Monday, November 21, 2011

Even Monday mornings are glorious when your part of Walkers recall.

In spite of a late start this morning I was able to collect just over another hundred signatures.  Too bad it will not be possible to do that for much longer here in Madison and the Dane County area.  By the numbers we already have more than half the population registered in the recall effort.  Those numbers were also given a huge boost this last Saturday when approximately forty thousand people rallied around the capitol and showed they're support for Walkers ouster.

It was truly inspiring to see tens of thousands around the square once again.  Thousands were inside the rotunda and it immediately took me back to the rallies of last winter and spring when the halls of the capitol building were ringing with the voices of the people.

There was even a pro-Walker rally on Saturday to coincide with the pro-recall rally.  I observed the tea party forming just off of the capitol square.  There numbers built and built until nearly sixty people had gathered.  Yes that is right, forty thousand of us and the pro-Walker crowd couldn't even generate a hundred.  And they were even provided with free transportation and lunch.  About half of those gathered actually went so far as to walk to the capitol and be a very small visual symbol to the cause.

Apparently those folks are not very proud to display the pro-Walker, pro-corporate attitude in the light of day.  They seem to prefer lurking online as trolls and working through twitter and other media to vainly attempt to subvert or interfere with the democratic process.

There seems to be a growing belief that we could have all the numbers we need to launch the recall election within two weeks.  Of course we will continue to collect signatures up until the last moment.  Most likely all the while some of the right wing radicals will continue to fraudulently affect the effort and/or destroy petitions.  Even though they are being arrested and charged with felonies, they continue in such efforts.  On the good side if we convict a thousand of them between now and January it would lead to the creation of 118 good union jobs in the criminal justice and related fields.

Keep up the good work Wisconsin, we are getting closer to our patriotic goals with every day.  Solidarity forever sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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