Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Overwhelmed with gratitude and concern.

I would just like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the literally dozens and dozens and dozens of people who have contacted my with offers to help the recall effort in southwestern Wisconsin.  I am very touched by your desire to protect democracy in our beloved badger state.  As a matter of fact we now have more volunteers than we have problems that we need help with.  If you would like to be effective and take part in the recall effort in your part of Wisconsin please check out the webpage to see what needs to be done in your area.

I have among other things, been doing a lot of troll busting lately.  This started as an effort to reach out to the tea party and try to explain to them how we are part of the same struggle.  What I learned though was that they are far more emotional than thoughtful (probably from watching Fox news) and I kept discovering that all they were interested in is violence, intimidation and election fraud.  They are actually so mis-led that all they can think about is dismantling democracy and trying to enslave themselves along with everybody else.  I also learned a few things about the size and scope of the tea party movement in our state.

Quite literally the people who have contacted me through this site this week outnumber the tea party in southern Wisconsin.  Which explains the desperate actions they will take to support the corporate powers that have subverted their thinking.  They call themselves the 'silent majority' but that is a lie they use to placate themselves in an effort to feel less helpless in current matters.

So just let me say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude to all those who have reached out to me this week, and also I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR see this blog is monitored constantly by the tea party.  So if you are going to comment on my postings, and I love to hear from you, I admire your good hearted and honest nature.  And it is your honesty that puts you at risk.  If you send me a comment with a phone number or e-mail address the tea party is going to have it immediately.  I would feel terrible if you started being harassed or threatened by the tools & fools on the right.  So please don't include that information in your comments, if you want me to have that information please message it to me on facebook where I am listed as Matthew Schauenburg.  You good folks and I feel free using our names and having our information out there because we are honest and decent people.

The haters and tools of the tea party always, every single time, post here anonymously as they do all over the Internet.  They know deep inside that they are wrong and they try to hide in darkness and anonymity to disguise it.

So in closing thank you all very much once again for all your kind offers.  Please be safe and take part in the recalls.  I appreciate your readership and will continue to keep you updated in the struggle to protect democracy in Wisconsin.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crisis resolved

I am very, very happy to report that all issue's regarding the Piggly Wiggly store in Platteville, Wisconsin have been succesfully resolved.  There is no need for a boycott and all is happy again.  Which is really excellent because the good folks of Platteville only had one other alternative for groceries and that would be the "super" Wal-Mart and I would hate to add to that companies bottom line.
Thank you all to everyone who helped out with phone calls and networking.  You see it is just this easy, when we stick together and work in solidarity we are unstoppable.  And now we can get back to the important task at hand, the recall of Scott Walker and Roberta Kleefisch.  To all you folks in the Grant County area the Democrat's are kicking off the local recall effort this evening at 5:30 p.m. I hope to see lots of folks there and if you need any additional information please go to

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Emergency in Platteville/Grant County Wisconsin

Hey there readers, if any of you are in the Grant county area or the city of Platteville we could really use some help.  I'm down here working on the recall effort and we are encountering some serious problems.  I just came back from Dem headquarters here and we are under attack.
Threats are coming in and staff is running scared.  We need people to help canvass for recall signatures.  We need folks to double and triple up for the sake of safety.  You don't even actually need to collect signatures, just walk around with the canvassers and have a cell phone ready to call 911.  Video camera's and large flashlights would be very good as well.  I already had one near-violent encounter in broad daylight here today.
Grant county is very blue, but there is a small but very determined group of tea-party tools & fools looking to illegally disrupt the democratic process.  If you are interested and can help please contact me through the comment section of this blog or message me on facebook under my name Matthew Schauenburg.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Another issue we are dealing with here is that Democrat headquarters is located in a shopping plaza that also is home to a Piggly Wiggly grocery store.  The management of the store has been organizing efforts to disrupt the recalls and is tearing down signs and harassing people.  The store is now under boycott and will remain so regardless of the legal outcome of things.  Feel free to call them and give them holy heck at 608-348-2345
Thank you and solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On the giving of thanks

I was going to start out this posting today with a personal list of people who I know who have worked tirelessly and seemingly endlessly as well on the recall effort this year in Wisconsin.  Then I realized that the recall is only part of the big picture.  And if I was to include everyone that I could think of I would be sitting here until after the election entering names on a endless thank you list.  So I will sum up for you very quickly and easily what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all you multitudes, you glorious legions that are taking part and volunteering in all forms, all across Wisconsin with the recall efforts.  My best wishes to you and yours and the future of the great state of Wisconsin.  Now please pig out and enjoy yourselves and I will see you again in the trenches on Friday.  Peace and solidarity forever.

Also please check out my page at, I have a birthday wish that I would like your help with.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just another day in the life

Greetings everybody, hope you are all doing well as the recall effort rolls along.  A slightly cold overcast day today in our state's capitol.  Wasn't able to generate as many signatures this morning as I would have liked but that's okay, there is plenty of time left.  My whole afternoon was wasted today as I was needed to testify in court as a witness to a case from this spring involving Segway Jeremy Ryan.  We arrived early in the courthouse and waited outside a dark and locked court room until five minutes after our start time.

We then spoke with the court administrator, the clerk of courts, a representative from the Dane County District Attorney's office amongst other folks.  Time seemed to almost run backward as we dealt with one official after another.  After a seemingly endless wait we were informed that once again, the d.a.'s office had decided to drop the case.  We were not terribly happy to hear this.  You see different police agency's are being influenced by the GOP to illegally enact arrests and citations on unconstitutional grounds.  Time and again these charges are dropped by the district attorneys office.  Only once has a charge against us actually made it to court and then the judge dismissed the charge as unconstitutional.  This is all a big waste of time and resources for both the protesters and the courts, not to mention a waste of the tax payers money.  Jeremy is going to be meeting with his legal team this week to investigate the plausibility of leveling an injunction against the office of the district attorney.  Most likely it is not possible, yet it needs to be pursued to provide a degree of protection and fairness to the protesters.

Jeremy was wearing a t=shirt today that said, "haters are proof that you are doing something right" and I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.  And do to some scheduling issue's as well as the Thanksgiving holiday I have to pick a different time and date to collect signatures for the recall on the 600 block of Carroll street.  No big deal though, we have six more weeks left in the recall effort.

I was just informed while posting this that Woodman's grocery store, on the east side of Madison, earlier asked a customer to leave for wearing a recall shirt.  This is absolutely amazing to me that a employee owned store, run my Phil Woodman would do such an atrocious thing.  Then again we live in some very interesting times.  Feel free to give Woodman's a call at 608-244-6630.  Just another day  in the life of a Wisconsinite fighting for justice and democracy, take care folks.

After posting this I spoke with two managers of Woodmans east grocery, they confirmed that they have asked people to leave for wearing shirts or buttons, hats, etc. that identified the persons involved as recall volunteers.  There was no canvassing occuring on the property they said.  Woodmans in Madison is now under boycott, the media has been alerted and the information is going viral on facebook and twitter right at this moment.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Even Monday mornings are glorious when your part of Walkers recall.

In spite of a late start this morning I was able to collect just over another hundred signatures.  Too bad it will not be possible to do that for much longer here in Madison and the Dane County area.  By the numbers we already have more than half the population registered in the recall effort.  Those numbers were also given a huge boost this last Saturday when approximately forty thousand people rallied around the capitol and showed they're support for Walkers ouster.

It was truly inspiring to see tens of thousands around the square once again.  Thousands were inside the rotunda and it immediately took me back to the rallies of last winter and spring when the halls of the capitol building were ringing with the voices of the people.

There was even a pro-Walker rally on Saturday to coincide with the pro-recall rally.  I observed the tea party forming just off of the capitol square.  There numbers built and built until nearly sixty people had gathered.  Yes that is right, forty thousand of us and the pro-Walker crowd couldn't even generate a hundred.  And they were even provided with free transportation and lunch.  About half of those gathered actually went so far as to walk to the capitol and be a very small visual symbol to the cause.

Apparently those folks are not very proud to display the pro-Walker, pro-corporate attitude in the light of day.  They seem to prefer lurking online as trolls and working through twitter and other media to vainly attempt to subvert or interfere with the democratic process.

There seems to be a growing belief that we could have all the numbers we need to launch the recall election within two weeks.  Of course we will continue to collect signatures up until the last moment.  Most likely all the while some of the right wing radicals will continue to fraudulently affect the effort and/or destroy petitions.  Even though they are being arrested and charged with felonies, they continue in such efforts.  On the good side if we convict a thousand of them between now and January it would lead to the creation of 118 good union jobs in the criminal justice and related fields.

Keep up the good work Wisconsin, we are getting closer to our patriotic goals with every day.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil, for I am the 99%.  Hello everyone from Madison, WI where the recall effort is in full swing.  The numbers after just a few days are incredible.  Scott Walker is on the verge of being this state's only 1 year governor.   Of course the radical right is busy trying to throw a wrench into the works but so far all they have accomplished is giving themselves more negative publicity.  It is amazing to me that after last week when I helped  uncover some tea party individuals who had organized and funded an intentional election fraud scandal, that the tools & fools on the right are still blatantly organizing more fraud.

We had six tea partiers last week alone turned over to the FBI (hi Matt, district director) and they are soon to be prosecuted for federal felonies relating to election fraud.  Two more were terminated from they're employment to advocating fraud and violence.  And in just the last couple of days I have received death/violence threats regarding collecting recall signatures.  Yup the death threats are back again.  And we know just where they are coming ol tea party buddy Fat Billy.

So of course what else is a good Wisconsin boy to do but march right up to the cannon's mouth.  Next Wednesday at 2:00 pm myself and others are going to the source of the threats and will legally collect signatures for the recall in front of that building.  I imagine that Fat Billy will provide us with lots of youtube footage with his childish behaviour.  I honestly think he is way too much of a coward to actually try and commit a act of violence.  After we collect our signatures I will be turning over hard copy of the threats against me posted here and on other online forums from this individual and turning them over to my fellow Wisconsinite Matt, who is the director for the FBI office here in the state's capitol.
Wish I had more time to give everyone more information right now but I am in a huge hurry as I am heading to the capitol building for the largest anti-Walker rally since last spring.  We can only guess a crowd of 10k to 50k but you never know, there could be more.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pic this milwaukee bridge is occupied! #n17 #bridges #wiunion on Twitpic

Pic this milwaukee bridge is occupied! #n17 #bridges #wiunion on Twitpic

Some tools just can not be sharpened

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dare you to come knocking on my door you lying piece of shit.
November 16, 2011 6:41 PM

This is a pretty mild comment from the radical right.
Now as our side knows political activity is not solicitation and is protected activity.  Ol Fat Billy who wrote this is somehow positive that the police will break the law for him and not allow recall petitions to be circulated on N Carroll st.  Which is amazing to me as the police investigated him for running a drug operation out of a bar some years ago.  Back before he was brought up on kidnapping charges.  I love CCAP.  
Just a quick check in with all you good folks out there.  I am really picking up some steam on the recalls and intend to put as much energy into that as possible.  When I am not doing that I am working with other organizations and individuals and presenting cases of voter fraud to the FBI headquarters here at the capitol of Wisconsin.  Some tools are just so dull they can never be sharpened, thanks for doing half my work for my tea party tools and fools.  I know I said I was reaching out the to right in solidarity but, all the rightie's I find are criminals.
Speaking of which, I am thinking of taking a very large group down to Carroll street today or tomorrow to collect signature's.  There are tons of students there that hate Walker, gotta love a college town.  So keep up the good fight people, solidarity forever.  Also in all honesty even though I am taking out and exposing the trolls and the right wing fraud groups I appreciate them, it is theyre involvement that allows me so much wiggle room in negotiating the book deal.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You can almost smell freedom returning to Wisconsin.

A bit of a cold and brutal day here in Madison.  And even though I spent half the day canvassing door to door I never felt cold.  For one thing everybody was very polite and would welcome me into they're home's to sign the petitions and discuss the recall.  It truly warmed my heart.

It didn't take more than a few hours to sign up over a hundred people on the recall petitions.  I heard on facebook earlier that there is one person who has already recorded over a thousand signatures for the recall of Walker and Kleefisch.  I truly believe that we are watching those two political career's come to a disastrous ending.

That is all for today folks, I have to get back to canvassing and such.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers for we are almost there.  Victory is in sight.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

So little time now

Less than twelve hours away now from initiating the recall against all the big shills in the GOP here in Wisconsin. A big shout out to all my readers, my posting is going to be a little sporadic now with so much effort going into the recalls, keep checking out the sight though, I will be keeping everyone informed of what is happening in and around Wisconsin during this historic sign.
I will also be keeping you up to date on all the dirty tricks, intentional fraud and other shenanigans we are uncovering as we move Wisconsin forward here.  Even though we are reaching out to the tea party, there ranks are still quite full of tools and fools, so we will report on that as well.  Big shout out to all three people who commented over and over on this post recently under different names, what a effective way to make it look like you have some numbers on your side.
And another big shout out to our I.T. people that make it possible to trace back all these links and posts and such from the trolls, and even better gave us the app to call and pester these trolls at home without our actual phone numbers being able to be traced.  Turnabout is fair play they say, howdy trolls, hope your having half the fun that I am having.
Anyway the biggest shout out of all to those who are working the recall effort and those who intend to vote the psychopath and all his cronies out of office.  Cant wait for this to all come together, then we can start playing with the list of trolls home address's.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

And sometimes it just never ends......

Hello again from ground zero here in lovely Madison, Wisconsin.  We are nearly at 48 hours until the start of the recall efforts against Scott Walker,  Kleefisch, Scott Fitzgerald and other GOP members of the Koch brothers legislative terrorism machine.  People are really getting excited here as we begin to launch the recall.  There has also been much discussion recently on communications and networking with members of the tea party.  After all they are part of the "99%" and stand to lose as much as the rest of us.

I posted recently that although somewhat reluctantly, I would try to incorporate those misled by the right.  And life decided to immediately take me in the completely opposite direction.  As many of you know I have been affiliated with a citizen journalist group  On Thursday of this last week politiscoop started uncovering a organized and funded tea party effort to commit voter fraud during the recall election process.  Which is not very surprising, nor was it surprising when the money trail led to Waukesha.  What caught us off guard was that they were openly advertising this and recruiting for it openly on the Internet.  These are felonies, these are federal crimes.  And here they are laughing and joking about it as if they were untouchables, completely immune to the law.

One of these organizers is Will Jenkins who posted lots of racist and violent content all over the Internet and also bragged that he was an employee of the Kenosha Unified School District.  Apparently there is a clause in the school district's contract with its employee's that severely frowns upon racism, especially with intent to possibly take violent action against students.  So after a few conversations and some investigation, it appears that Mr. Jenkins is now becoming a former employee of the school district.  Which will hopefully take his mind off of all the stress of being investigated by authorities for criminal intent to commit voter fraud.

Another person I uncovered was a part time troll on facebook and twitter who posted as 'Charles Atlas Shrugging', this individual I have to admit has a fairly clever net-handle.  Also even when trolling through the web and twitter sphere, could usually formulate a reasonably well thought out statement of dissent.  The more I looked into 'Charles Atlas' the interesting he became to me.  The guy seems in many ways to remind me of myself, just somehow he was tempted into "drinking the tea" and now he is working for the other side.  Could I have been misled as well into supporting the corporate imperialism?  Anyway he also is in on the voter fraud thing and Mr. Atlas, or as he is known at home in Beaver Dam, as Charles Eugene Brey also has an investigation to worry about.

Of course there are many more people being investigated now by authorities, and our investigation into uncovering others involved is just getting started.  Luckily they left the money trail pretty much in the open for us.  So once again it may be a race to see who removes some members of the GOP from office, the people through recall or the cops through indictments.

And this happens when we were trying to find a way to extend an olive branch to the tea party and establish hopefully, some communication and sharing between the two citizens groups.  Maybe next week, though we are going to  be awfully busy with the recalls here.  Speaking of the recall efforts, what do you folks out there think about the possibility of establishing a referendum next year in Wisconsin to add a legislative item recall to the states constitution?  That would allow for a particularly undesirable bill to be removed by recall rather than the longer route of recalling a elected official.  And later trying to reverse or remove the legislation that the person introduced.  Seems more streamlined that way, and also less likely to cost millions in advertising money.  It worked wonders in Ohio last week, solidarity forever Ohio!

Anyway a very happy Veterans Day weekend to all you women and men who served out there.  Happy football weekend to everyone as well, at least Wisconsin is still doing very well in that category.  Speaking of football I was thinking last night - is Scott Walker aware of the Joe Paterno controversy at Penn State University I wonder?  Scott Walker like Joe Paterno, put the interests of the institution before the interests of the individual which that institution was supposed to help.  Ultimately doing so only will ultimately hurt the very institution they were trying to protect.

Joe Paterno regardless of the many, many very good things he has done throughout his career, is ending that career earlier than intended and in shame.  There should be a very good lesson in there for Mr. Walker if he is capable of learning it, then again.................sometimes it just never ends.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It is getting to be that scary time of year............

Things are getting very scary indeed here in the Midwestern United States.  And I am not talking about Halloween and all that jazz either.  Reports coming in from Ohio today indicated that the right wing is using illegal 'robo-calling' of citizens home's, spreading misinformation about tomorrow's vote in Ohio on S.B. 5 which is their union busting legislation.

It seems like only yesterday that Wisconsin was dealing with illegal right wing robo-calling,  And voter fraud, and voter I.D. debacle's and gerrymandering and racist threats to democracy.  Oh wait that is still going on, even after software manufacturers who supplied the state with voting equipment admitted that the software was designed to alter the information it contained, i.e. creating and altering votes and tallies.

Even though Kathy Nicklaus of Waukesha (Walkersha) was found to have violated state laws that protect against voter fraud for the FOURTH time!  Even though the right wing has already been proven to have shipped in out of state canvasser's with felony records who compiled lists of names of DEAD PEOPLE and used them in the last round of legislative elections.  Even still, right now, tonight and tomorrow and into the future, even with all this plus Koch brothers money piling at the door, the GOP is still looking to tilt the balance unjustly in they're favor even more before we start the recalls nest week.

First they rushed through a concealed carry law that even the National Rifle Association zealots could not approve of.  Then they rushed last week to enact the laws before the recall elections start.  Now they rushed back into session today where the JCRAR in turn, rushed through changes to last weeks concealed carry legislation and stripping it of almost all gun safety training requirements.  All in an attempt to intimidate potential poll-workers and recall petition circulator's before next weeks recall begins.  All by putting weapons into untrained hand even as day after day at the capitol, the police presence grows in number.  Even as the right wing legislators sneak in and out of the capitol in fear, and the state pays more and more for private security and undercover officers all over the capitol grounds, still they persist.h

We can win, we will win, because almost nobody supports Scott Walker and his cronies in Wisconsin anymore.  Don't let them make you live your life in fear, don't allow domestic terrorism sponsored by the radical right to take root in Wisconsin.  Fight for democracy and the recall effort, life will only get so very much worse if we let them steal our government away from us.  If we let that happen the only fight left for Wisconsin will be the jackals of the right wing fighting over the bones of our state's carcass.
Solidarity and peace forever sisters and brothers.  By being out in the streets and defending the democratic process, we can return peace and justice, truth and prosperity to the badger state.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

201 and 201 in 11/11

Didn't even notice the other day that my last posting was #201,  things have been going on that long now.  It seems like it all started a million years ago, well at least another lifetime ago.  I was a completely different person a year ago than I am now.  Also I just came back from solidarity singalong #201.  It is truly awe inspiring to have been so involved with so many people for so long.  The dedication and determination of the majority of Wisconsin citizens who stand in opposition to Scott Walker is something I am still surprised to have witnessed during my lifetime.

A year ago I actually was a very different person.  My political involvement was basically limited to one event by one group we called The Bascolm Coalition at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  My pro-union work was limited to some volunteer hours.  Now I am devoted to the peaceful resolution of current issue's through the democratic process.  Now I am a minister trying to communicate between police and protesters, working on bringing all people together to work with one united goal, to achieve solidarity and oust Scott Walker and Roberta Kleefisch.

Wisconsin for Wisconsinite's, power to the people-not corporations!  We grow stronger everyday folks, keep up the fight.  Solidarity forever, even with those who have been fooled by the Koch brothers into subverting the tea party into a radical extremist hate group.  We are all in this together like it or not, but more about solidarity with the right winger's later on tonight.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The same old, same old

The republicans quickly convened in the legislature this morning, and just as quickly called the assembly to recess.  This means that most likely they wont call everyone back to order until someone tonight or this evening so as to try and slip unacceptable legislation through again.  They love operating under cover of darkness it seems.

Great attendance at the solidarity singalong, held outside today in the unusual 60' weather so very warm for Wisconsin at this time of year.  Heading back to the Capitol building now, try to get wind of something going on. 
Quick note, now that it is over (at least for now) the Boycott Bogus Wisconsin Media campaign seems to have had a positive affect, just from frequency and balance of coverage.  Thank you to everyone that participated.  Until later folks, peace and solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!