Monday, May 20, 2013

Gnatsies, Nazis and other felonious, terrorist types revealed


Hello again dear readers, many of you remember my blog of two weeks ago which presented the list of members of the domestic terrorists groups in Wisconsin known as "knot my wisconsin" or gnatsies/nazis.  Also the members of "operation burn notice" and the names of the right wing extremist politicians who (quite possibly) committed felonies themselves by supporting the felonious activities of those two groups.

As this particular blog is on a google owned site, the "knots, nazi, gnatsie" blog was removed due to a technical violation of google policy.  No big deal, actually it was a good thing as it gave me a good excuse to expand my blogging.  Although I won't list them here I now operate nine blogs and a new webpage.  All of which carry the list of felony (election fraud, voter fraud and many things much worse) members of these terrorist groups.

In addition many other bloggers from Wisconsin and across the United States and possibly beyond have picked up the list of terrorists and have published it as well.  In other words the list is not going away and these terrorists well neither be forgiven or forgotten.  As a matter of fact a new webpage is being constructed right now which will not only carry the list, but update it regularly as the perpetrators (and traitors) move, carry out new criminal activities and such.

I am also pleased to announce that lawyers are now involved in investigating their activity and are receiving mountains of documented evidence against the terrorists which will hopefully lead to criminal charges against the perpetrators.  Hopefully (but don't hold your breath) the investigation will carry over to the politicians on the far right fringe who not only endorsed these illegal activities, but encouraged them not only to continue their actions but to expand upon them as well.

A citizen action group has also contacted the FBI and Department of Homeland Security about these matters and has initiated a petition seeking to persuade those government agencies to become involved as well.  Certainly some intersting times, to say the least,  here in the badger state.

Below is a link which will take you to one of the blogs carrying "the list"