Friday, July 8, 2011

neo-conservative uber alles? not on my watch

Another busy day in wonderful sunny Madison Wisconsin, where the forces of greed and apathy in the face of human suffering are struggling against the citizens of the state.  We had a solidarity singalong earlier as is usual but will be having another in just a short while here celebrating the 100th birthday ( so to speak ) of the singalong.  Earlier had a lot of research to do and then the march to Mayor Soglins office regarding the treatment of our hunger strikers by certain individuals within the different police and security agencies here in Madtown.
There has been a little in-fighting here recently between Capitol police, Madison police and the Dane County sheriffs department regarding these matters and we are requesting oversight from the mayors office about these situations.  And of course the usual day full of appointments, interviews and press releases and maintaining contact and discourse with the various aspects of the protests and recall efforts, which are doing quite well right now.  A neo-conservative Wisconsin inflicted upon the people against their wishes? Not on my watch, farewell until tomorrow everyone if not sooner.  Shalom.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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