Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big day for jobs in Wisconsin, thanks Scott Walker.

A cold and dreary day all around here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Dark clouds and cold winds were whipping through the Capitol square, OccupyMadison was all dug in to wait out the weather.  People had serious looks on their faces as they walked hurriedly through downtown.  Gloomy news was on the front page of the daily paper here, and it came as no surprise to anyone.  Wisconsin in September had lost an additional 14,200 non-farming jobs.  But then again we have to losing jobs here every day since Scott Walker disingenuously made his way into the states highest elected office.

Good news though, the governor and his ALEC, oops I mean GOP controlled legislature were right on top of the problem today with a 'Special Jobs Session' in the Senate.  As I took my seat in the senate viewing gallery I could not wait to hear what type of job and commerce promoting legislation they were going to try and pass into law today.  Dozens and dozens of us sat in the gallery and waited for the republican written Senate Bill 92 to take the floor.

And it did, S.B.92 was introduced for final consultation before being put into law to create much needed jobs here in the badger state.  And this is it folks................S.B.92 states that no taxpayer money can go to pay for abortions, regardless of circumstances here in Wisconsin.  What the heck?!?!?!  A full week on 'emergency jobs session's' and what has the radical right introduced?  Getting rid of sex education in schools - that doesn't create jobs.  Cutting back on environmental defense laws - that also does not create jobs.  Creating a second and third round of funding cuts for the University of Wisconsin system - once again that does not create any jobs, as a matter of fact all these pieces of legislation will do is going to cost us thousands of more jobs over the next two fiscal years.

And today they are trying to ram through SB 92 which is totally an asinine and emotionally charged piece of bogus legislation.  What the neo-con's say the bill is really designed to do is block insurance companies that offer abortions for different medical reasons, from receiving tax money from the state of Wisconsin.  How can this possibly improve the job market in the state?  We need jobs and we need health coverage for the citizens of this state.

Yup on top of everything else the GOP now wants to force over 340,000 working folks to lose their health coverage.  Which of course would aid unfairly and quite possibly illegally, the insurance companies that financially support the right wing agenda.  This bill would remove the citizens of Wisconsin from being able to fairly and competitively evaluate different insurance companies performance rankings and pricing structures.  It will prevent legal, privately owned companies from conducting private business with private citizens over private medical conditions and contracts.  That is not 'smaller government', that is not keeping government out of peoples private affairs.  Two concepts the republicans have always embraced. Rather it is the opposite, just as the GOP has already put our very democracy under assault, now they are trying to do the same with capitalism and the free market system.  The free market economy is based on and is driven by a large group of product and service providers able to freely offer their goods and service to the public.

All this garbage piece of legislation does is attempt an end-around of the Presidents health plan, which is mandated to the individual states to create these 'insurance exchanges' it is also an attempt to subvert  what they are doing by labeling this as a no tax money for abortions issue.  Tax money for abortions was disallowed by legislation in Wisconsin years ago.  It is already on the books and in affect, why pass new legislation on existing laws?  Especially when this is a jobs and economic special session of the senate.  Besides Roe versus Wade was a long time ago.  It is the law of the land in the United States, and the GOP attempting to prevent a legal company from providing a legal service, to a legal, private citizen is in itself not only immoral, but equally illegal as well.

Besides if this really was about abortion then why is the right wing trying to get rid of sexual education in schools and/or teach abstinence only.  It is proven over and over, time and again that only scientifically sound, medical based sexual education programs lead to reduced teen  pregnancy and abortion.  As well as providing for a healthier general population.

So with all of these and more valid and rational rebuttal's to the proposed legislation brought up strongly and articulately on the senate floor today, what was the outcome?  It passed of course 17 - 15 along party lines.  Senator Schultz from Richland Center, I really expected so much more from you sir.

But here is some good news for today though, we are just about three weeks from recalling Walker and the lieutenant governor, as well as some more radical right senators.  Everything looks very good and our numbers are evidently the much stronger from what we have seen so far.  Voter fraud wont do it this time for the GOP, not with the nation watching and a federal investigation tearing through the ranks of the republican party.  Scott Walker your time is growing short.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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