Monday, July 25, 2011

no kleenix but lots of guaze

A totally beautiful day here in the capitol of the badger state.  Was up and at it since 5:30 this morning and was ready to take a break at the capitol at noon, join in the solidarity singalong and prepare for the Kleenex rally that was focusing on Fitzgerald and Sudder the two nose picking GOP nut jobs in the assembly.  There was to be no Kleenex today, no happy spin proof shenanigans, but there was lots of blood and I would also assume gauze bandaging involved.

Just before the solidarity singalong ended I heard a woman's scream for help coming from the halls behind me in the rotunda.  I immediately ran as my first thought was of more trouble from the tea party..  I followed the source of the commotion and came across my friend and fellow protester Leslie in a dark corner of the building.  A six foot tall two hundred and twenty pound man was there facing her as he had backed her into the corner.  Upon seeing me arrive the individual now identified as Ronald Blair starting putting away a knife in his hand and began to rush out of the building.  After making sure that Leslie was okay I followed the perpetrator as he fled down the stairs.

I caught up to him just as he rounded a corner and saw a group of officers ahead of him, he quickly took off in a different direction with myself and my friend Lance on his heels.  Ron exited the building and took off down MLK boulevard.  Lance was calling for the police to converge on our location and then Ron turned and faced me.  He came at me in a aggressive fashion and I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911.  Ron was now in my face and asked me if I wanted to get cut as well.  I told him that I was a ordained minister and that the police were on their way. He told me that he was Department of Administration and that he could do anything he wants.   He quickly took off again though and crossed the street and ducked into the (ironically enough) Risser Justice Center building where he jogged into an elevator.  As I didnt want my 911 call to get cut off I waited in the lobby telling the dispatcher what happened as I saw the elevator with the perpetrator in it go directly to the 7th floor.

Two capitol police officers entered the lobby behind me and I concluded my 911 call and updated the officers on what was going on.  With a uniformed officer guarding the lobby to keep the perp from leaving I followed the other officers back to the capitol my following the blood stains all across the ground.  You see although Leslie was cornered she was able to defend herself without injury by staving off her attacker.  The tea party member (from sources inside the capitol) most likely while trying to stab her had hit the wall with his knife tip and his hand slid down the blade creating quite the gash apparently.  I am so glad that it was Ron who was injured and not any human beings.  I can say that because once you have sold your soul (to whoever) the living, viable thing that makes you a human being is gone.

When I was supposed to be leading the Kleenex rally I was actually in the basement headquarters of the Capitol Police & Security writing down my witness statements with others who saw what happened or like Lance helped to tail the suspect as he tried to elude the police.  At the time of this posting I am still not certain whether the perp was taken into custody or not.  I would bet that he was though, even with his DOA protection under Mike Huebsch the tea party tool.  The DOA had a statement ready immediately after the event stating that despite eye witness reports, video and pics of the incident that what really happened was more like Ron had been running on the stairs carrying scissors and tripped and hurt his hand.  It was then that the terrible protesters immediately agreed on a detailed plan to exploit the situation by lying about the attack.  Think for a moment Huebsch you door knob, how in the world can all of these people have telepathically conversed in a split second and agreed to set up a unbreakable chain of lies about the events which were still going on at that very moment?!?!?!!?

So there you have it folks, remember its good to know that all the violence comes from the right.  It's also good to ...........................
                                                         KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Today it is a split decision between coward woman beater Ron Blair and his puppet master who might have helped to plan the attack Mike Huebsch.  Your both a couple of assholes folks and as soon as I confirm the info that I have here I will be releasing Ron Blairs address and phone number, vehicle descriptions and such on this blog tomorrow.  Just don't go to see him, he is a dangerous and violent man (well excuse for a man anyway) but feel free to mail or call him with your opinions.  Just don't go there, especially alone unless you have some serious firepower and even then I don't recommend it.  It pays to be prepared and it always pays to

                                                            KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

Until tomorrow readers, peace and solidarity.  Thank you all for reading especially Frogette and Martina for the lesson in language and usage.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


kks said...

Good job Matt. I was standing next to you at the sing along and heard the screams too! I never saw anyone bolt as quickly as you did!
If this guy isn't prosecuted, what will it take?

syber said...

Little info on petpetrator here:

frogette said...

July 25, 2011,VIOLENCE AGAIN, AND ONCE AGAIN PROTESTERS KEEP PEACEFUL: What an insane day at the Capitol! I caught wind of what was happening on Twitter sometime around mid-afternoon. I tweeted my thoughts and retweeted other peoples tweets about the stabbing incident. You can find a blog by Lance on twitter @lancejgosnell "Blood in the Wisconsin Capitol" in 2 tweets today. You don't need to have a twitter acount to read it, just Google "Twitter search". You can find other good accounts of the incident by reading the tweets of @joevittie @bluechedder1, @ValCleveland and @BatmanWI from this afternoon. Matt, it's just my opinion, but I myself wouldn't give vehicle and home addresses, because I would hate to see a lowlife media outlet like Fox or MacIver do a bogus story on "union thugs" harrasing a capitol employee, and possibly hurt the Wisconsin Movement. I just want to remind you of J.F. Kennedy's words, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." I did get the numbers for the perpetrator of the stabbing - Ron Blair from @BatmanWI's tweet, and your second commentor gave a link for those numbers too. I called and left a message: "I've been watching Madison from California since Februray, and you are really making your Capitol look bad. Take it easy, calm down man". Now I'm beginning to realize the guy is a nut case and you don't need him in the Capitol.