Monday, July 30, 2012

QUICKLY !!! Somebody grab a fire extinguisher and save his ass!

Interesting day here in Wisconsin, things started out rather slowly news wise for me.  But then as the day wore on some interesting matters where brought to my attention.  The first matter involved Senator Abbie Cornett (GOP, TEA, ALEC) of Nebraska, and her husband Mark Stranglen.  After deciding not to show up for court last week on charges of solicitation of prostitution, which resulted from a FBI investigation into human trafficking and similar matters, Stranglen finally took the advice of his lawyer and appeared in front of the judge to plead guilty today.

At first he tried to state the he is not "the" Mark Stranglen that lives at his home address, and that he is not married to his wife, and he is not the Mark Stranglen from his own mug shot.  Guess what, it didn't work.  Also his wife (allegedly his wife LOL) Senator Cornett stopped dodging questions regarding the matter of whether or not she was a paid lobbyist for ABP.  She was forced to reveal the answer that myself and others have been demanding of her, that she is in fact a highly compensated lobbyist.  The shake up in Alliance for BioTherapeutics was deep and nearly immediate with two of the groups leading figures immediately severing ties with the firm before the official investigations start into the firm's activities.

Such is the reality of the tools & fools of the extreme right wing movement in America today. Speaking of which, the deities that the TEA party and Americans for Prosperity worship, the Koch brothers and ALEC, had their local minions here in Wisconsin busy typing away to present more lies and misinformation to the gullible and emotionally led public that follows them.  They came up with this recently posted article:

Wow, I am not even sure where to start with this piece of garbage.  Likewise, I am not sure just how exactly to start responding to those that compiled and published it.  I am tempted to use terms like Koch-whore, but upon some reflection, that would not be quite fitting.  A prostitute is one who is usually engaged in the business of providing something solid (sex) for money.  Although the little MacIver gang is getting well paid by the corporate right wing machine, they are more or less accustomed to providing the journalistic equivalent off a quicky hand-job while telling the audience they are going around the world.  Such dishonesty I find very distressing.  And so perhaps I should just refer to use as "shills" and "hacks".

The article states right off the bat, that there is "bad blood" between teachers and citizens.  A term reflecting violence, feuding and hatred, the hallmarks of the extreme right wing movement.  Yes there are some negative feelings out there (largely based on mis-information spread by the likes of MacIver) towards teachers and school administration, but you right wingers started it.  Without your self-fulfilling prophecy there was no problem to begin with.

As you read further, there is mention of education costs going up every year.  This is a common right wing extremist tactic used to fool gullible people.  The teachers are NOT personally responsible for costs going up on a annual basis!  The truth is that the population in America is steadily increasing.  Population increase means that there are more children being born.  More children being born means that more children are going to school every year.  More children enrolled in school means there is a need for more teachers, more administration and more buildings to operate in.  That is why costs go up every year in regards to education thou lowly hack!

The article also includes the facetious statement that "more than two thirds of people disrespect union teachers"  Even with your corporate propaganda that number is far, far beyond believable.  But just to be fair, I conducted a "scientific test" or poll rather, of the citizens of Wisconsin.  When questioned about the MacIver Institute, the number of respondents that believe the staff of MacIver is composed "completely by pedophiles and/or child molesters, regardless of registration status as such" has increased from 72% to 78% in the last year.  Amazing!  I came up with the exact figures as the MacIver Institure, so I guess folks don't respect teachers and MacIver is a BUNCH OF DIRTY PEDOPHILES!

 You learn something new every day I guess.  And here I thought MacIver was just some shills and tools abusing their 501 (c) (3) status a non-profit charity.  By the way MacIver, how is the investigation against you, into that 501 status going?

Before I wrap up this post and publish it, I would also like to mention that I have finally heard back from Lou D'abbraccio.  He left something on the comment section of this blog, feel free to check it out if you would like.  He is stating that I am being "libelous" in my reporting of his activities lately.  Well Mr D'abbraccio from Maryland, go ahead and try to sue me.  I would very, very much hope that you try to.

Of course you can't sue me on a contingency basis, as the GOP worked very hard last year to remove the ability to sue people in court unless you can pay thousands in cash up front.  Remember that Lou?  The GOTea party you are so proud of called that "creating jobs."

Meanwhile Lou keep doing the Mike Stranglen thing, keep claiming that your recorded statements are not your statements.  Keep saying that your not tracking down the information your trying to track down and so on.  I have people willing to testify in court if ever need be, not to mention all the documented proof of your involvement in the Racine elections.  But first, you may want to find a fire extinguisher, I do believe your pants are on fire.

So pay those retainers to as many attorneys as there are willing to take your money.  Whatever you do, please don't research the validity of your claims before hand.  Remember facts and laws are part of science, and you and your fellow protesters, stinky and sweaty bunch carrying signs in the hot sun that you are, do not believe in science.  So just shell out that cash and try to get me.  The American patriots like myself do not fear you and your protesting hoodlums.

More on this, the fallacy of returned voter registration postcards in Racine, Wisconsin and more next time folks.  And of course a big cheer for the proud union members of the Green Bay Packers, who play at socialist, tax money entitled Lambeau Field and are hopefully heading for another Super Bowl, Go Pack Go!   Until next time sisters and brothers, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A friendly reminder

I am glad to report that Senator Tim Cullen has gotten over himself and has decided to remain with the Democratic party instead of becoming an Independent.  It is good to know that he can look past what is best for himself and be persuaded to think of his constituents and the long term good of the state.  That means that the entire Democrat party in Wisconsin (with the possible exception of Kelda Roys) is unified for the most part heading in to the November elections.

There is one issue where the Dem's are shooting themselves in the foot, but that is for another posting.  Suffice it to say, they don't seem very concerned about an attempt to retake the State Assembly, nor with knocking off ALEC head Robin Vos or his comrade, Glen Grothman, who is Wisconsin's Rick Santorum.

Right now summer is here and folks everywhere are thinking of getaways and vacations.  And with all those friends and family members getting together, with all the travelling and planning, it might be easy to forget some important details in the fight for democracy in Wisconsin.

Those nagging little details are very important though, they are the names of the business's that have, and still contribute to Scott Walker and his nefarious agenda.  For the love of freedom folks, please remember with all the running around your doing this time of year, to not patronize these establishments:

Kwik Trip Stores and their Tobacco Outlet Plus locations.

Menard's home stores.

Any and all Georgia Pacific products.

Johnsonville Bratwurst.

Sargento Cheese.

M & I Bank.

Chase Bank.

Stainmaster Carpets.

State Farm Insurance.

Capitol Kidz in Madison.

The Wisconsin Realtor's Association.

ABC Supply.

I have spoken with some management folks who are employed by Kwik Trip stores, and they tell me that sales figures are down a signifigant percent for the Walker supporters and that they are feeling the effects of the continued boycott.  Thank you and keep up the effort folks, it is paying off.  Solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wrapping up the week

A rare week in Wisconsin in that things have been rather quiet and uneventful.  Some news from the Democratic Party side of things.  It appears that Rep. Mark Pocan may be the sole Dem in pursuit of the seat given up by Tammy Baldwin.  Rep. Kelda Helen Roys is expected to be dropping out of the race, quite possibly this week.  Rep.Roys is taking a lot of heat for her recent attack ads against Mark Pocan.  This on the heels of stories of Roys falsely declaring herself to be a lesbian at last years Pride Parade in Madison.  The backlash against the tactics she chose to use, after saying she would run a clean campaign, has been very strong.  She is a good person who make a bad choice, and I hope she learns from this and continues to head into the future serving the citizens in the way she traditionally always has until now.

Another schism in the ranks of the Wisconsin Movement seems to have been mended, Senator Tim Cullen who threw a big hissy fit earlier this week and even threatened to leave the party and finish out what is likely to be his last term as an Independent, shook hands and made up with Sen Mark Miller who is now the Senate Majority Leader.  Cullen had been previously upset about the committees he had been assigned to by Miller.

Division is not a problem, and unity is in abundance for the striking workers of the Palermo's Pizza plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They are sticking to their guns and are gaining national attention this week with a write up in the New York Times.  Hopefully this will help lead to a quick conclusion with the company and will allow its workers to unionize and have a voice about the conditions that they work under.

Hate, fear and violence monger Duane Michalski, who I brought up in a previous posting this week, appears to have gone underground along with his friend Lou D'abbraccio.  They are both closing down Internet accounts and trying to disappear from the mess that they made in the Racine County elections recently.  I would imagine they are both hoping that everyone forgets about them soon in Wisconsin.  Sources tell me we may be seeing some videotape of Michalski in action here very soon though.  Apparently the folks on the extreme edge of the politically right wing just don't have the discipline to prevent emotional outbursts and anger/hate filled activities.

I am sure everyone is aware of the series of gaffes being made by GOTea presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney.  Apparently it took him less than 48 hours to anger the entire English nation during his promotional trip there.  His criticisms apparently don't play very well to the home town crowd.  Next he is off to Israel, where I dread to think, he may express an opinion on how to properly conduct Passover ceremonies.  Perhaps the right wing is starting to wish that Ron Paul had won the nomination instead of Romney?

Speaking of Libertarians, I was googling some of the names above earlier, and ended up being reminded that Paul Driftmier still exists here in Dane County, Wisconsin.  Back in April I wrote a posting on Paul and his cousin Don, who have attended the TEA Party, tax day rallies in Madison.  Paul is a local mouth piece for the Libertarian Party and Don, his cousin, is a minor film producer for extreme right wing causes.

Last year Don was pictured trying to fit into the crowd at the rally wearing some poor fitting blaze orange hunting clothes he must have borrowed thinking that if he showed up in a suit and tie he may be recognized.  His plan to remain anonymous backfired though, mostly due to the large sign he had hanging from his neck with a blatantly racist, anti-Obama slogan on it.  We here in Madison are pretty good at sniffing out racism, especially when you wear it like a badge of honor.

Paul was also mentioned in a posting as at the time, I believed, that he had attended this years much smaller TEA Party rally while carrying a sign saying he was a union steam-fitter, which would have been a false and misleading piece of propaganda.  I was quickly contacted by Paul Driftmier who said that my statements were completely false and misleading themselves.

He cried over and over again that the person with the steam-fitter sign was not him but instead, "an incredible look alike" and that even he "was amazed" by the similarities. I am so glad I take screen shots of everything.   But he doth protested  so loudly that it wasn't him that I agreed to suspend my posting pending further investigation.  He then on his own web pages attacked me saying I had slandered his good name and that of his deceased father.  His late father's fist name is also Don, the same as his cousin.  He used that as an excuse to beg for sympathy from the right wing, when it was completely and perfectly clear that the Don Driftmier I was talking about was his cousin who was at the rally with him.  Dead people don't attend political rallies Paul you fool! I am pretty sure as well, that they dont produce motion pictures.   I also described his cousin Don's activities and film making career, so it was very obvious who I was talking about.  But the desire for pity was too much for Paul who couldn't help himself.

Self pity also may have been the emotionally charged basis for his threatening to sue me for damage to his (good?) name.  He stated that he did not have any money for an attorney to come after me but would attempt it anyway.  Well I still haven't heard from any attorneys working on his behalf, and mine have been just waiting for it, I think they are starting to become bored.  Also, I have to wonder if ol right winger Paul is happy now that Walkers administration passed legislation last year that severely curtails attorneys fee's when suing on a contingency basis?  He is also pretty clueless in regards to the laws that apply to journalists and citizen journalists.

The sad part is that Paul Driftmier is actually one of the smartest members of the extreme right wing movement in Wisconsin. There are actually several causes that him and I agree on completely within the political spectrum.   Sadly though, that only counts for so much.  Paul who demanded that I remove my blog posting, has had it posted on his own websites since April for the whole world to see.  A fool and a tool of the far right. Though not as bad as most of them.   I wonder what pity card he may try to play if and when the story on his family and their role in politics, comes out from the national network that came to me and requested all the information I had on him and his cousin for a story they were working on?

So to wrap things up for this week, although the ugly head of division reared up this week within the Wisconsin Movement, we have already moved beyond it and are still heading forward.  The right wing is still working without a factual basis and is motivated only by emotional rhetoric and greed.  Good news for the Wisconsin Movement, and for America.  Until next time folks, solidarity forever.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From fool to felon - A tale of two tea party tools in two states.

It is a hot and miserable day in Madison, Wisconsin.  There are no heat or drought records left to break here in the badger state.  Crops are dead or dying, the ground water is drying up and people are ......well just miserable here.  But it could be worse, it seems we will get at least a temporary break from the abysmal heat after today's triple digit heat index figures.

How could it be worse you might ask, well living in Racine, Wisconsin would make it worse, depending on who you are that is.  If you work for Racine, County government you might be ready to tear your hair out and start gnashing your teeth.

The reason for that would be (many of you have already guessed)............Lou D'abbraccio.  Yes like a bad penny he just keeps turning up.  I had just started to give up on ever hearing from Lou again, he still wont answer my e-mails even though he was the person so excited about arranging a meeting between the two of us.  It seems he is busy with another project of his though, well in all honesty it is the same project he was working on weeks ago.  Namely intimidating and questioning anybody in local government he has access to, in order to find out who LEGALLY released the open records request, for his open records request, which was published here previously.

Apparently Lou, like most ground level members of the TEA party, has trouble understanding the difference between legal and illegal.  Information available under the Freedom Of Information Act is legally obtainable  Lou.  Wanting the personal information (names, address, phone number) of people who request open records is quite a different thing altogether Lou.  And interrogating and intimidating government workers and officials is most certainly a horse of a different color.

Plus something else Lou should be aware of, there are multiple investigations ongoing even as we speak, into Scott Walker himself, his entire support staff, his entire campaign staff and all major contributors.  The FBI investigation into Walker and crew, is tied in with state level investigations into gerrymandering, election fraud and conspiracy by none other than the GOP and TEA party.  You may be treading on very thin ice indeed Lou by rampaging your way through Racine government offices and government employee's at home.  I know the TEA party tools and fools think they are either the law themselves or, above the law, but that is not the case. I would not really want to watch Lou go from fool to felon, but what will be will be.

Speaking of fools and felons, yesterday I reported that WI Congressman James Sensenbrenner and Representative Petri had recently been involved in fundraising efforts for their individual campaigns in Washington DC, using the lobbying firm known as Strategic Health Care.  Strategic Health Care or SHC, has gained national attention lately for its use of fundraising parties they refer to as "White Trash Parties"  The theme is to dress up like a rural or urban, working class American (in mockery of US citizens) and drink cheap beer while making racist and classist jokes, while writing checks for hundreds or thousands of dollars to the aforementioned right wing politicians.  Why a "white trash" themed party?  Maybe they are just barely smart enough to know not to have a "nigger and spic" themed party?

Anyway the head of the board of directors for Alliance for BioTherapeutics which is one in the same with Strategic Health Care, is Nebraska Senator and TEA party and ALEC member Abbie Cornett.  Actually she is the ALEC chair for the state of Nebraska, just like Robin Vos is here in Wisconsin. She is a full time lobbyist and part time Nebraska Senator it seems.  Anyway her husband Mark Stranglen, was supposed to appear in court this morning.  Around last Christmas Mark solicited a prostitute, well not really a prostitute, more of a undercover agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who was working a case relating to human trafficking and child enticement.

So this morning his attorney shows up in court, but not Mark Stranglen.  This was of course very upsetting to the presiding judge.  So now instead of having to deal with a $250 ticket for solicitation of prostitution, he has a warrant for his arrest to bring him in and only release him if he can make $10,000 bond.  From fool to felon just like that.  But it gets better folks, he did a phone interview from a "undisclosed location' and presented a astounding legal defense.  He is claiming that he is not Mark Stranglen.  He is claiming that he is not married to his wife.  He is claiming that he does not live at his home.  He is claiming that his arrest record with his photo and all other information is not him either.  The TEA party is full of brilliant people like this.

I don't think this legal defense will hold water very well for him, and I don't think he can make $10,000 bond. Like most TEA party folks he is fiscally inept and filing for bankruptcy.  Incidentally his wife the Senator is also filing bankruptcy, which is interesting because she draws a Senators salary with full benefits.  She has a six figure income from SHC for her lobbying effort plus, she is drawing full disability pay as a former peace officer.  Which has many folks in Nebraska wondering how someone like her with bad knee's, which allowed her to retire on disability at age 32 I believe, can spend all that time rock climbing and repelling and other such activities.  Who am I to say?

Luckily for her though she does not need to rely on her husband to babysit the kids while she is off in Washington and he is running from the law.  You see she is also under investigation for having fostered teenage children who apparently, act as her domestics for her biological children while she runs around the country at $5,000 dollar a plate fund raisers.  Just like that, from fool to future felon, gotta love the right wing and their 'family values"

So in closing I would like to address Lou one more time here.  Please Lou for the love of whatever it is you may believe in, give up whatever bogus plan you are working on and just let it all drop.  It is probably too late for you to escape what you have already done, but at least you can avoid further investigation.  Some things you just cant hide from, and have you ever considered this Lou, where do I get all my information on your activities and connections????

I am only a blogger and not a journalist, but I do protect my sources.  And I have multiple people giving me information on you and other GOTea members in Racine County and all your shenanigans.  And as much as I love hearing about you from these folks who may or may not, work for Racine County, The D.A.'s office and may or may not work for the Sheriff's Department there, who may or may not be related to you, I would hate (honestly) to see you go from fool to felon.  You would be of much more benefit to the citizens of Wisconsin in promoting clean and transparent elections instead of wasting time trying to create a false crisis about them.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trash talk, white trash and a question of whether we need to take out the trash.

Short and to the point today readers:

Helen Kelda Roys who is running along with Marc Pocan for the seat being vacated by Tammy Baldwin has decided to renege on her decision to run a clean campaign.  She launched her new television ad's this week with a hateful attack on Marc Pocan.  This after falsely representing herself last year as possibly being a lesbian to drum up support at a speech she gave after the Madison Pride Parade.

Republicans Thomas Petri and Jim Sensenbrenner over the last couple of years have utilized a lobbying/public relations firm, Strategic Health Care, that specializes in insurance company profits before health care.  Recently the right wing Strategic Health Care, has employed a new tactic at its fund raising events, throwing " White Trash Parties" for tea party candidates.  They are catching a lot of negative publicity for mocking the working class at these fundraisers.  This tactic was also used by the Steven J Baum law firm which used a "homeless" theme for similar reasons.  That multi-million dollar firm was destroyed and declared bankruptcy after the inevitable backlash resulting from such a poor-taste decision.  I wonder if Petri and Sensenbrenner (the morbidly obese legislator recently known for calling Michelle Obama fat) will be having their own "white trash" party in the far northern districts that they represent?

After a year and a half or unending toil and suffering by hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens to recall GOTea members of the state legislature, after achieving a historic turn over of the State Senate, there is some bad news to report.  Moderate conservative Democrat, Tim Cullen of Janesville who has ties to the Scott Walker administration, announced today that he is leaving the democratic party.

Cullen, a known ego-maniac and drama queen, made the state shattering announcement earlier this day.  Unhappy that he was not given a high enough power committee seat to suit his self-image, announced that he will attempt to disrupt the recently gained majority in that house.  He was offered to be the person in charge of small business development (job creation is a low priority to Cullen during a employment crisis apparently) as well as being the head of Wisconsin's multi-multi million dollar tourism industry.

He is now calling himself an independent and is looking to see who is willing to offer him the most for his vote, as the tie breaker in the Wisconsin Senate.  We will know by the end of this week if Cullen is going to be targeted for the final recall in the battle for Wisconsin.  It would be a fitting end for his very non-stellar career as a lifelong politician.

                                                 And a child shall lead them........

I am writing this a few hours after the original release of this particular posting.  I have had a couple of hours to let my rage over the behavior of certain democrats settle down.  I would just like to add that I am extremely and bitterly disappointed in Kelda Roys.  And a thousand times more so at Tim Cullen.  After all this time and effort, for our elected leaders to behave like petulant and spoiled little children, and initiate this schism not just within their own party, but within the entirety of the Wisconsin Movement as well, that just does not sit too well with me.

They are putting their little petty wants and desires ahead of the people they are SWORN to serve.  I knew of course when I wrote the original post above that there would be no need, well more precisely, no time to recall Cullen.  There are other ways of dealing with quisling, that traitor of the people.  If he had half as much brains as ego he should have been content to wait out his term and retire.  Then he could enjoy the easy life and start spending that huge pile of money of his.

Instead he chose to use this time to create his legacy, his treachery and greed will end up being the things that he will be remembered for in Wisconsin governmental history.  Kind of like Joe Paterno, he could have been a hero, instead he is just a disgrace.  Congratulations Senator Cullen, you have now made of yourself something that most of us with grimace at in distaste as we scrape it off of our shoes.

And Kelda Roys, I believe there is a very high probability that her mud slinging, smear campaign against Marc Pocan is going to backfire on her.  Like with Cullen, we are probably watching the end of another political career.  I am sure she can call on some friends in the public sector though for a job, most likely as a lobbyist of course.  The very antithesis of a person who preaches and practices clean politics and transparent government for the benefit of the people.  Good riddance to bad rubbish, both of them.

The fight never ends, until next time folks, solidarity.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Two mysteries, two mysterious idiots, and a arson.

Hello everyone and welcome once again from ground zero in the fight to save democracy.  We are sweating out what is supposed to be the last day of the two month heat wave/drought that has all but crippled the badger state.  Some new news from the Capitol in Madison today as well as some old stories revisited.

First it was officially announced today that after the departure of Chief Charles Tubbs from the Capitol Police & Security force (for political reasons((namely that Tubbs was sick of the politics)) that David M Erwin would be filling that post, replacing Interim Chief Blackdeer as the official head of that department.  I was actually hoping that Mr. Blackdeer would be permanently filling that roll but the Department of Administration under Mike Huebsch did not agree with me.  I have looked into David Erwin and the man literally does not exist on the Internet, well almost so.  What little information I have is that he is a former member of the Marine Corp. who went into law enforcement.

Most recently he has held a high post in the Wisconsin State Patrol, that being the head of the Dignitary Protection Unit.  This small branch of the State Patrol under Poppa Fitzgerald, is responsible for the full time safety of the Governor of Wisconsin, as well as for security and transportation for visiting dignitaries to the state.  Whether this David Erwin is a real law enforcement officer or, a tool of Fitzgerald and Walker selected by Huebsch, remains to be seen.  I will meet with the new Chief and report back to you as soon as I am able to arrange that.

I would also like to remind everyone that there is still very much a need for donations after the arson that destroyed six buildings last week on the Lac Courte Orellies Reservation.  There is much devastation being dealt with both physically and emotionally, and any support you can show would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the link to send help:

Our second mystery today is a another individual that is nearly, only nearly, non-existent on the Internet.  This person is one Jed Charles Ballard of Menominee, Wisconsin.  He has come to our attention recently as he is making death threats against activist Miles Kristan, as well as two others in the Wisconsin Movement.  Except for a short and violent criminal record, there is basically no information at all on this individual.  So until things are cleared up on this matter, we are letting all activists and organizers know to be aware that this person is out there, making serious threats, and has been in the past.  Hopefully our friend Miles will keep himself safe for another week here until he leaves Madison to return to his academic pursuits once again.

We also bid farewell this week to another great activist, Wisconsin's own, Jenna "Batman" Pope.  After nearly two years of tireless and non-stop effort in the Wisconsin Movement against Scott Walker; Jenna is heading to Gotham, the Big Apple, to continue her good work there.  Best of wishes to you Jenna, and thank you for everything you do.

Moving on now to the second mysterious idiot of this posting, another devotee of the cowardly long distance threat making game, previously mentioned on this blog, is Duane Michalski.  He came back to my attention around a week ago when he felt the need to pipe in and make threats against me for investigating Lou D'abbraccio and his false election fraud emergency in Racine, Wisconsin.

 I am not sure how to even begin describing Duane Michalski of Caledonia, Wisconsin to you.  He is notable for so many reasons, threats of death and violence only begin to scratch the surface of his idiocy.  Admittedly I am somewhat reluctant to call this guy an idiot, in researching him he has many moments of clarity and genuine interest in the issue's and in discussing them with diverse people.

Then apparently something snaps in him, and he turns off the logical parts of his mind, and takes off at full speed on pure emotional vitriol.  A man of contradictions is perhaps the easiest way to describe him.  For instance he holds to the belief that the democratic party is trying to take over America, and they are doing that through the incomprehensibly stupid practice of encouraging the death of the entire party's support base through aborting the children of all Democrat party members.  Really!  You cant make up something this dumb, check out his facebook page.

He declares himself to be a devout Lutheran yet he claims very loudly that it is taking the moral high road, to  kill somebody before letting harm come to yourself.  I may not be the worlds most highly educated minister, but I don't recall ever seeing that statement anywhere in the Bible.

Recently in a public forum, Michalski in a discussion on the subject of people living in rural, as opposed to urban areas, asked this question  "Why does the MAJORITY (his capitalization) of Caledonians live in the most populated area?"

I don't know Mr. Michalski, perhaps after we solve that mystery for you we can get to the bottom of the recent rumour that has been going around, that 3 out of 4 people in Wisconsin, now make up an estimated 75% of the states population.

Maybe in all fairness, he has been too busy lately to trouble himself with finding answers to these perplexing questions?  Perhaps he has been too busy trying to understand thoughts of a higher order, like economics perhaps?  Recently he has posted absolute proof that the billionaires pay all the taxes in this country while "the poor" lead lives of luxury and leisure, getting rich off of benefits for the unemployed and disabled.  His proof was an old copy of the tax code, and the brackets for corresponding income levels.

Apparently and according to Michalski, the overly-prosperous gladly pay all taxes voluntarily, and would never hire lawyers and accountants to utilize loop--holes in the tax laws.  They would never stash money around the world in places like Switzerland or the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes on all that wealth.  I guess he believes that only people on welfare have huge cash holdings in un-numbered offshore accounts.  Armed with this wisdom, Michalski will be voting for Willard Romney this coming Novermber.

But hey, maybe he knows something that I don't, perhaps he has knowledge of an entire side of the economic spectrum that I am totally unaware of?  He did just recently celebrate an anniversary of sorts, that being, twenty years spent in the courts being sued for debts that he refuses to pay.  I know, now you think I am being mean and picking on somebody who appears may be cognitively disabled, or at least challenged.  I only brought up his civil record to demonstrate another contradiction about Michalski, that even though his financial life is full of litigation and suits, he considers himself to be a highly educated and able, fiscal conservative who can be trusted with tax money.  That is the platform he used to run for town council in Caledonia, apparently from the election results people are not buying the contradictions.

Which is okay, because he is pretty straight forward and non-contradictory on some issues.  Like crime for instance, or even race relations, where he also has solved all of our problems for us with his "genius" as he puts it, "idiocy" as I see it.  A few years back Michalski piped in after a violent crime in Milwaukee and publicly stated the solution to the problem of crime and violence.  That being, that all minorities should be fenced off and a large pile of guns and drugs tossed over the fence.  Michalski is confident, that all the members of the minority population would quickly kill themselves in a drug fueled orgy of violence.  I am not making this up just google search this violent idiot, it is all right there waiting to be read.

And so I am left to ponder the mysterious and perplexing, convoluted even, musings of this right wing nut job who apparently wants me dead, and is willing to work to those ends.  Perhaps he thinks this will help him in some future election campaign of his.  Perhaps next time he will run on a law and order platform, based on a possible felony record?  Who knows, truth is stranger than fiction my friends, more from the Capitol in Madison later, solidarity forever.

Tomorrow I will bring you news of Judge David Prossers conversion of his re-election fund, just like his buddy Scott Walker,  And some exciting news regarding the re-installment of constitutional rights to the Capitol building in Madison.  Perhaps we will even hear from Duane Michalski, maybe he can explain why he is so mad at Wisconsin, Democrats for not pushing a jobs bill through the GOTea controlled state legislature.  A man of contradictions indeed.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Odds and ends, plus some important announcements.

Life has been getting very interesting in Madison again lately, mostly due to events still stemming from last months recall election.  The legislature is back at the Capitol, the press is running around like mad pretending to cover stories again.  And of course we are still melting under the great drought of 2012.

Last week at the Solidarity Singalong we were very fortunate indeed to be visited by the legendary Billy Bragg.  He performed several of his timeless songs with us and was very patient with all the requests for autographs and photographs from all of his admirer's.   I have a great picture of Billy and myself giving the solidarity salute, if only I can figure out how to transfer it from my phone to here I would be able to share it with you.

Yesterdays Solidarity Singalong was especially festive with the turning over of the state senate to the Democrats, and the inauguration of Mark Miller as the majority leader.  I encountered the always dapper Sen Glen Grothman, as well as outgoing Speaker Fitzgerald and was able to share some ideas with them.  They still don't like me but then again neither does Walker tool and faux journalist Clay Barbour who I also shamed at the Capitol yesterday.

Speaking of the turnover of the Senate, many people were in the Senate Gallery yesterday to witness the official ceremony.  Included in that group was activist Jeremy Ryan, he like many other folks were videotaping and photographing the events from above, while below WisEye and multiple media outlets were doing the same.  Jeremy Ryan and one other individual seem to have been selectively focused on for arrest for filming by the Capitol Police & Security force.

I will be meeting the Capitol Police, interim Chief Blackdeer this week and hopefully will walk away with some satisfactory answers about the events that transpired under his watch.  Meanwhile Senator Fred Risser heard of the arrests after they occurred, and immediately contacted Jeremy and arranged a meeting for tomorrow morning as a prelude to changing the gallery rules to allow for constitutionally protected behaviour in the future.  Take that GOTea and thank you very much Senator Risser for sticking up for your constituents instead of looking out for the extremist corporate interests.

Also newly appointed Speaker Mark Miller wasted no time in naming his fellow legislators to their new committee posts.  He did a great job with Lena Taylor on the Joint Committee on Finance, which will also really tick off Robin Vos and Alberta Darling as well.  Well played Senator, well played.

Meanwhile GOTea representative and ALEC darling Joel Kleefisch is still taking a lot of heat over his involvement and/or support of a business found guilty of dumping raw human waste in open areas of his district causing serious ground water issues and really angering his constituents.

It was also announced that GOTea Senator Rich Zipperer will be resigning his seat  next month.  He is stepping aside to fill a gap in the administration of Scott Walker.  Apparently there has been another wave of his staffers fleeing for the hills as the John Doe investigation prepares to leap forward again with the near conclusion of the trials of Walker staffers Tim Russell and Darlene Wink.

And in some very serious news there were tragic acts of arson in Northern Wisconsin near the town of Hayward. On the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation 6-fires over the weekend destroyed the by two fire scenes behind the Trading Post on County Highway K which has served many tribal members there for many years, along with Ceremonial Lodge on Trepania Road, and Cook Shanty Drum Dance Hall. Amongst other important functions was the Trading Posts use a a place of ceremony for weddings and funeral services and other important events.

“...There were three other fires that were reported on July 15. Their locations were the LCO Honor the Earth Pow Wow Grounds, a private sweat lodge on County Highway K in the town of Bass Lake and a ceremonial ring off of Potato Road in the Town of Sand Lake. A person of interest was arrested by the Sheriff's office and the LCO Police Department...” as reported Northland News Center

The Trading Post also held the studios of Indian Country Television, where Paul DeMain’s Home R.V. was destroyed by the arson. ICTV was created by Paul DeMain who has strong ties to Statewide efforts in the Community to document and provide media to Indian Country of the Mining opposition issues. Many tribal members affected by this tragedy have been in Madison repeatedly (traveling across the State as well) and were vital in striking down the nearly disastrous AB426 mining bill that was drafted and proposed to streamline the process while lifting the environmental standard protections.

ICTV Facebook

Paul DeMain created ICTV in 2002 after launching a print and electronic IC newspaper in 1986. His journalistic excellence and dedication to important stories has won him numerous awards over the years and his ICTV network is considered important viewing in America and eighteen other nations.

Along with the destruction of the Trading Post and studios, Paul DeMains RV and his possessions were lost to the arson, as well as five other buildings including two sweat lodges. Sunday, July 15th’s arson incidents was a tragedy for the LCO Community and Paul DeMain who remain humble and optimistic that the damages can be left in the past and look to the future to have this all restored for a positive new journey in the LCO Community and Paul DeMain, IndianCountryT.V.

You can make a difference with your efforts of solidarity, I urge you to please help as you can by clicking on the link below. Please show them the solidarity that they have shown to us.

You can also help by calling (715) 634-7772 and thank you all for whatever aid you can render. Solidarity forever my sisters and brothers.
Chat Conversation End

And here is one last link for you today readers.  The link takes you to the site of your good friend and mine, the Root River Siren, Wisconsin blogger extrordinaire.  A little more to say about Lou D'abrraccio and the whole rotten Racine Country Gang.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Our enemy is encamped across yonder river....

It's true folks our enemy is camped across the river.  Across the Mississippi River in Minnesota to  be a bit more precise about things.  The enemy is a cheat, the enemy is a liar.  The enemy digs at the very foundation of our democratic society and all the while smiles and whispers soothing words while slowly bringing the dagger closer to the throat for a killing blow.

The enemy is shameless but they are not nameless, our enemy is Command Central, the manufacturer and more importantly the software programmer, for those awful black box voting machines.  Two people are behind Command Central, and they right now are the masters of Wisconsin elections.  They can have anybody win any race, if they have the incentive.  The incentive is financial of course as always.  These people want to become billionaires by becoming the people who sell all of our elections to the highest bidder in the future.

The machines whose very own software, its development people have stated is designed to be compromised.  The machine that FOX News hacked on its own with $36 in gear from the local Radio Shack.  The machines that during the Republican primaries sent the official results to the wrong location where they were altered.  The machines that claimed a very suspicious victory for Scott Walker last month.  The very machines we are looking into now because none of the other poll data is a match for what those machines are claiming.

There is too much evidence now in regards to recent elections and the use of these black box machines.  And so for the sake of the truth, for the sake of democracy, there is now a massive statewide effort to verify the results of the recall election of June 5th.  Even if Scott Walker stays as Governor of Wisconsin (at least until his indictment) we can expose the truth behind what has been altering all of our elections in this nation since 1988.  The introduction of machines coupled with the removal of exit polling has destroyed the integrity of elections in this country.  All other nations in the modern world have tried and discarded these machines with prejudice, decrying them as unfit for honest and democratic elections.  You can help now by volunteering and/or contributing to the cause of investigating how these machines affected election results and having them removed forever from our elections.

We need honest and fair elections in this country for our very survival.  If the people of this nation lose all faith in their ability to decide on their own leadership, then we are doomed to chaos.  Bloody revolution is the only inevitable result from not offering the people a peaceful revolution.  And a revolution is needed in our electoral process.  Democracy is the supposed basis of our nation, the will of the people is the law of the land.  If we can not even fairly elect our representatives, then there can be no guarantee that they will even try to fairly represent us.  Once again a few greedy people are compromising the freedom of all, and I beg you to aid in whatsoever method you can to help us in our effort.

Of course the GOTea is against us because the evidence so far suggests that they tampered with the election.  We have support from about two thirds of the Democrats, many of them though are career politicians who like the idea of being able to control an election.  So you see, no matter what side you are on politically, as a citizen you should be interested in maintaining fair elections.

We also are having trouble with Command Central, they offered a incentive to Country Clerks to send the memory chips back to the company in Minnesota ASAP.  They knew that legally those chips had to stay with the local Clerk of Courts for three weeks.  They also knew they were in a good position to break the law and get away with it.

Now they are demanding $200 per memory chip to return them to Wisconsin for verification.  That is why we are fund raising for this effort as well as looking for volunteers.  There is no oversight of this company whatsoever sadly enough.  They do not have to respond to Open Records requests because they are a private company.  They have nothing to gain by being exposed as frauds so they will do anything they can to destroy those chips before they can be investigated.  Another blogger I recently discovered wrote a series of good pieces on his experience with Command Central.  Here is the link to his latest posting.

Please do whatever you can to support this effort folks.  I don't know how else to explain to you how important this is, especially at this point in time.  A big thank you to the folks who put together the postings, blogs and events that I've included the links to.  And a big thank you from me to all the readers out there, taking the time to stay informed.

I am still waiting to hear back from Lou D'abrraccio on recent election related events.  Maybe I should send him another e-mail and see if he can take a little time to answer questions regarding all these recent events.  And just in case your reading this Lou, your friend Duane Michalski and I had a few words today. You remember him of course, he is the guy that claims there is no such thing as a tax loophole, and that billionaires wouldn't use them if they did exist.

 He threatened some violent acts and all the usual trash he is known for.  Please contact me Lou, I would hate for violent, tax-evading simpletons to do the speaking for you, I know I would not appreciate their representation.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The latest addition in the fight against Walker.

Just a quick little post here folks, some happy news for a Sunday.  I reported a short while ago on the sad and untimely demise of Boris who was the service animal and companion to "Segway" Jeremy Ryan.  We all love and miss that great big Newfoundland.  There will be some big paw prints to fill for the next service dog for Jeremy.

And this morning we got to meet Rex, a big happy puppy that will begin his training soon to fill in for the late Boris.  Rex is a little shy at first but he quickly warms up to you and is very friendly.  He seems to me to be above average in intelligence, especially since he is still so young.  Actually Rex is nearly four months old and weighs about forty five pounds already.  He is a brindl Mastiff and will eventually weigh between 125 and 175 pounds.

But for now he is just a happy little puppy that is all paws, ears and slobber.  Solidarity forever Rex and welcome aboard.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smashing my head on the table, even as I write this.

Hello readers from Madison, Wisconsin a.k.a. ground zero in the fight for liberty and democracy.  My friend and fellow blogger the Root River Siren wrote her wrap up blog on Lou D'abrraccio yesterday and I loved reading it.  I wrote my wrap up on the whole matter of Lou and the tons of shenanigans regarding the recall election in Racine County the other day but it is hard to lay this one to rest folks.  It seems that just when it must be all finished, that something new comes up.  Yesterday it was another Friday news bomb.  We haven't had one in awhile and this one of course is all guessed it.........Lou D'abbraccio again.

The RAPD released its official finding and investigative summaries yesterday and it reads like a classic comedy of errors, one that makes absolute and total fools of certain individuals, including but not limited to:

Michael Ottelien  A Racine area Tea Party nut job and personal lap dog of former (recalled) Senator Van Wanggaard.

Richard Chiapete  The Tea Party member and documented worst driver ever, now the District Attorney for Racine.

Charlie Sykes and Vicki McKenna:  Two radio hosts on the extreme right wing fringe who blindly support anything said by people like Lou D'abbraccio.

The McIver Institute (under investigation for fraud), Wisconsin Reporter, Media TracKKKers  Internet web sites devoted to misleading the people and misrepresenting any fact they can get their little hands on, also support anything at all said by Lou D'abbraccio.

Robin Vos, Jeff Fitzgerald, Van Wanggaard and Scott Suder  Tea Party and ALEC members of the state legislature who also believe and support anything said by our friend Lou.  They have all been screaming themselves silly the last week about voter fraud, but they all have to admit, shamefaced at that, that they have no proof at all and as a matter of fact, actually heard it all from a guy who knows a guy who said he saw wrong doing at the polls.

And of course, the man of the hour, Lou D'abbraccio.

I am dedicating this post to all of the above people, without them I would not have been able to spend today laughing my butt off while simultaneously smashing my head into the table as I write this.

I wont go into all of the details here as that would be redundant as I am publishing the link here to the entirety of the Sheriffs Office report from Racine County.  It details such amusing matters as the initial reports filed by Lou D'abbraccio and Michael Ottolein that initiated the investigation.  This leads to Lou admitting to the police that he broke GAB rules for poll watchers as well as state law.  Lou being rebuked for breaking the law as well as election rules which Lou claims to be protecting.  Lou admitting that he doesn't understand the rules for elections in Wisconsin.  Lou being rebuked again, for not knowing the election laws but trying to enforce ones that he made up on the spot to suit his purpose.

It also reveals that Michael Ottelien is the one who "discovered" the bag of election materials that caused the whole false uproar in the first place.  Mention of, but not the actual photo taken, of Michael Ottelien standing in a garbage dumpster with his prized possession, the "discovered" election materials.  Documentation of materials found including: discarded examples of filled out ballots published by the GAB for election workers reference, some scrap paper, a old McDonald's bag and one empty bottle of Tussinex which is a schedule II controlled substance, namely a narcotic.

The documents speak for themselves here folks.  There is no smoking gun for the Tea Party.  There is no voter fraud.  There is no multiple voting by individuals whatsoever.  There is no fleet of out of state vans travelling through Racine handing out thousands of dollars in cash to give people incentive to vote.  It is all hype.  It is all one lie after another.  It is all a malicious and misleading, expensive and resource wasting tale made up by Lou D'abbraccio and other tools and fools like him.  Employed by corporate money to disrupt the democratic process and mislead the people.  Shame on you Lou for your role in all of this!

Like Kevin Kennedy (Wisconsin Government Accountability Board) said in his letter to Jeff Fitzgerald, rebuking him for wasting time and resources again and again demanding investigations into voter fraud he knows does not exist.  'You know your examples are all false, the only thing you are achieving with these repeated and false accusations, is you are undermining the peoples faith in the election process'

Like I said in my last posting, people like Fitzy, Vos and Suder can play the old Hitler card and repeat the same lie over and over, and hope that people will start to believe it.  But although Vos and Fitzy wish they were Hitler, with Hitlers power of state, they are not.  Sooner or later they have to provide proof of their claims, which they of course cant do.  Hitler couldn't be held accountable for his tales of conspiracies and such, but in America, Vos, Suder, Fitzy and Van Wanggaard, you have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

The people of Wisconsin do not appreciate your creating fake emergencies every time you don't get your way.  We are sick of it and it doesn't work!  Try a new tactic for a change you shameless examples of greed and disgrace.  Leave that tactic to people like Scott Walker and Hitler, they know how to make it work.

Likewise Lou D'abbraccio I would like for you to make a decision.  You have been screaming about preserving the sanctity of our elections for years now, I suggest you actually do that for once.  Stop looking like a fool by attempting to compromise elections in the name of preserving elections.  You are only embarrassing yourself and accomplishing nothing.

There are two types of Tea Party members Lou, and I would like to ask that you decide now on which type you would like to be in the future.  There is the first type of Tea Party member, the mindless middle school drop out that would support a law calling for his own execution if the law was called "The Freedom to Live" bill.  Basically this is what you have been representing so far Lou, people who are proud, damned proud of being ignorant, uneducated and basically just backwards.

Then there is the other type, the ones who realize that the Tea Party has become a total sham, a fraud that works against its members.  These people are waking up and realizing that they have been a shameful participant in a shameless venture.  They are embarrassed by this and seek to improve themselves to help create a better future.

You say you are concerned about Wisconsin elections Lou, then I am extending an offer to you.  Join myself and others in uncovering the real problems in Wisconsin elections.  Black box machines that even Fox news says are corruptable.  The need for hand counted paper ballots in elections.  A return to exit polling and other policies that keep our elections fair and uncompromised.  I hope to hear from you soon Lou.

And to Michael Ottolien as well as the rest of the Racine County GOTea party, lay off the Tussinex.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It only works for Scott Walker. Crying wolf that is, better luck next time Lou.

And the great heat wave/drought of 2012 continues to hold sway over Wisconsin.  The trees on the hill, like the crops in the fields are withering.  Yet the people of Wisconsin are holding strong and they continue their fight for justice and democracy.   Days and nights are once again filled with talk of the recall elections, and not just because there is now a large and concentrated effort under way to conduct a hand count of every single ballot cast in the recall election of Scott Walker on June 5th of this year.

We knew the black box voting machines and all the incredulous happenings associated with them, would not stand.  A historic effort is now going full steam and we are looking for volunteers to help in all kinds of ways, all skill sets welcome.  We will get to the bottom of who really won that election and who and/or what was affecting the outcome.  Regardless of the outcome this is a joyous return to citizen participation and honest and transparent elections in Wisconsin.

Of course the radical element, the Tea Party, will attempt to subvert this the same way they did with the verification of the recall petitions of Scott Walker. Even after they (the GOTea legislature) have drastically changed the voting laws in Wisconsin to the point of voter suppression and beyond. They will falsely claim that every stroke of a pen is a horrendous and obvious proof of the voter fraud they claim over and again to exist.    They proved themselves masters last year of the incredible skill of pointing out how two letter i's were differently dotted.  Still wont mean a thing this year either, but it is useful for sabotaging and slowing down the democratic process.

One of the people on the extreme right who has been "crying wolf" the loudest for awhile now about alleged voter fraud, is Lou D'abbraccio.  I have covered Lou and his involvement before, during and after the June 5th election in his home territory of Racine County, Wisconsin.  It will be interesting to see what he has to say in the near future regarding Wisconsin's elections now that GOTea candidate Van Wanggaard has officially given up his office after losing to Joseph Lehman.

Lou howled fraud for months (well years actually) for the benefit of the Tea Party and the Grandsons of Liberty and although he provided some fiery rhetoric, somehow has never been able to provide proof.  Lots of fiery rhetoric and claims of proof, but nothing presentable to the courts or the press.  At worst a couple of election workers may require re-training on new, same day voter registration procedure.

 Well, maybe Lou and his friend Willard Helander and the "throngs" of GOP associates she brought with her from Illinois, have helped to provide some proof.  Or his associates he worked the elections with in Racine, the members of True the Vote and Verify the Vote who came to Racine from Texas and California should have come up with some proof between the concerted effort of those groups and all the people they had stationed throughout the voting wards of Racine County.

All of that, along with local Tea Party and GOP volunteers was not able to provide a single shred of proof of violations of Wisconsin's voting laws in Racine County.  Even with a meticulous recount of every single ballot cast under the eye of big dog $800 attorneys and support staff from the law office of Michael Best, could they find proof of any wrongdoing or change in the election results. Both Lou and Robin Vos have joined in the verbal witch hunt with Van Wanggaard, rallying people to the cry of voter fraud, only to slink away when the evidence is demanded.

 That is the problem with using this tactic, creating a false emergency through yelling "fraud" or "fire" or whatever, only works until a certain point.  Than you either have to prove your point, or like Scott Walker, cover it up and move onto something else really fast.  Create another "emergency" if need be.

And so with a very heavy heart yesterday did candidate Van Wanggaard announce that he would not further delay the inevitable any more than he already had, and conceded that he lost the recall election last month.

I am glad that Wisconsin is being spared the time and cost associated with continuing to cling to false hopes on the right.  I hope we can get past the era of election officials like Kathy Nicklaus who has been found guilty of negligence and wrong doing over and again, she has been forced from her office but the investigation of her time there is supposed to exceed $250,000.  That can possibly go much higher especially now that it has been announced that she switched out the software on the black box voting machines in her district secretly of her own accord, right before the election.
On Page 4 of the transcripts is the mention of the illegal POMS machines.

And speaking of the black box voting machines, they were supposed to have their memory boxes retained for 21 days, by law, by the county clerks where those machines were used.  That is in order to be able to verify election results to provide for accuracy and transparency in the voting procedure.  Instead within 3 days all of those hundreds and hundred of units were back in the hands of the owners of Command Central, the company which owns them, having they're memories erased in Minnesota.

And thus the lengthy and huge effort to hand count the millions of votes cast in the recall election, fairly and with full documentation.  There is a link below to a story that contains more information on the subject, it also links you to a site where you can register to help in the recount effort if you like.

I am glad to report that I had some recent communication with Lou D'abrraccio and though I am waiting to hear back from him still on some other matters, he does agree with me that the black box voting machines have to go.  Norway recently got rid of them and now Ireland is doing the same, leaving only America as the last modern, western nation to trust its elections to machines that even FOX News says can be compromised with $36 worth of parts from Radio Shack.

And so in the end it seems that our friend Lou, and all his helpers, just couldn't sway the election and now Scott Walker loses control of the senate.  On the good side though Lou does agree that the black boxes are a bad idea.  Maybe I can get him to aid me in the future in the cause of getting the Tea Party behind the idea of hand counted paper ballots.  It would be nice to have a project that both sides can agree on, and work at together to help mend the rifts here in Wisconsin.  It has to be a much more fulfilling pursuit than yelling "voter fraud" until blue in the face.  Besides repeating oneself constantly, to create a fake "emergency" is the trademark of Scott Walker.  He might not like the imitation and all of its connotations of flattery.  He tends to get very angry and personal over matters such as that, and he is very vindictive.

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The waiting is the hardest part

Currently I am waiting for Lou D'abbraccio to reply to my last e-mail which is an inquiry I made to him to see if he would be willing to reply to a few questions of mine regarding his favorite subject which is of course,  election and/or voter fraud.  Hopefully he will get back to me in time for tomorrows posting on that subject.  A very hot topic not just for Mr. D'abbraccio, but for many others as well around the badger state.

I am especially interested in what he may have to say about the black box voting machines, the very same machines that nobody trusted coming into the recall election.  The machines that are only still in use by America and Ireland in the western world, and Ireland is getting rid of them now and recycling them as scrap.  The same machines that even FOX News now claims are easily hacked and cant be trusted.

While we are waiting to hear back from Lou D'abbraccio, and while certain investigations are still being conducted, we do have some news from Van Wanggaard though.  As was predicted here amongst other places recently, the senator who lost his recall election, then had the election re-verified through a recount looked over step by step, inch by inch by the Wisconsin GOTea
's best friend, the law office of Michael Best.  Has waited until time nearly ran out to say that he is now FURTHER going to delay the swearing in of Mark Miller as Speaker of the Senate, by demanding a third verification of the voting results.

Does this somehow all tie together, refusing to use trusted forms of ballots for elections such as hand counted paper ballots, and using more questionable means, just to create baseless delays to obstruct the turnover of power in the State Senate?  One way or another you bet it is, and it will be brought to the light of day for soon readers.  Which is what I will get back to now while I wait for my reply from Lou D'abbraccio, or at least on of my fellows helping me investigate all these shenanigans in Racine County.

18 minutes after posting the above I came across this link, more to come tomorrow readers.
On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pridemore and prejudice

Hello readers and happy 4th of July to you.  This is the day that Americans celebrate all the freedoms that make this nation great.  Unless you are of Native American descent, then this is Holocaust remembrance day for you.  Or unless your African-American and your ancestors had no freedom to associate with July 4th of 1776.  Likewise women had very little freedom to celebrate historically in this nation until very recently, and now the tea party wants to take that away from you.  Likewise for you if your family recently immigrated to America from some foreign land such as Canada, Costa Rica or Germany.  Sorry but the tea party once again wants your freedom.  Even if you are a world class scientist who came to this country by invitation to help cure disease or educate our students because, once again, right wingers will hate you and want to take away your freedom to breath "Mercan" (translation - American) air.

                                                                   Folks like these 

                                                 How they got that way

Speaking of destruction of freedom, removal of rights and disrespect for the Constitution of this country, lack of common sense and pride in one's own ignorance in general.........lets talk about the radical movement on the far right of the political spectrum.  Lets talk about pride and prejudice for a moment shall we?

Freedom of speech is something many people still hold dear in this country.  The right wing extremists feel they have the right to free speech, but only themselves and nobody else, especially people with common sense and reason, an education, or just a little bit of general knowledge of what the heck it is that they are talking about.  On the other hand they worship and praise any over-the-top, baseless and/or senseless, emotional idiocy that comes slinking down the turnpike it seems. It is pride in ignorance, pride in their own cowardly hearts and minds that allows them to even see the world this way. It is pride without basis that creates the possibility for their prejudice.

 Here are some examples for you clipped from recent headlines.  WARNING this is unadulterated and unedited quotes from the leaders of the extremist movement, it is not for the faint of heart.

Chris Collins is a GOTea party candidate for congress.  He recently said that people don't die from breast cancer anymore.  He says people don't need medical insurance because we have cured cancer somehow when nobody was looking.  This is his logic as applied to what I call "Obamney Care" which was recently passed.  My question is if insurance coverage is what protects people from dying of cancer, what part of removing insurance coverage is going to protect people from cancer?

There is no logic to what this man is spewing.  Yet he does have the right to rant and rave like the proverbial village idiot and spread his ignorance.  He may be thinking that his statement is somewhat reasonable because the far right wing does not consider women to really be people.  But by his logic I could rightfully say that there is no need for murder laws because shooting idiots in the head is no longer fatal due to medical insurance, especially the Cadillac insurance our congressional representatives have.  Now remember please I am opposed to violence, I was just making a point, albeit it one as senseless as the would be congressman's was and purely for the sake of argument.

Here is another example of the right wings freedom of speech infringing itself upon the general conscience.  Joe Walsh (not the talented and respected person from the band The Eagles)  is a tea party candidate from Illinois who chose the 4th of July holiday week, a week when many people thank our Veterans for protecting our freedom, to make some statements about his rival for office, Tammy Duckworth.  Tammy Duckworth proudly served her country during our seemingly endless wars in the Eastern Hemisphere.  She was on board a military chopper that was struck by a R.P.G. and then crashed.  After bravely enlisting to serve her country during a time of war.  After serving with honor and distinction.  After being shot out of the sky and having both of her legs amputated, Joe Walsh has the unmitigated gall and near sub-human audacity to say that "she is no hero"

 If what she has gone through already, followed by a brave recovery and THEN by a return to public service does not make this woman a hero, then what in the world does?  Joe Walsh can not properly answer that question because like the majority of tea party candidates.........he never served his nation.  He just expects to take what he wants off the fat of the land while denying the very effort of the citizens who gave him the ability to simultaneously be a coward and expect to be rewarded for it with elected office.

Offensive language by the GOTea?  Yes.   Is it all non-sense without basis in reality?   Yes!  Could they get any worse than that, and how?!?!?!?   Sadly the answer once again is yes.

The tea party Governor of Texas (yes the state that lived in shame for years after calling for the assassination of United States President John F Kennedy until it actually happened, and is now calling for the assassination of President Barack Obama)  has recently stated that if a woman is about to be raped (regardless if age 8 or 80) she should just lay back and enjoy it.  I am not kidding people, that is what he said and that is his attitude.  Like most all of the GOP and the tea party he does not believe there is any such thing as rape.  There is just woman who want to be beaten and sexually attacked because they are too shy to ask for it themselves.

I am sure at this point many of you are remembering my earlier point about health care and bullets to the head.  Once again that was just making a point using the logic (or lack thereof) from the right wing extremists.  I abhor violence and please do not ever mistake or try to twist my meaning to state that I condone it.  I understand that these tea party tools & fools spout rhetoric that is partially designed to infuriate other people, but please don't buy into their madness.

Speaking of fools and madness, it is time to talk about Representative Pridemore, one of the more outspoken tools in the Wisconsin State Assembly.   Rep. Pridemore has similarly taken the very low road of the tea party in regards to the HUMAN RIGHTS of women, these are also the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of women as American citizens.  But the mind of Rep. Pridemore has no more respect for the Constitution of this nation than he has for his own mother.  Along the lines of the hate speech (and intended legislation) of the Texas governor, Rep. Pridemore has publicly stated that if a boyfriend or husband wants to beat his wife or girlfriend, then that women should "close her eyes and take it, just remember the good times together"  Likewise he also thinks that the law regarding such crimes such as rape, child abuse and molestation, are too strict and that they unfairly punish rapists, child rapists and cowards in general who torment and torture the weak and vulnerable.

I stand firmly and wholly against these cowards, these traitors to the Constitution of the United States of America with all of my heart and soul.  I am sickened and offended by the very existence of these horrific individuals, they claim they love 'family values' and they thump the Bible all day long as they call themselves Christians.  But at the end of the day they are terrorists unto the good and decent, law abiding Americans they are supposed to serve and represent.  They have more in common with the supporters of Sharia law in the Arab world than they do with average citizens of western culture's.

But once again even though they try to incite violence and hatred, although it seems that by their very own words they should be dealt with in the manner they would deal with others DO NOT BUY INTO THAT FALSE LOGIC!  These people are savages and brutal cowards but they are still citizens of this country with the right to free speech.  Just like with the westboro baptist church, try to feel pity on these sick and twisted souls.  Resist with all of your might the temptation to drop down to the level they operate at and treat them as they would treat others.  Down that path lies only destruction.

Now I realize that insightful rhetoric will eventually lead people down the wrong path.  I know that they who call for violence will eventually be met with violence.  And although I know that sooner or later that violence will come to pass, I still have feelings of compassion and mercy for everyone involved.  If the hate speech of Rep. Pridemore leads to hatred directed against him than I can only pray that it be minimal.  He will require a long and healthy life to examine his own soul and try to save it from damnation.  Likewise I also feel pity for those who would not heed my words and the words of others and will feel the compulsion to strike out at the hate breeders.

Just like the Capitol Police & Security Department (amongst many others) will allow small acts of violence if they are warranted based on what they call "fighting words" or as I call it hate speech.  I also will take pity on those who are pushed beyond their limits and strike out in a crime of passion.  That is why I am announcing the creation of a legal fund or in other words, a legal defense fund such as our governor has, to help out those who were inflamed to the point of taking unreasonable action based on the unreasoning of others, the very people who are supposed to help remove the violence and threats present in our society.

It will take weeks to create this and begin the funding process, as well as deal with all the paperwork.  But something must be done to protect the citizens who may someday (but hopefully not ever) resort to low and unacceptable behaviour based upon the enticement of others.  I am deeply saddened that our fair state has been reduced to a divided land of brutal words and harsh divisions, but that is what our so called leaders have made for us.  And the people need fair and honest protection in the light of these events should the worst of conclusion ever come to arise.

Please be bigger than this, please be better people and better souls than the Chris Collins and Pridemores of this world.  At the end of the day hate speech may lead to hate, but it is still only words and not proper justification for savage action.  I pray we ALL remain peaceful and await the inevitable swinging of the socio-economic pendulum that will return our society and our societies leadership back towards the middle, towards fairness, balance and equity.    Please fight on you brave and bold badgers, but please REMAIN CALM AND FIGHT ON.  

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Record high temper and temperature

Wisconsin like most of the nation is baking under a hot and merciless sun.  People and animals alike are falling prey to the extreme temperatures.  In Racine County, Wisconsin particularly are the tempers and temperatures raging like a wild fire.  Racine is of course home to Lou T D'abbraccio the tea party activist and protester who just cant seem to say enough about the horrors he sees, everyday apparently, in regards to voter fraud in Wisconsin.

He has stated that gangs of citizens have physically taken over polls in this state (and locked election workers in the closet I assume) and then started allowing illegal and multiple voting.  He has seen fleets of vehicles cross into Wisconsin from other states and pay people hard cash to vote for Democratic candidates.  And on and on, he has been observing these phenomenon occurring for years and years now.  It has become the center of his world and his rallying cry at right wing extremist events.  Somehow in all this time he has not been able to produce any proof though......hmmmm.

I on the other hand have been looking and finding lots of proof that makes it seem that Mr D'abbraccio is not being quite honest with us.  As a matter of fact the Root River Siren, my fellow blogger, and I have been turning up proof that perhaps Lou is actually at the center of some pretty serious election related activity.

Mr D'abbraccio is aware of my work but apparently he doesn't have the time to thoroughly read my blog postings.  Yesterday it seems Lou was having a bit of a meltdown at the Racine County Courthouse.  He was demanding information regarding how I was able to obtain a copy of his Freedom of Information Act, open records request.  He knew I had his request  because I posted last week in my blog titled An Open Records Request Is An Open Record.  Somehow that just slipped right past his cognitive awareness though.  So in case you are reading this posting as well Lou, let me state one more time:

A request for open records IS one of the open records that can be requested.  I don't know how to boil that down any further than that.

Lou is filing massive and far reaching requests for records in the hope (beyond hope?) of finally coming up with some proof of his claims.  He is also one of the few people on the far, far right that is trying to claim that the Van Wanggaard election is not valid.  Even though an extensive recount was just concluded this week on Monday verifying the original tally.  At the heart of this conspiracy are two bags of voting records that upon arriving at the County Clerks office, appeared to have faulty, or possibly tampered seals on them.  The two bags were carefully examined by both partisan and non-partisan individuals and groups.  It was discovered that the contents of the bags had not been tampered with and matched up perfectly, that's PERFECTLY Lou, with the documentation of the contents of those two bags.

But the right wing is still screaming and jumping up and down about this and crying foul.  Which is interesting because in last years Supreme Court race in Wisconsin over 70 bags had been opened or were never sealed and review of the documentation of the votes within DID NOT MATCH the contents of the bags.  At that time the GOTea stated repeatedly and loudly that although tens of thousands of votes HAD been tampered with, removed and/or added to the bags, that it was no big deal and blocked efforts to investigate the matter.  I am certain that Lou D'abbraccio was one of the people on the right making that claim but this time, like Lou D'abbrraccio I have no proof of that.

There is also a little controversy regarding another bag of voting materials which turned up in Racine recently.  This was not a official bag with the votes of the citizens within it.  Rather it was just a bag of loose paperwork used by poll workers and such that had somehow mysteriously appeared in public one day.  Apparently the GOTea is shouting once again, that this amounts to a huge conspiracy and that only the members of the tea party can be counted on to investigate this matter without any personal or political bias.  Yes I know, I'm laughing too at that one.

But the bag does exist, and somebody intentionally placed it where it would be found in the hopes of fabricating a conspiracy.  Who can I think of on the political right who would be motivated to do such a thing?  And who do I know on the right that has been flipping his wig and having meltdowns over the Root River Sirens and my investigation into these matters?  Hey Lou buddy, are you now also a right wing bag man for the party perhaps????

I don't understand the meltdown because Lou should be very happy with things regarding investigations into alleged voter/election fraud in Racine County.  He has friends in office there, and he requested his investigation into his alleged conspiracy to none other than Racine County Sheriff Schmaling who is himself a member of the tea party and is advocating the privatization of his own jail.  Yes he wants to sell it to Walkers buddies in Wackenhutt, fire all of the deputies and replace them with minimum wage Wackenhutt employees, who are usually dredged up from the bottom most layers of society.  Lou can also count on Racine County District Attorney Chiapete who is a member of the GOTea appointed by guessed it, Scott Walker.

Chia pet (sorry I had to) Chiapete replaces former Racine County D.A. Mike Nieskes, who was a donor to the Walker campaign and surprise, surprise, Walker made him a circuit court judge.  It would seem that members of the tea party in Racine have requested that members of the tea party, aided by members of the tea party look into a matter to be forwarded eventually to a member of the tea party.  So why is Lou so worried?  Why the melt down?  Why is he removing information from his facebook page and going into lock down mode?  These are interesting questions for sure.

And looking into all these people, and all of their connections not only in Racine County, but out of state as well.  Out of state groups sponsored by ALEC money and brought into Racine County to tamper with, or as they call it "observe" our elections, is getting to be quite a chore.  That is why I put out the call to my readers to submit any information they may have to me to aid this effort.  It is still all a bit too much I must admit for two bloggers.  But don't worry readers, and don't worry Lou, we have the matter well in hand.  We enlisted a private investigator and an attorney to help us with this matter recently as well as enlisting the aid of our media contacts.  Until next time readers, solidarity forever .

On Wisconsin!    FORWARD!!!!