Sunday, November 13, 2011

And sometimes it just never ends......

Hello again from ground zero here in lovely Madison, Wisconsin.  We are nearly at 48 hours until the start of the recall efforts against Scott Walker,  Kleefisch, Scott Fitzgerald and other GOP members of the Koch brothers legislative terrorism machine.  People are really getting excited here as we begin to launch the recall.  There has also been much discussion recently on communications and networking with members of the tea party.  After all they are part of the "99%" and stand to lose as much as the rest of us.

I posted recently that although somewhat reluctantly, I would try to incorporate those misled by the right.  And life decided to immediately take me in the completely opposite direction.  As many of you know I have been affiliated with a citizen journalist group  On Thursday of this last week politiscoop started uncovering a organized and funded tea party effort to commit voter fraud during the recall election process.  Which is not very surprising, nor was it surprising when the money trail led to Waukesha.  What caught us off guard was that they were openly advertising this and recruiting for it openly on the Internet.  These are felonies, these are federal crimes.  And here they are laughing and joking about it as if they were untouchables, completely immune to the law.

One of these organizers is Will Jenkins who posted lots of racist and violent content all over the Internet and also bragged that he was an employee of the Kenosha Unified School District.  Apparently there is a clause in the school district's contract with its employee's that severely frowns upon racism, especially with intent to possibly take violent action against students.  So after a few conversations and some investigation, it appears that Mr. Jenkins is now becoming a former employee of the school district.  Which will hopefully take his mind off of all the stress of being investigated by authorities for criminal intent to commit voter fraud.

Another person I uncovered was a part time troll on facebook and twitter who posted as 'Charles Atlas Shrugging', this individual I have to admit has a fairly clever net-handle.  Also even when trolling through the web and twitter sphere, could usually formulate a reasonably well thought out statement of dissent.  The more I looked into 'Charles Atlas' the interesting he became to me.  The guy seems in many ways to remind me of myself, just somehow he was tempted into "drinking the tea" and now he is working for the other side.  Could I have been misled as well into supporting the corporate imperialism?  Anyway he also is in on the voter fraud thing and Mr. Atlas, or as he is known at home in Beaver Dam, as Charles Eugene Brey also has an investigation to worry about.

Of course there are many more people being investigated now by authorities, and our investigation into uncovering others involved is just getting started.  Luckily they left the money trail pretty much in the open for us.  So once again it may be a race to see who removes some members of the GOP from office, the people through recall or the cops through indictments.

And this happens when we were trying to find a way to extend an olive branch to the tea party and establish hopefully, some communication and sharing between the two citizens groups.  Maybe next week, though we are going to  be awfully busy with the recalls here.  Speaking of the recall efforts, what do you folks out there think about the possibility of establishing a referendum next year in Wisconsin to add a legislative item recall to the states constitution?  That would allow for a particularly undesirable bill to be removed by recall rather than the longer route of recalling a elected official.  And later trying to reverse or remove the legislation that the person introduced.  Seems more streamlined that way, and also less likely to cost millions in advertising money.  It worked wonders in Ohio last week, solidarity forever Ohio!

Anyway a very happy Veterans Day weekend to all you women and men who served out there.  Happy football weekend to everyone as well, at least Wisconsin is still doing very well in that category.  Speaking of football I was thinking last night - is Scott Walker aware of the Joe Paterno controversy at Penn State University I wonder?  Scott Walker like Joe Paterno, put the interests of the institution before the interests of the individual which that institution was supposed to help.  Ultimately doing so only will ultimately hurt the very institution they were trying to protect.

Joe Paterno regardless of the many, many very good things he has done throughout his career, is ending that career earlier than intended and in shame.  There should be a very good lesson in there for Mr. Walker if he is capable of learning it, then again.................sometimes it just never ends.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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