Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You can almost smell freedom returning to Wisconsin.

A bit of a cold and brutal day here in Madison.  And even though I spent half the day canvassing door to door I never felt cold.  For one thing everybody was very polite and would welcome me into they're home's to sign the petitions and discuss the recall.  It truly warmed my heart.

It didn't take more than a few hours to sign up over a hundred people on the recall petitions.  I heard on facebook earlier that there is one person who has already recorded over a thousand signatures for the recall of Walker and Kleefisch.  I truly believe that we are watching those two political career's come to a disastrous ending.

That is all for today folks, I have to get back to canvassing and such.  Keep the faith sisters and brothers for we are almost there.  Victory is in sight.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Mygrammamyhero said...

I LOVE the bravery typical of these tea partiers. Anonymous is so courageous by assigning his name along with his infantile rants. What is he afraid of? The big bad peace symbol and some GORP?