Friday, November 4, 2011

201 and 201 in 11/11

Didn't even notice the other day that my last posting was #201,  things have been going on that long now.  It seems like it all started a million years ago, well at least another lifetime ago.  I was a completely different person a year ago than I am now.  Also I just came back from solidarity singalong #201.  It is truly awe inspiring to have been so involved with so many people for so long.  The dedication and determination of the majority of Wisconsin citizens who stand in opposition to Scott Walker is something I am still surprised to have witnessed during my lifetime.

A year ago I actually was a very different person.  My political involvement was basically limited to one event by one group we called The Bascolm Coalition at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  My pro-union work was limited to some volunteer hours.  Now I am devoted to the peaceful resolution of current issue's through the democratic process.  Now I am a minister trying to communicate between police and protesters, working on bringing all people together to work with one united goal, to achieve solidarity and oust Scott Walker and Roberta Kleefisch.

Wisconsin for Wisconsinite's, power to the people-not corporations!  We grow stronger everyday folks, keep up the fight.  Solidarity forever, even with those who have been fooled by the Koch brothers into subverting the tea party into a radical extremist hate group.  We are all in this together like it or not, but more about solidarity with the right winger's later on tonight.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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