking to relocate to the United States.  I don't have the exact legislation in front of me because it is being rewritten right now to be even more broad sweeping.  But essentially it is designed to allow for the arrest, conviction, possible seizure of property (your house and car), and also the deportation of anyone who fits the broad description of "disagreeing or seeming to disagree" with the a non-ratified interpretation of American ideals promoted from within the neo-con think tanks..

Citizenship could also be revoked allowing for private searches and seizures of individuals and they're family members, along with any and all properties they hold, until the 'threat' has been 'reviewed' by a panel of GOP representatives. This attack on anyone who is not a right wing radical is of course described by Nass as the 'protecting America' legislative effort.  Lord knows all white skinned Americans are from here originally, placed by God on this soil, at the creation of the universe.  Or so Nass seems to think, or does he even think, perhaps he just feels, feels he is a god?  Or maybe he just feels more like a dictator, or more precisely, a dictator wanna-be.

Anyway now Nass is going up against the learned and August staff of the University of Wisconsin system, not just trying to mess with the flag school like Walker did, but the little ego-maniac is now taking on the entire U.W. system to implement his personal policies promoting racism.  As many of you know, admission into a institution of higher learning is based on just more than grades.  There are many other considerations before a individual may be deemed qualified to attend that particular university or college.  These include but are not limited to:  written and/or oral testaments relating to the intended major field of study, gradings during previous school sessions, recommendation's by education professionals, administrators.  Also extra-curricular and voluntary efforts by the intended post secondary student,activities and initiatives.

 Displayed leadership skills by functioning to organize and educate other students as part of a mentoring program.  Did volunteer work to aid and promote the quality of life in their community.  Rose up from a highly challenged background and against all odds came out even academically with a student of means and little or no initiative, who seems like the more serious candidate to you?  Which do you see as being more skilled to achieve in a advanced academic environment, and then perform well after having received the degree they sought?

Nass says that overcoming hardships placed in the way of minorities and the poor shows no moral, or personal superiority in academics or personal achievements.  Nass says that tests that have shown over and again to favor white students are the only way to consider who should get into college.  Well he says that now, Nass used to say that a under-educated white student, regardless of abilities, is superior to non-white students based on income alone.  If a white person has money, in other words, then Nass believes they are superior to smart, educated people who are not white.  Being white is what makes you good, not the content of your character.  Being white is how Nass determines your intelligence, not the quality of your academic work or the level of your dedication.  White is the beginning and the end with Nass, in other words to Nass "white makes right."  And for that reason and that reason alone he, like Walker and Grothman and Olsen, considers himself superior in making academic and education policies than anyone with a actual degree in education or has a proven track record in education related studies.

In other words the republicans are trying to bring back CRYSTALNACHT, except the GOP doesn't just want to scare or pogrom Jews, they want anyone of "un-American" color or supposed belief's to be legally stripped of their status as human beings, take all they own and give it to the GOP, and then have the people imprisoned or deported for not being willing slaves to the GOP and it's fascist regimes across the nation.
If you think I am over-stating the final version of this legislation, you are sadly mistaken.  This is in the works for Wisconsin right now, and is being tested as part of a template of legislative strategies being prepared for use across America.

Busy days indeed here in the heartland of the nation.  We will continue to fight here for ourselves and in solidarity with the national and international efforts to take back control of our homes for the people, not for the corporations and the shadowy and deceitful leaders that run them.  Fight for your lives folks, and your children's as well, because this is a war, and we must win.

By the way I am still positively ecstatic when I see all the couples that have met, and grown together as so many folks have, while united against the Koch brothers and their rabid lap-dog Scott Walker.  If I was lucky enough to meet a smart, sexy, informed and effective person at the protests of high moral value I would suggest a marriage inside the capitol rotunda on the first day after Walker has been removed from office.  Perhaps performed by judge MariAnn Sumi.  But that is just me, I'm a bit of a romantic.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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kks said...

Ha! Great post Matt! You are soooo spot on, straight from the front lines , where this movement/revolution started! Wish I could have heckled Ellis, would have made my day!
The people are pumped and ready to kick "dumb ass" out of office! I'm hoping for over a million sigs!
Love the idea of union in the rotunda!