Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clarification and treachery

Another scorching hot day in southern Wisconsin, people are frying eggs on sidewalks and car hoods for fun.  The slight breeze blowing is simply pushing hot and humid air around with little or no effect.  I just left the capitol building a few minutes before I began writing this.  The assembly is in session and just voted down a proposal to send the teapublicans treacherous redistricting plan back to the organization committee.  No big surprise there, just as it was no surprise that assembly speaker Fitzgerald sat there listening to nobody during the session.  He just sat there looking bored and was furiously picking his nose the entire time, pausing occasionally to examine what was sticking to his finger before wiping it off on the speakers ornate chair.  So much for the dignity and grace of that esteemed office.

Earlier we had inflated the giant justice David Prosser inside the second level of the rotunda, to the delight of many tourists visiting the capitol and a few democrats and staffers.  Eventually the capitol police and security folks showed up and asked us kindly to remove the giant Prosser with red heart shaped balloons in each of his hands.  Better balloons than some poor woman's neck as his hands are wont to grab.  The officers seemed pretty amused by our prank, no big surprise there either.

What is a bit of a surprise to me is that some other people, quite a few of them actually are surprised by a recent posting by Mike Tate regarding the recall of Scotty Walker.  The wording of the statement was fairly vague and it led many people to believe that the democrats were backing away from a Walker recall for another year.  Obviously this angered a great many people as we need to get rid of Walker as soon as we can for the good of the state.

Just to clarify things for everyone there is a lot of talk about how the republicans will try to control/manipulate the date of the recall elections to there advantage.  Obviously they would like to have this in the spring when the student voting population will not be around.  And if the election would be held during a hot and humid day such as yesterday's election here, that will help to keep elderly folks from the polls due to health concerns.  In Kenosha Wisconsin yesterday that is what occurred, they kept folks waiting outside the polls in the hot sun for hours before they could vote.  All the while teapublicans were illegally going through the line of voters and picking people out who they profiled by sight, to be democrats or independents.  They would tell these people that they would not be allowed to vote unless they showed there identification.  If they had none they went home and returned with it.  They were then told that they needed two forms of i.d. to vote.  All of this is complete bullshit of course as there is no voter i.d. law currently on the books and active in Wisconsin.  It does go to show you that the right wing is willing to blatantly break any laws to sabotage the elections and disenfranchise the citizens.

Something else to be aware of is that it took the Government Accountability Board three weeks to verify a list of some 21,000 signatures earlier on a recall petition.  When we launch our recall of Scotty we will need a minimum of 506,000 signatures, it will take the GAB a very long time to verify those and that is part of what Tate was alluding to in his statement.  Once again no surprises there, when has the government ever done something quickly and efficiently.

What some of you may also find surprising is that there are traitors within the democratic party.  I spoke earlier today with two democrats from the legislature who told me that certain dems have begun floating the idea around the capitol to back off completely on Walkers recall to comprise a bipartisan deal.  That would be Walker gets to stay governor in exchange for a fast tracking of the dismantling of the recall laws so that these self serving career politicians get to keep there cushy jobs for life. I am curious about this because I dont think that can happen because the recall laws are written into our constitution.   I was not told who these dems are that started this but their will be some backlash against them because of it.  Segway Jeremy Ryan will also be posting on this subject at some point this evening.

It's good to have connections at the capitol building, it also good to...........................

                                                                 KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE !

Today's asshole of note is none other than David Vanderleest who was completely crushed and humiliated in his attempt yesterday to unseat democrat David Hanson.  This wife beating, child torturing, tax fraud poop stain has already been my asshole of note once before.  I am putting him here today because I want to tease him a little more before he completely disappears from the political scene, never to be heard from again.  What a loser that guy is, makes me ashamed to be a guy when I hear about men like him.  Actually there is a possibility we will hear about him again.  But only if you read the police blotter in the Green Bay Press Gazette as there are some charges coming up on this person.  So remember folks it pays to.............

                                                                  KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE !

Keep up the good fight my sisters and brothers for we shall overcome someday.  Take care folks.

On Wisconsin!           FORWARD!!!!

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