Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some tools just can not be sharpened

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dare you to come knocking on my door you lying piece of shit.
November 16, 2011 6:41 PM

This is a pretty mild comment from the radical right.
Now as our side knows political activity is not solicitation and is protected activity.  Ol Fat Billy who wrote this is somehow positive that the police will break the law for him and not allow recall petitions to be circulated on N Carroll st.  Which is amazing to me as the police investigated him for running a drug operation out of a bar some years ago.  Back before he was brought up on kidnapping charges.  I love CCAP.  
Just a quick check in with all you good folks out there.  I am really picking up some steam on the recalls and intend to put as much energy into that as possible.  When I am not doing that I am working with other organizations and individuals and presenting cases of voter fraud to the FBI headquarters here at the capitol of Wisconsin.  Some tools are just so dull they can never be sharpened, thanks for doing half my work for my tea party tools and fools.  I know I said I was reaching out the to right in solidarity but, all the rightie's I find are criminals.
Speaking of which, I am thinking of taking a very large group down to Carroll street today or tomorrow to collect signature's.  There are tons of students there that hate Walker, gotta love a college town.  So keep up the good fight people, solidarity forever.  Also in all honesty even though I am taking out and exposing the trolls and the right wing fraud groups I appreciate them, it is theyre involvement that allows me so much wiggle room in negotiating the book deal.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That anonymous comment wasn't from Fat Billy, it was from me, you stupid moron.

If you come knocking on my door, I might just evoke the Castle Doctrine.

Make my day, you lying idiot.