Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tyler Durden from Madison Wisconsin

A couple of days ago I reported here that there had been some minor espionage involving the catering at Scotty's little fund raiser down in Fort Atkinson.  As I have previously stated I am willing to give massive leeway to folks regarding the tactics and strategies that they feel comfortable/condonable using in the fight against the corporations and their tools and fools.  Fools like the working class members that make up the bulk of the teabullies who fight against their own best interests.  And tools like ol Scotty Walker and his perverted politicians like Voss, Olsen and Darling.
Thinking about all of this the last couple of days I began to be reminded more and more of the movie Fight Club.  In that movie the central character by the very unremarkable name of Tyler Durden, organizes a group of men and women who are affected by the same sense of helplessness and despair.  Much like what the citizens of the great state of Wisconsin are feeling now.
In the movie these men and women become empowered as individuals through at first, bare knuckle boxing, hence 'fight club' and realising their strength they go on to larger organised activities.  They focus their attention on what led to the miserable existence they previously felt to had led.  They decided to take action and fight against the powers that be that left them broke, isolated and disenfranchised. 
They soon realise the obvious, that these powers that be, these corporate entities and the puppet masters that dominate the world through their wealth are actually the puppets of the people themselves.  These billionaires that operate from the shadows to destroy our freedom, our culture, our liberty and our homelands are actually very weak individuals with no sense of community or cohesion between them.  And I thought to myself, this is very true indeed.  What usable, worthwhile skills could a millionaire or billionaire possibly have?  They don't know how to fix a car or build a road.  They don't know how to dig a ditch or cook their own meals even.  They are helpless and quite worthless people once you think about it.
We the people, we who are the working women and men of Wisconsin..........America........the world provide everything for these feeble few and we allow them to control us.  Why would we do that?  Just like a young child or infant that must rely on the parents for everything, the overly-prosperous, these rich bastiches are fed and watered by us.  They rely on us to make their clothing and build there homes for them.  We operate the technology by which they communicate.  We guard them while they sleep.  THEY SHOULD NOT MESS WITH US!  Because all of their lives are quite literally in our hands and we can do anything we want to them at anytime.  We can totally control and dominate them. 
Perhaps we should think about the possibility of organizing against them.  Every worker united to redistribute the wealth and provide a fair and balanced playing field for all people.  It is totally within our power to do so.  And it could begin with a little bit of a warning shot, as it were, to the overly prosperous.  Culinary workers could fire this first salvo by compromising what we feed to the rich in restaurants, by caterer's and personal chefs.  Nothing that would kill them or hurt them very much, but I do kind of like the idea of Scotty spooning himself up a big old helping of soup with a little pee and maybe a few bugs in it.  A little message from the people that we want our freedom, our state, and our lives back.
A little something to remind the 'powers that be' that they should think twice about robo-calling and voter fraud during the recall elections and let the people decide who should lead them.  They are supposed to focus on nothing except the will of the people by golly!
Speaking of recall elections, the results so far are looking mighty good.  Hansen dominated his district and it looks like similar results can be expected across the rest of the state.  GOP candidates like Randy Hopper and Luther Olsen are being revealed for adultery and child molesting.  As well as tax fraud and all other forms of improper conduct.
One thing that people have been talking about and noticing lately is the discussion concerning the recall date of Scotty Walker.  Some democrats, who being career politicians unwilling to hold a real job, have been floating around the idea of a compromise to back off of Walker in exchange for destruction of the recall laws which would guarantee their cushy positions.  Other's seem to feel that delaying the vote on Walker from a spring to a fall election may be beneficial to the recall movement for demographic purposes.
That slightly discourages but doesn't surprise me as politicians have always thought along similar lines.  What is surprising to me is that some people including bloggers and activists and citizen journalists like myself have begun to think along the same lines.  Why I wondered, would they do that when we have all the momentum on our side?  And then I thought of a different movie, Apocalypse Now and Robert DuValls character the air cavalry commander.  The one that leads the chopper attack on the village during the day and then surfs and drinks beer with his men.  He is obviously having the time of his life in Viet Nam and at one pivotal point in the movie laments out loud and with great sincerity "someday this war is gonna end."
He is unbothered by the horrors of war and the reality of the suffering all around him because he is wrapped up in his own sense of power and importance and his ego has over-ridden his thought processes.  It is the same for some of the folks on our side in the movement.  Suddenly they are organizers with people taking their cue's from them.  They are bloggers and independent journalists who are happily surprised to wake up one day and discover that their blog postings have thousand and thousands of readers eagerly awaiting the next posting.  And they are becoming reluctant to give that up.  The heck with that I say!  This is the peoples movement, the movement of the majority of our citizens and we should not compromise.  We should maintain the momentum that WE have achieved and remove the evil of Scott Walker from our fair state and send him packing ASAP!
WE the people, the great collective of the citizenry has controlled this movement from day one.  It is OUR LIVES and LIVELIHOODS that we are fighting for.  WE control this now and WE always have.  Not the democrats and not the bloggers and other voices of recent note.  I would be very glad to close this blog down and quietly disappear back into the woodwork as soon as possible, as soon as WE take our state back.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

MOMENTUM: The Wisconsin Movement will Morph into the US Movement, but the momentum is greatest now. Don't wait til Fall to Recall Walker! Peace, Madison

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