Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just another day in the life

Greetings everybody, hope you are all doing well as the recall effort rolls along.  A slightly cold overcast day today in our state's capitol.  Wasn't able to generate as many signatures this morning as I would have liked but that's okay, there is plenty of time left.  My whole afternoon was wasted today as I was needed to testify in court as a witness to a case from this spring involving Segway Jeremy Ryan.  We arrived early in the courthouse and waited outside a dark and locked court room until five minutes after our start time.

We then spoke with the court administrator, the clerk of courts, a representative from the Dane County District Attorney's office amongst other folks.  Time seemed to almost run backward as we dealt with one official after another.  After a seemingly endless wait we were informed that once again, the d.a.'s office had decided to drop the case.  We were not terribly happy to hear this.  You see different police agency's are being influenced by the GOP to illegally enact arrests and citations on unconstitutional grounds.  Time and again these charges are dropped by the district attorneys office.  Only once has a charge against us actually made it to court and then the judge dismissed the charge as unconstitutional.  This is all a big waste of time and resources for both the protesters and the courts, not to mention a waste of the tax payers money.  Jeremy is going to be meeting with his legal team this week to investigate the plausibility of leveling an injunction against the office of the district attorney.  Most likely it is not possible, yet it needs to be pursued to provide a degree of protection and fairness to the protesters.

Jeremy was wearing a t=shirt today that said, "haters are proof that you are doing something right" and I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.  And do to some scheduling issue's as well as the Thanksgiving holiday I have to pick a different time and date to collect signatures for the recall on the 600 block of Carroll street.  No big deal though, we have six more weeks left in the recall effort.

I was just informed while posting this that Woodman's grocery store, on the east side of Madison, earlier asked a customer to leave for wearing a recall shirt.  This is absolutely amazing to me that a employee owned store, run my Phil Woodman would do such an atrocious thing.  Then again we live in some very interesting times.  Feel free to give Woodman's a call at 608-244-6630.  Just another day  in the life of a Wisconsinite fighting for justice and democracy, take care folks.

After posting this I spoke with two managers of Woodmans east grocery, they confirmed that they have asked people to leave for wearing shirts or buttons, hats, etc. that identified the persons involved as recall volunteers.  There was no canvassing occuring on the property they said.  Woodmans in Madison is now under boycott, the media has been alerted and the information is going viral on facebook and twitter right at this moment.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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