Saturday, November 19, 2011

The valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no evil, for I am the 99%.  Hello everyone from Madison, WI where the recall effort is in full swing.  The numbers after just a few days are incredible.  Scott Walker is on the verge of being this state's only 1 year governor.   Of course the radical right is busy trying to throw a wrench into the works but so far all they have accomplished is giving themselves more negative publicity.  It is amazing to me that after last week when I helped  uncover some tea party individuals who had organized and funded an intentional election fraud scandal, that the tools & fools on the right are still blatantly organizing more fraud.

We had six tea partiers last week alone turned over to the FBI (hi Matt, district director) and they are soon to be prosecuted for federal felonies relating to election fraud.  Two more were terminated from they're employment to advocating fraud and violence.  And in just the last couple of days I have received death/violence threats regarding collecting recall signatures.  Yup the death threats are back again.  And we know just where they are coming ol tea party buddy Fat Billy.

So of course what else is a good Wisconsin boy to do but march right up to the cannon's mouth.  Next Wednesday at 2:00 pm myself and others are going to the source of the threats and will legally collect signatures for the recall in front of that building.  I imagine that Fat Billy will provide us with lots of youtube footage with his childish behaviour.  I honestly think he is way too much of a coward to actually try and commit a act of violence.  After we collect our signatures I will be turning over hard copy of the threats against me posted here and on other online forums from this individual and turning them over to my fellow Wisconsinite Matt, who is the director for the FBI office here in the state's capitol.
Wish I had more time to give everyone more information right now but I am in a huge hurry as I am heading to the capitol building for the largest anti-Walker rally since last spring.  We can only guess a crowd of 10k to 50k but you never know, there could be more.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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