Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You were watching C.N.N. the compromised news network.

An absolutely gorgeous and sunny day here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Very un-seasonal weather for Fall heading into Winter up here in the land of the frozen tundra.  The tree's are displaying the fall colors that everyone seems to enjoy, the birds are singing and splashing in the fountains around downtown.  Everything appears in a very happy and positive light except..........something is wrong,,,,,,,,,,something smells evil ?!?!?!?
What could that evil smell be ?  Scott Walker?  No he is hiding with attorney general J.B. Van Hollen trying to figure out how to stay out of the federal prison system.  Is the evil smell Senator Lazich and her just say no to sex education legislation?  No, that doesn't stink like this does, just as bad yet different somehow.  Could the smell be coming from Senator Grothman's messy little car?  Nope don't see Grothman's car around, besides that is a totally different style of evil coming from Grothman.  Or should I call him by his Native American name "Dances with Racism?"
Now I know what that smell is, it's the smell of biased and repulsive reporting from new CNN talking head, Erin Burnett.  This morning on CNN news, Erin let loose with a scathingly biased account on the occupation of Wall st. in New York.  The story was not appropriate for most editorial coloumns, let alone a news cast.  I wonder why she is so hateful to the pro-democracy movement.  Oh I know why.......she is a slave to money and greed herself.  Well let me re-phrase that please, she is a willing slave to the money represented by her fiance, the C.E.O. of CitiFinancial.  Now I see the connection, now I see everything.
CNN is paying homage to the legacy of Rupert Murdoch, and basing the future of that network on the template of non-integrity which he wrote.  Well......if that isn't a long term plan with all the viability and security you come to expect from multi-billion dollar trading firms I don't know what is.
Which reminds me, the BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia movement started on facebook, is really taking off and building up some steam.  Since it's inception this last Saturday, October 1st the media treated it as a joke.  Now less than a week later I have those same media outlets scrambling to interview me in reference to the boycott.  It's hilarious when I remind them that they are under boycott and I can not grant them interviews.  They have had nearly nine months now to stop pandering to the right and try to act like real journalists.  It is too late now folks, maybe you shouldn't have sold your souls long ago.
I will be back later or tomorrow with more news from what is happening in and around the capitol here in Madison.  Suffice it to say its mostly grounds for speculation at this point but there is a lot to speculate on.  Is Walker a certifiable psychopath according to medical standards?  Is Walker a certifiable criminal under federal codes and laws?  Will Alberta Darling sue her husband over the botched facelift's?  Tune in tomorrow for more information from the front lines.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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