Monday, July 18, 2011

Did I say I was taking the weekend off ?

I do believe that I did and go figure, I wasn't being honest.  Not out of any desire to deceive anybody but more or less because I just cant stop myself sometimes.  Forty two years old and still acting like a teenager half the time, well at least my energy levels are good for a guy (lummox) my age.

It was as hot and humid as you would ever want to experience here in Wisconsin this last weekend.  I and my lack of forethought, went out Saturday wearing a black hat and a black protest rally shirt.  It took all of perhaps five seconds for the sweat to start dripping off of me.  I couldn't complain about the heat though because my first official stop of the day was to meet and converse with Hallis Mailen who is on hunger strike.  Actually today is day 33 of his hunger strike and it is really showing on him.

I did some networking for Hallis and pounded my head for awhile against the brick wall that surrounds the corporate controlled media these days to separate them from reality, lest any real news gets reported and that could make the media's corporate masters (Rupert Murdock) very upset.  Still I strongly encourage everyone out their to send e-mails and/or phone calls to the news desk of their local television stations as well as contacting the editors of the local papers across the state and nation.  The more people who make the media aware of the growing public interest in the story of a hunger striking disabled veteran the more likely it is to lead to coverage.  The more coverage of the story the more pressure there will be on the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to investigate malfeasance and misappropriations within those agencies which will let Hallis come off of his hunger strike.  Also the good this could lead to for tens and tens of thousands of wounded warriors could be crucial.

After dealing with that on Saturday I got together with some friends to make plans to mess with the GOP and their tea party bosses in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Sunday.  After filling the car Sunday afternoon with protesters, signs, vuvuzela's and refreshments we began our road trip to Lake Geneva.  And yes it is THAT Lake Geneva, former home of the Playboy club, but that has been closed for many years.

Still the crowd was what you would expect from a tourist area that was built up by wealthy white males around a flesh emporium.  Overweight, over-paid Illinois tourists are about 80% of the towns population during the summer months, and they mostly, bring their contempt for Wisconsinites with them.  Although I must say that as we were lined up at the boat docks shaming the repugs and teabillies, a surprising number of these tourists took a moment to thank us or just give us the thumbs up for protesting Scotty and his extremist agenda of social engineering.  Which was very uplifting to us, knowing that even the (remains of) the upper middle class from other states are aware of and concerned with what the tea party has in store for not just Wisconsin but the entire United States.

Paul Ryan was there, surrounding himself with children to protect himself from the 'union thugs.'  Big bad ol Paul Ryan, using children as human shields to protect himself from retired school teachers and pacifists.  Is there no bravery, courage or humanity left amongst the ranks of the conservatives?  Anyway a full day was made out of shaming the 'Lady of the Lake' which the repugs and teabillies had rented for there little fund raiser, and all on board her.

Doe's the right really need to hold fund raisers anymore?  Does not money just pour like a river to the conservatives from the bloated coffers of the Koch bothers and their like?

Anyway after leaving Lake Geneva and heading back to Madison, we ordered pizza and discussed strategies for this week.  There is so much going on right now.  The recall election in Green Bay is going very well indeed for democratic Sen. Hanson.  His GOP opponent intentionally sabotaged his own paper work to get out of running against Hanson even though that is all red territory traditionally.  That left only the tea party candidate David Vanderleest for opposition.  As you may or may not know the good people at have been reporting on this nut-job candidate and his history of child abuse, spousal abuse, tax fraud, libel and other such unlawful and illegal activities.  He is for all purposes effectively out of the race for the state senate.  He is threatening to sue us now for libel, good luck with that though as revealing open record court filings does not in any way define 'libel'

Still he is very upset and would like to come after us though, it is comforting to know that he considers Politiscoop responsible for his downfall.  After all the pain he has caused his family and others its comforting to have been such a significant thorn in his side.

And speaking of thorns in sides, I received a awesome e-mail yesterday.  Some of you may recall that here and on Facebook I have called for boycotting of two area business's the PipeFitter on State street and also Capitol Kidz on Carroll street.  The owner of the PipeFitter e-mailed me that they were discontinuing ordering and sales of non-union made, solidarity shirts and other gear.  That was great news for myself and the movement, I'm slightly proud of myself for creating that.  What was even better was that I met earlier today with the owner of the business and was given a check for $500.00 to present to the AFL-CIO (AFGE) to show support for the peoples and the unions cause.  Thank you PipeFitter, and thank you to everyone who participated in the boycott.  Doesn't it feel good to be effective, especially for a good cause?

Unfortunately Capitol Kidz has not seen the error of there ways yet.  I was in the store just a couple of hours ago and they are still selling solidarity shirts made in Central American sweat shops and printed by non-union labor nowhere even near Wisconsin.  Maintain the boycott on Capitol Kidz and don't be afraid to call them up and tell them why you are not shopping at that store.

Finally speaking of being effective, now more than ever, we really are in need of volunteers at the Labor Temple 1602 Park st. to help us out by manning the phone banks.  Although Green Bay is a sure thing for us the recall effort against tea party goon-ette? Alberta Darling, is very heated.  The tea party has been throwing millions into this northern district and it will take some serious yet do-able grass roots effort to counter balance all that dirty money and help us remove that insufferable excuse for a legislator from office.

And so hope for the best people yet prepare for the worst.  Scotty and the repugs are preparing even right now as you read this, all kinds of dirty and outright illegal tricks to steal this election.  From armed tea party thugs at the polls to robo-calling of citizens telling them there is no election to outright computerized destruction of votes against them, they have no limits to what they are willing to do.  One report from a democrat from the assembly has the GOP already possessing the final tallies for certain districts that have not even gone to the polls yet.  We have seen this before with the supreme court election fraud and also from Waukesha where Kathy Nicklaus is still working on upcoming elections in spite of all the taint associated with her name after years of proven fraud.

So remain vigilant folks, we will do what we have to in the preservation and protection of Wisconsin and the American way of life.  And no matter how much hate and contempt the right wing has for America and all its people, we are the majority and we will control our own destinies through freedom's and democracy as we always have and will continue to do.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

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frogette said...

Yes, Prepare for the Worst, but CELEBRATE THE BEST - Victory for Dave Hansen, tonight, Tuesday July 19, 2011. The first Democratic win in the real recall elections in Wisconsin. Twitter was like wildfire about the Hansen win. VICTORY! Madison.