Saturday, July 30, 2011

A special thank you to a very special friend

Little supplemental posting here folks, I just wanted to give a big ol Wisconsin style shout out to my good buddy from way up north who helped me to understand the reasoning of those on our side who have decided it might be a good idea to keep Scott Walker around awhile.  I don't even mind that 'floppy thing', thanks again and solidarity forever my friend.

Tyler Durden from Madison Wisconsin

A couple of days ago I reported here that there had been some minor espionage involving the catering at Scotty's little fund raiser down in Fort Atkinson.  As I have previously stated I am willing to give massive leeway to folks regarding the tactics and strategies that they feel comfortable/condonable using in the fight against the corporations and their tools and fools.  Fools like the working class members that make up the bulk of the teabullies who fight against their own best interests.  And tools like ol Scotty Walker and his perverted politicians like Voss, Olsen and Darling.
Thinking about all of this the last couple of days I began to be reminded more and more of the movie Fight Club.  In that movie the central character by the very unremarkable name of Tyler Durden, organizes a group of men and women who are affected by the same sense of helplessness and despair.  Much like what the citizens of the great state of Wisconsin are feeling now.
In the movie these men and women become empowered as individuals through at first, bare knuckle boxing, hence 'fight club' and realising their strength they go on to larger organised activities.  They focus their attention on what led to the miserable existence they previously felt to had led.  They decided to take action and fight against the powers that be that left them broke, isolated and disenfranchised. 
They soon realise the obvious, that these powers that be, these corporate entities and the puppet masters that dominate the world through their wealth are actually the puppets of the people themselves.  These billionaires that operate from the shadows to destroy our freedom, our culture, our liberty and our homelands are actually very weak individuals with no sense of community or cohesion between them.  And I thought to myself, this is very true indeed.  What usable, worthwhile skills could a millionaire or billionaire possibly have?  They don't know how to fix a car or build a road.  They don't know how to dig a ditch or cook their own meals even.  They are helpless and quite worthless people once you think about it.
We the people, we who are the working women and men of Wisconsin..........America........the world provide everything for these feeble few and we allow them to control us.  Why would we do that?  Just like a young child or infant that must rely on the parents for everything, the overly-prosperous, these rich bastiches are fed and watered by us.  They rely on us to make their clothing and build there homes for them.  We operate the technology by which they communicate.  We guard them while they sleep.  THEY SHOULD NOT MESS WITH US!  Because all of their lives are quite literally in our hands and we can do anything we want to them at anytime.  We can totally control and dominate them. 
Perhaps we should think about the possibility of organizing against them.  Every worker united to redistribute the wealth and provide a fair and balanced playing field for all people.  It is totally within our power to do so.  And it could begin with a little bit of a warning shot, as it were, to the overly prosperous.  Culinary workers could fire this first salvo by compromising what we feed to the rich in restaurants, by caterer's and personal chefs.  Nothing that would kill them or hurt them very much, but I do kind of like the idea of Scotty spooning himself up a big old helping of soup with a little pee and maybe a few bugs in it.  A little message from the people that we want our freedom, our state, and our lives back.
A little something to remind the 'powers that be' that they should think twice about robo-calling and voter fraud during the recall elections and let the people decide who should lead them.  They are supposed to focus on nothing except the will of the people by golly!
Speaking of recall elections, the results so far are looking mighty good.  Hansen dominated his district and it looks like similar results can be expected across the rest of the state.  GOP candidates like Randy Hopper and Luther Olsen are being revealed for adultery and child molesting.  As well as tax fraud and all other forms of improper conduct.
One thing that people have been talking about and noticing lately is the discussion concerning the recall date of Scotty Walker.  Some democrats, who being career politicians unwilling to hold a real job, have been floating around the idea of a compromise to back off of Walker in exchange for destruction of the recall laws which would guarantee their cushy positions.  Other's seem to feel that delaying the vote on Walker from a spring to a fall election may be beneficial to the recall movement for demographic purposes.
That slightly discourages but doesn't surprise me as politicians have always thought along similar lines.  What is surprising to me is that some people including bloggers and activists and citizen journalists like myself have begun to think along the same lines.  Why I wondered, would they do that when we have all the momentum on our side?  And then I thought of a different movie, Apocalypse Now and Robert DuValls character the air cavalry commander.  The one that leads the chopper attack on the village during the day and then surfs and drinks beer with his men.  He is obviously having the time of his life in Viet Nam and at one pivotal point in the movie laments out loud and with great sincerity "someday this war is gonna end."
He is unbothered by the horrors of war and the reality of the suffering all around him because he is wrapped up in his own sense of power and importance and his ego has over-ridden his thought processes.  It is the same for some of the folks on our side in the movement.  Suddenly they are organizers with people taking their cue's from them.  They are bloggers and independent journalists who are happily surprised to wake up one day and discover that their blog postings have thousand and thousands of readers eagerly awaiting the next posting.  And they are becoming reluctant to give that up.  The heck with that I say!  This is the peoples movement, the movement of the majority of our citizens and we should not compromise.  We should maintain the momentum that WE have achieved and remove the evil of Scott Walker from our fair state and send him packing ASAP!
WE the people, the great collective of the citizenry has controlled this movement from day one.  It is OUR LIVES and LIVELIHOODS that we are fighting for.  WE control this now and WE always have.  Not the democrats and not the bloggers and other voices of recent note.  I would be very glad to close this blog down and quietly disappear back into the woodwork as soon as possible, as soon as WE take our state back.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fort Atkinson puppy bares milk teeth

Surprise, surprise ol Scotty Walker was late getting to his own fund raiser in Fort Atkinson yesterday evening.  A crowd of right about 300 was in place and waiting for the corporate puppet to show up.  The time was spent well though, even in fairly red Jefferson county dozens of cars came by waving and giving the solidarity salute.  As the attendants to the event arrived they were shamed by the protesters and in particular by yours truly.

Unlike the governors budget signing in Green Bay, the tools and fools of the tea party were actually dressed for the occasion this time. Ninety plus percent of the righties were wearing black as if dressed for a funeral.  A funeral for democracy and the state of Wisconsin perhaps.  Security for the event was provided by MPI as well as state troopers and the local Fort Atkinson cops.  One Fort cop in particular (who appeared all of 21 yrs. old) was particularly aggressive and threatened to arrest me for referring to the single African/American attendee as "the token minority" information was taken down and verified.  The officer seemed rather angered when he consulted police in Madison and was told that I should be left alone unless I were to do anything serious, which I dont do..  Nanner, nanner ha ha little puppy.  My skin is too thick for your milk teeth.

Hours later than scheduled Scotty's motorcade raced through a 25 mph zone doing appx 60 mph causing several near accidents.  I gave Scotty the finger which is better than he deserves.  I need to find out if I can acquire spike strips for the next rally.

New's from this morning is saying that R - Luther Olsen not only has had an extra-marital affair but may have used state tax payer money to pay for an abortion.  The hypocrisy of the right seems to have no end in sight.  Busy day for me so I must leave you now but will try to post later with more news from the solidarity movement in the badger state.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey there Joe McCarthy

Just kidding, but a big shout out to all the treasonous bastiches working for the Emergency Management Bureau who are reading this posting the moment it comes out.  I'm glad you America hating goons are beefing up my stat's since this blog is monetized now.
And here is something for you, I am at this moment getting ready to head to Fort Atkinson, WI to mess with Scotty something fierce.  I'm thinking of throwing some shoes at him unless you need to be a Muslim to do that and have it mean something.  LOL.
Anyway I will try to bring you all the details tonight after I get back..........well unless I'm under arrest that is.  Have a glorious day everybody and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Just kidding about throwing the shoes, or am I ?

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Digging the grave........................ 

Hello folks, it has been a slightly cool and gray day here in Madison, ground zero in the war between the forces of good and evil.  I just wanted to mention something briefly about some of the tactics and strategies that I use when dealing with those who would destroy us.  That of course being the tools & fools of the tea party and their repug mouthpieces in the capitol.
I hope you will remember that on this last Monday, a employee of the Wisconsin State Department of Administration used a knife to assault a woman in the corridors of the capitol building.  Only quick action on her part and others avoided a horrific tragedy.  As the DOA already had a statement about the attack prepared when police arrived on the scene, you have to really wonder what was behind all of this.
The most likely answer if we apply Occam's razor (my preferred slashing and/or cutting instrument) is that this was just another tea party attempt to scare peaceful protesters from the capitol building.  The tactics are well known to us and always play out the same.  It begins with with large full grown men attacking women and/or children and ends with those same full grown men (not mentally full grown though) bursting into tears and trying to run away when the police show up.  Then they play the victim card as if a 72 year old retired elementary school teacher would really attack two 250 guys with weapons.
One of my preferred methods of dealing with these issues is to 'out' the conservative bullies.  By releasing all of their personal information such as full name, home address, phone numbers and vehicle descriptions we shed light on the make-up of the tea party.  This usually shames the perpetrator into hiding from the limelight and all the negative and embarrassing behaviour associated with it.
You need to also remember that these people are all cowards at heart and don't have the stomach to maintain the patterns of behaviour which led to their being outed.  It is not meant as a direct threat against the individual but is more or less a warning that they are vulnerable themselves and may want to reconsider violent physical action against others.  And the communities that they live in will remind them of this everyday for a long time to come.  Also we are the peaceful type of people that would not go to the perp's homes and threaten and/or injure them.  That is a right wing tactic only, we are human beings and do not engage in such behaviour.
I am out of time here I hate to say and will get back to you all with more in the morning.  PEACE.  And by the way folks our knife wielding coward and today's asshole of note is:
Ron Blair
743 W Milwaukee st.
Jefferson, WI
work 608-266-3660
home 608-674-2293

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It just blows my fragile little mind

Now..........let me clear up some rumors that started appearing last night.  There was an altercation last night and I was pretty sure I was going to be taken into custody.  I called a contact of mine and informed her of this event so that my attorneys could be notified.  Then my phone ran out of minutes which led to a great deal of confusion and concern for a lot of people.  I was not 'disappeared' by the forces of evil, so rest easy on that note.  I am both proud and embarrassed by the strength and scope of the reaction to the news of my situation.  I am very proud and grateful that so many good people have my best interests at heart.  I am equally embarrassed that I was the source of so much anxiety and angst.  Thank you with all my heart those of you who rushed to aid me in a time of (almost) crisis.

What is really hilarious to me about the whole event was when earlier today several police officers and my attorney asked me if I had been arrested.  Wouldn't the police and my lawyer be the people who would have that information?  Still laughing over that one.

Speaking of the police Capt. Tubbs and some of his staff and I had a little chat today about the matter of the balloons in the rotunda at the capitol.  You see back in February on valentine's day a lone red heart balloon was released inside the rotunda and for months it stayed up their and its unbelievable longevity became a very strong symbol to us all.  On the day that the so called 'governor' Scotty signed away the bargaining rights of Wisconsin workers the balloon was removed by capitol staff.  A week or so later another balloon was released to replace it.  I thought that was a wonderful idea and was very inspiring to us all.  At some point though that second balloon became a bone of contention between capitol staff and the protesters.  The second balloon was removed which led to a balloon protest of sorts.  Soon after dozens of balloons were released in defiance of the second balloons removal.  The movement has been getting tons of bad press about this and will eventually hurt our image.

Today though at the sing along huge bunches of balloons were allowed to float a hundred feet over the rotunda floor on long red tethers.  That was truly a genius inspired thing to do.  That way we have our symbolic balloons and we are once again at peace with the maintenance staff.  And the police are pleased with this as well, which is really good because for some reason the police thought that I would have the ability to "do something" about the issue.

And now for a quick announcement to my readers in the Madison/Dane county area.  Several of our devoted protesters are young students who have sublet apartments around the downtown area.  Many of these were contracted until August first.  New apartments in Madison all become available on August fifteenth.  So there is going to be a two week period where they will have nowhere to stay, and protesters are not rich republicans who can book hotels for extended periods of time.  If you have a spare room or even a backyard that some of these folks can use short term please contact me and I will relay that info to those that are in need of it.

And now some happy news from ground zero.  Every cloud has a silver lining as the old saying goes.  Scotty's radical agenda has brought so many people together that its amazing.  As a matter of fact (and its a beautiful thing) several happy couples have sprung forth from the protest.  One couple was actually married at the capitol building a few weeks ago.  Scotty's hate has backfired and created love, I think I may be feeling some of that myself. Until later folks, stayed focused and united.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost forgot, sorry folks
I almost forgot to include the above when I posted my account of the stabbing at the capitol today.  We could all use a little happy right about now.  Hope you enjoy.  Peace and solidarity.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

no kleenix but lots of guaze

A totally beautiful day here in the capitol of the badger state.  Was up and at it since 5:30 this morning and was ready to take a break at the capitol at noon, join in the solidarity singalong and prepare for the Kleenex rally that was focusing on Fitzgerald and Sudder the two nose picking GOP nut jobs in the assembly.  There was to be no Kleenex today, no happy spin proof shenanigans, but there was lots of blood and I would also assume gauze bandaging involved.

Just before the solidarity singalong ended I heard a woman's scream for help coming from the halls behind me in the rotunda.  I immediately ran as my first thought was of more trouble from the tea party..  I followed the source of the commotion and came across my friend and fellow protester Leslie in a dark corner of the building.  A six foot tall two hundred and twenty pound man was there facing her as he had backed her into the corner.  Upon seeing me arrive the individual now identified as Ronald Blair starting putting away a knife in his hand and began to rush out of the building.  After making sure that Leslie was okay I followed the perpetrator as he fled down the stairs.

I caught up to him just as he rounded a corner and saw a group of officers ahead of him, he quickly took off in a different direction with myself and my friend Lance on his heels.  Ron exited the building and took off down MLK boulevard.  Lance was calling for the police to converge on our location and then Ron turned and faced me.  He came at me in a aggressive fashion and I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911.  Ron was now in my face and asked me if I wanted to get cut as well.  I told him that I was a ordained minister and that the police were on their way. He told me that he was Department of Administration and that he could do anything he wants.   He quickly took off again though and crossed the street and ducked into the (ironically enough) Risser Justice Center building where he jogged into an elevator.  As I didnt want my 911 call to get cut off I waited in the lobby telling the dispatcher what happened as I saw the elevator with the perpetrator in it go directly to the 7th floor.

Two capitol police officers entered the lobby behind me and I concluded my 911 call and updated the officers on what was going on.  With a uniformed officer guarding the lobby to keep the perp from leaving I followed the other officers back to the capitol my following the blood stains all across the ground.  You see although Leslie was cornered she was able to defend herself without injury by staving off her attacker.  The tea party member (from sources inside the capitol) most likely while trying to stab her had hit the wall with his knife tip and his hand slid down the blade creating quite the gash apparently.  I am so glad that it was Ron who was injured and not any human beings.  I can say that because once you have sold your soul (to whoever) the living, viable thing that makes you a human being is gone.

When I was supposed to be leading the Kleenex rally I was actually in the basement headquarters of the Capitol Police & Security writing down my witness statements with others who saw what happened or like Lance helped to tail the suspect as he tried to elude the police.  At the time of this posting I am still not certain whether the perp was taken into custody or not.  I would bet that he was though, even with his DOA protection under Mike Huebsch the tea party tool.  The DOA had a statement ready immediately after the event stating that despite eye witness reports, video and pics of the incident that what really happened was more like Ron had been running on the stairs carrying scissors and tripped and hurt his hand.  It was then that the terrible protesters immediately agreed on a detailed plan to exploit the situation by lying about the attack.  Think for a moment Huebsch you door knob, how in the world can all of these people have telepathically conversed in a split second and agreed to set up a unbreakable chain of lies about the events which were still going on at that very moment?!?!?!!?

So there you have it folks, remember its good to know that all the violence comes from the right.  It's also good to ...........................
                                                         KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Today it is a split decision between coward woman beater Ron Blair and his puppet master who might have helped to plan the attack Mike Huebsch.  Your both a couple of assholes folks and as soon as I confirm the info that I have here I will be releasing Ron Blairs address and phone number, vehicle descriptions and such on this blog tomorrow.  Just don't go to see him, he is a dangerous and violent man (well excuse for a man anyway) but feel free to mail or call him with your opinions.  Just don't go there, especially alone unless you have some serious firepower and even then I don't recommend it.  It pays to be prepared and it always pays to

                                                            KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Until tomorrow readers, peace and solidarity.  Thank you all for reading especially Frogette and Martina for the lesson in language and usage.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is a great song by the Wisconsin band called Venison.  They had a great song called
victim of bad math' that I wanted to link yall up with but couldn't find on short notice.  So Scotty Walker thinks he is creating jobs and helping the economy?  Of course he doesn't, he knows he is pushing debt off into the future so we can pay additional interest on it after he destroys our infrastructure.  Darn him all to heck!  He did the same thing in Milwaukee as county exec.  Don't believe the hype folks lest we become the next victims of bad math.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yall can figure it out........
There you go, thats my blog for the day, it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling the last two days.  For those of you who didnt get to read yesterdays blog entry I yanked it after a couple of hours because..........well just because.  UNITY AND SOLIDARITY FOREVER!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clarification and treachery

Another scorching hot day in southern Wisconsin, people are frying eggs on sidewalks and car hoods for fun.  The slight breeze blowing is simply pushing hot and humid air around with little or no effect.  I just left the capitol building a few minutes before I began writing this.  The assembly is in session and just voted down a proposal to send the teapublicans treacherous redistricting plan back to the organization committee.  No big surprise there, just as it was no surprise that assembly speaker Fitzgerald sat there listening to nobody during the session.  He just sat there looking bored and was furiously picking his nose the entire time, pausing occasionally to examine what was sticking to his finger before wiping it off on the speakers ornate chair.  So much for the dignity and grace of that esteemed office.

Earlier we had inflated the giant justice David Prosser inside the second level of the rotunda, to the delight of many tourists visiting the capitol and a few democrats and staffers.  Eventually the capitol police and security folks showed up and asked us kindly to remove the giant Prosser with red heart shaped balloons in each of his hands.  Better balloons than some poor woman's neck as his hands are wont to grab.  The officers seemed pretty amused by our prank, no big surprise there either.

What is a bit of a surprise to me is that some other people, quite a few of them actually are surprised by a recent posting by Mike Tate regarding the recall of Scotty Walker.  The wording of the statement was fairly vague and it led many people to believe that the democrats were backing away from a Walker recall for another year.  Obviously this angered a great many people as we need to get rid of Walker as soon as we can for the good of the state.

Just to clarify things for everyone there is a lot of talk about how the republicans will try to control/manipulate the date of the recall elections to there advantage.  Obviously they would like to have this in the spring when the student voting population will not be around.  And if the election would be held during a hot and humid day such as yesterday's election here, that will help to keep elderly folks from the polls due to health concerns.  In Kenosha Wisconsin yesterday that is what occurred, they kept folks waiting outside the polls in the hot sun for hours before they could vote.  All the while teapublicans were illegally going through the line of voters and picking people out who they profiled by sight, to be democrats or independents.  They would tell these people that they would not be allowed to vote unless they showed there identification.  If they had none they went home and returned with it.  They were then told that they needed two forms of i.d. to vote.  All of this is complete bullshit of course as there is no voter i.d. law currently on the books and active in Wisconsin.  It does go to show you that the right wing is willing to blatantly break any laws to sabotage the elections and disenfranchise the citizens.

Something else to be aware of is that it took the Government Accountability Board three weeks to verify a list of some 21,000 signatures earlier on a recall petition.  When we launch our recall of Scotty we will need a minimum of 506,000 signatures, it will take the GAB a very long time to verify those and that is part of what Tate was alluding to in his statement.  Once again no surprises there, when has the government ever done something quickly and efficiently.

What some of you may also find surprising is that there are traitors within the democratic party.  I spoke earlier today with two democrats from the legislature who told me that certain dems have begun floating the idea around the capitol to back off completely on Walkers recall to comprise a bipartisan deal.  That would be Walker gets to stay governor in exchange for a fast tracking of the dismantling of the recall laws so that these self serving career politicians get to keep there cushy jobs for life. I am curious about this because I dont think that can happen because the recall laws are written into our constitution.   I was not told who these dems are that started this but their will be some backlash against them because of it.  Segway Jeremy Ryan will also be posting on this subject at some point this evening.

It's good to have connections at the capitol building, it also good to...........................

                                                                 KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE !

Today's asshole of note is none other than David Vanderleest who was completely crushed and humiliated in his attempt yesterday to unseat democrat David Hanson.  This wife beating, child torturing, tax fraud poop stain has already been my asshole of note once before.  I am putting him here today because I want to tease him a little more before he completely disappears from the political scene, never to be heard from again.  What a loser that guy is, makes me ashamed to be a guy when I hear about men like him.  Actually there is a possibility we will hear about him again.  But only if you read the police blotter in the Green Bay Press Gazette as there are some charges coming up on this person.  So remember folks it pays to.............

                                                                  KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE !

Keep up the good fight my sisters and brothers for we shall overcome someday.  Take care folks.

On Wisconsin!           FORWARD!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Did I say I was taking the weekend off ?

I do believe that I did and go figure, I wasn't being honest.  Not out of any desire to deceive anybody but more or less because I just cant stop myself sometimes.  Forty two years old and still acting like a teenager half the time, well at least my energy levels are good for a guy (lummox) my age.

It was as hot and humid as you would ever want to experience here in Wisconsin this last weekend.  I and my lack of forethought, went out Saturday wearing a black hat and a black protest rally shirt.  It took all of perhaps five seconds for the sweat to start dripping off of me.  I couldn't complain about the heat though because my first official stop of the day was to meet and converse with Hallis Mailen who is on hunger strike.  Actually today is day 33 of his hunger strike and it is really showing on him.

I did some networking for Hallis and pounded my head for awhile against the brick wall that surrounds the corporate controlled media these days to separate them from reality, lest any real news gets reported and that could make the media's corporate masters (Rupert Murdock) very upset.  Still I strongly encourage everyone out their to send e-mails and/or phone calls to the news desk of their local television stations as well as contacting the editors of the local papers across the state and nation.  The more people who make the media aware of the growing public interest in the story of a hunger striking disabled veteran the more likely it is to lead to coverage.  The more coverage of the story the more pressure there will be on the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to investigate malfeasance and misappropriations within those agencies which will let Hallis come off of his hunger strike.  Also the good this could lead to for tens and tens of thousands of wounded warriors could be crucial.

After dealing with that on Saturday I got together with some friends to make plans to mess with the GOP and their tea party bosses in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Sunday.  After filling the car Sunday afternoon with protesters, signs, vuvuzela's and refreshments we began our road trip to Lake Geneva.  And yes it is THAT Lake Geneva, former home of the Playboy club, but that has been closed for many years.

Still the crowd was what you would expect from a tourist area that was built up by wealthy white males around a flesh emporium.  Overweight, over-paid Illinois tourists are about 80% of the towns population during the summer months, and they mostly, bring their contempt for Wisconsinites with them.  Although I must say that as we were lined up at the boat docks shaming the repugs and teabillies, a surprising number of these tourists took a moment to thank us or just give us the thumbs up for protesting Scotty and his extremist agenda of social engineering.  Which was very uplifting to us, knowing that even the (remains of) the upper middle class from other states are aware of and concerned with what the tea party has in store for not just Wisconsin but the entire United States.

Paul Ryan was there, surrounding himself with children to protect himself from the 'union thugs.'  Big bad ol Paul Ryan, using children as human shields to protect himself from retired school teachers and pacifists.  Is there no bravery, courage or humanity left amongst the ranks of the conservatives?  Anyway a full day was made out of shaming the 'Lady of the Lake' which the repugs and teabillies had rented for there little fund raiser, and all on board her.

Doe's the right really need to hold fund raisers anymore?  Does not money just pour like a river to the conservatives from the bloated coffers of the Koch bothers and their like?

Anyway after leaving Lake Geneva and heading back to Madison, we ordered pizza and discussed strategies for this week.  There is so much going on right now.  The recall election in Green Bay is going very well indeed for democratic Sen. Hanson.  His GOP opponent intentionally sabotaged his own paper work to get out of running against Hanson even though that is all red territory traditionally.  That left only the tea party candidate David Vanderleest for opposition.  As you may or may not know the good people at have been reporting on this nut-job candidate and his history of child abuse, spousal abuse, tax fraud, libel and other such unlawful and illegal activities.  He is for all purposes effectively out of the race for the state senate.  He is threatening to sue us now for libel, good luck with that though as revealing open record court filings does not in any way define 'libel'

Still he is very upset and would like to come after us though, it is comforting to know that he considers Politiscoop responsible for his downfall.  After all the pain he has caused his family and others its comforting to have been such a significant thorn in his side.

And speaking of thorns in sides, I received a awesome e-mail yesterday.  Some of you may recall that here and on Facebook I have called for boycotting of two area business's the PipeFitter on State street and also Capitol Kidz on Carroll street.  The owner of the PipeFitter e-mailed me that they were discontinuing ordering and sales of non-union made, solidarity shirts and other gear.  That was great news for myself and the movement, I'm slightly proud of myself for creating that.  What was even better was that I met earlier today with the owner of the business and was given a check for $500.00 to present to the AFL-CIO (AFGE) to show support for the peoples and the unions cause.  Thank you PipeFitter, and thank you to everyone who participated in the boycott.  Doesn't it feel good to be effective, especially for a good cause?

Unfortunately Capitol Kidz has not seen the error of there ways yet.  I was in the store just a couple of hours ago and they are still selling solidarity shirts made in Central American sweat shops and printed by non-union labor nowhere even near Wisconsin.  Maintain the boycott on Capitol Kidz and don't be afraid to call them up and tell them why you are not shopping at that store.

Finally speaking of being effective, now more than ever, we really are in need of volunteers at the Labor Temple 1602 Park st. to help us out by manning the phone banks.  Although Green Bay is a sure thing for us the recall effort against tea party goon-ette? Alberta Darling, is very heated.  The tea party has been throwing millions into this northern district and it will take some serious yet do-able grass roots effort to counter balance all that dirty money and help us remove that insufferable excuse for a legislator from office.

And so hope for the best people yet prepare for the worst.  Scotty and the repugs are preparing even right now as you read this, all kinds of dirty and outright illegal tricks to steal this election.  From armed tea party thugs at the polls to robo-calling of citizens telling them there is no election to outright computerized destruction of votes against them, they have no limits to what they are willing to do.  One report from a democrat from the assembly has the GOP already possessing the final tallies for certain districts that have not even gone to the polls yet.  We have seen this before with the supreme court election fraud and also from Waukesha where Kathy Nicklaus is still working on upcoming elections in spite of all the taint associated with her name after years of proven fraud.

So remain vigilant folks, we will do what we have to in the preservation and protection of Wisconsin and the American way of life.  And no matter how much hate and contempt the right wing has for America and all its people, we are the majority and we will control our own destinies through freedom's and democracy as we always have and will continue to do.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday morning coming down.............HARD

Hey folks I'm sure you have been hearing alot of talk the last couple of days regarding the recall of ol Scotty Walker.  There is a ton of talk, tweets, IM's and such regarding Democrats discussing Walker's fate and the time line for removing him from office.
As far as I can see this all stems (or mostly) from Tate's statement which basically states that after the Legislative recalls there will be a need to sit down and discuss the best tactics and strategy for removing Walker.  There is no agreed upon plan to wait an extra year to remove Walker.  Is there a possibility of some Dem's wanting to hold off until 2012?  Yes of course we are dealing with politicians here.  Will the Dems break from the grassroots movement and the unions to delay things?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!
What we should maybe be worrying about or at least discussing is the possibility of Dems and Repugs meeting together after the Senate recalls to discuss a bipartisan plan which would allow both parties to blow smoke up the peoples butts and sit back and do nothing but collect their paychecks for awhile.  Yes this is almost the same thing but there are some key differences.
I will be discussing this and related issues this week with Mark Pocan and some other Dems and will post a clarification blog this week.  Dont let the article in The Isthmus regarding the lack of collective bargaining rhetoric in the recent recall ad's.  That is just media hype by an up and coming journalist trying to create a name for himself.
I'm heading out for Lake Geneva now to mess with the repugs, have a great Sunday folks and keep the faith my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

You just never know with me......

Its true you never know with me, I end up nearly hospitalizing myself this week and then promise to take the weekend off from stress and politics.............and yet here I am.  I am taking it easy though.  One lesson that not just I myself have been learning lately but others as well is that you have to take care of yourself.  More than four months into the fight of our lives and the stress and wear is starting to show.
Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your only human and restore your mental/physical balance so you can stay in the fight.  So I had 12 ounces of V8 juice this morning along with a banana and some grapes.  I am planning on going back to my previous good habit of eating two vegetarian meals a day.  Also cutting way back on the coffee and replacing that with more water and fruit juice.  I may even try to quit smoking but don't hold your breath on that one folks.
Also as some of you have been pointing out to me I have been a little snippy and/or angry lately and that is not good for maintaining discipline.  So tomorrow I believe I will make my first trip in quite a few years out to the monastery and try to regain some calm and balance.
Speaking of balance, it is Maxwell street days here in Madison.  This is the big annual event in which all the merchants on State street spend the entire week marking up the prices on their inventory.  And then for the weekend they bring it all out onto the sidewalk and mark the prices halfway down from the recently inflated levels to make you feel like your saving money.  Please balance your shopping with a little bit of political awareness this weekend.  Two of the business's on State st. for Maxwell street days are PipeFitters and also Capitol Kidz.  Both of these establishments are    STILL  selling solidarity shirts and buttons and such that are non-Union printed and made in Central American sweat shops using child labor.  Shame on them both and BOYCOTT THEM BOTH, and please don't be afraid to tell the owners why you wont support them as they chop the legs out from under us all for profit.
I will try to post again later this evening but I cant say for sure.  Since I'm trying to improve my health and state of mind I may just go disc golfing instead.  Disc golf is a fantastic sport and besides that something really well and good came about recently as a (possible) result of disc golfing.  So until later Wisconsin, you grand and glorious old badger state you, take care and keep up the fight.  I love you Wisconsin and all her wonderful citizens.  Teabaggers and teabillies don't count of course as they have voluntarily given up they're humanity and don't count to me as Wisconsinites.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking a step back

For health reasons as well as to aid the movement in Wisconsin and the nation I'm going to be stepping back from all the politics for a couple of days.  Please somebody in the Madison area talk to our hunger striking brother Halllis on the capitol square.  Please pick up the torch for me for a few days as I am not quite physically able to deal with all of this right now.
Our brothers life is in danger and he needs someone to take over for me for the weekend, all you have to do is provide some basic communication with the press.  I will take over full duties again by Monday.  If Hallis can risk his life like I did previously, if I can sell off everything I own to maintain involvement in the cause and go through all this other torment, then someone should be able to make some phone calls for a couple hours.
You see I just sounded all ticked off (and I'm not, just exhausted) and that is part of the reason I need to recharge my batteries and take care of my physical self to get back into things once I'm at 100% again.  I appreciate every one's hard work and determination.  Thank you sisters and brothers.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Quickie post this morning

Hey there folks, hope you are all doing well.  It's another gorgeous day in Wisconsin where we are preparing a flotilla of anti-Walker vessels for some media warfare.  Hopefully you all saw the video of the giant inflatable judge Prosser, that was fun.
For those of you concerned between the doctors and some good old fashioned common sense home remedies I am no longer continuously bleeding out of my ruptured stomach lining.  That's a good thing, the bad thing is Hallis Mailen is still on hunger strike at the capitol and he is not looking good.  If you can find the time to contact either Wisconsin state or Federal Veterans Administration officials and tell them about the hunger striker that would be really great.  I will post all that info later on today.  Sorry I'm still a little disorganized from all that is going on this week.
Thank you to everyone for voting and sending a very clear message to the repug's and teabaggers that they're immature and anti-democratic fake candidates will not fly in the badger state.  We are gaining momentum and that can only mean one thing.  More deceit and lies from Scotty and his cronies.  Redistricting and robo-calls, fake announcements from the republican party that the polls are closed or have changed locations.  Tea baggers with weapons at polling places-none of these tactics will work against us.  We love our state and our freedom to much to give into bullcrap and bullying.
All these tactics are going to do is piss people off to the point where some right wing nut jobs (elected or otherwise) end up getting hurt and I'm sure that will not raise any sympathy for them.  Perhaps they are just looking for a reason to initiate marshal law here.  Word has it that Scotty is planning on doing this in Janesville soon anyway.
Until later folks thank you for reading and for keeping the faith.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

And the fun start tomorrow at long last folks.................

And what could be more fun than kicking Republican stooges out of office?  Right now the only thing that would be more fun to me would be covering them in tar and feathers as we kick them out of the peoples house, now that would be a hoot.  But first things first WE ALL need to get out the vote people.
We need to spread the truth about the false candidates. We have to get the word out to our families and friends concerning who is who and what is what in the elections that are starting tomorrow and taking place every month between now and January when we can finally say bye bye to Scotty Walker, Wisconsin's only one year governor.
Sha na na na, Hey hey, Good-bye.
And then we wont have to listen to the furious, uneducated and borderline insane rhetoric of the "tools and fools" who comprise the tea party.  Although there numbers are much smaller than reported and their voice is louder than it should be due to corporate controlled media, they are a short lived socio-political movement that did start out from the ground up, grass roots style.  but then it wqas subverted from the top down by corporate and affiliated interests.

I met a woman who said I'd like to change your mind, with wrong ideals that appeal to you though I am not unkind.

The corporate interests threw hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars all throughout the Bush era, using flash ads and emotional rhetoric to lead astray tens of thousands of decent hard working, middle to working class folks.  They tricked them into fighting against they're own best interest by convincing these folks that it is they themselves, and other working families that are the real problem.  They are convinced that they have to attack they're own to defend the rich and powerful.  Classic Orwellian double speak and double think.

And they'll tell you black is really white, the moon is just a sun at night.
And when you walk through golden halls, you'll get to keep the gold that falls.

Hey tea party members out there, have you received any money from those billionaires yet?  Or are you beginning to think that you've been they're tools and fools all along?  Wake up please tea-billies!

Good day sunshine, good day sunshine.

And in case your wondering.......why yes, I am having lots of fun with song lyrics again.  Summer is a great time for music, well there is no bad time for music really.  It's nice to have something to listen to as you take on the G.O.P. and they're corporate masters.

Cause the summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the streets.
 Everywhere is the sound of bloody revolution.

I wonder what the tea party crowd is listening to, its hard to say because you almost never see them at all at the capitol building.

Deustchland uber alles, uber alles in der verld. 

It's like they are afraid to take their views and they're agenda's out into the light of day.  Like they will lose all they're resolve unless Fox news is feeding their thoughts to them.  Like they know that outside in the real world they are outnumbered a thousandfold and will end up feeling shameful if the truth is brought to them.

How can you qualify the difference between a sin and a lie, you seem to sin so well.

And its not just that they are being lied to, the lies themselves will lead to immense damage and suffering.  And that is what we can bring an end to just by voting.  It is that easy to lay the enemy low and feel like true heroes of the people and our beloved state.

Rise up, true legions of the brave, time again to save us from the devils of the deep.

And as we take our government back seat by seat, office by office, we will all be able to enjoy that happy fuzzy feeling that comes with being on the right side and doing what we know is the right thing.

Make a little bird house in your soul.

And of course as we head into this very exciting and historic time in Wisconsin and even the nations future history its important to maintain our vigilance against voter fraud and mis-representation.  We need to know how we got into this situation in the first place.  We need to..............

                                                       KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

And of course speaking of elections and voter fraud what better person is there to be today's asshole than the queen herself Kathy Nicklaus.  Kathy as I am sure you remember is the person that threw the state supreme court race from Kloppenburg to disgraced soon to be former justice David Prosser

Got you in a stranglehold baby

Let the asshole Kathy Nicklaus be at the forefront of our minds heading into these most important elections as she is the symbol of all things un-American and non-Democratic.  We know what you did Kathy and we will never forgive and we will never forget.  We know what you did Kathy and we

                                                               KNOW OUR ASSHOLES

Have a great evening everybody and lets rock those poll's starting tomorrow and keep rolling em through all the way to January.  Victory will be ours people, at any cost.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

And last night I finally snapped

Hey folks, hope your all doing well out there and keeping the faith in our fight against greed and tyranny.  Yesterday (Friday) was a gorgeous day in Madison, a little bit hot but not too bad really.  Large puffy clouds graced the sky and people seemed to be in fairly good spirits here in America's dairy land.  I filled my day in the normal hectic manner of racing back and forth between protesters and hunger strikers, between politicians at the city, county and state levels. 
In between I was racing between libraries on my bad moto-scooter as my laptop is still in the shop (no hurries, no worries Steve) being repaired.  So as you can imagine the library system with their free to use computers and Internet access has been a significant boon to myself, as it has been to so many other people.  The only issue being the one to two hour time limits allowed by any individual library daily, hence the running all over town whenever I need to research or post anything.

I have gotten fairly use to this though, that is one thing this whole movement against Scotty Walker has been good at is adapting and overcoming hardships and challenges.  After a typical ten to twelve hour day spent defending Wisconsin from her internal and external enemies, I decided to take a break with some friends and spend the evening at the Fete De Marquette, one of the nicer east side Madison summer community festivals featuring some truly great live music.

I made my way through the crowd and slammed down a couple of Mountain Dews, which is unusual for me, adding that caffeine to my already high coffee intake.  Not finding my friends and assuming they were in one of the crowded  dance tents where I normally would not dare to tread because I have all the dancing skills of a fish out of water, I decided to make my way back downtown instead.

The capitol square was buzzing with activity as folks were busy preparing for the Saturday farmers market, a huge weekly affair here drawing tens of thousands of folks.  There I found Hallis Mailen, our brother on hunger strike and sat down to spend some time with him.  As we were conversing and discussing media relations and ways to possibly improve on our efforts we were joined by one of Hallis' medical attendants, who came to check on his blood pressure, vitals and basic disposition.  I had seen her before briefly as she appears once a day to quickly check Hallis out.  I thought this was a wonderful and very helpful thing for her to do and had briefly wondered if she was a med school student though that didn't seem very likely.

As Hallis and I were discussing strategy and the young medic was checking his blood pressure, the subject of some recent coverage in the New York press came up regarding this most recent hunger strike.  I told Hallis that like him, I had been to busy to have come across and read the article myself, having so many other things going at once.  The young lady taking his blood pressure then looked at me with the most pompous and vainglorious expression Ive seen outside of senate republican chambers, looked to Hallis and asked him "Do you have any other media people to help you besides this one?"

Holy poop Batman, holy cow and for the love of the funky Buddha!  Did I even hear that correctly?  From her smug and holier than thou look I must have.  I was utterly stunned for several minutes.  It wasnt until after she left that my thoughts caught up to me.  Here I am having survived my own hunger strike, having fought the repugs in the senate, the assembly and the Joint Committee on Finance, fought the cops, befriended the cops even after laying one out and maintained their respect.  Having dealt with drunk frat boy idiots and tea party thugs and goons armed with all manner of weaponry and tactics.  Having maintained nearly (not quite) peaceful discipline throughout, day after day, arrest after arrest and winning victory after victory for Wisconsin and her people and some little hippie chick who isn't even old enough to walk into a bar criticizes my conviction and loyalty to the cause?!?!?!  Are you freaking kidding me?  I do this upwards of a hundred hours a week no matter what the cost to myself physically and otherwise, and this little punk chick who is nice enough to volunteer fifteen minutes a day calls me out?!?!?!!?  I stood in front of Scotty Walker and the Fitzgeralds themselves and although repulsed was able to maintain myself.

It was as if all the negative things that I had been suppressing for the last four months or more just came uncontrollably pouring out of me.  I felt my blood pressure sky rocket.  My muscles tightened until I swear my shoulder blades were touching and smashed together.  Frustration and moral outrage overtook me and it was all I could do to just try and sit there quietly and shake until it had passed for the most part.

I had so many evil thoughts in such rapid succession, it was like nothing I could remember ever experiencing.  I wanted to run down the street and grab her off her bicycle and shake her like a rag doll.  I wanted to place my hand over her forehead and somehow channel all of my rage and pain and experience and frustration into her and burst her ignorant little balloon and leave her a remorseful and sobbing puddle in the dirty city streets.

Scotty?  I was just so surprised to be personally attacked by one of our own.  And now I feel bad for having been caught off guard like that.  I should understand the ego and determination of youth better than that.  I should know myself and my state and presence of mind better than that.  I should know how to deal with these things automatically and without conscience thought.  I should...................

                                                     KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

and in light of all the angry and horrible thoughts that I directed towards this young girl last night.  For not maintaining my faith and devotion against this now seemingly minor challenge, I am making myself my own official ASSHOLE.  I wont tell you to what exact levels my hateful thoughts had arisen but in honesty I will say that they involved some mean spirited intent.  And for that reason I am bestowing this asshole status on myself.  It pays to know when your pushing yourself too hard.  It pays to know your limits and weaknesses.  And as I have said before here readers, it pays to:

                                                    KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

I do feel better now that I got that out in the open though, if you want to you can save yourselves the trouble of nailing me with the p.c. negative feedback for this posting.  I am already way ahead of you on that score and it would take you too long to catch up to me.  So having laid those cards on the table I am going to close this posting and get back to work for democracy.  In solidarity my sisters and brothers.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

neo-conservative uber alles? not on my watch

Another busy day in wonderful sunny Madison Wisconsin, where the forces of greed and apathy in the face of human suffering are struggling against the citizens of the state.  We had a solidarity singalong earlier as is usual but will be having another in just a short while here celebrating the 100th birthday ( so to speak ) of the singalong.  Earlier had a lot of research to do and then the march to Mayor Soglins office regarding the treatment of our hunger strikers by certain individuals within the different police and security agencies here in Madtown.
There has been a little in-fighting here recently between Capitol police, Madison police and the Dane County sheriffs department regarding these matters and we are requesting oversight from the mayors office about these situations.  And of course the usual day full of appointments, interviews and press releases and maintaining contact and discourse with the various aspects of the protests and recall efforts, which are doing quite well right now.  A neo-conservative Wisconsin inflicted upon the people against their wishes? Not on my watch, farewell until tomorrow everyone if not sooner.  Shalom.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

So much happening and so little time.

Just checked my facebook page and I have 6,000 events just for today to attend.  Okay its not quite that many but it sure does feel like it.  Today will be the 100th Solidarity SingAlong, also the Madison hunger strikers are having there march to the mayors office today.  And many other such activities, protests and demonstrations against Walker and his radical social engineering agenda.
It is good to see all this activity especially after all of this time that has passed since the truth about Walker became apparent by the brave action of the Fab 14.  People are still very motivated here in Wisconsin.  Even with the recall elections and primaries beginning next week the citizens of the Badger state are not slowing down, heck if anything they are speeding up and gaining momentum to overturn the Senate, then the Supreme Court and finally the coup de'tat, the removal of Scotty "I'm a greedy sociopathic side effect of bad breeding and worse parenting" Walker from the office of Governor.
Then we can set Wisconsin straight and from there the pieces will begin falling into place across the nation.  So stay the course people and hang in there.  Victory is within easy sight now if we just keep the faith.  Big thank you to everyone out there involved in the struggle for freedom and justice. 
P.S. Sorry about not posting yesterday I have some health issues that have been bothering me lately.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remember folks it pays to..................

Know Your Asshole and all the info you need to know why VanderSleeze of Green Bay is my asshole of note need only check out the story just released from on FaceBook.  This guy is the total image of a tea bagger.  A drunken violent liar, that abuses women and children, commits fraud and still has time to be a tool for the GOP as the only person crazy enough to run for office under their banner. You got to love public records requests.  It pays to:                                                               
                                                          KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

I will also be appearing tomorrow at the Labor Temple on s. Park to volunteer some more in the recall elections.  If you have the ability to be there between 3 and 5 p.m. on Thursday I would love to see you there.  We can discuss Scotty and other a-holes.

Friday we will be having a walk in solidarity with the hunger strikers to Mayor Soglins office to seek answers regarding police interactions with the hunger strikers and the police refusal to provide them medical attention when they were in custody over the most minor of city ordinances.  Maybe this will lead to a battle royale between Noble Wray of the MPD and local hero Dave Mahoney of the Sheriffs Dept.

The right wing is either showing their true colors or having said colors exposed whether they like it or not.  Thank you all again for reading and keeping the faith, the recalls are almost here folks, please volunteer to help protect against voter fraud from happening again in Wisconsin.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Any media/networking folks out there who are bored.................

..............or would just like to help the cause of promoting democracy, but haven't found your niche yet.  If you have strong communications skills, computer and phone access, then have I got the peaceful, non active position for you.  Hallis Mailen continues his hunger strike at the capitol square along with William Gruber.  They are in need of a person who would be willing to support them through organizing media releases.  Maintaining facebook pages and providing communication in general between the strikers and the general public through traditional and electronic media.
The pay is terrible but the hours are pretty long although in fairness, there are large periods of time where there is nothing happening that is reportable.  It's a great way to be involved and take part without having to canvass neighbourhoods or risk arrest.  If you have any interest in being able to help out the strikers please e-mail me or just leave a comment here on my blog.  Thank you very much folks, I will be back with a full posting later today including a new edition of "know your asshole'.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hot new releases, check em out cats and kitties

Jeremy Ryan was released from U.W. Hospital today.
Hallis Mailen was released from jail today.
Wisconsin remains in bondage today.

Paper ballots, activism and volunteerism in the cause.
The willingness to participate in general.

Don't encourage:

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Party at Scott Walkers place

Good news first or bad news first?  Guess I will stick with the bad first.  Hunger striker Hallis Mailen was arrested yesterday and remains at the Dane county public safety building (jail) until arraignment on Monday.  I was told that Hallis was doing fine physically though I was not permitted to see or speak with him directly.  So many dedicated individuals, one lonely isolated tool of a governor.
And speaking of the governor I am about to attend a garden party at the governors mansion in Maple Bluff.  It seems that Scotty's wife is throwing a big garden party type event for the tea party crowd.  So we are right now amassing a small flotilla of boats to anchor just offshore from the mansion while others picnic out front to show a little solidarity and a symbol of our stick to it ness.  Your all invited to come, it should be fun.  If you can bring a dish or some chips to pass around.  See you there folks.  Until later.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!