Monday, July 11, 2011

And the fun start tomorrow at long last folks.................

And what could be more fun than kicking Republican stooges out of office?  Right now the only thing that would be more fun to me would be covering them in tar and feathers as we kick them out of the peoples house, now that would be a hoot.  But first things first WE ALL need to get out the vote people.
We need to spread the truth about the false candidates. We have to get the word out to our families and friends concerning who is who and what is what in the elections that are starting tomorrow and taking place every month between now and January when we can finally say bye bye to Scotty Walker, Wisconsin's only one year governor.
Sha na na na, Hey hey, Good-bye.
And then we wont have to listen to the furious, uneducated and borderline insane rhetoric of the "tools and fools" who comprise the tea party.  Although there numbers are much smaller than reported and their voice is louder than it should be due to corporate controlled media, they are a short lived socio-political movement that did start out from the ground up, grass roots style.  but then it wqas subverted from the top down by corporate and affiliated interests.

I met a woman who said I'd like to change your mind, with wrong ideals that appeal to you though I am not unkind.

The corporate interests threw hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars all throughout the Bush era, using flash ads and emotional rhetoric to lead astray tens of thousands of decent hard working, middle to working class folks.  They tricked them into fighting against they're own best interest by convincing these folks that it is they themselves, and other working families that are the real problem.  They are convinced that they have to attack they're own to defend the rich and powerful.  Classic Orwellian double speak and double think.

And they'll tell you black is really white, the moon is just a sun at night.
And when you walk through golden halls, you'll get to keep the gold that falls.

Hey tea party members out there, have you received any money from those billionaires yet?  Or are you beginning to think that you've been they're tools and fools all along?  Wake up please tea-billies!

Good day sunshine, good day sunshine.

And in case your wondering.......why yes, I am having lots of fun with song lyrics again.  Summer is a great time for music, well there is no bad time for music really.  It's nice to have something to listen to as you take on the G.O.P. and they're corporate masters.

Cause the summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the streets.
 Everywhere is the sound of bloody revolution.

I wonder what the tea party crowd is listening to, its hard to say because you almost never see them at all at the capitol building.

Deustchland uber alles, uber alles in der verld. 

It's like they are afraid to take their views and they're agenda's out into the light of day.  Like they will lose all they're resolve unless Fox news is feeding their thoughts to them.  Like they know that outside in the real world they are outnumbered a thousandfold and will end up feeling shameful if the truth is brought to them.

How can you qualify the difference between a sin and a lie, you seem to sin so well.

And its not just that they are being lied to, the lies themselves will lead to immense damage and suffering.  And that is what we can bring an end to just by voting.  It is that easy to lay the enemy low and feel like true heroes of the people and our beloved state.

Rise up, true legions of the brave, time again to save us from the devils of the deep.

And as we take our government back seat by seat, office by office, we will all be able to enjoy that happy fuzzy feeling that comes with being on the right side and doing what we know is the right thing.

Make a little bird house in your soul.

And of course as we head into this very exciting and historic time in Wisconsin and even the nations future history its important to maintain our vigilance against voter fraud and mis-representation.  We need to know how we got into this situation in the first place.  We need to..............

                                                       KNOW YOUR ASSHOLE

And of course speaking of elections and voter fraud what better person is there to be today's asshole than the queen herself Kathy Nicklaus.  Kathy as I am sure you remember is the person that threw the state supreme court race from Kloppenburg to disgraced soon to be former justice David Prosser

Got you in a stranglehold baby

Let the asshole Kathy Nicklaus be at the forefront of our minds heading into these most important elections as she is the symbol of all things un-American and non-Democratic.  We know what you did Kathy and we will never forgive and we will never forget.  We know what you did Kathy and we

                                                               KNOW OUR ASSHOLES

Have a great evening everybody and lets rock those poll's starting tomorrow and keep rolling em through all the way to January.  Victory will be ours people, at any cost.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!


frogette said...

It would be nice to have that happy, fuzzy feeling that we are on the right side - and the law and government are on our side. For a long time, so many people have been persuaded that to be on the wrong side is right, and I for one am sick of that. Great choice for asshole of the week. In my opinion Kathy Nickolaus is one of the worst, because faslifying elections is one of the biggest wrongs of all. GOOD LUCK IN THE PRIMARY TOMORROW. I HOPE ALL SIX DEMOCRATS ARE ELECTED. Peace and Justice, Madison

frogette said...

Hey Matt, kks, I'll bet you are celebrating! JULY 12, 2011: ALL SIX REAL DEMOCRATS DEFEAT FAKE FAUX "DEMOCRAT" REPUBLICANS!!!

Anonymous said...

Si se puede, Matt, si se puede.
Just got done with this good Tuesday.
A few more to go.
Better times are coming.
This is our time.
History will smile upon us.
Keep on trucking.

PS...prosecute the prosser!
impeach the wanker!