Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gotta love the blogs

Just a quick post today, I am busy at work on several candidates campaigns during this all important election cycle here in the badger state.  As my regular readers know I am no fan of the mainstream media.  They are corporate funded and controlled and having been showing a dizzying lack of coverage and even outright misreporting of important stories of the day.

More and more, bloggers and citizen journalists, including yours truly, having been trying to fill the gaps in coverage and report on the hard news that the for profit, mainstream media outlets, refuse or are not allowed to cover.  So for those of you on facebook I have created a new site called "For the love of WI blogs" it is a daily updated series of links to the blogs and citizen journalism pages that are needed to stay abreast of what is happening in the badger state as well as the Wisconsin Movement.

It contains not only the new stories and articles as they are released by the individual bloggers, but also a near complete listing of all the political blogs in Wisconsin, as well as the national pages that cover events here in the badger state.  I hope you enjoy the new page.  And for those of you who are not on facebook I am including a not quite but nearly so, list of all Wisconsin blogs from the far political left to slightly right of center.  I wont insult your intelligence with the blogs which contain the extremists rantings of the Tea Party, AFP and ALEC.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How one tea bagger nearly destroyed an entire neighborhood

This is a tale of the city of Madison.  It is a tale of contempt and corruption.  It is a tale of destruction and rebirth.  It tells the story of how one semi-literate tea bagger nearly destroyed an entire East Side Madison neighborhood and the lengths that decent citizens had to go to, to stop him.

On Madison’s working class East Side, tucked behind the Gardner’s Bakery lie’s the Hawthorne neighborhood.  Built out of filled marshes after the Korean War, the area is a mixture of owned and rented properties.  Anchored by the Hawthorne Middle School it is a quiet and peaceful working class neighborhood.  It is a safe neighborhood where people can let their children play and get along with their neighbors.  A tranquil, affordable place to live, raise children and be content with life.  Well…….at least it used to be.

Two miles away on the near North Side of Madison is Graedel Court, more of a driveway than a street.  Only about a hundred yards long and with only a few homes on it, it lies just off of Northport Drive.  And it is home to the tea bagger that nearly destroyed the Hawthorne neighborhood.  He certainly did a lot of damage to it as well as changing the lives of many people who live there.  Which is amazing considering that he only owns one rental property in the Hawthorne neighborhood.  A small side by side duplex, one of three identical one’s, sitting non-descriptively on a corner.

I am aware of all this because this is my former neighborhood, and I love it dearly, friendly place where most everyone knows everyone else who lives there.  The neighbors gather every evening after work to discuss the matters that fill their lives.  They help each other with leaf raking in the fall and snow shoveling in the winter.  And they all know the name of Jeffrey Pulley, the tea bagger who lives on Graedel Court.

Somehow in his own mind, Jeffrey D Pulley probably considers himself to be a good person, a responsible landlord and a reputable small business owner and a responsible citizen.  Which is amazing considering that dozens if not hundreds of residents of the Hawthorne neighborhood consider him to be a crack head, a slum lord and a criminal of the lowest possible character.  They see in Jeff Pulley as a one man wrecking crew that lowered their property values, flooded the neighborhood with crime and have made them afraid to walk the streets at night.

Pulley runs a one man plumbing outfit out of an old mini-van and his home.  He used the profit from that business to help him purchase interest in the rental duplex mentioned above as well as a few other properties around Madison.  And the troubles started nearly from day one with his rental business.  The duplex in the Hawthorne neighborhood was registered with the city as just that, a duplex.  Two – two bedroom apartments contained within a single structure.  Immediately he went to work in the basement of the structure, framing out two new apartments which he never intended to license for human habitation. 

  One of those basement apartments was never completed.  The other a small one bedroom unit, he didn’t manage to basically complete, although it fell far short of building code and safety regulations required.  But codes and laws and safety regulations mean nothing to a tea bagger.  Pulley tried advertising the illegal basement apartment, which had rodent and insect issues.  In the spring when the snow thawed, or whenever a heavy summer rain would hit, water would flow across the apartment floor from the cracked and dilapidated foundation.  Unabashed, Pulley simply decided to make the most of the situation; he rented out the apartment to some undocumented workers that had helped him in his plumbing business.

But undocumented or not they quickly began to complain about the terrible living conditions.  At only fifty dollars a person per month they tried to make the most of it.  At times upwards of a dozen migrants used the apartment as a place to briefly sleep and shower before heading off to a twelve or sixteen hour workday.  They tried to stick it out there, needing to save their wages to send home to their families, not to spend it on more suitable and expensive living arrangements.  And so they tried to make do, fixing what they could themselves, asking Pulley for help with some things they couldn’t fix.  That help never came though from Pulley.

Whenever they brought up conditions in the apartment they were threatened with serious legal repercussions and so they kept quiet.  They kept quiet as the mold grew within the walls making the air nearly unbreathable.  They kept quiet as the water flowed across the floor and they kept quiet as the inadequate heating system failed to keep the temperature above fifty degree’s in the winter.  They kept quiet as they made other arrangements and moved out, one by one, to more habitable accommodations.  And all the while the neighbors watched and wondered, but for some reason never reported what they saw happening.

This is what allowed Pulley’s activity to continue on for so long.  They minded their own business even though they were aware that things were not quite kosher.  After all they have told me, they felt no need to intrude in someone else’s business and it wasn’t affecting them, not very much and not just yet.  The apartment sat empty for awhile until good fortune fell upon him.  A business associate knew someone desperately looking for an apartment…any apartment that he could afford.  We will simply call this person “Rich” and he was in a bit of a bind.  He was dependent on Social Security as his only form of income, having been diagnosed with paranoid-schizophrenia.  He was trying to escape the crime and conditions at Braxton Place, the end of the line housing for many people with nowhere else to turn in Madison.  Government run, if you could call it that, it was somewhere between a prison and a asylum in its living conditions.  Crime ridden, dirty and violent with a long history of such, it was an unfortunate home for many people with no other option.

Rich moved in aware of the conditions, but feeling that he could improve the situation and make the dark and dank basement apartment into a home.  After all he was content to live simply and without many conveniences, he just wanted a place to live in and be left alone.  Meanwhile the folks who had inhabited the upstairs apartments had become sick and tired of the illegal conditions in the building and decided to move out in search of greener pastures.

Unfazed, Pulley found some new tenants for the two ground floor, two bedroom apartments.  First he moved in a recently paroled felon, just released from prison for drug trafficking.  This person quickly went back to the only life he knew and within a week the duplex became a 24 quick stop crack house, quiet and unnoticed in the little neighborhood by the elementary school.  Confrontations between crack buyers and residents of the neighborhood soon escalated though, as can be easily predicted.  Soon matters were so out of hand and the criminal activity so blatant and rampant that the police took notice.  And so the dealer aware of his probation situation, moved out to stay away from all the legal commotion.

He was quickly replaced by another young couple that was also in the business of dealing drugs.  Less than a month later this person was shot in the face during a deal gone wrong.  Lucky to still be alive although missing an eye and looking at years of reconstructive surgeries, he continued to operate out of the duplex.  Meanwhile Jeffrey Pulley moved another dealer into the next door apartment in the duplex.  After legal troubles caused them to flee back to Chicago, Jeff Pulley moved even more crack dealers into the building.

And so things went on, month after month, year after year.  Squad cars and ambulances became a common site.  One afternoon residents returned from work to find the neighborhood cordoned off with a police SWAT team moving in.  The next door neighbor to the Pulleys rental found a sniper on their roof as a federal warrant was being served against a high profile drug trafficker.  And the crack dealers came and they went.  Sometimes moving out in the middle of the night, sometimes being hauled off in handcuffs.

And the neighborhood suffered and suffered at the hands of Jeffrey D Pulley.  Cars and homes were broken into, vandalism became rampant.  Fences were installed as well as security systems and video cameras and lights.  Property values went down even as property taxes were going up.  Police patrols increased exponentially as the once quiet neighborhood became listed as a “neighborhood in distress”  The gang units rolled through in unmarked squad cars at all hours.  Screaming and fighting in the streets became a nightly occurrence, all because of one lone tea bagger….Jeff Pulley.

Neighbors once content to let sleeping dogs lie, were now calling the police regularly.  And crack dealer after crack dealer was brought into the neighborhood by Pulley.  It soon became apparent that it was always crack, which made people finally start to realize the nature of Pulleys motivation to always have a dealer available on his rental property.  Police talked to him, a citizen’s watch group was formed and confronted Pulley, still nothing ever changed, he had to have his crack dealers around.  But not of course on Graedel Court where he and his family lived.

Finally even Jeff Pulley had to admit that the situation he created was getting far out of control.  And so he did what any tea bagger slum lord would do….he blamed somebody else.  He claimed to Rich the victim of schizophrenia living in the little basement apartment that it was his entire fault.  He blamed Rich for telling other people in the neighborhood what he overheard happening above his head in the crack apartments day after day, night after night.  He blamed the police calls on the neighbors who had spoken with Rich.  He blamed Rich for the police calls.  He blamed Rich’s friends for the calls that were made to the police because they were afraid for Rich’s safety and well-being.

Rich being schizophrenic and not having many options just tried to stay as quiet as possible and keep his head down.  And Pulley having finally cowed Rich into near paralysis took matters even further.  He told Rich that if he wanted to avoid serious trouble that he better stay locked up inside his apartment.  He was told that he couldn’t have family or friends over to see him, out of fear of increased police calls that were threatening to have the slumlords property claimed and shut down as a hazard by the city of Madison.

When I learned of what was happening with my friend Rich from my old East Side Madison neighborhood I contacted the Tenant Resource Center and they were very helpful.  I also contacted the city housing inspector and the police and told them that Rich was nearly a prisoner of Jeff Pulleys.  I called the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection and had they look into Jeffrey D Pulley.  And lo and behold Jeff promised to stop his illegal retribution against Rich, he promised the police and the government agencies that had all been alerted to his awful activities. Not surprisingly these groups all told me that they had previous experience with Pulley. I and my old neighborhood seemed like they had been saved, that life would return to its peaceful norm in the little East Side Neighborhood.  That children could safely play outside again and that folks could safely walk down the street at night.

I went back for a visit last week to see my old friend Rich, there was a sign taped on the door from Jeff Pulley which read “Nobody is allowed to see the tenant in the basement apartment” That lying tea bagger Jeff Pulley, up to his old tricks again.  I have to admit that once I saw it, although my hopes were dashed, that I wasn’t really surprised.  Expecting change from the tea party radicals and the greed driven agenda they follow without regard for the laws of the land or their fellow man, is like expecting the sun not to set or water to flow uphill.

Phone calls were made again, but not to the health inspectors, not to the building inspectors and not to the police.  And they were not made by me. The neighbors got together and took a van down to Graedel Court.  They commented on Pulley the tea baggers house, on how vulnerable it looked as it sat there.  Surrounded by dried up debris left over from the summer’s drought and heat wave, they commented on how all that dried up material just looked like a serious fire hazard waiting to happen.  They discussed the crime ridden area surrounding the house on Graedel Court and the likelihood of something occurring there.  They discussed the irony of something terrible happening at the house on Graedel Court, after all the terrible things that had been inflicted on them for years due to the owner of the house there.  I have to admit that I was surprised when they told me about the discussion they were having.  But there was nothing much I could say to these people who had been through so much. The situation had escalated beyond my ability to influence it in any positive way. It would just seem karmic for the tables to turn on the tea bagger Jeff Pulley, Scott Walkers number one fan.  Who will still tell you to this day that he is the victim in this situation, and that only a governor willing to make tough decisions can save decent landlords like him from abuse at the hands of tenants who have all the rights in Wisconsin.

To answer the obvious question of why "Rich" doesn't just move somewhere else, it is because in the midst of all this ugliness, he found something beautiful and sometimes rare in life.  He found a home, a neighborhood where he feels that he belongs.  Where he likes most everyone else and they like him and accept him for who he is.  It is something that he is working on maintaining and protecting.  Something that decent Wisconsin citizens deserve, and something the greed and anger driven members of the tea party simply are incapable of understanding.

It is truly an ugly situation that Jeffrey Pulley has created, and one that is very representational of the future of Wisconsin when radical extremists like Scott Walker are added to the picture and the law and constitution hating tools & fools of the tea party are added as well.  One tea bagger has nearly destroyed an entire neighborhood, and now the neighborhood is considering destroying the tea bagger.  That is the terrible and divided state we are in, one in which nobody is going to come out the winner if things continue as they are going.  I hope things get better for my friend Rich, I hope things improve in my old neighborhood, I hope that Jeff Pulley see’s the error of his illegal ways and changes, I hope…….

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


The Brett Hulsey posting is being "revisioned" with a release date of 09/19/12.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New BFF's ? Brett Hulsey and Chief Erwin

I don’t think there is much need to explain to you my readers, that these are very troubling times in the great state of Wisconsin.  The animalistic impulses of greed and desire, coupled with the always short lived but still dangerous power of ignorance have come together.  Put together these dangers to humanity and civilization are known as the Tea Party.

Not since the World War II era has the badger of Wisconsin and the bald eagle of America gazed upon such a threat to democracy as we see from the Tea Party extremists today.  These are very important and tumultuous times, and that perhaps is an understatement.

The threat we are living and dealing with means that it is very, very important right now to be able to have faith in the integrity and conviction of those politicians, those leaders of the people, that claim to stand against the “teahadists”, the extremists whose dark cloud lingers over us all.

This being an election year means we have to know and understand, to the best of our knowledge, those who seek to be the elected leaders of the people.  Which brings us to a certain member of the assembly who is seeking re-election in November to continue his representation of the citizens of a district in downtown Madison,  I am speaking of Brett Hulsey.

Many of us in the Wisconsin Movement will remember Hulsey from the period in 2011 that began with the occupation of the Capitol, through to the spring marches and rallies that saw over 100,000 people regularly coming to the state house in opposition to the radical agenda of the far right wing extremist Governor Scott Walker.  Brett Hulsey always seemed to be there, with the marchers, with the people.  He began emerging as an important figure in the movement to preserve democracy and combat austerity and class warfare.  That was how things seemed anyway.

At first at least, as the movement wore on though, and the clamor began to subside, so did Hulsey’s fervor for the movement.  Many began to say that he was in it for the free publicity, for the photo op’s and the chances to rub elbows with important national figures who always seemed to be in Madison.  That it was all a show by somebody looking to become a comfortable career politician.

Soon a very distinct change was seen in Hulsey, he began to remove himself from the movement and began to make himself less available to his constituents.  He began to talk more about “reaching across the aisle” and to work with those who represented the Walker agenda.  It became fairly apparent that Hulsey was perhaps more interested in the status quo than anything else.  Soon even other Democratic politicians could be heard grumbling that Hulsey was a planted incumbent.  That self-service was the only service that he was truly interested in. 

As 2011 gave way to 2012 the changes in Hulsey’s attitude astonished many of his former supporters and constituents.  He began to turn on the Wisconsin Movement, complaining about tax payers coming to the Capitol to voice their opinions.  He started to work against the patriots who rallied to the Wisconsin statehouse and even began to slowly embrace the fellowship of the Walker administration more than that of his own party and the people.  He even went so far as to help compile dossiers on individual protesters and share information with the Tea Party and the ultra-conservative minority in law enforcement to harass them.

Believe it or not, that is all fine and dandy with me.  If as an elected representative Hulsey wants to switch sides or take whatever course of action he sees as being proper to his position, than that is what he should do.  The citizens will review his actions and vote according to what they perceive to be their own best interests, as well as the interests of the state and its future.

But now there is some deeply disturbing information coming out about Hulsey, and it is coming from law enforcement and local government.  This first came to my attention when I learned that Hulsey had pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct in order to avoid a court trial that would have ruined his chances for re-election.  Hulsey was convicted after his plea of no contest, of disorderly conduct from an incident involving a young boy at a public beach in Madison recently.

In all fairness Brett Hulsey still claims that he is 100% innocent regardless of his plea of no contest.  But what type of person destroys evidence (the photo’s he took on his smartphone at the beach) when there is an investigation ongoing?

What type of person in this day and age feels that it is okay to engage in this type of behavior with young children that you don’t even know?

What type of person has a history of such behavior, albeit not always with children involved, to the extent that they are under watch by local authorities?

What type of leader, of elected official, thinks that this is acceptable behavior for a representative of the people?  That doesn’t understand that what they are doing is the kind of thing that raise’s very strong, and justifiably so, fears that the people may have a predator in their midst?

What type of person does what Hulsey recently did, and instead of owning up to a terrible lack of judgment over these recent matters, instead chooses to blame everyone from city and county government, chooses to blame the Office of the Mayor as well as private citizens for the trouble that he is now in? Although it does appear to be true that a allegation of previous and related misconduct by Hulsey was a fabrication of somebody within the Mayor's office pool.

Mayor Soglin so infuriated by Brett Hulsey and his blaming of every other person involved, felt the angered need to point out a big hole in Hulsey’s unique version of what transpired that day.  Hizzoner (Mayor Soglin) pointed out that Hulsey could not have been taking a picture of a sailboat against the sunset on the day in question, as the sun was nowhere in the sky past the sailboat from the beach, but rather, would have been over Hulsey’s shoulder. 

Even if everything is incredible coincidence, even if all of the above taken together only adds up to Hulsey being a victim of repeated circumstance, he is still guilty.  Guilty of having a complete and total lack of foresight.  Guilty of incredibly poor and repeatedly at that, decision making skills.  Guilty of not knowing the difference between the appearance of right and wrong.  Guilty of somehow thinking that because he holds elected office, that he can behave any way that he wants AND should be allowed to do so in the future.  Which is exactly what I infer from his total lack of admittance to ANY wrongdoing at any level.

In my mind that is not the type of person I would trust to walk my dog, let alone be responsible for the wellbeing of the voters, of individuals, of couples, of children, as a leader of the people.  
I do feel however, that if he is capable of making a single good decision, that he should abandon his campaign for re-election.    

ESPECIALLY when you consider the reports that I have been getting from others that Hulsey is making a important new friend in his fight to keep activists, protesters and the Solidarity Sing Along out of the capitol building.  And that person is the highly controversial and extremist political appointee to the office of Chief of Capitol Police, Dave Erwin.  That is crossing a line that can not ever be forgiven by any reasonable person.  Teaming up with Erwin?  Really?

Chief Erwin that harasses citizens at their homes and places of work to intimidate them from returning to the Capitol building to exercise their constitutional rights.  Erwin who is a favorite on right wing extremist media sources like the McIver Institute?  Erwin who's policies nearly led to the death of a disabled female veteran. Erwin who defames the entire Capitol Police & Security force.  Erwin who has been denounced by city government, by the sheriff's union, by the police union.  This is your new friend Hulsey-shame on you!  That you would team with Erwin clearly demonstrates that you are opposed to the will of your constituents and that you in no way represent the interests of the 78th district.

Now it is true that you will find Hulsey's name on one of the letters sent to Chief Erwin asking for clarification of his legal stance for issuing citations and/or arresting people at the Capitol.  Many representatives signed at least one of those letters.  That is merely a smoke screen and I am not fooled for one instance by it.  By your actions are you known and the actions that Hulsey has been taking for over a year now clearly shows where he stands.  You cant shake the devil's hand and say that you are only kidding.  And besides, we all know that Chief Erwin will not meet with Democrat Senators or Representatives to discuss policy, he always refers them to his PR person.  So if he is meeting with Hulsey, then it has to be because the subject matter they are discussing fits Erwin's agenda.

That is why the Democratic Party has been discussing cutting off all support for Hulsey.  From what sources in The DPW tell me they no longer see Hulsey as representing the interests of the party.  They see him as a growing source of conflict against cohesion and unity, and do not want any involvement in his re-election campaign.  And I have to agree with that sentiment,  it is time for Hulsey to abandon his campaign for the good of the district and the party.  

Especially when one considers that there is no Tea Party extremist in his district assembly race to worry about somehow winning if he were to drop out.  The people have a qualified and in my opinion, excellent choice to replace Brett Hulsey in the legislature with fresh blood in  the young new comer Jonathan Dedering, the green party candidate. 

I have spoken with Dedering and find him to be a likable, trustworthy and a progressive spirit that is wise and capable beyond his years and is deserving of representing the constituents of his district, as well as of the state as a member of the legislature.  If you are not familiar with Dedering I am including a link to his campaign site and urge you to take a look at all that he has to offer. 

Those who know me personally, know that I am all about inclusion and cohesion in the Wisconsin Movement.  That I am dedicated to keeping us all together in this fight, of the majority of citizens versus the greedy and ignorant few.  But in this case I can see no possible way to defend Brett Hulsey and urge you to vote for Dedering.  I believe that Dedering is the one who can help deliver us to a brighter and more prosperous future. Brett Hulsey has more than proven himself to be a threat to integrity in government as well as a threat to the will of the people being the law of the land.   And I am not the only one that feels this way.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before somebody has to die......

As most of you know new Capitol Police & Security Chief Erwin has been in office a very short time and has already proved to be as devisive an individual as his masters Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen , “Poppa” Fitzgerald of the Wisconsin State Patrol and uber crime boss Scott Walker.
Chief Erwin has already caused dissension within the ranks not only of his own Capitol Police & Security force, but within the ranks of the Wisconsin State Legislature as well.  He has made it apparent that he is operating outside not only the charter of the department that he runs, but outside of the bounds of Wisconsin Law Enforcement in general.
Having already cut off communication with Representatives from the Wisconsin State Legislature, Chief Erwin has begun a new policy of Republican Party of Wisconsin (TEA Party, Grandsons of Liberty) backed physical violence and threats against non-right wing extremists.  He has further expanded that policy now to include threats, harassment and bullying of citizens at their homes as well as their places of work.
This new regime by Erwin needs to be put to an end and now!  For the love of Wisconsin and democracy, before people are hurt or killed by the radical extremist Chief Erwin.  Please take a moment and click on the website linked to for information on who your Wisconsin State Senator’s are, and how to contact them.  Demand and end to and an investigation of, Chief Erwin and his gestapo like tactics and policies before it is too late.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wanna hear a funny one? a funny one I guess would be more accurate.

Check this comment that came out last weekend, it was one of a bundle of them I received only minutes apart from the same service provider.  I never would have thought to check something like that in the old days, IP address that is, it is nice having all these wonderful personal connections now.  So much to learn from all these good people.  Anyway here is the comment that was left on my posting of the APA psychological profile for psychopathic personality types and the possible relationship with Paul Ryan (Teabagger) from Janesville, WI.

It is a violation of APA ethics to use the DSM in this way. If you were actually in the profession, you could lose your license. This is nothing more than political psychology, but so badly done as to border on malpractice, if there were such a thing in political science. I cannot decide whether this would be best ignored, ridiculed, or exposed for the dangeroud misuse of pseudoscience it is. DrKC4, BA, MA, PhD., American Studies/Political Science M.A., Forensic Psychology on How Paul Ryan fits the A.P.A.’s “Psychopathic Checklist” and the danger represented to America.

Where to start with this one?  I hardly know where to begin, if I didn't have insomnia and it wasn't 3 am I wouldn't ever bother with this obviously fake comment.  Anyway I digress, so lets tear this apart just for fun shall we?  First off maybe we should point out this curious name/signature stamp of "DrKC4".....hmmm perhaps the author is a Dr. Pepper drinker from Kansas City?  Add in the mentality of a 4 year old and the ability to try and  predict future action based on, past happenings, and we might be on to something.

Next we notice the entire bowl of alphabet soup has been poured out in closing, perhaps to overwhelm us from being able to analyze the comment and thus, the mentality of whomever wrote it.  Lets see here we have a Bachelors degree,  a Masters degree, there is even a Doctorate, wow a full doctor, I am impressed.  But wait on top of all these other degrees there is also another Masters in Pol Sci.  Twenty some years of post-secondary education should have brought a more clear understanding of what is going on here.  At least taught them to use the spell check function.

The commenter in a decidedly most un-doctor like stance, has failed to qualify a single statement they made with a proven example of fact.  And yet this "doctor" is also claiming the non-validity of the science of political-psychology.  Interesting since it is taught at places like Northwestern, University of Central Florida, London and why yes, even Skidmore.

But let me take one more quick look see......ahh yes there it is.  The commenter claims to have a degree in forensic psychology.  That could be claimed by anyone technically, in any field even distantly related to psychology/psychiatry.  But the forensic part is interesting......hummm.......I think I have enough information to make the call on this commenter.  They are a junior college drop out and quite possibly a CJ (criminal justice a.k.a. cop) student, which would explain what appears to be a very, very cursory understanding of basic applied psychology from one of those lovely 101 classes.

Feeling slighted in life and self important, you got a hair up your employed at Wackenhutt for near minimum wage butt, and thought you could fool all these readers into not only thinking that your a genius, but that you could prove me an idiot as well????  I nailed it didn't I, I totally read you?!?!?

As I have stated previously I confer with psychologists and psychiatrists (and yes even political-psychiatrists) for my postings.  I have never claimed to be one though nope, so sorry about not being able to sue for malpractice.  And by the way teabagger boy (and you are a male of the species) making a diagnosis along these lines can not possibly be construed as malpractice.

Not even if you could prove that my posting would be 100% certifiable in court as the only thing that keeps Paul Ryan away from the Vice-Presidency.  And even then it still wouldn't work, because if Ryan were to be be able to prove that I and I alone prevented him from winning office.  He cant sue me for losses due to a lack of timely information on more insider trading like that which he has already done.  In other words little silly head commentator, you cant sue for losses incurred as a result of illegal activity.

It was fun tearing you a new one though commenter, thanks for keeping me amused for fifteen minutes on a otherwise sleepless night.  Too bad your effort at getting some little modicum of fame for yourself ended so poorly for you but that is just how it goes sometimes.  After 24 hours I will remove this post and your tragic flirtation with playing with the big dogs, well......the medium size dogs anyway.  And use the spell check button you tea bag fool!  Anyway more later on how and why God makes homosexuals and right wing radical extremist, teahadist types.

And now that I feel better and am done ripping on that particular source of comments, here is some more serious reading for you folks.  I've been trying for over a year to foster a stronger understanding of psychopathy and its inherent link to politics/leadership, seems like some other folks are starting to speak out on this important subject as well.

Not quite what I was looking for but it is a solid start, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm back.....again.

Hope you good folks didn't miss me too much.  I have a way of going underground every once in awhile, kind of like the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker.  I am sure you have all heard about Chief Erwin and his new and despicable tactics he is employing to satisfy his master Poppa Fitzy.  I will be posting a lot more on that tomorrow, right now tonight I am meeting with many of the other bloggers and citizen journalists who are the new media in America, now that the old mainstream has decided to crawl into its collective corporate grave.  It is good to be back and I will be posting all kinds of information tomorrow for your inquiring minds.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!