Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nancy Reagan brings her ignorance to Madison, WI.

A very skeletal looking Nancy Reagan surprised and frightened folks throughout the state today when they learned of her presence here.  She was repeating with mind-numbing redundancy her 'just say no' policy designed to impossibly deny the reality of the world around her.  Hey wait a minute.........that's not Nancy Reagan, its republican state senator Mary Lazich from New Berlin.

Lazich has authored a bill and is currently looking high and low throughout the capitol building trying to find a co-sponsor for her 'just say no' to sex legislation.  At face value what she is doing is promoting abstinence, the social sexual policy that has never worked in all of human history.  But if you scratch the surface what she is proposing is even more preposterous than that.  In reality she wants to remove discussion of birth control, sexually transmitted disease, and sexual violence from all sex ed courses taught in Wisconsin public schools and replace that with a abstinence only curriculum.

As far too many women can tell you 'just saying no' is a 100% effective tool in avoiding rape, sexual violence and infection caused by such tragedies.  Oh wait that doesn't work at all.  But still the republicans are pushing this baseless agenda which has not only proven worthless in real life settings, but also will only weaken some of our most vulnerable citizen's by replacing evidence and factual information with faith based dogma.
The legislation would also ban any science based organizations from providing information or education to public school students.  Out with Planned Parenthood volunteer's, and in with the zealots and extremists.

When questioned about the content of the legislation Lazich stated that science based teaching is "an irresponsible practice that should be reversed."  In defending science, reason, and rational and compassionate thought, Steve Hughes the president of Young Progressives said the bill would "abridge freedom in school" and further stated that the legislation "does not deserve to be given an audience on the floor of our state Senate."

I couldn't agree with him any more.  The ignorance must stop before the accumulative damage becomes irreparable and entrenched on our society.  And speaking of stopping the b.s. please check out BoycottBogusWisconsinMedia on facebook.  Solidarity Forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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